EP 953 Interesting Whites With Huge Scores

Gary Vaynerchuk is back with two interesting white wines, a Torrontes and a Vouvray, that both received huge scores!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2010 Crios De Susana Balbo TorrontesArgentine Torrontes
2008 Francois Chidaine Vouvray BouchetVouvray

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luca bercelli


Bombastic Gary back to his best…but I’m sure some of the good mood/high scores are related to Jets’ performances…and long may they continue!

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  • Vas

    Jets 13 – Bengals 3

  • dcos-and-it-don’t-stop

    Nice to be back to an upbest show vs. the last two with Tim Spear. You are definitely scoring higher with all these Jets wins.

    I think if by some chance the Jets win the Superbowl we’ll have to discount all your scores by at least 5 points for at least a month.

    New England 41 Detroit 17

  • Anonymous

    Nice show g. Always glad to see some good inexpensive wines.

    Can we squash this biodynamic farming bullshit? If someone used tarot cards and astronomy to grow fruit, they’d be laughed away. But come up with a sexy name like ‘biodynamics’ and back it with some pseudo science and all the sudden it’s legitimate? Biodynamic farming is just another waste of resource that does nothing more that jack up prices and make ignorant people feel good. People can believe in all the silly shit they want, and I’ll even keep quiet while they vomit nonsense all over reality. But, the buck stops where it affects my wallet.

    Now off to my church of scientology to throw some more money away.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t give 2 poops about the NFL this weekend. It’s OSU vs Michigan week. Yeah, so it’s not a terribly important game this year. I don’t care. History says this could be a closer game than the spread dictates, but I’m going to go with my OSU-fanboy logic of predicting a blowout.

    OSU 50 Mich 31


    HaHa, great Gmann. Love your no-nonsense approach to things, God bless you. and cheers!

  • Exactly! That stuff isn’t cheap!

  • CLEhitman

    Jets 27- Cin 24. Your jets are startin to look like my cardiac kids from cleveland with this by the skin of their teeth business. No blowout here.

  • Seeing as how I know nothing about football I’m going to randomly guess Patriots 24 – Lions 14


    Ditching my palate on the outskirts of a twenty-year-old Tawny called Curious And Ancient from DelaForce,,,,, My God,,,,, ya need ta try this if you are a supporter of caramel and nuts, yes that’s right,,,,, “nuts in my mouth”… 😛

    I’m tellin’ ya, seek it out. It’s dy-no-mite! It’s powerful but not over the top.


    Super Delicious!!!!

  • Tom

    Jets 27
    Cinci 17

  • Tom

    Jets 27
    Cinci 17

  • Anonymous

    HMMMM, does Scientology believe in God? HMMMM, Or were you trying, in your way Allen, to be funny. This isn’t really the place to talk religion, is it? :0 🙂

  • Anonymous

    New Orleans 27, Dallas 24

  • Anonymous

    So you think the Eagles are going to beat the Bears? I beg to differ. Bears 20 Eagles 17

  • John__J

    I’d like to try a Vouvray with the grape Arbois in it, the other varietal allowed in Vouvray along with Chenin. I’ve yet to find one.

    qotd: Jets 17 Bengals 14


    Religion Is Absolute BOLLOCKS! You know me Dan

  • Anonymous

    I left a plcb job for a wine job in my neighboring state, DE. However I didn’t like it very much. Therefore I’m heading back to PA! Can’t wait!!!!!! The DE super store is a great place to shop but I wouldn’t want to work there…… Now I know.

  • Anonymous

    OK GV, now you like Sanchize? Wasn’t that you at the draft Thumbs Down? Just kidding.

    Jets -31 Bengals – 13 ….Nine and two baby

    Pats – 42 Lions – 13 Belisuck will pile on the points

    Saints – 35 Cowboys – 14

  • Anonymous

    normally i have nothing to praise for your show and pretty much anything you work on, but unfortunately i’ve got two small gripes today:

    1) i’m really jonesing for a “ooooooohhhh this,” and my comments and facebook urging isn’t working.

