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Gary Vaynerchuk has finally made it to episode 1,000 of Wine Library TV! It’s been an amazing ride since that day in February 2006, with great guests, amazing (and sometimes awful) wines, as well as a lot of Jets talk. Today, the main focus is a huge thank you to all the Vayniacs who helped make this community…and a huge announcement from Gary.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Jerome Prevost La Closerie Les Beguines BrutFrench Brut Vintage

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  • I have been reading a little about Rudy Kurniawan and that is a story to really ponder about. Especially the fact that the man obviously was an illegal alien from 2003 when he was denied asylum. I do wonder how efficient the border security are in the US. K must have flown in and out of the country several times during the 8 years he traded with wine, to France and Burgundy for sure. How come he could reenter US, and we are talking post 2001 here ,and not being stopped by immigration every time? Anyone care to weigh in?

    Well that’s just one thing my mind wanders when I try to understand the (wine) world 🙂

  • 😉 It will happen soon, I promise. Off to bed with my iPad, she’s a hottie, to determine which wines to review.

    Who’s winning the Toilet Bowl?


  • Happy Valentines Day to Lisa, my girlfriend, whom I’ve never met. 😉

  • I will be attending this book signing. If any other Vayniacs would like to join me, please let me know.


    It should be fun.

  • 🙂 Lisa had an operation on the 12 th I think she is good now. Me I have had a cold that wont quit. I think it tries to kill me.

  • Tuesdays wine tasting at my place. Getting ready for really serious stuff in the glass. New world chars, two, and two red new world old stuff of big magnitude. Cheers friends

  • Yeah, really fun. I have to go to something like that, but these women and men seldom come to sweden. I know that Charles Smith http://tv.winelibrary.com/2008/10/01/a-very-cool-winemaker-visits-the-thunder-show-episode-549/ will be i Stockholm i May, Maybe that could be something cool.

  • A Penfolds Grange! You son-of-a-gun! Enjoy and let us know how they fared.

    I have a ’95 Penfolds Grange that I have been dying to open but have yet found the opportunity, i.e. special person, to try it.

    Cheers my friend

  • It was better then I expected. First off, like a 1996 could feel that young. Second a hyped wine may always be a dissapointment, but no. Shiraz character all the way with smoked charchuteries, herbs , pepper, dark red berries…. The Corison kronos almost matched it in density and complexity, but fell short on the back end compared, but it was stunning as well. The chards was a very pleasant surpise with lush thick feel. All in all a great tasting. You shoud wip that 95 out and just enjoy. Life might be to short not to.

  • I have to agree with you on life being too short. I may need to open that bad boy up on a whim, much like Miles (movie Sideways) with his Romanne-Conti at the diner. 😉

    Glad they all showed so well. A great feeling.

  • I actually have one of his cabs with a big, ugly Old English style lettering on the label. I’ve heard that it should be pretty good though not spectacular.

    I will post some pics from the Jancis wine event.

  • You and me both. I’ve had a cold from watching my son’s tennis team in 40 degree weather.

    Hope she is well. 🙁

    Lisa, where are you my dear?

  • I’m having a South African white chardonnay called “DMZ” (not De-Militarized Zone NWIndiana Dan) that is quite tasty. I tried it at a restaurant and then found it online though I now see I can procure some of this in DC.


  • I need a wonderful woman like yours. Lucky man and a great review.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Just stopped by. Hope Lisa is doing well.

  • Lisa S

    Hi Dom! I am doing well – thanks so much. As Anders mentioned, I had surgery last month and am now 3 weeks post-op and doing great. Will go back to work next week. Trying to think back on what I’ve had to drink over the past month that would be comment worthy and nothing comes to mind…It could be that the pain meds have fogged up my memory. 🙂 Hope all is well with you.

  • So today it is two years since this show stopped “airing”. I have been to this particular episode 600 times, I think, since then. For what you may ask? To see if there will be another episode and to say hello to some virtual and real frinds.
    The occasions are now becoming more and more sporadic and will probably cease all together in the future. so what am I doing here today.

