EP 959 St Chinian Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down to discuss St Chinian wines, interesting values plays from the South of France.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Clos Bagatelle St Chinian Tradition Saint Chinian
2006 Le Grange De Quatre Sous Les SerrottesSaint Chinian

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luca bercelli


Good to be introduced to a new region but episode a bit short to get too pumped about.

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  • Kurt

    Well after being a contributing member for a while back in the day, and taking a break, I’m back and I figured I’d come out from re-lurking.

    QOTD: I know absolutely nothing about st chinian, but I do know that the languedoc is a very up and coming area and I’ve had a real mixed bag of stuff from there lately, but for the most part it shows pretty good quality.

    QOTD v2: We geeked out last night on a few of the L. Mawby sparklers from Leelanau peninsula. Overall, I thought they lacked enough acidity to bring the wine together, but they were very good examples of some of the quality stuff coming out of MI. Geeky wines to come: 1981 (birth year) Vina Tondonia Blanc, and a Frank Corneilssen rose from mt Etna.


    “The piano has been drinking, not me………”

  • whehter to drink the reds of yorn
    or to take arms against a white of tomorrow
    and by showing them, win or lose

    BTW I bought 4 bottles of A. A. Ferreira Reserva Especial Colheita wine 1986Β¨, Douro, Vino Tintho yesterday. A red wine with a colheita label? I thought you might know something about stuff like that? Do you?


    Manuel: “I know nothing”

  • OK, I’ll try it tomorrow and see whats up πŸ™‚

  • rwino

    GV, are the rumors true that you are winding down WLTV? Beginning to wonder as they are getting fewer and farther in between. Or is it just that the Jets are in a death spiral and you can’t face your public;-).


    I hope so. He should, end it at, 1000. I would, if it was me. He’s done more than enough. Jets? Who cares? He’s already changed the wine world as we know it.

  • Anonymous

    n you can’t find your waitress with a Geiger counter. She hates you and your friends and you can’t get served without her.

  • Anonymous

    COOOOOOOLLLLLLL, DADDY-O!!!!!!!!! I think I’ll groove into a nice Pino (Finger Snapping, snap,snap,snap!) The Mellowness of the Pino will sooth all that ails cooooollllll (More Finger Snapping, snap,snap,snap).

  • rwino

    Allen, is that a big sucking sound I hear?

  • NY Pete

    what ever happened to Gary Vaynerchuk?

  • Anonymous

    Drinking wine isn’t an alternative to watching WLTV. I drink plenty of wine, trust me. The point is that for a looooong time, we could reliably come here around midday and take a break from work or whatever else to watch a brand new episode of WLTV. I’ve learned a lot here. Gary has done an incredible amount of work on this show, and even if he has used it as a platform to launch and promote his brand, it’s still free content.

    I’m not saying he needs to go back to what he used to do, putting out a fifteen to twenty minute episode every weekday. I’m saying that if he can’t do that anymore, and I don’t think he can, he needs to FINALLY admit it, and explain what he’s going to do instead. That ball is in his court; he could say he has to change the schedule or the length or maybe he’s about ready to stop doing the show altogether. But the bottom line is that by being so opaque and unpredictable in how he’s handling the situation he risks losing a lot of the trust he’s earned. While I don’t think he’s doing so intentionally, I think it shows a lack of respect for his viewers to leave us hanging here like this.

  • sapdog

    Hyllos – thanks for the detailed info. Vouvray is probably the only other French Chenin I can recall tasting – so your comments are to the point. Alas I live in the great white north – spending my time between BC and Ontario – where….selection can be limited. That said Vina Tondonia Reserva Blanco 1991 is listed in BC at $56 – so the nerdy stuff does make it north of the 49th every once in a while.

  • slcmonk

    gaaaaaaaareeeeee! oh gaarrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy! eh brah! come on now….im starting to come down

  • Anonymous

    Shortly for you seems to be getting longer and longer each break. Can’t you feel the love out there. We need our GV fix.

  • Take your time G-Man. Enjoy the scenery whilst you can though I hear it is short-lived.

    Looking forward to you getting back in the saddle. And since we are getting close to New Year’s, how ’bout a brown bag Champagne/sparkling wine episode from the Big Four with a newbie thrown in for good measure: Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, CA sparkling and TASMANIA!



  • LurkerKing


  • Randall

    I thought I told you to put Down the bong and slowly back away…
    That’s Joe-Freaking-Lovano there, toots…


  • gcarl

    I like the ’08 Mas Champart Saint Chinian crusse du Bousquet even more than the Clos Bgatelle, and the ’95 Domaine Canet Valette, the most. I have been drinking it for 10+ years and it keeps evolving/changing. With 20 or so bottles left, I should be able to keep drinking it for a few more years to see how long it will go before going downhill.

    QOTD: A ’96 Bonarda Oltrepo Pavese, which is also still evolving into an almost CdP-like wine. Great with a rich pot roast.

  • Randall

    Thank you for your unsolicited suggestion, Professor BP. πŸ™

    p.s. I actually DO like the ‘pin-ache-yrah’ term.
    I might call Mencia ‘pin-zin-ache-yrah, though…

  • Randall

    Second! Motion passes…

  • BP

    Hmmm, never got the ‘Zin’ but I don’t drink a lot of Zins so it could be there and it just doesn’t jump out at me like the others seem to.

  • Come on Gary! Just because the Jets lost two weeks in a row doesn’t mean you can ignore us.

