EP 960 Tasting with Jimmy Stafford of Train

Gary Vaynerchuk meets with Jimmy Stafford of the band Train, a huge fan of wine. They talk about how Jimmy got into wine, his band’s wine club, and discovering new regions and grapes!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Leeuwin Artist Series RieslingAustralian Riesling
2008 K-vintners Morrison Lane SyrahColumbia Valley Syrah

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘I used to do ‘other things’ to bring out my personality on stage.

The lighting was horrible in this episode and that ruined it for me – either my eyes are going or everything looked dark. Also, it’s always tricky when the guest knows so little about wine, no matter how much of a good bloke they might be.

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  • We will see Train on the VH-1 Cruise in April–see you there Jimmy!

  • Does Gary start talking like a District 9 Prawn in the beginning with anybody else’s video feed?

  • Cjsavino

    Hey, I suggested this back in September when they did the Union County Music Festival, no credit

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I bet Chris Mott would never make such a mistake. What’s going on, Phil??

  • Anonymous

    !!! Cremant De Bordeau Brut Rose

  • Adam

    QOTD: I would like a white (sav blanc) for a summer out doors rock event or a red if it was an in door blues concert.

  • Marc-ChinaWineTours

    My last rock concert was Altamont in ’69 (Stones..Gimme Shelter). I was too young to drink (legally), but they were passing around a lot of big jugs of red wine. Couldn’t tell you what it was, and probably wouldn’t want to confess to it anyway. These days, give me a good Pinot Noir for any occasion.

  • Anonymous

    Mott, we had some glitches in your recording tonight. Get your S together. Interesting show. Never listened to Train’s music. I’ll have to download a couple off of iTunes.

    QOTD: Always red.


  • ahahahah

  • Randall

    Don’t know if you saw my clarification of that comment, but rest assured I wasn’t referring to you.
    Nothing but love for you, bruh…

  • Mott


  • Mott

    Phil did his best. Cut him some slack.

  • Randall
  • NY Pete

    Chris Mott is the master of all he surveys.

  • Anonymous

    Err, difficult to convey tone in static text. I was just messing.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I hate guests, this guy was legit. Gave awesome commentary. However much you focus your energy into learning about wine, there are always those who, in their earnestness of opinion, can teach you more than a dozen GV episodes espousing tasting notes.

    I feel almost like bringing on more of these sorts of guests would be great for the show (i.e. more of Flossy Q Hucklebuck who knows wine but doesn’t KNOW wine, compared to Johnny W. Winemaker who has Brix and Res. Sugar numbers along with % of Hungarian v. French Oak stats).

    I guess I’m at the point in my wine education where I’m tired of (1) my tasting notes (which are inherently and unavoidably by their nature limited by experience), and (2) scores, professional tasting notes where I read purportedly objective evaluations of inherently subjective things (taste, aroma).

    In sum, this episode was great, because I got to hear about an individual’s reaction to not only the juice, but their history with wine and their feelings about varieties and regions.

    cc: forums

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: The warmup to an evening needs a wine that is easy to enjoy (not a sit down and think wine), not too high on the alcohol cos you might be drinking faster early on.

  • Esteban

    I happened to catch the Train interview on Howard Stern this morning, and it was interesting juxtaposition with the Wine Library TV interview, I enjoyed both. (It’s good to be a rock star!) Compared to most guests on WLTV, Jimmy did a very nice job and came across well and I enjoyed his well thought out answers.

    QOTD: red table wine with some food or maybe some tempranillo or garnacha

  • WineWoman

    QOTD: Some kind of Bubbly would work well for me.

  • DaveAll

    What a refreshing, engaging, non-agenda guest! wow. I gotta get me some train. (I live in a cave and never heard of them) Gary, he really played well against your style. You shine best when your guest is like him. wow. I love dry Rieslings.

    QotD: Jimmy, come to Raleigh/Durham! Dry Riesling would be my choice… real cold.

  • Very cool and mellow guest. Nice episode.

    QOTD: Probably a sparkling wine, that would be great before a concert.

  • gotsha

    Jimmy!..you just drank the wine I would have before a concert. A dry riesling would be awesome!!! Vinho Verde is also a good summer concert slurper.

  • Anonymous

    Sparkling for sure. Nice to see people excited about learning about wine without being embarassed about what they know or don’t know.

  • Anonymous

    Good show, interesting guest. I’ll have to check out Train.
    QOTD: For me, the answer is usually none. I am so into music that I don’t want an alcohol buzz distracting me from appreciation of the show, even a little bit. I like to walk into a show completely sober. I might have a beer at intermission, but my experience has been that trying to get a glass of wine at most venue concession stands is a BAD idea.

