EP 961 Loire Valley Cabernet Franc Tasting

On the advice of a Vayniac, Gary Vaynerchuk sits down to pay hommage to one of his favorite grapes, Cabernet Franc. He tastes three Cab Francs from the Loire Valley- including 2 Chinons and 1 Saumur.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Roches Neuves Saumur Champigny Terres Chaudes RougeSaumur-Champigny
2006 Jean-maurice Raffault Chinon Clos Des CapucinsChinon
2005 Herault Heraut’ik ChinonChinon

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luca bercelli


Line of the day – ‘like Pamela Anderson…not now, rewind to 1992’

Pumped up after yet another Jets win, shame the wines were below par

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  • Anonymous

    Nice to see a loire show. I’ve been drinking A LOT of Loire wines lately. Lots of great Vin de Pays available for cheap that are delicious.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I think it is. Been having similar problems.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You said it! Restless fans + Christmas/holiday stressors + GV perhaps being a little over extended (may be an understatement) = disgruntled Vayniacs.

    And there will always be the nay-sayers that think the show is going to shit, you cannot escape them; they are ubiquitous and endemic.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Maybe I’ll open that 2007 Vayniac CS… or is it too soon?
    Stopped by the WL last weekend on our way up to the Prince concert in NYC… Nice place! Saw Sasha… 🙂 BTW, the concert was great too!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I have an 07 Domain Pegau CdP cued up for christmas eve. Way too much driving on Christmas day to get any drinking in.

  • Gary, we are having goose for Christmas dinner for the first time ever… what wines would you pair with that?

  • QOTD: Battle Royal…
    2003 Bodegas Muga Rioja Torre Muga (Reserva) – 91.4 / 93
    2002 Viña Almaviva S.A. Almaviva – 91.6 / 92
    2004 Bodegas Muga Rioja Torre Muga (Reserva) – 92.6 / 93
    2001 Viña Almaviva S.A. Almaviva – 93.2 / 93

  • Anonymous

    The Suckling pig must be roasted for the holidays! (the literal kind of roasting, not a friendly collection of comedians poking fun at someone) That being said, some people on this forum are starting to sound more like the aforementioned critic than actual fans of WLTV.

  • Anonymous

    Wait… what? I have been feeding money into the disc drive for the last year and a half or so and you?re telling me this show is free!!?? DAMN YOU COMPUTOR!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good point, perhaps they make up 90% of the lurking population.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, he vanished; or maybe not??!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks ALLAN! Same to you and yours! I honestly do not know what we are having this year, sometimes we eat at their place, other times we go over to my parent?s friend houses. I will not be bringing wine this year (because my parents will have plenty). I will Bring the Deus (an amazing Champaign like beer made in Belgium and Rittled and disgorged in France), and also the Rodenbach Grand Cru, both will go very well with holiday fair.

  • IWhineAllTheTime

    bummer on the not so great cab franc. I love cab franc but mostly have US producers. Was hoping for some new finds. QOTD-Crocker and Starr or Viader Cab Franc!

  • Anonymous

    Always been a big Cab Franc/Loire valley fan although I’ve gotta say lately I’ve been feeling some Sancerre Rouges (Vacheron) and an incredible Jasnieres.

    QOTD: Think I’ll bring along the 2004 Tallulah Mt Veeder Syrah I’ve been holding onto for a while, and maybe that Soave Classico I just got last week from your club.

  • Just had a chance to taste a set of Loire Valley wines from Joseph Mellot Wines…tasty and FANTASTIC prices.
    Cab Francs:
    Chinon “Les Morinieres” 2008 appx. $13. ( great freshness, sour tannins,calls for a bowl of beef and veggie stew )
    Samur Champigny “Le Boisclair” 2008 appx.$16 (pretty big wine for the dollar, dense and screaming for a steak)

    GV, for the record, those wooden boxes that sake is sometimes poured into, it IS cedar.

