EP 948 Lopez de Heredia Tasting with Maria Jose Lopez Part 2

Gary and Maria Jose from Lopez de Heredia finish their tasting with the 1981 Bosconia and more discussion about the wine world.

Wines tasted in this episode:

1981 Viña Bosconia Gran Reserva

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luca bercelli


Everyone will love this episode

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  • castello

    It is now!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD — balance

    interesting guest!

  • Anonymous

    Another great second part, she is adorable and very interesting.

    qotd; qpr

  • O’Shea

    Loved the ending. That was classic! Great guest and show!

  • Dave D

    Great guest! Great episodes! Personally, I thought the interview style was fine. There is some time limit for the show and an interviewer needs to direct some of the conversation.

    QOTD: I look for a wine to teach me something new or interesting. I like to be surprised by wine. Balance is important too.

  • Neil

    QOTD: Balance and complexity.

    Great guest – if/when we go to Spain I’d definitely seek out that winery.

  • norcalking

    QOTD; Elegance. A good story.

  • chilemily

    QOTD: I like a wine that has good balance, but is more on the earthy side (I loooove riojas) and also some spice and minerality. I don’t really care for the wines that are overly fruity or sweet.

  • Anonymous

    I like that lady… she’s very sweet. Haven’t had too many of those but I’m a big type of wine guy so.

    QOTD: I look for wine that moves me….. 🙂

  • Awesome!.

    QOTD: I look for excitement in a wine, a new experience, something that makes me say: “wow, let’s get more of it”, a bit of kick and a lot of flavor.

  • Wineytheelder

    Thank you for these two shows. LdH is my favorite winery and it was an extraordinary treat to see Maria; how utterly charming. And for once, Gary, you didn’t over run your guest…okay once when you asked her a question and then starting talking to Mott…but her passion and energy were equal to yours and so the manhandling that you did of Kermit Lynch and Peter Wygant, for example, was in check. Don’t get me wrong: I like your show a lot but I always cringe when you steamroll these exceptional quests. QOTD: I look for wines that speak from the soul of the producers. It is clear that LdH does just that. Thanks again for this extraordinary interview…and who could not be in love with this delightful woman.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent part 2. Maria you can come visit Texas anytime, we will take good care of you.

    QOTD: Like you said, its in the moment. When I shop for wine, the salesperson asks me what I like, I say I like good wine. I do often look for wines to match with food, since I enjoy cooking and eating. I tend to prefer the less fruity reds, less oaky whites. Balance and subtlety are good.

  • Bethsalem

    What a fabulous guest! Especially like the historical perspective. I must fine an aged rose to try. QOTD: I want something with character -the place, the grape, the approach. Not wine for the masses.

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Wonderful 2 pt Episode! Maria, you seem very passionate about wine in general and I will support your winery from this day forward. Great information!!!

  • Spectacular guest. So charming, honest, and passionate. Definitely in my Top 5. I totally want to go back to Spain right now. Beer FTW!

    QOTD: Balance, not only in the wine itself, but to bring me back into balance, as days can spin or twist all of us in different ways.

  • WineWoman

    Absolutely loved both of these shows!!

    QOTD: Balance, body and the mystery and anticipation of what the nose and taste will bring to me.

  • amgryger

    Great episode. I’ve been drinking LdH wines for a few years and I especially like the whites. It was very interesting to me to hear more about the winery from Maria Jose herself.

    QOTD: I look for all sorts of things in wine depending on my mood, setting, or whatever, but the one consistent thing I like is perfectly integrated medium high to high natural acid structure. I quickly lose interest in wines that don’t have this.

  • she is awesome!

  • sorry for the steamrolling 🙁

  • TSL I love u!

  • train, not far!

  • 🙂

  • Nicolo thank u!

  • Ty Tiger welcome to the game!

  • 😉

  • mcheyms

    Awesome episode I learned a lot from her, and you asked her great questions Gary.
    QOTD: My palate is still limited, but I like a wine that I continue to think about a while after tasting it, good or bad.

  • rwino

    Gary, best 2 part ever. Great guest!

    QOTD= Balance, with good mineralality and acid. A sense of the earth it came from.

