EP 967 Brave New World of Wine Part 2

Concluding the tasting with Gary Vaynerchuk and author of Brave New World of Wine, Mark Oldman.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Karl Lawrence Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet
1933 V.J.H. Justino Henriques MALMSEY Madeira

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘I like to bottom feed at auctions’, ‘Capricorn is a bargain basement Zodiac sign’, and ‘I’ve written 2 books on wine and I still feel like garbage’ (in restaurants)

Great show – the guest got even better and was very quotable. Could’ve included 10+ memorable quotes

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  • Seems like a real cool, down-to-earth kinda guy. Someone you’d like to hang out with visiting the fine culinary venues of NY. Too bad he had to don that cap. πŸ™‚ If it means anything, my niece was the goalie for the Stanford Cardinal soccer team that played for the national championship.

    QOTD: I have a limited experience with any sommelier but one I remember vividly occurred at one of DC’s finest restaurants where you can BYOB and not pay a corkage fee as long as it’s “American.” My wine/chef guru friend who accompanied me brought an ’85 Opus One and I brought an ’88 Dominus, surprise, surprise. So we offered the sommelier a “taste” according to wine etiquette and I will always remember her saying “I have always thought that Dominus has always been quite inconsistent such as this one.” Of course, my friend and I looked at each other flabbergasted since this is the gentleman who introduced many fine wines, esp Dominus at his holiday party a few years prior where I actually experienced goosebumps over this wine, hence my handle.
    Agree, everyone’s palate is different, I get that, but according to noted wine authorities, I don’t think the word “inconsistent” would describe Dominus. Inconsistent as to whether it’s a 90 or a 99 point wine, yes, but my idea of inconsistent is 75 to the 90s. Even the ’98 Dominus scored a 91 WS and that was a “down year” for most CA cabs. So I lost some respect for her and unfortunately, it put a damper on the evening but I can write about it now so it has garnered some entertainment value.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting guest, and I esp. enjoyed listening to the discussion of the Malmsey.
    Sorry, though, no interesting wine/somm stories

  • Anonymous

    Good episode and interesting guest.

    QOTD – Still new at this phase of education, so no real horror stories. But no real experiences either.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: No somm horror stories here. I must get out more…
    Good guest, good ep- thanks!

  • NJ Big Chris

    QOTD – Maybe I don’t get out enough but the only bad wine experiences I’ve had of late is ordering a bottle I was really excited about only to find out a few minutes later they are out of it. This has happened at least 8 times I can remember in the last 2 years. Twice at the same place! The food’s just too good not to go there, but I mean come on dude, quit blue balling me!

  • Love the chalkboard. Go Pats!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Ordered a bottle of Pinot Blanc from a wine list, “Pinot Grigio?” No the Pinot Blanc (I assume it wasn’t a popular choice!), then when the waitress brought it, it was from a fridge that obviously wasn’t working very well as it was only very lightly chilled. I queried this, and she said it had been in there for at least 12 hours (as we were having an early lunch), she offered an wine chiller type gadget for the table then went on to try and educate me about how refrigeration can cool down wine (nothing specialist, just common refrigerator knowledge!), incredible!

  • Anonymous

    Great guest and no bad somm stories. I’ve been lucky, they’ve always been unpretentious and helpful.

  • Anonymous

    Loved your guests read of life connections with wine. Very intelligent and easy to listen to. I like his advice on asking if the waiter is the most knowledgeable about the wine selection. Definitley a life lesson.

  • Anonymous

    GV, wow very interesting guest. Quirky and witty, thumbs up.

    QoTD: So when my wife and I are out to dinner and do order wine I am always looking for a nice value wine do to the unfair mark up. I’ve had the same experience as you. The staff pretend they have wine knowledge when the don’t. Just burns me when I feed a line of crap. Just like you I clam up. BTW I hold an advance cert from WSET so I know Bull when I hear it.

  • Anonymous

    right there with ya.

  • QOTD: I’ve never experienced a sommelier in person before though I will soon.

    I enjoyed this two-parter. It was great to hear the Jersey boys http://wendy.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/hardy-boys-cover-01.jpg chat it up! Good episode. How long would that ’33 Madeira have been drinkable if unopened? ..Just wondering. Seems pretty damn old.

