EP 961 Loire Valley Cabernet Franc Tasting

On the advice of a Vayniac, Gary Vaynerchuk sits down to pay hommage to one of his favorite grapes, Cabernet Franc. He tastes three Cab Francs from the Loire Valley- including 2 Chinons and 1 Saumur.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Roches Neuves Saumur Champigny Terres Chaudes RougeSaumur-Champigny
2006 Jean-maurice Raffault Chinon Clos Des CapucinsChinon
2005 Herault Heraut’ik ChinonChinon

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luca bercelli


Line of the day – ‘like Pamela Anderson…not now, rewind to 1992’

Pumped up after yet another Jets win, shame the wines were below par

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  • Anonymous

    Late. Not a diss to me., and I, not you, are the nation’s biggest Cab franc Advocate! just Kidding, but it is my #1 grape, if and when there is one… The 2004 Roches Neuves Saumur was one of the first wines I purchased when I arrived in Fl. last year! and as a 5 year old (their entry level effort), it had tons of mineral, tea, soy, as well as red and black fruits in it… liked, but wouldn’t let it get any older. Their Chinon turned out to be bigger, too.
    Q ot D – Xmas wine is totally up in the air, but will be good. I have plenty, sister’s house has plenty. Two siblings not here, so it depends on who’s house, who is present, and what’s officially being served. right now, I’m not even concerned. @nd Xmas w/ family, here, and that’s bettter than the last several (Northern!) years!!!

  • Eric Gardner

    QOTD A delicious 1990 Sori Paitin Barbaresco is calling or maybe a Vayniac Cab… or both… plus bubbles of some sort. Wrestling between a Flor prosecco or a blanc de blanc champagne (Gonet, most likely).

    I haven’t commented for a long time, because I download to AppleTV, so I’m usually a few weeks behind. Been watching the show since day 1. Still love it. WLTV changed my life. I wouldn’t have known about grower champagne or Barbaresco without Gary. I think that you shouldn’t lock yourself into a format in 2011. Improvise! Wing it! I think that is your strength. The more you speak to us off the top of your head, the more truths are revealed.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not buying the wine for Christmas Eve, so I’ll have to hope that my dad gets something good. In Denmark we celebrate Christmas Eve: Big meal, dancing and singing around the Christmas tree and presents all around. We have roast duck or pork, but it’s the sweet and sour cabbage, potatoes etc. that make wine pairing a bit difficult. I think Rhone wines and Piemonte (Nebbiolo) are the best to match but some Bordeaux can also be okay. For desert it’s “ris Γ‘ la mande” usually with Madeira.

  • Anonymous

    If you can find it, try Larmandier-Bernier’s “Rose de Saignee” This richly-textured champagne will work anywhere you might serve a fine red Burgundy. With three grams dosage, it is very crisp and dry and will cut through the dark/gamey character of the goose. Loads of candied strawberry, rose petal, and red fruit character with a truly captivating, refreshing finish. This exceptional rose’ can (should) even be decanted just before serving.
    Or assuming your cellar (or your pockets) are deep enough, a fine, mature red Burgundy would be superb…now what time are we eating? πŸ˜‰

  • well that is just plain awful,
    having a Pegau
    when i cant’ even buy one.
    There are only 2 bottles left in the entire country and it’s 200 miles to the that shop.

  • Right on πŸ˜‰ vad i helvete wtf πŸ˜€

  • sure is

  • Sbarnard

    Bit of a bummer this show, really love Chinon wines and have had a good couple but do not want V* juice in a wine glass, like a bit of fruit.
    For Christmas we are pouring a boat load of Virginia Viognier’s
    Merry Christmass

  • It is evil that. It sits. It waits. The jaws that bite. The claws that catch…..

  • @AndersN – Oh I wrote it right?! I thought you would like it. πŸ˜‰

    I thought I was telling you to pass the herring.


  • Well, there’s ONE way you know a guy watched the video all the way to the end. The BEARS are dead next week?!? I don’t THINK so, buddy! Your Jets are sooooooo toast next week. It’s on. It’s on and poppin. It’s on like Donkey Kong. Bears are going to stomp all over the Jets like it’s 1999 and someone was just talking bad about all their mothers. Someone’s gonna like…shoot a puppy before the game, the Bears are going to WITNESS this, and then they’re gonna run out onto the field and kill the first thing they see in their path. Know who that’s gonna be? Your Jets!

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t realize that wine was in such high demand. I bought a few bottles on release. I’m really not a collector, or even big spender, but I have a soft spot for Pegau, so splurged on this one.

    BTW,…the ’07 is sublime.

  • Wow. I went on vacation in October, and lost touch with the show. I forgot how much I loved it…lots of episodes to catch up with over the holiday.