    I just thought we could sit down and have a chat. Talk about wine or anything else for that matter. Try wrap our heads around that time actually seem to fly, even if it is not. Every second has the same lenght. Not every wine have the same characterstic even thou some can be percieved as very similar. take my favourite grape Syrah for instance. It do come with traits that can be detected even from different countries, yet it always carry a ceratin air of it’s origin and the treatment of it from the winemaker. Coming from a cold country (it is still snow and very below zero in my town today) I’m partial to cold climate Syrah, Nother Rhone you know. So for this day I think I’ll actually open up a nice one, Why not a Cote Rotie?

    To all my fellow friends here, have a nice day and may the coming days, weeks, months and years bring you good wine and friends.

  • Ahhh there she is! Sorry its been two weeks responding. I’ve been visiting my best friend in the hospital/rehab for the past four months. So sad but now I am so happy you are doing well.

    I see AndersN has posted above ^^^ which excites me. Gosh I miss the camaraderie and “intercourse” of our discussions on life and wine.

    I will be attending a Jancis Robinson book signing tomorrow at the Smithsonian. Maybe I can befriend another wine geek tomorrow night. If she knows the difference between Chardonnay and SB, I will have hit the jackpot.

    Glad you are well my dear.


  • Wow, what a sincere and heartfelt message to all of us here in Vayniac Nation who have shared our hearts to each other yet few have had the chance to meet in person. Sir AndersN, you are a true gentleman and I appreciate it and thank you.

    I know now that this message will inspire me to pick up Gary’s torch (albeit meekly) and keep this community alive. Heck, I have the time (still no job) so why not develop a passion and act on it? I could even do some food pairings and most importantly, interaction of some sort with the viewers if they choose.

    We could have a “Virtual Roundtable” utilizing Skype or something similar. Just brainstorming now.

    Anyway, you hit a sensuous nerve tonight my friend. Is it the chocolate? 😉

    Hope life is treating you well. First day of Spring here in the States. Life is good, yet short. “Make every sip, as though it were your last.”


  • Well, Thank you Dom.
    Sorry to hear about the job situation. Never fun. Yes, spring was supposed to to be here, instead the forecast say below freezing the next 10 days so the lakes are ice clad and the snow are still white on the ground. Had I known that i october I would actually bought both skis and skates. I do think I still could handle them fairly well.

    So a virtual Roundtable? I’m not that familiar with skype, will ask one of the stephsons about it and then also check for other possibilities.

    I think I have to tape my bubbles episode soon.
    See you.

  • johnfarrin

    Roundtable? Did the King hear Roundtable? Oh yeah, that’s another king 😉
    Hope you all are well. Anders, I believe that we can set up a group page on Facebook but unfortunately don’t know how. I will post on FB asking my friends if they know.
    Anders, stay off the skis. Old people don’t do well with broken hips 😉
    Dom, stretch your Pubishing experience and become my Literary Agent 😉

  • Hips, I’m more of an knee and back man when it comes to ache and pain, but since I’m only 52 this year I think I keep on inlining this summer 🙂

  • Just stopping by to see how everyone is doing. Where’s my man Mott? How are you my friend? I think of you often. I think Gary needs to speak at one of our Virginia wineries so we can meet again. 😉 Actually, Virginia wines are doing quite well, score-wise in the wine world. They have made progress by leaps and bounds in quality and they have some amazing chateaus worth visiting.

    Spring is in the air.

    Time to sweep the floors and check the mail.


  • Saw the invite to Vtech last week and Gary in a weak moment wonder of a comeback to the wine world. Maybe Mott knows something? All the same, hope everybody at WL are good and that all of you that might read this are also. Keep on trying wine.

  • wltv

    Hi Dominus I’m still here. I was thinking about the Virgina trip not long ago too. All is well here and I hope all is well with you and everyone else.

  • wltv

    I only just saw that too Anders. Sorry I don’t have any insider info. I haven’t seen Gary in months.