  • Anonymous

    CKC=a serious lack of Som experience

  • Anonymous

    Not really a somm story, but it really burns me when I get a corked bottle in a restaurant that is not wine-centric as I feel sometimes like the staff is thinking that I’m being pretentious.

    Great show guys!

  • Nice interview, really interesting piqued my interest in Madeira now.

    QOTD: I’m going to expand this a little bit because most of my experiences in restaurants have been good. When I went to Napa we went to Clos du Val and the woman pouring our wine asked us what wine we normally drink, being from NY I drink a lot of Finger Lakes Rieslings and Pinot Noir so I told her NY wine. She very condescendingly said “Why? because it cheap?” I was definitely turned off by her insinuating that I only drink wine because it is cheap. Needless to say I’m not buying any Clos du Val wines anytime soon.

  • Nice show!

    Mostly good experiences, I like when they are passionate about their wine list and suggest a geek wine!
    Agree with another poster, worst is when you feel like there is something wrong and they look at you like your pretentious or something.. mostly on business lunches!

  • Globex

    so my wife says… “holy krap sweetheart, you have a man crush!” Between Rush, Fast Times Ridgemont High, Stanford, wine, the bitchin hair… LOL!! So she asks me if I want her to rent the movie “I Love You, Man” tonight so I can drink wine and rock out to Rush! Needless to say, awesome guest and fantastic interview. And how friggin cool of him to bring the bottle he did??!! WOW!!! Class act for sure!!! Ordered his book last night.

    QOTD: at a winery, buy high end bottle after tasting it in their taste room, walk down the hall to have dinner at their restaurant, and the server wants to charge me a cork fee for bringing in my own bottle.

    Gotta run, the wife just rented the movie I Love You, Man.

  • Wow! That was a very nice episode! Following you since EP. 256.

    QOTD: Too expensive prices for average food

  • Leatherpalate

    Awesome guest. I once called out a corked bottle of 82 Lafite at a restaurant in Kansas City and the Som said I was wrong. We told him to pull another bottle and if we were wrong we’d pay for both. It was a crazy crazy scene about 10 years ago.. The owner came out to apologize and in the end we were vindicated.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Not a horror story, but we occasionally go to a high-end restaurant that serves excellent food but has a sub-par wine list. Nothing of much interest. A diner that serves alcohol probably has a more extensive list. We ended up ordering wine by the glass, which tasted like it had been opened for at least a couple of days. Completely flabby.

    Nice conclusion to a great show, guys!!

  • Anonymous

    Great guest. Love to see fellow Jerzey wine guys!

  • Anonymous

    that was a great show!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Even though I had to wait three weeks for new episodes, I have to admit, the last three have been great. Mr. Oldman was the best guest since the last time Sasha was on.

  • Anonymous

    great analogy.

  • Anonymous

    preach on Brother

  • BuffaloLou

    QotD – I’m not Mark or Gary, but I know a thing or two about wine. This isn’t quite a ‘horror’ story but… I was in a local ‘chain’ restaurant and I ordered a bottle of Merlot. The waitress, all of 25 at best, made it a point to repeat my order but STRESSED “Oh, you’ll have the MER- LOTTTT”. Like, what the heck! I know how to pronounce the wine honey!

    Great show gents! Really enjoyed both parts 1 & 2!

  • Excellent shows and cool, down to earth guest. Wish I could have tried the 1933 Madeira.

    QOTD: None of the restaurants in my podunk town has a sommelier, so it is hard to share stories. Moreover the few good restaurants here have such atrociously high wine prices that I almost never buy something off the list. It is always BYO for me.

  • Randall

    Oh wow… I actually read that book as a kid…

  • Randall

    Call ’em out, baby!! Any place that does not cater to their Paying customers needs to be exposed as the bad place that it is. I have a feeling that he didn’t think you were familiar with the varietal, basically just didn’t give you enough credit. Screw ’em and their lousy attitude…

  • Randall


  • Randall

    You said it! Sometimes I feel like they should at least Kiss me first…

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff guys,

    Not had many bad experiences but I was in Boston with a bunch of friends and I was sitting sort of in the corner of the restaurant at a 10 people table. I was picking the wine for everyone and I asked the waiter if someone could help me pick the wine, he sort of snubbed me as if I was not worth getting the sommelier and he (the waiter) would help me. I was fine with that, so I asked him if he thought the wines I had picked were a good fit, he just ok and went to get the bottles, then I asked him to open all the bottles to let the wine breathe and he only opened one, so either he didn’t give a shit that someone cared about the wine or he plain old didn’t think I was worth his effort. The funny thing is has was great throughout the rest of the evening.

