EP 991 Blind Tasting of Sauvignon Blancs from Around the World

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 3 different Sauvignon Blanc wines from around the world with a very interesting conclusion.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Mauroy Gauliez Belair Pouilly FumePouilly Fume
2009 Seresin Sauvignon BlancNew Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
2009 Bevan Cellars Sauvignon BlancNapa Sauvignon Blanc

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luca bercelli


All the brown paper bag episodes are great and this is no exception. A surprise result such as this one makes it all the more enjoyable.

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  • Anonymous

    This sounds like a pie flavored something other than ‘humble’…
    Cherry perhaps?

  • Since we can see the wines before you taste them, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat after you tasted #3. I told you CA SBs are not that bad especially one called Emmolo. Expand your palate better yet, your pre-conceived notions that CA cannot make a good SB. My wine geek friends and myself have taken a liking to many SBs this past year. There are alot of good ones out there.

    QOTD: Geez, since I’m not a braggert or woof at anyone the last time I can remember I ate “humble pie” (good band by the way) was in 1969. The Colts lost to the Jet (though it was fixed to create what we know today as the “NFL” which may go down in flames in 3 days and the Mets beat the Orioles. I’d like to wipe that year out of my life.


    P.S. Welcome back Gary. You were missed. I was having withdrawals.

  • Yeah, something like that…

    Good to see you the other day @adrums. Forgive me for not being able to spend more time with you and your lady friend. We had some industry people in from the east coast that I was taking through the tasting… Did the other people at the tasting room take care of you??? What were your thoughts on the wines?

  • Anonymous

    Was kind of happy to see wine #3 was from California even though I am on a similar page with Gary.

    QOTD: (This isn’t the best example but it is what I could think of on shhort notice.) When I was young I thought beans tasted terrible and I would have nothing to do with them. Today, I can’t get enough…I go out of my way to eat beans. My family rubs it in my face very often.

  • Anonymous

    great show GV I thought for a second this show was a set up and that it might be a relative of yours that owns Bevan Cellars

  • I liked the energy of the show. Keep ’em coming!

    BTW: are you guys still emailing the shows?

    QOTD: Maybe a month ago when I was discussing music with someone, stating my preference for a band and blasting some hate towards another. It really was not that bad but it was the last time I remember being humbled.

  • I don’t remember the last time I was humbled. I’m sure it was recently though. Funny episode. I enjoyed it.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to Russell and Victoria!!!

    Bevan’s wines are on fire! Darei say it “THE Cult winery right now” . I mean their production is minuscule an quality is crazy! Look for the wines to explode in fire like HARLAN!

    Ps. Russell!!! Total wine brea crew loves your wines!

  • DaveAll

    thanks for the episode.
    fast fun, but don’t remember them. like dating in college. OMG. really? ugh? (smile)
    opening #3 wine was like you doing Christmas present opening. fun.
    yes, you are awesome. (Parker, take a back seat!)
    QotD: me? really?

  • Man, am I behind. This and the previous brown bag episode still left to watch… Perhaps tomorrow at 5:30am.

  • Anonymous

    The other day my kids proved me wrong about home work. Hey GV did you watch the three thieves wine show on the cooking channel? The younger one of the three was stealing your style. They were trying a white wine and he started telling everybody about licking rocks when talking about tasting the minerality of white wine. You need to trade mark those techniques and let him know that there is only one Gary Vaynerchuck.

  • Anonymous

    What wine goes with humble pie? Yeah, apparently it is a Bevan Sauv Blanc. The older I get, the more often humble pie is served.

  • Anonymous

    Alright, I’m claiming conspiracy here! I’m thinking to myself earlier today, geez Gary has NEVER been away for two weeks in a row. I haven’t received an e-mail for 13 days announcing a new episode. This is all VERY strange to me I say. I better go on the site and see what’s happening. Did Gary get detained in Belgium? Did customs whisk him away upon his return for some unnamed violation? What’s up, I say.
    Imagine my surprise to find 4, count them with me, FOUR new episodes since I have received an e-mail notification. I’m thinking that yeah maybe I did get a little racy in the comments section of #897 but, hey, Castello gave me the perfect setup and I just didn’t have the adult disipline to let it pass. But you pull my notification? You take me off the air?
    QOTD: Let’s see, you have to be wrong to have to eat humble pie, right? That happens rarely so I’d have to say……oh, about 8 minutes ago 🙂

  • Anonymous

    thick juice

  • QOTD: It feels like too often.

