EP 981 Tasting Value Wines From Around the World

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 3 interesting wines from France, South Africa, and yes, Uruguay.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2010 Mooiplaas Langtafel White Chenin/Sauvignon BlancOther South African White Wine
2009 Chais St. Laurent Chinon Chinon
Toscanini TannatUruguay Red Wine

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luca bercelli


Lines of the day – ‘I literally want you to take a bell pepper, turn it into a boxing glove and punch me in the face’ and ‘If this was the 1960’s Mott would be smoking a lot of pot and I still wouldn’t be talking about Merlot.’

Great show, GV absolutely on point and pumped full of energy. This is what WLTV is all about

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  • QOTD: IPhone – no; IPad – no, but WANT!

    I have had that chinon a couple of times already and have to agree 100% with your thoughts…for the money I plan on getting 4-6 bottles next time instead of the one I usually buy. I waited for years for the iPhone to get off AT&T but made the leap and bought the HTC EVO from Sprint back in June and LOVE it! That said, I am an Apple guy all the way other than phones.

    I love getting your tasting notes on wines as I have found that of all the known ‘wine guys’ out there that your palate and mine are closest.

  • CKC!!! Virginia Tech LUVS YOU!!! Super exited to go to a South African wine and food pairing tonight for our awesome Geography of Wine class 🙂

  • I’m in John Boyer’s Wine class at Virginia Tech, we watched a few of your videos in class today and I think it would be really exciting if you could bring your book tour to Blacksburg, VA! Go Hokies!

  • Anonymous

    CKC!!! Virginia Tech class of 2011 in our Wine class right now and lovingggg it. We watch your videos every week and I continue to watch the ones that are not required because I now lovvvvvvvvvvve wine! COME TO VIRGINIA TECH!!! Tonight I am off to a food and wine pairing of South African wine and food. Its going to be awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Great episode! I’m loving my Geography of Wine class at VIRGINIA TECH- COME VISIT US!!!!

  • Come to Virginia Tech!!! CKC I am in John Boyer’s Wine class and last week I watched your video about Rieslings and I was shocked! I have stayed away from Rieslings because i have always thought they were too sweet but you have changed my thinking!

  • Tim

    Come to VIRGINIA TECH! Your show is AWESOME! We use it in our wine class with John Boyer. Come party! #CKC

  • Tim


  • CKC from Virginia Tech! We all love your show and would love for you to come speak to John Boyer’s wine class! Thank you so much for sharing all your wine knowledge!

  • QOTD: Yes and Yes.

  • Gary, LOVE the show. You have some awesome knowledge about wine, I love learning from you and seeing what news wine and technique you have for us. I am a CKC from Virginia Tech. PLEASE COME AND VISIT!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary, love the show, man you got get down here to blacksburg and hang out with Boyer’s wine class. Really getting into wine down here as a result of you, Boyer, and the fact that wine is sooo freaking awesome. Come on down. #CKC Virginia Tech

  • Nice show! CKC from VT. Come to Virginia Tech and tell us more about the wine!

  • Nice show! CKC from VT. Come to Virginia Tech and tell us more about the wine!

  • Hey Gary. Another CKC from Virginia Tech. Stop by Blacksburg sometime. We’d love to have you (and as you can see from all the comments, we’d pack the house for you)

    I actually found out about wine library tv through your ted.com talk that i saw last year and have been viewing since. You’re a freaking inspirational entrepreneur!

  • Another CKC from VT. I watch your videos all the time because of Professor Boyer’s Geography of Wine class. You need to come to Blacksburg! I think Boyer’s greatest loves are plaid and you. Seriously.

  • QOTD: On my second iPhone (iPhone4), and will be getting iPad2 when it’s released

  • #CKC here from VT, COME TO TECH!!! Thanks to you and Boyer I’m drinking wine almost every night now.

  • Great episode! I have learned so much from you and my geography of wine professor. You should come visit VIRGINIA TECH! #ckc

  • thanks to you and Professor Boyer there are so many #CKC at Virginia Tech! Come visit!

  • QOTD: No. CKC: Virginia Tech. Love learning about value wines, also SA wines. So glade Professor Boyer incorporates your episodes in his Geography of Wine class. You should come visit Tech.