  • With all due respect… today is Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 240th birthday, and the (musical) guest is a rock guitarist? Has GV completely lost touch with his audience???!!!

  • Randall

    Nothing wrong with a bit of the old Ludwig Van…


  • Hey false-D,
    Beethoven was a rock star of his day. I.e. Op 1 #3 piano trio finale. The classical period was put on shaky ground. Maybe Train could do an instru cover and update the sound “make up” to make it presentable to their new younger audience. I’m not even being as facetious as you are. Nice historical awareness, rock on with the Beethoven!

  • Randall

    Good call, patflat6horn.
    Lots of jazz guys re-do classical music in a jazz context and it is usually Awesome!!
    I’ve got a grip of these CDs that never fail to make my evening…

  • QOTD: stick with the K vintners Kung Fu Girl Riesling or Boom Boom Syrah, or maybe the Sticks and Stones blend of Chester Osborne (d’Arenberg). Don’t spend a lot on it unless you’re rolling in it.

  • My point exactly, Randall. And I’m not asking for much… Would a quick shout-out have done any harm? (It’s not like you can have him as a guest on the show anyway.)

  • So long as we’re on the topic of rock-stardom, we might as well invoke as an example the Menuet (or, more aptly, the “Scherzo-masqeurading-as-a-Menuet”) from the C major symphony, where, among other things, everyone’s favorite the flat-6 is used to great effect.

    Sorry, had to get that out there. In any case, it’s really nice to have my Beethoven obsession mistaken for historical awareness. Rock on…

  • Jtbrown54

    Just heard Jimmy on Stern today then saw this episode, which in my opinion was a great one! Gary was that poster behind you made out to you?? If so, awesome!

  • Anonymous

    chris isaak is NOT a rock concert

  • Anonymous

    I like the Indigo Girls too, but I didn’t think they warrented their own catagory.

  • John__J

    qotd: something I’ve never had before

  • John__J

    …real horror show

  • Anonymous

    “Coco” was one of Westminster’s Greatest moments. I never, in my life, saw a dog show that well.

  • Randall

    I mean, it’s not like we were asking Gary to change the intro music to the WLTV episodes to the exposition of the “Fifth”, or “The Creatures Of Prometheus”, or the “Ghost”… or even the Sonata #4 in C major for Cello and Piano (Op. 102)…


  • Randall

    …a bit of the old ‘ultra violence’…

  • I like where you’re going with this. To that end, I’d say nothing says WLTV like the opening to the Coriolan Overture.

  • Knowledge of Beethoven isn’t particularly an historical awareness. Knowledge of his birthday is.
    Flat 6 is a powerful chord. I like when Beethoven uses it just before the Alla Marcia in the last mvt. of his 9th symphony on the word “Gott” (as in Joel Gott of “the Show” wines). Freddie Mercury of Queen used some very cool and unusual harmonies too like the Beatles, I could go on. Its all been done before but it gets your attention when a pop artist steals from classical music and advances the art in pop music.

  • NM Seems to be fixed now… as sweet as it was…

  • Randall

    OK… *pauses while pulling CD out of library and listens*
    Good and stormy… Mercurial, restless… kinda like a certain vlog host that shall remain nameless. 😉 Nice. You are obviously a fan of both LVB and GV.
    But I still think that if a dramatic opening is what we’re going for, the “Fifth” is more suited for the Thunder Show intro of my daydreams. Good Lord, now I’m thirsty for a big, yet complex, Cab…

  • Noleesk

    i just bought 100 dollars worth of personalized chocolate bars from chocbite for my fam! i drink beer usually before going on stage with my band because usually thats what the bar gives us for free!

  • Anonymous

    Great job Jimmy. Very humble and Gary even seemed mellow for this episode. For a Train tailgate party I would get a keg of Tannat!

  • Good show, Gary. Not a fan of Train but Jimmy seems quite down to earth, good guy…

    QOTD: I’d generally go with an IPA but, if it has to be wine, definitely red. Maybe a New World Pinot.

  • Anonymous

    Nice of Jimmy to take time on gig day, during a, no doubt, successful and endless string of dates, cities, countries…
    Nice of GV to offer up that bottle of K. Good job, men.

    Q – For such a wildly ponderable premise, and the world of crazy answers that will prob come back, somehow, Jimmy kind of nails it w/ the Chard… Yea. I’m w/ him. I’d drink the cougar juice, maybe for the spill/swill factor.

  • Ha – enjoyed the ep and enjoyed the guest.

    You should try to get Cee Lo Green on the show.

  • Anonymous

    Yes on that gmd, in fact, brown is (was) ALL of the Rhine tributary quality regions, a few other commonly seen ones being Nahe (NAH-hey), and Pfalz (falls). Several others, too, lesser seen.


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