  • QOTD: When I was the King of Spain. When you asked that question, this was the first thought that came to mind. It is actually from song by Moxy Fruvous. The line goes, “Once I was the King of Spain, now I eat humble pie.” Take a listen to it, Gary…it is very catchy. It also goes well with your Question of the Day.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: wr wr wr wrong????

  • another killer show.

    still loving the chalk board


  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I don’t want to talk about it!!! Haha! 🙂

    Great show Gary!

  • i hate humble pie

  • Anonymous

    Quite often, and it gets easier and even enjoyable.

  • Grill Factor

    Great show!

    QOTD: I used to talk a lot of trash about Justin Bieber but recently found out that not only can he ball (NBA celebrity game) but he also gives a lot of money to some great charities.

  • nice episode..

    last time I ate humble pie was yesterday when I described a sangiovese as “tired old gym sock mixed with rotten cherries” only to find that it had gotten a 93 points from spectator. oops.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing to be ashamed of there. Your palate is your palate and that 93 from WS is just another palate. I think a wise young sage has been teaching us that! 😉

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think you’re the only one in the non-notification area. If you read on there are many others. 😛

    I just check the site everyday like clockwork. 😉

  • BuffaloLou

    2:09 into the epi and before I hear more, I must say that I love SB! True, I prefer Riesling more, but I have loved SB since before you were drinking, GV. Love the grape, esp when it’s crisp and acidic. Usually prefer stainless and little to no oak.

    Now on with the epi…

  • I love Sauvignon Blanc. I don’t care what the haters say.

    QotD — I don’t know about the last time. What came immediately to mind was me thinking that Jimmy Clausen would be better than Sam Bradford.

  • BuffaloLou

    Really enjoyed that epi. Nice to see GV give Cali some well deserved cred.

  • Anonymous

    Great episode with my favorite varietal. HUGE fan of the New Zealand SB’s, South Africa is well regarded also.

    I did find a California SB “Hanna” that was very good as well.

    QOTD – More times than I really care to think about. Last week I seized a DVD player that I thought was from a burglary in my city. Turned out it was a burglary in our county. The deputy was not amused that I was seizng his property. It was no big deal but we really did have the same brand DVD missing where the morons had taken a guitar. I seized both the guitar and DVD. OH well.

  • Great episode, Gary. Love Sauvignon Blanc on a nice, sunny day. Been fortunate to already have a few days to enjoy a bottle or two where I am.

    QOTD: Really struggling to think of the last time. I’m sure if I has my girlfriend she’ll have a long list for me though!

  • Thank you Gary V!! You, sir, are AWESOME for comming to VT!

  • Anonymous

    blast from the past check out episode 212 4:28 in…

  • Anonymous

    This was an interesting show for me too, because like you, I’ve had trouble finding American Sauv Blancs that I liked. I’ll definitely seek out the Bevan Cellars!

    QOTD: Easy – when the Jets beat my beloved Pats back in January, I had to eat a big fat slice of humble pie when I talked to my diehard Jets fan father-in-law.

  • Anonymous

    93 spectator means nothing. Spectator isn’t even on the “terrestrial realm” as my palate and surely not for many others as well. A crazy mofo with tiger’s blood taught me that.

  • Anonymous

    good luck! its always the first wine of their to sell out! only 200cs production

  • Anonymous

    GV, pick some fun varietals like yesterday’s Arneis show! Sauvignon Blanc is BORING.

    QOTD: In law school, professors make me eat my words on a daily basis. The last time I didn’t eat humble pie was the last time I kept my mouth shut in class.

  • Anonymous

    Oh god, you mean that I have to share martyr status? 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hey Gary,

    I do not follow blogs, not on Facebook, not on Twitter etc… I am not even a huge fan of the internet except for the WSJ and Gmail. BUT your show is the hot notes. I watched like twenty episodes over the weekend.

    As an aside, I just graduated from college and currently work in management consulting in NYC — WL TV is a GREAT break for me after work but before I start researching/networking for my own start-ups. I love the energy. Thanks for doing this dude.