    QOTD: sounds like we are having some neighbors over for game hens with winter veggies…still have not decided yet, but have a domestic Mueller-Thurgau in mind for an appetizer, and a very flexible Gobelsburg Zweigelt for dinner…the neighbor’s maple mead will probably be for dessert.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to Chicago to visit family for Christmas. I will probably shop for wine and may get a good pinot. Will also have a good sparkling wine for my sister’s birthday. I had an excellent Loire red last night at a super new restaurant in Atlanta called Local Three. I believe the wine was from Anjou. It was a blend of Cab Franc and Cabernet. Merry Christmas to everyone. Looking forward to more WLTV in the next year. Thanks for educating and entertaining us for another year.

  • Haven’t had a Loire Valley Cab. Franc in a while…

    QOTD: Might open one of the CdPs I’ve been saving.

  • Anonymous

    Bringin’ a Barolo to Christmas dinner at a friend’s house. For some reason, they are going all Italian, and they already have Chianti. So I’ll bring something a little different. They aren’t true wine folks, though, so I’ll bring a lesser Barolo.

  • RobinC

    We’re going to my relatives’ for Christmas. There will be quite a few people, very few of whom care that much for wine, so we’ll bring a La Foret Chardonnay and a Taltarni cab. Just so we’ll have something decent to drink. New Years will be better.

    I was in Saumur on a tour in September. We went to a winery that made sparking wines. I believe it was called Veuve (widow) Amiot . There are a number of widows in France who have been left wineries. Veuve Cliquot for one.

  • You are awesome. What music will you be listening to during the holidays?

  • Dre

    “Smells like a pig farted.” Best line in 961 episodes.

    GV – your viewers give you hell when you aren’t around because they love you and want to see more of you. See what you created…

    Great work as always – holar!

  • benfromboston

    cab franc it is gv.

  • Sam

    I’m doing duck, so I’ll probably dig out one of the more interesting earthy pinot noirs from my wine locker. For zert we’ll do an apple brandy or a cassis liqueur.

    And I am an Iggles fan. And it was an awful day from 10:20 to 12:52. As for what happened after that, people talk about the miracle at the meadowlands, but I think there’s a closer match that gets forgotten. There was an Eagles-Redskins game back in 1990 or 1991, when Randall Cunningham scored 3 TDs in the last five minutes to beat the skins in Washington, my parents went to that game and were the only Eagles fans in the stadium. When they came home, my Dad said “Eagles Won!” and I’ve been a fan ever since.

  • Sam

    And I’m still so freakin’ pumped!!!!!

  • NY Pete

    so Gary … how are the old school suggestion shows coming along?

  • NY Pete

    so Gary … how are the old school suggestion shows coming along?

  • NY Pete

    so Gary … how are the old school suggestion shows coming along?

  • NY Pete

    never had issues with disqus …. until today.

  • Duck. *drools*

    I think I shorted my keyboard. 😀

  • I love the little vein that pops out on your head when you yell. 😛

  • NY Pete

    where’s SS Chris?

  • Anonymous

    More snow here in the Chi on the way. Be ready for a delay. If you going to shop in the Chi my I suggest any Binny’s or Wine Discount Center. Oh, by the way it’s COLD!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I haven’t figured out what wine I’m going to bring to XMas yet. I’m looking for some opportunity to expand palates because my family is mostly California Cab and Chard. Any suggestions are welcome!

  • Bweymouth123

    “Bears are dead next week” Really??? Maybe you drank too much wine this week….

  • Andrew

    QOTD: I’ll be serving a 2008 Red Truck Shiraz (Australia). Unlike so many other shiraz wines, it displays a pleasant red fruit profile.

  • Mott: Amazing what a Jets victory will do for the G-Man. He was as “spotty” the past two weeks as were his Jets. Don’t take that abuse. Ask him the last time the Jets scored 30! Loses to the Fins at home, please. On to the show . . .

    Good to hear good reviews with those “other” types of varietals. I have always been a Franc fan.

    QOTD: On Xmas Eve I will be pouring an ’08 Craggy Range Chard with some Nantucket Bay Scallops and a Ken Wright Pinot with my spiced-rubbed ham. On Christmas night, I’m preparing (1st time) Beef Wellington and I will pull out either a Cinc Cepages when it was WS #1 or a Ducru-Beaucaillou when it was #1. So it’s a #1 weekend for me.

