EP 966 Brave New World of Wine Part 1

Gary Vaynerchuk and author Mark Oldman speak about how he entered into the wine world and his new book, Brave New World of Wine.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Bedrock Stellwagen ZinfandelSonoma Red Zinfandel
2007 Betz Family Winery Clos De BetzColumbia Valley Red Blend

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luca bercelli


Wow – this guest could speak for America and win an Olympic medal. GV couldn’t get a word in edgeways. Luckily, he was very entertaining an knew his stuff (even if he did say ‘snooty Brits’.) Just for the record…we’re not all snooty!

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  • Anonymous

    On the Betz website it says the break down of the 2007 Clos de Betz is 62% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Malbec, 5% Cabernet Franc, 3% Petit Verdot. I don’t know what Jay Miller is talking about.

  • K-Murph FTW! (she’s so cool).

    This is an interesting first part, want to see what they think of the Madeira. I wish I could get Betz wine around here.

  • Awesome!

  • Fantastic guest, fabulous hair. Nice to see a guest finish the glass. Drink it up Mark!
    Can’t wait for Part 2!

    Oh, and don’t let them yell at you Kmurph! Next time Mott or Gary yell at you, yell back “I’m not your bitch, bitch!” 😀

  • AmyNYC

    Loving the show so far. A friend just gave me both of his books; can’t wait to read them.

  • Just because I gave you back the $20 dollars I borrowed from you? Such accolades are not necessary. 😉 Or are you just amused by my failed LurkerKing guesses.

    Thank you for the nice comment hun. 🙂


    Can I say I love ur comments! 🙂





  • Paul Sheridan

    Go Washington. Looking forward to episode 2.

  • Leatherpalate

    Killer show I’m digging the love for Washington-looking forward to the 33 Madman.


  • Anonymous

    love the Betz family wines….worked with Bob @ Ste. Michelle and happy to see him doing well.
    your guest is right on about Washington wines. I need to buy his book!

  • Anonymous

    be careful Allan. He looks like a pirate. Has probably dueled before.

  • John__J

    You guys put the show up early today. Mark has been a great guest, I’m looking forward to part 2.
    If 2011 is going to be another guest-a-rama year like 2010 was, I’d be totally happy-if the guests continue to be as great as the last 2 have been.

  • Anonymous

    I just downloaded this episode from Itunes, but when I started to watch it, it was actually YESTERDAY’s episode! Mott, I think you might have gotten the files mixed up.

  • Interesting guest. Fun part 1, excited about part two.

    You (GV) are spoiling us this week. That Betz IS difficult to find! I will consider going on the mailing list.


  • Anonymous

    I haven’t tried the iTunes download, but the RSS download link also directs you to yesterday’s episode #965

  • Anonymous

    Okay, Gary your killing me with the wine pouring!! If that was our wine I would be pissed at you…lol

  • Anonymous

    really?? can you at least not spill the wine over the label…lol

  • NY Pete

    hey hey

  • kerry below says it best, you are making a mess of those wines!

    Good show with a nice guy as your guest. There must have been a line outside your door on Monday. 🙂

    Looking forward to Part II.


    P.S. Don’t bash publishers. I’m one of them.

  • Anonymous

    Lots of fun watching two Jersey boys talk about wine. Sorry, Gary, go Pats.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    …only trust a wine drinker

    good on you Mark.

  • Anonymous

    Gary, you didn’t give a score for the Bedrock… although it seemed like you were kind of agreeing w/ Mark’s 89. Please answer me here, so that it’s “on the record”.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    that was a strange edit

  • Anonymous

    Cool guest Gary, can’t wait for part 2. Mark’s hair alone deserves its’ own show, I’m jealous! Will we be going 5 for 5 this week? Oh the anticipation!

  • NJ Big Chris

    i think he gave it an 88… rewind to just before the guest gives his opinion..
    yeah confirmed.. 13 minutes in he says it an 88 point wine

  • NJ Big Chris

    Great guest.. can’t wait for part 2. I can relate to the jersey ruffian friends who come over, drink all the damn wine and leave… thats why i don’t pour the really good stuff when they’re around!

  • Anonymous

    see ya tomorrow

  • Anonymous

    I stand corrected…..thanks very much Big Chris…..much appreciated

    SSaD :toivo:

  • Anonymous

    huh? what are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

    the episode ended in a weird spot

  • Anonymous

    Interesting guest. Looking forward to part II.

  • Anonymous

    Oh…sorry…I thought you were talking about a “comment”……but I agree….it was strange and abrupt. is Mott a douche?

  • Anonymous

    Mark’s first book was the first wine book I ever read, and it taught me a ton. I still lend it to friends who are just getting into wine.

  • Coming soon to the OWN network……

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to part 2! Just bought both of his books on Amazon

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Very good show. Really like the interaction between you two. Betz is a class act but getting harder to find. 2007 in washington state was avery good growing year and the wines show it. Looking foward to the second part with Mark Oldman.

  • Anonymous

    Gary! Mark! Read and really liked Mark’s first book.

    I’m only half way through the episode, but Gary, I have to rag on you for minute.

    Really, do some homework — for even 5 minutes — before a guest comes on. Not knowing that he had written another wine book was sort of rude.

    And, holy cow, Vault.com. Gary, honestly, in many (most) corporate circles that site is/was epic for pushing out insider information about firms. Really a must read for anyone in the job market. He was so deferential to you, but really as far as the power of social media and the web goes, you should have been kissing his feet — he was doing all that, on a huge scale before facebook, twitter, etc.

    Still love your show, can’t wait to finish the episode and see tomorrow’s.

  • Randall

    Well, Gary, I guess he called you out! This “E”-world we live in is changing faster than we can say “Rumpelstiltskin”,imo, but you, because of who you are, should have been on top of this situation. imo…
    But… I’m quite certain that we will all appreciate it if you keep bringing the Serious Thunder, my man… Cl:-)

  • Dig it! Great… rebuttal?

  • Anonymous


  • I’m to old to remember email accounts, I have forgotten more adresses than I actually can recall 🙂

  • Oh I hoped that you had an inside view ;). Hey, why don’t you mail mister Clarke and ask him to look up mr Vaynerchuk for a BBc interview, that could get things rollin…

  • BuffaloLou

    Great interview! Gonna have to get Mark’s book. Sounds like a terrific read! The Zin… just so typical of a zin… not your ‘perfect’ wine, but has that “yummy” factor. It’s why I like Zin so much. The Betz sounds excellent. I’ll agree with Mark, Washington has better values (overall, wide brush… ) than Napa and Sonoma. (Here that, Jaime?!)

    The link for Betz was never ‘linked-up’, so here it is: http://www.betzfamilywinery.com/

    Can’t wait for part 2. Great job, guys!

  • Anonymous

    Great Show GV, very nice guest! His book must be good, considering his approach on wine, should be fun to say the least.

    The wine line-up is grand, I just wish WL SHIPPED WINE TO BRAZIL!!! Please!!
    That old Madeira must be delicious right now, it?s a sip in history!! Looking forward to part 2!!

    I am going with friends to Amy Winehouse concert today, should be fun too, her voice is awesome?

    Best wishes,

    Mauricio from Brazil


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