  • CKC!!!! Come visit VT!

  • #CKC VT, Between You and John Boyer I am learning a lot about wine.

  • CKC from Virginia Tech!! I love watching your videos and learning about wine. We would love to have you visit us in Blacksburg!

  • CKC VT!! Your show is awesome! You definitely make it easier to understand the world of wine

  • CKC, holla from VT! Love your videos and we’re learning a lot! We’re all so classy now.

  • CKC VT! Love your show, come down on your book tour!

  • #CKC VT. Please visit us!

  • CKC VT. Love your style Gary V, please stop by Blacksburg soon!

  • Anonymous

    CKC h.o.k.i.e.s!!!!!!!

    map quest it:

    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg, VA 24061

  • #CKC Come to Virginia Tech, we’ll supple the pickles!!!!

  • #CKC you need to come to Virginia Tech!!! half of our wine class’ curriculum is based around your videos!

  • #CKC here, make VT a stop on your book tour!

  • Anonymous

    #CKC Virginia Tech!!! Blacksburg has sooo much to learn from you! Come teach us!!!!

  • #CKC Gary, come to Blacksburg! WE LOVE YOU!

  • Luke

    CKC Come to Virginia Tech! Boyer’s wine class embodies your idea of changing the wine world.

  • Anonymous

    #CKC You’ll visit with 5 or 6 comments from the same college you say? I think Virginia Tech should have cemented a visit by now – we’re blowing up the comments.

    You do great work, sir. Always enjoy the show.

  • Anonymous

    CKC – In Geography of Wine class the other day we were talking about how awesome it would be if you came down and talked to us *nudge nudge* Hope your book tour finds its way down here at Virginia Tech! Love your videos btw, answer to your question: I don’t have the iphone or ipad sorry

  • Anonymous

    You know you did say 5 or 6 comments should be enough for a visit…VT definitely has enough. I look forward to seeing you in the Blacksburg area. By the way, on April 30th there is a “Fork and Cork” Wine Festival in Blacksburg, which could make for an interesting show. You know you want to try some Virginia wines…

  • Luke
  • CKC-surely VT and Boyer’s wine class have solidified a serious look into a trip to Blacksburg, it would be great to have you down here! Love the show, and look forward to your visit.

  • Anonymous

    CKC – Prof. Boyer has secured 500 viewers for you this semester alone not to mention all his past semesters of teaching Geography of Wine with you as our host. We even have weekly quizzes on your videos. If not for the tons of students such as myself who would love to get a visit from you, I think you at least owe it to him to come down to Virginia Tech. And to answer your question: I have neither an iphone nor an ipad.

  • Gary – another VT CKC kid here. Your videos are awesome! A few of my classmates come to my apartment every Sunday to watch your videos and do his weekly quizzes. My girlfriend (who’s not in the class) got hooked when she stopped by to pick up her bag and now she’s a dedicated viewer. I love the videos – they’re very informative and I’m hooked. Thanks for the hard work and I hope to see you at VT.

  • Gary – another VT CKC kid here. Your videos are awesome! A few of my fellow classmates come to my apartment every Sunday to watch your videos and do the weekly quizzes. My girlfriend (who’s not in the class) got hooked when she stopped by to pick up her bag and now she’s a dedicated viewer. Your videos are very informative and I’m hooked. Thanks for the hard work and I hope to see you at VT.

  • I am a budding and proud member of the CKC from Virginia Tech and I have learned so much from your videos! You should schedule a visit to Blacksburg, VA to share your limitless knowledge with our wine class!!

  • No iPhone, no iPad, but I am a Hokie! And you should make a stop at Virginia Tech! #CKC

  • #CKC- I am another student in Boyer’s wine class! And I have also learned so much from your videos and you should come visit Blacksburg so we can learn more from you in person!!

  • another HOKIE CKC here…i am in Boyer’s wine class at Tech and have been instructed to watch your videos over and over again. at first I was a little blown away but I’ve come to look forward to watching you rant and rave about wines every week. you definitely know your stuff and you should make a visit to virginia tech so we can see the madness (as well as vital info) in person

  • Anonymous

    Come to Blacksburg and party with the Hokiess!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    CKC from Virginia Tech!!! Blacksburg should be an obligatory stop on your book tour


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