EP 993 Tasting with Tim and Carrisa Mondavi from Continuum Part 1

Gary Vaynerchuk interviews Tim Mondavi and his daughter Carissa, who recently founded Continuum Estate. They talk about the Mondavi family history, Napa Valley, and their new winery.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Continuum
2008 Continuum

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luca bercelli


I think all the interesting information got a bit lost in Tim’s relentless advertising of his new product. GV was desperately trying to broaden the discussion but most of the time Mr Mondavi brought it back to Continuum – (hell he didn’t even let his daughter get a word in edgeways). Shame because obviously there’s a wealth of experience and history that could have made an even better show. I wanted to hear a bit more of what Carrisa had to say. Let’s hope the wine doesn’t suck in part two !

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  • Anonymous

    Cool, another Viking invasion from Denmark! Only this time their bringing wine. Let the party begin!!!

  • Anonymous

    I AM BLOWN AWAY SO FAR! The history lesson is amazing! Can’t wait for the 2nd Part.
    I am hanging on every word! All I can say is “CAPTIVATING”!

  • Anonymous

    I was just going to look this up, Thanks! 🙂

  • Leatherpalate

    two words EP IC

    and new highs!

  • Really great to see such a legendary guest on the show. I would of loved to hear more from his daughter’s point of view–he seemed a little overbearing in this first 30 min. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  • Well, a notable guest though one must say (well, everyone said alot for that matter) were running on top of each other and I got a headache. Looking forward to Part II with the wine. Agree with mattgman, bet it’s not a good QPR.

    Too bad you can’t ask him about his Dad and what all went down with Krug to get his side. The book on the Mondavi family was a great read.


    P.S. What great hair he has. Jealous

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    the history lesson and depth of knowledge of wine making as well as the market place all is brought together in the art of this continuum, very cool…loved the joke about someone agreeing to work with him in spite of knowing him, I get it after watching this, LOL, too bad the art is priced so high even though its 1/3 to 1/2 of other art

  • Anonymous

    Watch Mondovino and you will learn a lot. They are made out to be the wal=mart of the wine world. But most of that happend after their IPO in 1993.

  • Big G, A great one so far. I can’t wait for part 2.

  • Anonymous

    Less talking, more drinking.

    Brevity is an asset.

  • Anonymous

    Gee, GV, out-talked! poor Carissa!

  • Thanks, very much appreciated

  • LOL

  • LOL!

  • Sorry too much for u Dominus …

  • Anonymous

    Great show! I love it when you get special guests with such a HUGE wine legacy!

    While Michael’s wine is called “Continuum” the Winery is called Folio Wines, you can read about them and see the video on California Wine Tasting Adventures:


    Erik Wait

  • it mixes it up tomorrow

  • Anonymous

    I like it so far. Things like ‘the eastern side’ are interesting insights, as well as the people doing the work. I really hope Carissa will be allowed to add her insights as I’m sure Mr Mondavi hoped to do when he was growing into his roll in the family history. Wines at that price point I will only be able to ‘taste’ for a reference, and then unfortunately not in proper context to appreciate it. I understand good marketing but still appreciate the guests taking the time with Gary, and us. This makes it much more personal. All the best to you all.

  • Hopefully there will be two questions of the day tomorrow. firstly there are two guests, and secondly, its a two part episode. Thirdly, I just love QOTD!

  • I want a star next to my name!

  • Anonymous

    Drink up!

  • Anonymous

    When you get your own show you can do that.

  • Anonymous

    Great to have Tim on ,but he cuts his daughter off,she kept trying to say something and gave up, hope to hear her tomorrow .

  • Anonymous

    Been on the mail list since the beginning when Carissa answered the phones and love the wine. Having Tim sign the Magnums is a special treat. QPR for this wine makes sense to me because the “Q” is sooooo damn large. When I saw that their dinner tour was going to bring them into your neck of the woods I had hopes that Tim and Carissa would drop by for a visit. Can’t wait for your tasting in PII. I can’t believe you didn’t get in on the ’07, the ’06 is very good but the ’07 is MAGIC!! The ’08 is on it’s way to me and it is the first vintage with the estate grapes playing the dominant role very exciting.

