EP 967 Brave New World of Wine Part 2

Concluding the tasting with Gary Vaynerchuk and author of Brave New World of Wine, Mark Oldman.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Karl Lawrence Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet
1933 V.J.H. Justino Henriques MALMSEY Madeira

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘I like to bottom feed at auctions’, ‘Capricorn is a bargain basement Zodiac sign’, and ‘I’ve written 2 books on wine and I still feel like garbage’ (in restaurants)

Great show – the guest got even better and was very quotable. Could’ve included 10+ memorable quotes

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  • Paul Sheridan

    Great show, and great guest.

    QOTD: In general, restaurants that look at wines as a profit center, as opposed to a way to augment the diners’ experience. If you want to double the retail price of the wine, you better be adding value beyond pulling the cork and pouring it for me. I want massive education, knowledge, and advice. Or maybe just a flat $15 over retail if you can’t manage that.

  • Anonymous

    Very late today! Hit me up on some good auction stickys!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard some folks don’t smell the TCA? It can blow off but that should be in an instant.
    I bought a 87 Georges De La Tour a few months ago and it was just old and vinegar like. We aireated it and gave it about 15 to 20 minutes to get better and thought it was,,, but still bad.
    I took it back to the fancy place and the beautiful Somgirl told me it was better now that it had rolled around in my car for a few days. Hook line and sunk. Drinkable at best rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Anonymous

    PainfullLLLLLL!!!! where is Wayno when you neeeeeeed himmmmmmm????????

  • Anonymous

    Are you still in the bay area? talk to me edwest_98 yahoo

  • Anonymous

    This is Winecrazy, He’ll be your Som tonite! Next time I’m back your way

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes,, Fruit is way sweet! sometimes not so much

  • Anonymous

    It may be the only show worth a kudoosesess!

  • Anonymous

    Heavy rain! It’s grape juice. 1933 fortified grape juice.

  • Anonymous

    He would have spilled it all over your knickers.

  • One of the most interesting guests in my opinion… The atmosphere was so informal..I really enjoyed!

  • Next one I will go to is in june. I’ll send you the list when it’s published



  • check auctions, you in the US are priviliged to have so many, me, I got two possible ones a year.

  • Loved Mark and his references to Jersey-like ruffians, Avis and Capricorn as the bargain-basement sign of the Zodiac. I will definitely buy his book after seeing him here.

    QOTD: Lucky for me, I have not had bad experiences with sommeliers in the past.

  • QOTD: harsh situations don’t come to mind but I’ll tell this that happened just a couple of days ago that was maybe harsh for other guests of the restaurant
    The place was Enoteca a gambe di gatto in Montepulciano, the owner is such a nice and passionate guy about wine. He basically wants you to taste a bunch of his wines in order for you to choose the one you prefer the most (he obviously gives you an inch)
    I noticed when the restaurant got a bit crowded this started to turn really tough for him and I see people really bored to wait so long before getting their bottle/glass of wine on the table…

    Lucky for me I was among the first to come in therefore it was a nice experience, half an hour and could have been worst..

    I highly recommend this place however

  • Anonymous

    Hi Gary,

    that´s a classic episode! Really liked it!
    QOTD: Over here in Germany I have the general feeling that there are a lot of soms that are giant snobs.
    I hate it if someone more than 10 years younger and barely allowed to drink alcohol wants to give me lectures on what I should like and dislike.
    Anyway my worst experience was when I ordered a bottle of a white wine in a high-end restaurant. This wine I continuously drink at home and know it very well. It had a terrible cork error and I complained. The som treated me like an idiot and we had to ask for the owner (who also runs a wine shop) to get a new bottle. At least the owner apologized and served our table for the rest of the evening.
    That´s what I mean by snobish soms.

    Take care

  • Anonymous


    You did a great job. I am sure we will cross paths at a wine event in the future.
    QOTD: The only time that stands out was actually when the som came over and the group that I was with had already scoured the list and we had found one screaming deal which happened to be Cali Cab from a well know producer but it was an older vintage and a ridiculuos value. When we ordered the first bottle without any help, I believe that I saw him roll his eyes. I think he was a little embarassed when we asked for his suggestion on the second bottle and we told him that we were all in the industry as well.