    Cheers and GO COLTS!

    P.S. I usually watch you on a Mac without issue. I tried today at work on a PC and it was a disaster though it was FF. When I log in via BlackBerry and I have to login in via DISQUS, another disaster. I think everyone should be on a Mac or iPhone or use QT any way they can. The comment section should be changed and you know me, I’m the longest and most-trusted user. 🙂 Love ya my man.

  • I want a Tasmanian sparkling wine episode before New Year’s. Please . . . I don’t ask for much.

    Went to a nice wine shop in White Plains, NY yesterday. I talked about you and voila! he told me he had breakfast with you? Small world.

  • johnfasc

    qotd: plumpjack among other things

    merry christmas!

  • Randall

    Now I’M drooling, too…


  • Randall

    Oakmon et al: GO CHROME OR FIREFOX!

    I have been LOVING life ever since I got rid of Win IE…
    NO disgust problems to speak of.
    Ssmmmoooooooootthhh sailing…

  • QOTD – For x-mas eve at a friends house I will bring something sparkling and am leaning towards the Domaine Allimant-Laugner Crémant d?Alsace Brut Rose which I had recently and was pretty special. The second bottle will depend on the dinner menu. For X-mas, my wife and I have recently moved to the Bay Area and will not be heading to spend time with family, so we will probably open something special.

    On a side note, thanks to Ian for sending recommendations on some wineries. Great stuff!

    Happy Holidays to everyone at WLTV!

  • living in the Bay Area now and don’t miss the cold, but do miss Wine Discount Center!

  • Anonymous

    Nice of you to ask; music is my 1st love (even ahead of wine!). My tastes are somewhat eclectic, but this is what’s in heavy rotation this week (next week will be totally different):

    “Le Noise” – new Neil Young (on Blu-ray audio); perhaps the album of the year for me – and the sonics are unreal.
    “Brothers” – The Black Keys; saw them live on this tour – great band, great album.
    “Blue Lights On The Runway” – Bell X1, “Southern Gothic” – The Constellations, “Mastermind” – Monster Magnet, “Transference” – Spoon (one of my favorite bands), “Let Freedom Ring” – Chuck Prophet, “Up Close” – Eric Johnson (new album only on import so far…I think) also, Silversun PU’s, Dead Weather, etc.
    I am also into jazz – mainly from the late ’50s to early/mid ’60s (Sonny Rollins, Grant Green, Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, Miles Davis Quintet, etc…
    Also, check out “Till the Night Comes” track on utube by Jackie Greene – this young guy should be a superstar…has been recording for some time but still relatively unknown to the “masses”; if you did melodic rock at all you’ll like this guy. Thanks bro!
    Merry (and safe) Christmas to you and all you love…and PEACE!

  • Anonymous

    Just celebrated an early Christmas with the fam this weekend. Served up a frizzante style chardonnay to start, an old vines riesling and some cabernet syrah! Three wines from three parts of my home valley, the Okanagan!!

  • I agree!

  • Charlie

    Been lurking since ep. 870, but the Eagles victory has inspired me to step out of the weeds.
    QOTD:Will be visiting my family (in Philly) and they typically have an excellent assortment of finger lakes wines. I would provide some myself, but Indiana does not bring the thunder with wine and what I did bring this past summer did not win rave reviews.

    Enjoyed the show and I’ll be visiting WL on Monday to check the place out. Can’t wait!

  • Gbendoni

    Big G, nice EP. I love Cab Franc. It’s been a while since we have seen CF on the thunder show.

    QOTD: A clean low alcohol white to start a concert makes sense to me and a big red to finish.

    Oh and your Jets have the worst Karma going to Chicago, because of you final comment at your keynote there. That’s right, the Bears who I might add gave up 17 less points on D then your jets, are going to kick your a**! Ya feel me! lol

  • Mmdynamite




  • Anonymous

    Really enjoyed this episode. Cab Franc is one of my favorites.

    Regarding the continuity of the program. Just know that you are missed when there is a gap.

    Christmas, no wine for me. I will be on duty for the weekend at the ER, hoping that I will not have any major trauma or critically ill children to screw up another Christmas holiday.


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