    Come back to us!

  • John__J

    Yeah the wait is not going unnoticed. (I’m also starting to run very dangerously low on back episodes I haven’t seen)

  • Where is the WLTV? Gary: didn’t you say last week, “I’ll be back next week guys, I promise.”
    Anyway – it was a terrific run and you are a great inspiration. Thanks for everything!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  • yung burg

    It’s the 4 year anniversary of “Getting your wine palate trained” today!!!

  • Corkshack

    Gary, where u at man?


  • Randall

    Fair enough…

  • Toots this. I bet he’ll play some sax on the CD and rub my feet. πŸ˜›

  • Ben

    well, this wine actually is relatively nerdy, especially as California wine goes. From a vineyard in Sonoma that is planted as a field blend. Oh, and the vines are 120 years old (that’s old by European standards, but in California almost unheard of). Yes, it is primarily Zin and Carignan, but the rest (there are 18 interplanted grape types) is pretty much unknown, even to Morgan the winemaker.

  • Anonymous

    Hey G, if you are as busy as you seem to be, why not have another take over the show like KMURPH and you then can be freed up for your other endeavors. I know, I know, not the same. Only a suggestion!

  • BP

    Well, I disagree especially with the last statement. I think what we have here is a man who is struggling under the weight of multiple revolving priorities that he HAS to respond to. WLTV is something he likes to do, not has to do. It gets shuffled back.

    To me, it’s not a big deal. Let’s just pull corks instead!

    That said, if Mott comes on today and says Mr. Godot V. will be here tomorrow, I’ll be very worried! πŸ˜‰

  • what is shortly?

  • Danhicks2


    It is official, my favorite winelibrarytv show is No winelibrarytv show! As much as I like the show itself, the forum when GV disappears is one of the most amusing things on the internet. I just hope when he comes back he is still wearing his 8 show in a row, leaf raking, flannel shirt!

    Enjoy your vacation Gary, and Happy Holidays to all you great Vayniacs!

  • Anonymous

    This forum is a rumor factory. Don’t listen to the hype, we are all a little stir crazy, and when that happens it seems to be every poster for themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps he is on vacation, or just picking splinters out of his tongue from an extra hard core pallet training πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    I agree! This forum can be worse than a sewing circle at times. It?s like a soap opera without comas, sex and violence. Although maybe there is a little of that going on, who knows. What is funny is some people think everyone is serious ALL the time when they post. Sarcasm or hyperbole does not come across very well in modern forms of communication.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll spoon feed you! With a pallet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tflangan

    Gary – Got my fix watching LeWeb10. Great job. You are obviously a very comfortable speaker. I envy you for that. The fix should hold me over until Mott puts you back on WLTV. ;-D

  • BP

    Don’t get me started again! Too late, I’m started!

    What’s the worst thing you can imagine? How about James Suckling coming on and saying “I’m here with … Gary Vaynerchuk”


  • Anonymous

    OK, I have to admit that *IS* a little nerdy.

  • RobinC

    Thanks. That would be great if all my problems would vanish. I’ve tried
    to install Chrome before and it just didn’t take. I’ll look into it.

    In a message dated 12/14/2010 6:38:14 P.M. Mountain Standard Time,

    Randall wrote, in response to RobinC:

    Maybe you didn’t scroll far enough back. Mott said that you have to stop
    using Microsoft Internet Explorer and switch to Chrome or Firefox to surf
    the net with. I did and my issues have vanished. mattgmann gave some good
    input and so have others. Good luck, RobinC…


    Link to comment: http://disq.us/uubiz

  • Great suggestion an if one would like a twist, we all post videos of our tasting and make this the youtube of wine tasting

    Pool of the day:
    well if the latest frequence of shows will go on my prediction will be…..4 of july since its barely 2 shows a week now.. and one could also predict that the show ends then with 1000.

    Hope that’s not the case

  • Don Simpson

    Very cool.

    QOTD1: I have not had a St Chinian. I do enjoy the Languedoc wines quite a bit though and agree they’re excellent value plays. I drink Minervois Cotes du Roussillon more frequently, but I’ll give St Chinian a whirl.

    QOTD2: Nerdiest wine recently is sparkling wine from Limoux. I think its cool it contains a grape varietal named Mauzac that I never heard of before.

  • #1 I know This: This is killer:Dom des Terres Falmet Cinsault 2007 Vin de Pays d?Oc

    10-12 bones and Mostly Carignan which is kind of cool.

    #2 See #1

  • Nerdiest wine? We served a 2007 Pinot Noir from Alsace that was aged in cherry wood. Very nice, very night.

  • monden

    Nerdiest wine: Te Mata woodthorpe vineyard 2008, Syrah, from New Zeland. Never had Syrah from NZ. This one tasted like white pepper for days. Had two bottles on different occasions. The first one seemed outrageously peppery. The second one seemed more balanced. Interesting wine. I prefer Syrah from RhΓ΄ne, though.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD 1 – you see quite a few wines from St Chinian in the UK.. the best I’ve had was the Laurent Miquel single vineyard ‘Bardou’.

    QOTD 2 – probably something like a fortified Malbec ‘Dulce Natural’… not a fan personally, but it was definitely different.

  • I really want to try St. Chinian wines. I’ll be looking for them at my local Bevmo.

    QOTD: So far, a 2004 Stoneleigh Marlborough Riesling. I LOVED it!


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