  • Anonymous

    Reading all these comments about sommeliers reinforces why I never ask their opinions.

  • Anonymous

    Great, great, great show GV!! Mark is an amazing character!!

    His book is on my next Amazon buy for sure. The way he puts wine as part of his life is perfect.
    Very, very nice bottle of Madeira. Mott gave his 2 cents, always great.

    QOTD: I can?t point out a recent sommelier problem, but It happens a lot everywhere. Some somms and waiters just want to impress and spit out unwanted ?wine knowledge?, while the customer just want a nice value wine and little talk. After all, like Mark said, the talk we are interest in IS ACROSS THE TABLE IN LIPSTICK, not standing trying to push some pricey wine.

  • Anonymous

    Agree 100%

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable, some of this guys perfected the art of screwing-up…

  • 6 minutes!!! are you carzy, we live in a blip-zap-svoosh world. What ever were you thinking. 6 minutes!!!

  • will therw be a lazy friday show so I can turn that on at 11 pm CET and gulp down some drops while actually se G doing the same? Just wondering. Now I’m out of here (work) the girl wanted to take me to a wine bar :). an its only 4.30 pm but friday 😀

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Went to a wine bar specializing in Italian food and wine. Wanted to try a white varietal from Italy I had never tried before… Asked the bartender about the Verdicchio, he replies that all of the varietals that start with the letter “V” are not good… WTF???? Whatever. He tries to push a Chard on me, I don’t like Chard, plus I had mentioned that I wanted to try something new… So I order the Verdicchio against his advice, he then proceeds to tell me that they are out of that wine at the moment… What a jerk! BTW, I still have never tried a Verdicchio…

  • JDR

    Really like the way Mark talks about wine, and looking forward to his TV-show in 2011.

    QOTD: Most wines are way too expensive in restaurants. I only came into contact with sommeliers on diners with a selected wine / dish. Always a great experience, and only had very openminded enthousiastic somm’s to ask my little question now and then.

    Thankyou for the episode!

  • I would do my best… my falsetto is actually decent. What’s the haps audiofan? What is on the needle this week?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Loved the “Partners in Crime” feel.
    Y’all should do some events together and rock the house.
    Bring it to SF and I’ll definitely be there!

    QOTD: I haven’t been to enough upscale restaurants to have had any Sommelier problems.
    However, going out to eat with my friends can be a bit challenging considering many of the “everyday” places in our town don’t consider *good* wine to be a priority.


    The Couch would bring the perfect aftertaste to this glorious week of shows, welcome back Gary.

  • Anonymous

    How can you say Rush is overrated!? They have not even been inducted into the hall of fame yet and in my humble opinion are WAY better than many of the bands nominated last year. Prepare for a massive Rush debate if us California Vayniacs meet up in late January.

  • Anonymous

    I went to Clos du Val a few moths back and had a similar experience. We may have had the same person pouring for us because she was very blunt and seemingly not that knowledgeable. As soon as I told her I worked for a winery in the Central Valley it was like I was speaking a dead language. I am sure some of the Vayniacs would treat that statement in a similar fashion, however when you work for a winery and your primary job is to pour and not make judgments about peoples “bad taste” that is another matter entirely. I also have not bought any of their wine since.

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed this two part episode. Mark was extremely personable and seemed to have a great grasp on what this show (and his book) is all about; making wine approachable and not over complicating things. That being said, he could obviously hold his own nerding it up with Gary. Great show; another thunder storm after a long drought. Keep it up!

    QOTD: Unfortunately I do not make it out of the winery very much, and when I do rarely have the money to eat out at restaurants that have one or more sommeliers on hand. I cannot think of a horror story; however I am sure I have sufficiently embarrassed myself plenty of times.


    “A modern day warrior
    Mean, mean stride,
    Today’s Tom Sawyer
    Mean, mean pride….” *Don’t get much better than that* :0)

  • Anonymous

    I actually blame this on Gary. Most guest on WLTV like Mark would go with K Murph and pick out 2 or 3 bottles they are into or would like to taste. Not sure why GV forced on Mark three bottles that GV, or rather a Vainiac, wanted Gary to taste. I thought Mark held his own, but it was weird for me to see Gary forcing his agenda on Mark, instead of finding out what Mark was into and tasting that.
    And you can’t diss on a guy who brings a $300 bottle of 77 year old wine.

