EP 950 California Chardonnay and Cabernet Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down for a traditional WLTV, with 2 Chardonnays and a Cabernet from California. Also, Gary makes an announcement for this year’s Thanksgiving Secret Pack!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Rusack ChardonnaySanta Barbara Chardonnay
2008 Falcone ChardonnayPaso Robles Chardonnay
2007 Obsidian Ridge Cabernet SauvignonNorth Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

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luca bercelli


Solid episode.
My drinking breakdown is 50% Red, 45% White, 4% Bubbles, 1% Rose

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    Where’s waynooo?

  • John

    Happy Birthday!

    70% red
    20% white
    5% rose
    3% sparkling
    2% dessert

  • Anonymous

    90% red, 10% white.

  • laurensNL

    Happy birthday!

    50% white, 30% red, 10% rosé, 10% sparkling

  • Jeremy

    Good day, Sir Gary! I look forward to witnessing much thunder today!

    In response to your question of the day – I am not a mathematician, but these are the numbers I have come up with: 1,000% Red, 1,000% White, 1,000% Sparkling, 1,000% Rose. Although these numbers add up to 4,000%, with respect to our curved time-space continuum, and the rate at which our vast universe expands, I consume wine equivalent to the rate at which time slows surrounding a collapsing star.



  • Spencer

    By Spencer…

    100% Red
    0% White or other.

    of the reds…

    80% Oregon Pinot Noir
    15% Cabernet
    5% Chile Malbac

  • Geoffpm1

    Red 40%
    White 25%
    Rose 30%
    Sparkling – 5%

  • Anonymous

    Happy Belated Gary! Santonio, love the guy.

    QOTD: 59% red, 36% white, 1% bubbles and 4% rose

    Still not enough value in California for me.

  • Geoffpm1

    REnt a locker at 55 degrees in Cali. Have your wine shipped there and pay $1 per btl toship it to you in MA. I know its a long crazy route but it doesn’t look like we will have approved shipping to MA in the near future

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday!!

    QOTD: 14% still red, 1% sparkling red, 40% still white, 30% sparkling white (incl. frizzante), 15% rosé (incl. sparkling rose)

  • Ajsmitha7

    66% red, 33% white, sparkling, sweet, and rose nearly never.

  • castello

    I’m Late! Again. 75%red, 21% bubbles, 4% white!
    42% Scotch, 22% Grappa, 12% bourbon, 10% Tequila, 14% gin, vodka, rum.

  • Cauli-Forn-yuh can in spots be a value play. Why not? It’s really a matter if some wine producers want to be positioned that way. Would be great to have some CA wines priced like Spain and Portugal.

  • Nice classic episode!
    64% red, 26% white, 3% rose, 7% sparkling

  • Megan C.

    Depends on the weather for me since it gets so hot here in the summer.
    Sept. thru April or May: 80% red, 20% white, 0% sparking/rose.
    April or May thru Sept.: 33% red, 66% white, still 0% sparkling/rose.

  • Kfrost29

    Here you go, 80 red, 12 white, 6 bubbles, 2 rose. Also, Cali had better become a bit more value driven or they will follow the DODO bird right out of existance. Just sayin!!

  • Anonymous

    GV not sure about the Obsidian, you say Napa, it shows North Coast. That being said:
    97% Red, 2% White, 1% Sparkling, 0% Rose. The White% goes up a little during the summer months.

    Cally did have values many years ago. The big boys now seem to want to compete, price wise, with Bordeaux. I’ve turned away from Cally for the values and lean towards Chile, Argentina, Italy and southern France. Thanks to you I’ve expanded my palate to include so many new varietals. Jets: 35 – Texans: 3

  • AlexKeyWest

    I drink about 200-250 bottles of wine a year. Estimate: 70 % red (mostly Italian and Chilean); 20% white (mostly NZ); 4% sparkling; 1% rose and the balance in dessert/sweet, including port, ice wine.

  • You should check out some NZ Pinot Noir! Great stuff that I can see Oregon lovers getting into.

  • Muspelheim

    QOTD: Totals are around 67% Red, 22% White, 4% Sparkling, 4% Sweet and 3% Rose if you go by the wines I have registered over the last couple of years. Reds do have a significant headstart though, since I didn’t register other wines in the beginning, and the other categories, especially whites (which is the category I’m most enthusiastic about at the moment, especially grüner veltliner and german riesling), are steadily eating away at that large lead.

    side QOTD: Not been having too much success with california as a value-play. The ones I remember having liked the most are in the 20-35$ range (Ridge, Michael-David Winery, DeLoach, Seghesio and Lucas & Lewellen for instance) and even those ones, though good, I wouldn’t necessarily describe as values at the price point. Generally, I have been fairly disappointed in most lower priced wines from California. I am somewhat hopeful about a couple of bottles from Ravenswood in the ‘very fairly priced’ category though, but lets see how they turn out.