  • the maple mead really is pretty good stuff after dinner…

  • I am in accordance with your Jazz picks, except I feel that you missed out on not selecting Stanley Turrentine. Also Kenny B is on faculty at UCLA–another reason to love that school and loathe USC. Chuck Prophet is a cool cat too. Great selection in wine and music, dude!

    Have a merry one yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Here in Norway we drink beer and aquavit on christmas eve! πŸ˜€ You should try aquavit some Gary! πŸ˜‰ I think there is a restaurant in NY thats called Restaurant Aquavit! Check it out

  • Anonymous

    Hope you had a nice Hanukkah Gary and I hope all the Vayniacs out there have a Cool Yule, a wonderful Solstice, a Merry Xmas, a Happy Kwanzaa and a safe, prosperous and joyful New Year!
    We started celebrating last night and I brought 2 bottles of 2005 Raye’s Hill Henneberg Vineyard Anderson Valley Pinot Noir (Soo good!), 2008 Mosel Riesling Blauschiefer Trocken Selection Age of Riesling before and with dinner. For dessert, 2003 Konrad & Conrad “Sigrun” Noble Late Harvest Riesling Marlborough New Zealand (liquid gold) and a 2007 Navarro Late Harvest Riesling. The Rieslings and the Apple strudel I brought were a great combo with both wines, but I loved the acidity of the Navarro just a touch more than the Konrad. My friend Bill said he wanted to bath in the Konrad and a couple of people said it smelled like mead. One of the best $10 (marked down from $30 at K&L) I’ve spent this year.
    For Xmas Eve, my Mom serves Steak & Salad, so I’m bringing a 2009 Domaine du Salvard Cheverny: 90 % Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Chardonnay. Cheverny is another greatly under-appreciated area of the Loire Valley. Hey Gary, how about a show? The Cheverny is for beforehand and something nice for my Mom who can’t drink reds because of her migraines. With dinner, a 2007 Sausal Private Reserve Alexander Valley Zinfandel. Every wine on the pour list, less than $20 (CA).

  • I hope did when he did his speech in Oslo (this spring or last year) he is russiabn at heart so that would not be a problem πŸ™‚
    Ha en God Jul

  • Still, they don’t deliver to me πŸ™

  • Now you are just being mean!

  • Now you are just being mean!

  • Still, they don’t deliver to me πŸ™

  • Decent show, too bad you couldn’t must a show after that beat down the Phins put on ya big guy.

    QOTD: 2007 Gramercy Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

  • J

    Thanks Gary for another great year! QOTD: Frazier Cab 05

  • J

    Thanks Gary & Mott, … good times! QOTD: Frazier 05 Cab. Merry Christmas!

  • NJ Big Chris

    Christmas Eve = Filet Mignon and Lobster. Ive got Grgich 2004 cab for the meat. Hugel riesling for the shell fish. 2002 coutet sauternes to wrap it all up.

  • Anonymous

    Gary great show today you were bring thunder from all angles. Wine, humor, girls, football talk awsome. And MAN dont sweat anything everyone show know that you are a busy man just keep doing what your doing. And Mott though loss to the Eagles but it was a very fun games to watch and Vick did get me into the fantasy champs. so I m not to bumbed. Boss came thru big for me but you better tell Bradshaw he needs to step it up this week.

    QOTD: I will diff. have a Cab. because it what I like best and I will need some other wine for those that are not that big of wine drinkers any sugg?

  • Anonymous

    I’m visiting different homes (families/friends) at Christmas, traveling here and fore.

    My drinking companions will be; a 2006 Peay La Bruma Vineyard Estate Syrah Sonoma Coast, and a 2008 Dr. F. Weins Prum Sonnehur Kabinett.

  • Anonymous

    John FU? Is that how you treat a loyal Vayniac?

    Take it easy on Mott! We don’t want him to have a heart attack running up and down the stairs like that!

    The visit to the Wine Library was fun — thanks for doing that. Maybe you should have brought up the bottle of Freixinet to taste along side the ones you had.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Not JOHN FU… John F you ….sorry got the mix up

  • Anonymous

    Wishing you a quiet Christmas!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Christmas Eve is when we flame the plum pudding, which reminds me that I forgot to buy a Port for the occasion- not sure that we have one kicking around still. I will be checking on that just as soon as I’m done here! I’d better check on the quantity of brandy on hand as well….

  • Anonymous

    We do oil fondue at Christmas, and after years of experimenting there is one wine that is a perfect match – Zind-Humbrecht. In particular Rotenberg Pinot Gris. The viscosity and richness of the wine is highlighted, but the over-the-topness that I often dislike about Z-H is tempered by the rich food.

  • JK

    Christmas Eve and I’m spending it with by Jewish internet wine buddy (insert blissed out smiley here) catching up on recent shows.
    Thanks for taking suggestions. The Raffault was on my wish list, guess I’ll scratch it, but add the Roches Neuves. As for the Herault, I picked some up back in March when it was your free shipper. Can’t wait to try it, I’m okay with big ta-tas in my wine.