  • Sorry for situation in Boston. Hope they catch the ones responsible

  • Glad to hear my man.

  • Thankfully, they found the punks though one of them didn’t last too long.

    Just back to check the mail and sweep the floors.

    I went to the St. Michael’s Winefest this past weekend which was fun. Nothing that great though there was an Aussie cab that piqued my interest so I bought a couple bottles. The highlight of the event though I give it an 88.


  • How about having one of your viewer with you at testing ?
    So we can hear a non expert opinion about wine “in his or her own words”

  • Me me me me! He’s done this in the past but would be so much better with a “non expert” in a #18 jersey! 😉

  • Well, I’m here as well 🙂 We can also tell Chadal that the four episodes before this one had just that, lots of Vayniacs.

  • Hello Chadal, a new fan of WLTV? Start on episode 1 and you have 1000 shows to browse through and you will learn some, and hear others too. Lots of ordinary people have been on the show and some really awsome wine nobility and also some celebreties

  • ow, 17 days without a check in, I’m losing it. Well folks, I staging a wine tasting this saturday in the style of ep 111 http://tv.winelibrary.com/2006/10/19/wine-glasses-how-do-they-affect-wine-episode-111/
    I will come back with review and notes on the wines. Cheers friends

    Oh and Gary! Since you seem to wanna fulfill some peeps wishes, ep 1001?

  • another 16 days gone and now I’m here to check things out. It’s pretty dead folks. Well, thats life. Open up a good wine and salute and mourn, that is one can do. Cheers Vayniacs. Oh by the way, there is Facebook group for ya. https://www.facebook.com/groups/644569245569019/

  • Dominus

    Happy Birthday to Mott!

    Though it was yesterday. Hope all is well.


  • Thank you Dominus. I hope all is well with you too.

    This isn’t really Gary, it was the only ID I could get to work.


  • erikwait

    Happy 100th Birthday Robert Mondavi, you’ve been a tremendous inspiration to me!

  • liutaobono

    Dear Gary, love your show and have learned a lot from this community.
    currently I wanna start up my own business. I have several questions to ask you and would you please leave a message in my mail box? much appreciated!
    My e-mail address: liutaobono@163.com
    Hope hearing from you soon!

  • it is better that you contact Gary at gary@vaynermedia.com or on his twitter, facebook or google+ account or why not visti garyvaynerchuk.com and learn how to get in touch and even get your questions answered

  • So 25 days after my latest post I’m back, from holiday. Visited a lot of wine related places, Nuit St Georges, Beaune, Tain l’Hermitage, Chateauneuf du Pape, Colmar, Bernkastel-Kues. All different and yet all very nice places. Have been met with respect from att vinemakers/sellers I have accounted, even got to taste at a winery even though they had a big party for foreign importers. In Eurpoe it is the custom to offer wines for free at tastings, Only had to pay once at a winery and that was Paul Jaboulet Aine, they charged for tasting every wine above thier entry level Cote du Rhones. I found that a bit odd since on the next block Chapoutier poured almost everything from entry to super high for free. Time will tell if charging for tastings is coming or not to Eurpoe. I hope not.Why, I tend to buy more if I get to taste free, its a marketing thing for me.

  • NY Pete

    damn lucky I remembered how to sign in …
    hope all is well with the remaining vayniacs that call this place home.

  • Cheers to you too Pete. Tasting any good wine?
    The flow here are almost dead, but a small group have gathered on Facebook called Facebook Vayniacs.


  • Awesome episode 1000.

  • So what’s up folks. Any real good wines found, tasted?

  • Dominus

    Yo yo How’s it going my man? As Anders said, we have moved our shingle to Facebook though check in here every now and then to say hi! to Mott. 😉

    Are you ready for some hockey?


  • WLTV is still down 🙁 No ep 1001. Come on Gary, at least give us a hint about your eventual wine startup?

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • NY Pete

    holy crap … what is going on?


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