    Many Thanks,


    p.s. shoot me a note! justin.park13@gmail.com

  • Anonymous

    Also, I just wanted to add that my last comment was the FIRST comment I have ever left on a blog. This would be my second comment ever… hahahhaha

  • Christopher Dickens

    HA HA! I had to laugh out loud at this episode. Humble pie, I am a red wine snob, I always say that white wine is for GIRLS! But you have recently been turning that though upside down for me. Also, I hope I don’t have to eat humble pie for saying that the Buckeyes would be an overrated seed in the NCAA Tourney on yesterday’s comments. But I’m sure that statement will be proven true by March 27th!

  • Anonymous

    Love Sauvignon Blanc from all over the world. Lots of good Cali SB’s.
    QOTD: Rarely happens.

  • Hilarious! And, ditto.. no notification and no explanation.. Glad it wasn’t something we said..

  • Anonymous

    Last time I ate Humble Pie was their “Smokin” album. It was pretty tough & difficult to chew (the vinyl really sticks between the teeth) and the label was a little bland – but ketchup helped (this TRANSCENDS bad…really sorry, but you KNOW someone was gonna do it, so might as well get it over with). Still better than most meals my wife cooks. And yes, Syrah is the perfect accompaniment.

  • 🙂 welcome!

  • Ha! I sure hope your wife has a sense of humor. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Pretty much every day. That’s what comes from being married a long time. I have still not accepted the fact that I am always wrong. I have had several really good Sauvignon Blanc from CA lateley. Really like the Merry Edwards. Will definitely try the Bevan.

  • Anonymous

    I cringed at your Cali un-love whenever you’d said that in the past. Such RANGE, and value, from low, to, even serious performers, once, not topping the $20 mark. Even a dozen years ago, Brian Babcock’s Eleven Oaks blew me away. For years before that, I liked the grape enough to swill away, as a younger man, with Chinese shrimp, with anything, by itself… since then, a few top (Cali) faves, consistently had been Selene (Mia Klein), Crocker & (Pam)Starr, Fred Brander, Emmolo (Charlie Wagner), Daydream (Reverie). You’re right, though – throughout the world, the grape’s got utility, ability, versatility. it doesn’t have to blow me away, I’d even had numerous Eastern Euro offerings that were servicable.

  • Anonymous

    WHATT??!! That was a GREAT blind tasting turnout! I’ve loved watching the evolution of your outlook on different segments of the wine world over the past 5 years, though I NEVER thought that I would witness you rate a CA SB at the top of a blind tasting, never mind seeing you clock it in at a 92!! Clearly the wine world has come a long way in 5 years, especially a few CA SB producers. Way to tell it like it is, stick to your guns, respect your opinions of the past, yet allow current experiences to evolve those opinions for the present and future. Mmmm- warm, flaky, delicious humble pie. Kudos and cheers, my friend.

    QOTD: I consider myself a good driver…great, even. I have busted my two room mate’s chops about every dent, scratch, fender bender, and moving violation that they have experienced. Then, last week while backing out of our driveway, I somehow misjudged my maneuver and got too close to the bushes bordering our driveway. So close, in fact, that there is a nice, looong, paint job-scraping reminder of that event along my car’s driver side. Since my room mates saw this, I have practically been gagging on that bitter, viscous humble berry filling.

  • Anonymous

    Oh!, and, just in Dec., head blown off, by this :
    The Scholium Project 2009 “Prince in His Caves”. Farina Vineyards. Skin-fermented Sonoma SB. like it says, citrus, yuzu-like, apricot marmalade… REALLY unique, bold, bright, brawny. 186 cs.

  • Anonymous

    Young Dave nailed it. I, too, like the turn out, even being impartial to the results… and as happy to see you roll with it as you do!
    QotD – In real life, I’m humbled before my loving family, on a pretty regular basis. it goes with the territory of being a bit of a fringe, type, non-mainstream demographic person. They’re always givin’ it to me about, little stuff about the way I am, or do things. I make no apology for such trite, meaningless things, but if ever, I err, or stray, yea, I get to hear about it extra, and it bums me out to see them uncomfortable with me & my ‘crazy’ ways.


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