EP 971 Barbera d’Alba Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes two Barbera wines from the Alba region in the Piedmont. These Italian reds are from two highly respected producers in the region.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Cigliuti Barbera D’alba CampassBarbera d’Alba
2007 Vietti Barbera D’alba Scarrone Barbera d’Alba

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luca bercelli


Line of the day – ‘This wine reminds me of a georgeous mum that ran the household back in the 1800s.’

With a line like that, this episode has to score 90 points.

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  • Anonymous

    Okay, it’s not 1,000 shows – yet. I loved the show. I think Barbera in general is a great varietal and very food friendly, as most Italian wines are. So I have a suggestion for another show – a Barbera smack-down between Alba and Asti. I would suggest doing a couple from each, but a “brown bag” one-on-one episode would be good, too.

    QOTD: That’s easy – 971. I came in around Episode #10 and then went back to the beginning shortly after that. Too bad I don’t really like Gary or the show. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hey, SS! Good to hear from you. No, I think you get a bye on answering. But everyone should “Like” your post for the great job you’ve done documenting Gary’s scores over the years. Thanks!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Started at episode 800ish, now going back and started from Ep1, in total probably seen around 500. Which is like a week of my life.

  • Globex

    interested to try the Cigliuti but see WineLibrary is sold out.

    QOTD: 60 – 90

  • NY Pete

    dumping … 🙂

  • Anonymous

    thanks cellarrat5 and JayZee13. Hey JZ, does this mean I get to be in your next video? or better yet….your wifes video!!?? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I started watching around this time last year. So I guess around 60 epiodes.
    By the way I watch via Mediafly using Roku. The recent 2 part show listed Parts 1 & 2 but actually it showed part 1 twice. Never got to see part 2..MOTT! Whatsup wid dat?

  • Anonymous

    I have been watching from the beginning. I’m sure I’ve watched at leasr 850

  • QOTD: 700 aprox!

  • Anonymous

    Video? Um, well, no. While my wife is lovely, her name is oddly not Beyonce. 😉

  • QOTD: I have been watching since around episode 150

  • Love Barbera
    I must have watched at least 800 shows

  • Anonymous

    Love me some Vietti, and Barbera D’alba has been the way to go to save some bucks.

    QOTD: 170

  • Anonymous

    I have been watching since around 120ish and went back to the “awkward” beginning and now have seen them all

  • Anonymous

    probably around 700 shows plus go back into the archives frequently…keep up the great work…DO NOT RETIRE AT 1000 SHOWS !!!

  • Grill Factor

    QOTD: 969 shows. Still waiting for the Grappa episode…

    oh and Disqus has never failed to irritate me.

  • 650ish+

  • Paul Sheridan

    QOTD: 200. It was from the hip, though. I think my +/- is 50.

  • qotd: 101? just started watching in november.

    I have a bunch of comments to make when i organize my thoughts on all the good wines i just had this week

  • Anonymous

    D-saur! What’s up! Don’t really know (failed math) ; haven’t “counted” but around 60% more or less. Best new album of late?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen maybe 100 or so…I have a job that allows me to watch many shows a day and “catch up” on the shows missed before I heard about WLTV in the spring of ’10…

  • Anonymous

    I responded Anders, and it threw the response on the first page. So, I left it there if you haven’t read it already.

  • Michael C in MKE

    400+ listened to. I don’t know If it’s fair to say, “seen.”

  • Anonymous

    I am still not able to download Wine Library TV from podcasts in iTunes to my iPod. I guess I will not be able to watch anymore on the train on my way to work! 🙁

  • WineCutter

    Damn it Vaynerchuk! Nice show, but now I’m going to have to go out and get some Barbera D’alba wines…and I just bought 3 cases and have another 3 on the way. I have no more room!
    QOTD: 500+ shows.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I would say that I’ve seen around 250 episodes of WLTV. Started watching around this time last year but I’ve been back in those archives watching as much as I can.

  • Anonymous

    All of them. Just bought several Barbera d’Alba and D’Asti last weekend. Neither one of these though.

  • Anonymous

    Most of them.

  • Anonymous

    Most of them.

  • Anonymous

    Gary, it’s sad,but I have seen them all…

  • Anonymous

    100 – 150?

  • I like the tight shows
    Gary, BTW, please don’t eat charred food (or anything burnt to a fine crisp). Charred food contains carcinogens. Just looking after your health. Cheers.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen approximately 967 shows. I want to say that I’ve seen all 971, but if I’m honest, I’m sure I missed 3 or 4 along the way.

    I started watching at about show 120, and then I went back to watch all of the back episodes. And I’ve been a loyal fan ever since.

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Grappa! I think I’ve had the best grappa around but it’s from here in Cali! Grapes grown in L.A. Distilled at Hanger One and sold only at a winery in the Sierra. What brand is worthy? Lots of the Italians ones I see around here are not.

  • Anonymous

    I gave Gary a hard time about him tasting radish in wine and I got an alarming email from him professing it’s truth.

  • Anonymous

    Good job Randalllll I will friend up with flava as you should

  • Anonymous

    Get out of my way! I’ve only got a couple. Eberle in Paso Robles and Coffaro in Sonoma.

  • Anonymous

    a metric shit ton, not to be confused with a domestic ass load!!!

  • My guess is just under 300 episodes.
    I’ve been a fan for 3 years, and I think I’ve seen about one third of the shows in that time, and also and watched another 80 or so older episodes.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I think about 300 or so.

  • QOTD: in the 40-50 range.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD : 850

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I’d say between 200 and 300. Probably closer to 300. Let’s say 285.

    Only had one Barbera and wasn’t too impressed. But it was definitely one of the cheaper ones, and I love Piedmont wines in general, so it’s high time I give them another chance.

  • RobinC

    QOTD: I think my hip has lost its abilities for rapid calculation. but I guess it’s 700ish shows.

  • laurensNL

    QOTD: about a 150

  • I have spent a lot of time in Piedmont doing wine things. Barbera is my favorite overall grape as you can get really good wine for $15 and I haven’t seen a grape delivering such consistent quality. I have been drinking the 2006 Vietti and it is barely ready to drink. I thought the coolest comment on barbera d’alba vs. barbera d’asti was that the 2 wines mirror the 2 cities, alba being more elegant and asti being more rough

  • SkÃ¥l! Well, I live a bit further up north then all americans. 60th paralle. We have had 10 weeks of below 14 F or colder and only three days of mild weather Only two feet of snow.

    Hmm, got to tell my brother i Oregon to horde wines since they seem to be very chaep over there, ay least sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Probably 100+ shows. Keep’em coming!

  • Anonymous

    around 400

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I’ve been following since around episode 650 and have watched pretty much every episode since. I’ve gone back in time and watched, I don’t know, about 50 or so shows from the past. So I guess this puts me at around 350 in total.


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