  • She is by far the best ever!! So passionate and you said it “charismatic”!! So many interesting people I’ve met here from wonderful families!! Thanks GV for making it happen!

    QOTD: every wine is different! If you mean about taste -Balance would have to be the #1 but it depends upon the experience when you are enjoying the wines also. Taste and complexity would factor in too, but even a bad wine can taste good with family, friends and laughter!

  • Carlos Gattorno

    Coming from a Latin background I have to say this is one of the best episodes ever made, I love your passion, I love your enthusiasm and the interview style used says a lot about how you care. My father is a wine maker in Cuba and most of the influence and inspiration in his art comes from Spain. All my teenage years I grew up around his craft. What I look in a wine is the character and have a tendency for semiseco

  • OttawaB

    excellent show ………… love LdH vinos ………… would love to get my hands on more of the big boy Gran R. , it is so good.

    QOTD ………. I love to drink wines of character ……. structure, balance, complexity, nuances, subtlties, contemplative ……….. wines that slow life down.

  • Carlos Gattorno

    But don’t let that stop you, in the end is energy what moves this world

  • BuffaloBoiseBrad

    Since I’m in Boise right now, I’d love to know what Idaho wine she’ll be drinking, as there is some quality terroir that is beginning to show its stuff around here. Great (pair of) episodes!

    QOTD: Magic and personality!

  • NY Pete

    isn’t life slow enough in Canada … 😛

  • Wanger

    Classy lady.
    QOTD: Balance and taste

  • Aymee

    I was just talking to my husband about you at dinner (your show) and thought I’d check out your show tonight. And here you are with a super awesome lady from Spain (were I grew up). SUPER FATE!

    QOTD: I am new at the wine thing, but have been looking for a red wine that leaves a sweet but bold after taste. I’ve yet to find a red wine I can say OMG BUY A CASE!! But again, I’m new and maybe Total Wine is not the right place to start with so many options. I am going to try your wine of the month club and go with YOUR gut instead.

  • gubby

    QOTD: Complexity, balance, food-friendliness.

  • Amalcomnson

    Aymee- I would be thrilled to help you with your quest. I will find your wine from someone in your area (no matter where) or find a store that has your “dream wine” and will ship to you. Please email me, aaron(at)winelibrary(dot)com I would be more than happy to help! Thanks, Aaron M

  • Your interview skills are getting better. In other words, you learn how to quiet down when its their turn to talk.

  • First post after watching a bunch. Great guest! Maria represents everything that families are missing these days.

    QOTD: An experience. Something that removes me from the current time and place and takes me elsewhere.

  • double post



  • A_jaramillo_1

    A wine that has a spirit of its own…. A wine that makes you go Whoooaaaa, love at first sniffy sniff

  • castello

    when I went there for the tasting on 7/10 I emailed Kmurph and she gave me great directions accept for from the train to the store. Google

  • GermanChemist

    Great Lady, great shows!!

    QOTD: Just Fun

    Regards Steven

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Personality, character, individuality, and balance of structural components all describe what I look for in a wine. I like a wine to have fresh acid regardless of red or white to start, but a wine that really gets my attention makes me really think about what it’s giving me. In other words, interesting, unique aromas and flavors that set that wine apart from just any other fermented grape juice that’s been put in a bottle. If a wine simply tastes like berries and oak, then it could have been made from grapes from anywhere and put into a $1500 barrel of French oak by anyone with the money to do it. Wine should have a personality and individual character that makes it an experience that can never completely be replicated. Of course, the circumstance in which it is consumed, including with whom and the occasion, is often the most important part of the experience. Good company and good wine, in that order of importance.

  • I wish I could remember the name of it, but 10-11 years ago I found a wonderful, cheap Idaho merlot that was delicious. Was around $10-12 in the SF Bay Area.

  • Gracias Maria
    QOTD: a good taste, a smooth feeling and a happy face

  • QOTD: Something dry and that evolves as you keep drinking. It’s always a great conversation piece when it gets better after the first glass… You never know if it’s the wine or the alcohol that’s making it taste better!

  • I read where NBC is developing “Vines”, a supernatural drama set at a winery in Napa Valley.
    It’s Falconcrest meets X-Files.
    I hope the Oak Monster will make an appearance.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Balance and interest.


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