  • Anonymous

    Red 50%
    White incl. sweet 40%
    Rose 2%
    Sparkling 8%

  • So for my wine chart, I’d say 60% white, 33% red, 5% sparkling, 2% rose

  • Jeff

    80% red, 10% white, 8% rose, 2% sparklin bubbles…

  • Cali is meh for me.

    QOTD: Probably around 70% red, 20% white, 4% Bubbles, 4.5% Rose, 1.5% desert
    Would like to get it closer to: 60% red, 30% white, 4% Bubbles, 4% Rose, 2 Desert
    QOTD2: I don’t really buy cali wines so doesn’t matter for me.

  • AlienRelic

    I hate Disqus

  • Klassh

    R45:W40:S15 [0 Rose :-[ ]
    I always buy 2 wines at a time. 1 red 1 white, some times one is a sparkling. Don’t do rose much. No reason, I’ve been watching your show long enough not to have a stigma against anything. .

  • Anonymous

    QOTD #1: Red – 95%, White – 3%, Sparkling – 2%
    QOTD #2: Maybe. Considering cost of everything in California, wine makers will really have to work at that.

  • Anonymous

    qotd;40% R, 40% W, 5%S,5%Rose

    qotd; Drinking a little more now of the not so over the top oak and fruit bombs that are coming available.

  • Wana

    qotd: 80% white, 15% sparkling, 5% red, 0% rose

  • jaredlevy

    BTW, amazing props to Mott for identifying a ‘whiff of pickle’ in the Obsidian Ridge. A little research indicated that the ’07 Obsidian was fermented in American oak which characteristically imparts a dill flavor (also predominant in pickles) to the wines. Excellent palate Mott!

    QOTD #1: Although I forsee this changing a bit in the near future (with sparkling going up and white doing down) this is my breakdown:

    5% Rose, 5% Sparkling, 40% Red, 50% White.

    QOTD #2: Although I haven’t had any of these wines, from my last trip to Napa, it seemed the quality was directly correlated with price. I found there weren’t many ‘gems’ to be found. But again, I haven’t had these particular wines.

  • u need more Rose!

  • Why?

  • Anonymous

    Possibly my ignorance as much as anything, but it is not user friendly. If I clear my cookies and then try to post a comment, it can’t reference my identity. Natural enough, but when I try to go ahead and post, it will let me do that as me, but does not access my profile photo. To get that, I found (this evening, actually) that I have to go to the Disqus link and do a separate login. Why? Why let me post as me if I’m NOT logged in. I don’t get it. The “I hate Disqus” was from my attempt to post normally. Oh, and now that I AM logged in, I can’t edit the”I hate Disqus” post…ARGHH!

  • Don’t take that abuse Mott. His team gets shutout three weeks ago and barely beats the Lions on a bum call and then the Browns in OT. Please

    Good Double Deuce show and looking forward to the annual Thanksgiving Secret Pak. I guess I should open them prior to the feast and enjoy them during the meal? I’m assuming these are “Thanksgiving” wines.

    SQOTD: Depends on time of year so swap “R” and “W” percentages accordingly.
    Spring/Summer: R: 25 W:50 S:10 R: 15
    Fall/Winter: R:50 W: 25 S:10 R:15

    QOTD: “Sometimes” when it comes to cabs otherwise, no.



    Hope life is treating you well.

  • Happy Birthday Gary V! Okay, now for the breakdown on wine consumption:

    65% Red, 25% White, 5% Sparkling, 5% Rosé

  • Iamonfire1966

    Oregon Pinot Noir rocks, and at the Barrel Fence winery in Dundee you can get Oregon Pinot Noir and NZ because they have a winery in NZ also. Both in one stop, beautiful view there as well.

  • it is my friend

  • Happy Birthday, Gary!!

    QOTD: 80% White, 15% Red, 5% Sparkling, 0% Rose. Hoping to get that Rose up a percentage point sometime in the future.

  • Iamonfire1966

    50% red mostly Pinot noir
    35% sweet and desert wines
    15% white

  • Kenchicoria

    In regards to obsidian Ridege 07 Cabernet – This wine needs to be decantered – Than it is absolutely fantastic

  • JustAFullerWine

    QOTD: 49% Red, 49% White, 1% Rose, 1% Sparkling

  • Eprendergast

    70% Sparkling 30% Reds 0% Whites 0% Rose…Happy Belated B-day

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you definitely own some Star Trek episodes don’t you. ; )

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the mad house. : )

  • Anonymous

    Those are essential nutrients.

  • Anonymous

    My pie chart..I think Sonoma can produce some value. That’s not really an empirically tested statement.

  • Cmdco

    60% White 20% Red 10% Sparkling 10% Rose

  • Drj

    happy birthday gary.

    80% red (pinot noir, cab, shiraz, grenache, bordeaux blends, NO ZIN !)
    20% white (chard and reisling)
    no sparklers
    no roses

  • Let’s say 65% red, 15% white, 15% rose, 5% sparkling. California value: El Dorado and Amador Counties, and Fairplay.


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