  • NJ Big Chris

    do we really have to wait until tomorrow for more?

  • Anonymous

    Serious thunder! Excellent history – excellent guests. I am pumped for episode II

  • Is it easier to create “art” because you have the means too? Hmm. You pose and interesting question there Mr. N.

  • DaveAll

    amazing history interview. REALLY liked this. Could be my #1 appreciated show you’ve done. He did get a little full of himself about “no find veggie in my wines” – but that’s ok. Once Global warming is done with Napa, they’ll be growing cotton. hahaha. Just kidding. It was a great show! Can’t wait for part 2 – does she talk more in part 2? snicker.
    I’m expecting QotD to be a tough one, better not be an easy one!

  • DaveAll

    hey, thanks for the pointer!

  • Probably one of the most interesting episodes ever. Hurry up with part 2! Come on Mot!

  • Anonymous

    I generally find self proclaimed art to generally suck. Artist is a title bestowed by others, not claimed or bought or even earned.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see a ban on guests bringing their own wine. It would be way more interesting if they brought a couple bottles they liked, or meant something to them. The interview/sales approach sucks, and listening to wine makers brag about their own creation sucks.

    If they want to promote their wares, they should have to send samples to the viewers, because who on earth takes the makers word for their own products quality?

  • Cant wait for part 2!

  • Anonymous

    This is an example of the the history and legacy of wine. A GREAT episode. Looking forward to part 2 only it will be next week before I can view it. Thank you so much for having these folks on the program.

  • TheSmirkingLurker


    Many of the nerds (me for instance) know a lot of this history. But it’s neat to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Good nerding-it-up show. Props.


  • Anonymous

    Wow. AWESOME episode. I can’t wait for part 2.

    Thanks Gary

  • Anonymous

    Great so far as history is interesting but daughter needs to get a word in edgewise on the guys.

  • Very enjoyable so far. Yes, it’s a lot of talking, but I like these history episodes (like when you had Mr. Lynch). Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    That was absolutely phenomenal! True nerd paradise! Thank you so much, both GV and the Mondavi family.

    I’m sincerely hoping we don’t have to wait until Monday for part 2.



  • Anonymous

    OK…Why are there three seats?? C’mon GV! = )

  • Anonymous

    Tim – come up for air! I am not surprised we have to wait for part 2 because the wine needs some oxygen before it opens up and he took it all – even Gary V is struggling to get a word in. Take the wine maker pitch for what it is – a good PR opportunity and wait for Gary’s comments on a wine that we will likely have to think carefully about before we decide to choose it over paying the utility bills. Come one Gary – tell us if it is worth the coin they want for it.

  • BuffaloLou

    Awesome ep! Loved the interview! The Mondavi family “is” Napa Valley. Can’t wait for Pt 2.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, that’s no problem, I’m enjoying a 2007 Four Vines Petite Sirah that is very nice and I think my arteries are clear! 😉

  • Anonymous

    Wow I gotta say Tim really rubs me the wrong way. Im especially aggravated by his inability to let his daughter talk. Wish you could have done something about this Gary, her frustration was palpable. Suggestion to Tim, if you are going to use your children to help promote the wine, let them have a voice!
    Sales pitchey seemed disingenuous and pushy.
    Ok- getting off my soapbox now….

  • Anonymous

    Word! I wanted to slap him a little bit.

  • Anonymous

    I liked this show quite a bit for the most part (Tim’s story is a great one to hear and the history is enlightening) , but I also agree with points below that Tim’s inability to share the microphone with his daughter (the next step in his celebrated “continu”ity) was just bizarre. We know what to expect from GV, but it’s like Tim was afraid that the key point wouldn’t be stated properly unless he made it himself… and right now! … Back off a bit dude.

  • Anonymous

    Poor girl can’t get a word in edgewise. Tim sure is trying hard to convince people that his $150.00 wine is not a commodity. Just use the words art and Continuum enough, I’m sure no one will notice the hard sell.

  • Great interview. Funny to see a guy who likes to talk as much as you go toe to toe with you Gary! Why not put part 2 up at the same time? Some of us have plans for friday!

  • Anonymous

    Good one!


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