  • Anonymous

    Probably my favorite rush verse: “All this machinery making modern music
    Can still be open hearted
    Not so coldly charted
    It’s really just a question of your honesty, yeah
    Your honesty
    One likes to believe in the freedom of music
    But glittering prizes and endless compromises
    Shatter the illusion of integrity”

  • Anonymous

    Great 2 party series but I don’t know if you should get credit for 2 episodes just cause it’s split, HA!

    QOTD: not really about a somm or a ‘wine restaurant’ but a horror story nonetheless… We were at a decent seafood restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI and had the cocktail round and then I ordered the wine. The lovely waitress gave me a sample and I sniffed it and said it was good to go (cause all you should need to do is sniff it). Well she ended up pouring all the glasses, we clinked, then took a taste and it was probably 80-85 degrees F. Nobody was happy… I think we ended up putting it on ice, but the stuff in our glasses didn’t cool down that quick…

  • I have not yet ordered wine at a restaurant and I am about 11 years your senior, young man! Nonetheless, what is that wine you’ve been mentioning– Lagrine? I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    GV & Mark – Great show. I dig old wine.

    QOTD: I had a bit of a hot/cold experience at Babbo in NYC. The som was initially all up in my grill, being very intimidating, letting my know I didn’t know that much about wine and at the time I didn’t. It was very unpleasant at first, but he did put together a great white and red per course that was reasonably priced and showed some great examples of Italian wine. Rough around the edges, but in the end it went better than expected!

  • Anonymous

    Cool guest, enjoyed the banter.
    QOTD: I was choosing between the Delille Chaleur Estate ’05 and ’06, at a restaurant that had them priced quite competitively. I asked the somm whether one was more open and ready at that point (no time to decant, since ’05 was a more tannic muscular vintage in WA, and ’06 was juicer and more forward; I didn’t mention this for fear of coming off as pretentious or boring, or condescending.) Anyway the somm’s response was something like “you know, I don’t really think it matters; neither of those is a particularly good year.” My jaw dropped, I didn’t know where to begin… they’re both very good to outstanding vintages for one thing. As it happened, the ’06 Delille was quite young but fantastic.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I give up. I think they were overplayed for a while and his voice annoyed me. See you soon.

  • Anonymous

    Check you email John. Or facebook me up.

  • Cool guest! From NJ…even better! Totally someone I would chill with. I also have had good luck with Danny Meyer restaurants. My birthday experience was great…had a great Savennieres for a good value. Even my wife loved it! I also enjoy that they have a vertical list for beer! 🙂

    QOTD: Most of my som experiences have been good. The few not so good experiences mostly dealt with wine staff that were either standoffish, conceited, or just not passionate about their jobs. I have been to places where there is no som, but the staff themselves are not as well-trained. In those scenarios, I usually just go with my gut.

  • Anonymous

    Good Show! But what’s with the Elvis Impersonator haircut on this guy?

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: The only time I have had experience with a Sommelier (sp?) was years ago in Santa Barbara. One night she was so helpful and friendly (Wine Cask). Another night at a different restaurant (can’t remember the name of the pretentious place) we were obviously snubbed for a table that was buying more expensive wine. We saw her with our bottle, then she ditched us for a while to serve others. Finally she came back and probably noticed us rolling our eyes at her snobby attitude.

  • Anonymous

    I could see that. his vocal range is a little, uhhh, high for some people. But the lyrics and crazy math rock time signatures are awesome.

  • LurkerKing

    Couch, Couch, Couch, Couch!!

  • Michael C in MKE

    Lots of less than great experiences with wine in restaurants. Particularly the pricing, but not so much the service. I’m to poor to go any place that has a stuck up Som.

    Top notch guest. You should have him on again.

  • Anonymous

    lmao @ traveling wine entourage, and G’s displeasure with the Bill Jersey.

  • DaveAll

    Good guest, clear speaker, easy to understand. knowledgeable too.
    Wine = what happens to the grape, what happens in the barrel and what the vintner happens to it. : *)
    QotD: close to question: i was in the mountains, and asked the waitress if the trout was fresh, she replied ” “No, we are not close to an ocean.”. I chuckled and ordered the BBQ.


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