  • Anonymous

    I went to a restaurant in San Francisco that had been on Check Please Bay Area. A friend was paying, and I had always wanted to taste a Barolo. I told that to the sommelier. He recommended a Barolo, which we ordered. It didn’t taste very strong. It wasn’t offensive, but I felt that either he took it easy on me because he thought I couldn’t take the real flavor, or he just didn’t know the wines.

  • Anonymous

    In my limited experience you’re not missing anything; Clos du Val have been the poster children for mid-80 point wines for the last 12-15 years.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, Dominus is consistently one of the safer bets year-in, year-out. The vintage you mention was (along with the ’98 and the ’00) the least impressive I’ve had (I split a case with a friend back when it was $400 a case – I consistently scored it between 88-91 pts); but haven’t tasted anything after the 2001, which was/is just entering maturity and was easily one of the greatest Cali blends I tasted last year.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure you’re aware there’s two reasons to decant, and the other one is to let young wines breather and open up a little faster. You were in the right. The guy was simply a PWE (penis with ears).

  • Anonymous

    …that they’ll only lose by 3 TDs?

  • Anonymous

    So you can scream?

  • Anonymous

    Nice show, Mark seems to scream Stanford, certainly a fine guest on the show.

    QOTD: Now this isn’t a bad somm experience its just an unfortunate and awkward wine moment. I was in this restaurant called Pigale in NYC. I was with friends and family and my mother had asked me to pick a bottle of wine for the table. Now being the self-interested person I usually am with wine I wanted to get a white that had lots of acid due to the salad and sandwich I was getting. So I’m pouring over the wine list looking for a french chardonnay or something that I know will cut like a knife! I begin to get stares from the table because apparently I was taking longer then I was allotted in their heads. People at the table begin to nag at me and raise their voice ( it seemed their thirst for alcohol needed to be satiated pronto!). Nearby tables began glaring over at the table wondering wat on earth was wrong. The situation eventually climaxed at my mother’s friend “Oh Gimme that!” snatching the list from my hands. I gave up and ordered a french chard that I had as a plan B. All this happened in a span of 6 minutes. I do not believe I was out of line at all.

  • Randall

    Good post. But I think that we should all, as the wine buying public, speak up and “call them” on their line of B.S. whenever we encounter it. Not in a rude way, but in a manner that will convey the fact that we don’t like being taken advantage of…

  • Randall

    Impatient friends and rels… gotta love ’em…

  • Now, you must try of Madeira Wine Company ( Blandy’s): Boal 1920, 1948, 1964, 1971,1977; Terrantez 1975,1976 ; Malvasia ( Malmsey) 1985; Sercial 1960.
    From the same house: Boal Solera, Malvasia solera.
    For me: Boal 1920,1977 and Terrantez 1975 are the best; 96-99 points.
    There are other very good Madeira’s producers like: Artur Barros e Sousa, Henriques & Henriques.
    You must try a Madeira (Malvasia or Boal) with a nice cigar. Abraço.

  • haha nice! for me it was Captain Underpants…but the Hardy Boys were cool too.

  • Randall

    Heh heh…

  • Wait.. Stanford has a wine club??? (mentioned yesterday in Part 1) Yikes! How did I not know this? I’ve worked there for years (School of Medicine)…Will seek it out.

    I had the Karl Lawrence at a wine tasting about 6 months ago, and Gary nailed it with his description.

    QOTD: I have a pretty good story to share but having trouble with this comment section. What the h___?

  • Anonymous

    He had hat hair already, why put on the ugly hat. If it was Deep Purple I’d have a crush on him. πŸ˜‰
    Rush=Jets,,,,,overrated! But I love underdogs.
    Is it true? Gettys name? yadayada?

  • Anonymous

    Soms beware! We’re coming for you.

  • Anonymous

    Wine lists are ugly and never updated at way too many places.

  • Anonymous

    One good thing about this depression is some of the markups have come down a little. maybe?
    Yes, more Washington Cabs and Merlowwws

  • Anonymous

    Better talk to Blou. πŸ™‚


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