    QOTD – Christmas eve – 2004 William FΓ¨vre Fourchaume with Chinese take out. Happening now. It just gets better as the wine warms up. Why do I spend money on other whites?
    Christmas day – probably nothing. Grown tired of the sideways glances from teetotling in-laws (I’m in the south). We’ll drink good next week with the leftovers.

    Don’t apologize for the timing of your shows. They’re free. We appreciate them when they come along and can always go through the massive archive if we need a fix.

    Best wished to you and Mott and Ian and the staff. Stay safe, sell lots of wine and enjoy time with your families and each other.

  • QOTD: Christmas eve was a Biltmore Estates Blanc de Blanc during pre-dinner and Walter Clore Private Reserve 2004 with peppercorn encrusted ribeyes and gratin dauphinoise for dinner. Everything was perfect, great evening.

  • QOTD: Served a Jonathan Edwards Zinfandel 2007.

  • David M Roberts

    Far be it for me to complain about any “gaps” in the show. Considering this is free content, I am just glad you are still rolling with this year after year. Much appreciated, buddy.

  • Anonymous

    Not committed? I must have been looking a different show.
    So Gary, keep going.

    QOTD. On Xmass Eve I served:
    Champagne Mailly
    David Ramey, California, Chardonnay, 2008
    Roger Sabon, White Chateauneuf, Renaissance, 2008
    Puligny Montrachet, Jean Louis Chavy, Les FolatiΓ©res, 2007
    Heymann Lowenstein, Riesling Uhlen Rot Lay 2006
    Pomerol, La Grave A Pomerol, Trigant de Boisset, 1990 and 2003

    All very good.

  • Anonymous

    Audiofan, Thanks for the input, our pockets were not that deep, but we did have a great Pinot Noir with the goose, as well as a Cab Franc. The meal was great and so was the wine.

  • Gary … huge Cab Franc fan here! It’s so funny that you said that the Chinon wasn’t doing it for you and that you think your palate has changed …

    I don’t think it is you. The last one or two chinons I had also didn’t do it for me … either too lean or green. And don’t get me wrong … Cab Franc lover here!! I think maybe its some producers have changed their style in the last few years? Like maybe trying to please the masses more?

    Anyway, been a long term lurker and wanted to come clean. I know our Cab Franc will make it through this awkward phase but wanted you to know you aren’t alone. CF Forever!

  • Anonymous

    GV – Love the Loire, especially the whites! I can’t thank you enough for turning me on to Nicholas Joly! Great dialogue toward the end…

    QOTD: For X-Mas I served up the 2006 Ridge Geyserville! Delicious!

  • Todd

    GV, no apologies about life and family, those things are what matter. I have not drank much 100% Cab Frank, but the some that i have had showed me why it blends so well, the ones that have not really stoked me tended to fall down in mid palette.
    QOTD: what did get opened for xmas eve family dinner for 19; 1995 ch st. georges magnum, 1997 Peter Michael les pavot, 2001 L’ecole no 41 merlot, 1998 cantina del pnot barbaresco ovello, and a 2000 J. Lohr cuvee.
    A happy new year to everyone!

  • Todd

    The walter clore is so great! I have only had the 2005, but I know where you are coming from, nice!

  • Anonymous

    Oddly, my side of the family does not drink wine even though I am the self-professed wine geek. So on Christmas Day when my family was over our house, my wife and I shared a bottle of 2002 Poesia with our pomegranate glazed roasted turkey. It actually went pretty well with that. We celebrated Christmas with my wife’s side of the family out in Western Ohio which is a bout a 90 minute drive for us, so we did this on December 18th. Her family likes wine so we all brought a variety of red and white wines to share. It was great. I brought a 2001 Patrick Lesec CDP and a 1996 Robert Mondavi Oakville Cabernet. One of my brothers-in-law brought three different 2006 Beckman Vineyards Syrahs which was pretty interesting to taste through as well.

  • These videos are really humorous.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Gary, fun show! Love that barnyard-y bouquet you referred to! Disqus works brilliantly, I think it’s just setting up the profile that puts people off, but you can remind the lurkers that once they do it (only name, email, & optional photo), there’s no need to ‘log in’ ever again or anything like that, and it makes additional comments easy cause it’s all ready to go!
    One thot on your show – it would be nice if Mott could change the framing so we could get a final look at the bottles, or if he doesn’t want to change the framing, tell you where to put them on the table so we viewers can see the labels. Esp. for those of us watching away from the website, where the wine names aren’t plugged in, at last we could be sure that in the final few minutes of your show, all the wines you tasted are visible! Thanks Gary! πŸ™‚

  • luca bercelli


    Line of the day – ‘like Pamela Anderson…not now, rewind to 1992’

    Pumped up after yet another Jets win, shame the wines were below par


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