EP 953 Interesting Whites With Huge Scores

Gary Vaynerchuk is back with two interesting white wines, a Torrontes and a Vouvray, that both received huge scores!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2010 Crios De Susana Balbo TorrontesArgentine Torrontes
2008 Francois Chidaine Vouvray BouchetVouvray

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luca bercelli


Bombastic Gary back to his best…but I’m sure some of the good mood/high scores are related to Jets’ performances…and long may they continue!

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  • Anonymous

    Saints 35 – Cowboys 24

  • Nice classic episode! Enjoyed the info as well!
    QOTD: Jets 27 Bengals 10

  • Denayarb

    Jets 20 – Bengals 13
    Saints 27 – Cowboys 21

    Love your show… Have you ever tried any wine from the state of Georgia?

  • Pizza Vino Joe

    I wish I had a bottle of that Vouvray for Thanksgiving dinner. Vouvray in general is my favorite turkey complementing wine.

    QOTD: NE 24 Detroit 10

  • Cardiogoop

    Jets 34
    Bengals 16

  • Anonymous

    Jets 27
    Bengals 13

    I have never tried a Vouvray, and I will now!!

  • Anonymous

    Nice show. I like Torrontes, especially in the summer months when we are on a picnic and having lighter fare in the hot weather. While I’ve had Vouvreys before, they have been too sweet for my taste, but this one sounds interesting.

    QOTD: Pats 38 Lions 17

  • Philmck

    Bengals 31
    Jets 24

  • Howitzer

    Although I drink mostly reds I am a big fan of both Torrontes and Chenin Blanc.

    For the prize:
    Jets 26
    Bengals 6

    Just because:
    Cowboys 20
    Saints 17

    Patriots 27
    Lions 9

  • Mike Capozzi

    Pats 35
    Lions 10

    Who cares about the Jets.

  • put

    Gary looked like Mr. Bean in that last shot or did he have biter beer face i can’t tell

  • Anonymous

    I like reading the plcb discussions on the forum of http://www.pawinetalk.com. You have to pay to subscribe to make comments. I only observe.

  • Larry

    Jets 31

  • Saints 24 – Cowboys 13
    Jets 24 – Bengals 13
    Patriots 24 – Lions 13

  • Anonymous


    11/25/2010 21:32PM PST
    NE: 45
    DET: 24

    NO: 30
    DAL: 27

    CIN: 10
    JETS: 26

  • Off by 1 point!! I’d predicted Jets 27 Bengals 10 !!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree that white wines are under rated. The problem is that so many name brand white wines are just OK and not interesting. So people think all white wines are like that. I served a German Reisling this week to people who said they did not like white wines and they asked for more.

  • Anonymous

    Good episode and I think I have seen the Crios at one of the stores I frequent.

    Too late for the contest but I salute your beloved Jets on their victory.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to get back to the basics! Been a lot of guests recently, and though some have been good, I like the throwback style. Also, I feel like there has been a non-guest, non-brown bag roll lately, lots of good wines coming accross your desk.

    Looking forward to the Jets beating down the Pats next Monday.

  • Anonymous

    GV – Who loves Vouvray? I love Vouvray! Great show…hope the holidays were good!

    QOTD: I picked the Lions to win, but that didn’t happen!

  • Anonymous

    Im a huge Argentina fan, I really want to see more from their white varietals. I’m a huge fan of big, bold, old world style wines. I would like to see more of these characteristics come out of Argentina whites.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Well seeing as I’m commenting after Thanksgiving I can’t fairly participate in this question of the day. I will say, however, that I was disappointed by the Lions’ lack of 4th quarter play.

  • Anonymous

    Gary LOVED your enthusiasm for the Vouvray! Added it to my “Wines to Buy” list on my iPhone! We’ll see if we have it in Vancouver, Canada! 🙂

  • luca bercelli


    Bombastic Gary back to his best…but I’m sure some of the good mood/high scores are related to Jets’ performances…and long may they continue!


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