    2) thanksgiving secret pack, now and annual tradition with my family, isn’t going to happen! ordered on the 17th (when announced?) and it isn’t going to make it out to Oregon until after thanksgiving. i guess i should have upgraded from ground shipping, but it seemed like this got thrown together a bit late this year.

    oh well, i’m sure the wines will be great and it will be fun tasting along with you as always.

    keep up the (generally (meant sarcastically)) good work!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: JETS 27, bengals 20



  • Anonymous

    corked a grocery store Barbera D’Asti earlier today for dinner this evening. Just had a sip and wow. Michelle Chiarlo 07 Barbera D’Asti. ~$10 and freaking delicious. Super ripe fruit with nice acidity and good length. Way more than I’d expect for a $10 wine.

  • Biznas333

    great show. thank you thank you thank you for teaching me so much about wine.

    Patriots 27 Lions 13

  • Gkl


  • Bob P


  • Alexandre-CF

    Torrontes ROXX , and how in the world do you in the USA can get Argentinian wines chipper than us in Brazil, we r so near here. crazyy

    Jets 31 – Bengals 13

  • ikraus

    Too greedy not answer that:

    Jets 27
    Cincy 17

  • Cliftonchet


    I love your QB; however, the Jets have not played anyone in recent weeks –
    they squeaked by Texas, Browns.


  • Anonymous

    Jets 27 – Bengals 13

  • Amalkin

    Totally agree re Chenin esp from Loire but also So Africa (time for you to have Cape Classics on…).
    Will take a shot at QOTD for all 3 games:
    Jets 34 Bengals 17 not a nail biter for a change
    Saints 28 Cowboys 24
    Pats 41 Lions 14

  • bobbytiger

    Have been a big fan of the Susana Balbo Torrontes for several years now, so I was anxious to hear your review.
    An 89? Ok, I’ll accept that. Very nice wine.
    QOTD: Sorry, don’t do football.

  • Anonymous

    It’s no secret, Gary:
    Patriots 23 – Lions 19
    Saints 23 – Cowboys 17
    Jets 19 – Bengals 11

    If I get all 3 right, is that a $300 value?

  • QOTD: Pats 30 Lions 24

    This game is scary. Short week, and an inspired Lions offense agains the Pats awful defense. This game better not ruin my Thanksgiving.

  • ChrisB

    was hoping you’d mention something to mott about the eagles beating the giants ha ha

    Patriots 24 – Lions 15
    Saints 24 – Cowboys 15
    Jets 24 – Bengals 15

  • Slushpuppy

    Gary, you are wearing my shirt again.
    Jets 27___Bengals 12
    Smell it first.TR

  • johnfasc

    happy thanksgiving
    patriots 33 – lions 17
    jets 24 – bengals 13

  • Bethsalem

    Yes, more vouvray!
    Saints 21 Cowboys 7

  • Anonymous

    Nice show today GV keep it up, here are my scores

    Cowboys 24 – Saints 27
    Lions 14 – Pats 30
    And The Game Of The Week
    Bengals 24 Jet 30

  • I will go with your prediction as well, different scores: Jets 17-Bengals 7.

  • This makes me want to get a good chenin blanc. maybe i’ll pick one up for studying this week
    Going to predict New York Jets 13 Cincinnati Bengals 7

  • scottEJ

    Nice. I especially adore the sparkling Vouvray.

    My picks: New England 30, Detroit 13
    N.O. 24, Dallas 17
    Cincy 27, Jets 24 (Sorry G…it’s a gut call.)

  • Anonymous

    If just 1… Patriots 27 Lions 6
    If all 3, NO 20 Dallas 10
    Jets 34 Cincy 7

  • Anonymous

    Saints 27
    Cowboys 16

    Hopefully I’ll get lucky as a Jet!!!

  • Catchin’ up after a couple of busy days.
    On to Napa…

  • Bburg Jon

    Keep up great work gary v! Happy thanksgiving all.

    Jets 28 bengals 21

  • Anonymous

    Nice episode Gary Veeeee.

    Jets 17 – Bengs 10

  • Sheilan

    Jets 21-Bengals 17

  • QOTD:
    NO 38 Dallas 10 (I wanted to give them MINUS 10 but I want to win the prize!)
    Detroit 26 NE 23
    NYJ 27 Cincy 21 OT

    Happy Thanksgiving, Gary, and ALL the other Vayner Nation! : )

    Phil Anderson


  • Oakmon’s BF

    You cracked the code. I actually haven?t watched a Bears game this year. I wasn?t really looking to show off any talent for prediction, but I?ll never hesitate to express my Eagle loyalty. Let me close by wishing you and your Bears an insincere good luck and a sincere happy Thanksgiving.


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