EP 830 Thunder Show Exclusive: Release of The Show Malbec by the 3 Thieves-Part 2-Episode #830

Gary and the 3 Thieves taste The Show Malbec and speak more about the wine business.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 The Show Malbec

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luca bercelli


A bit too matey for me to really get into

Tags: malbec, red, review, Video, wine, wines

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  • M_Woolley


  • M_Woolley


  • M_Woolley

    I stand corrected, your right wth the guy from PA, but these guys seemed like his friends.

  • Justin

    Great show, had me laughing through both episodes.
    QOTD1: Swig (and yes, that's his name)
    QOTD2: Deli House in San Pedro, Chile
    QOTD3: Box is the future! I love the concept, but refer Bottle as it's difficult to find a good boxed wine. By the way, if you're a camping fan, it's the only way to go.

  • SourGrapesFC

    1) Mom and Dad working their asses off so I could go to college.
    2) Austin, TX: House Pizza
    3) Boxers

    On a side note, the Wonka-esque “golden ticket” should be a gold-capped cork that can't be seen under the foil.

  • jayhitek

    Hey! A guest that knows what the QOTD is!! That's a huge step for you.
    QOTD1: My brothers and my father with a job.
    QOTD2: Pizzeria Regina in the North End of Boston
    QOTD3: Boxers

  • cellarrat5


  • cellarrat5

    Damn waynoooo, you been hitting the Vino extra hard recently!? Loving it!

  • cellarrat5

    He is not bashful, this much is true. However, it did seem like he was holding back a little bit here. If Heidi Barrette came on and for some reason made a terrible wine, I think he would have a much harder time slamming it to her face due to her experience and overall knowledge regarding winemaking.

  • cellarrat5

    Great 2 part show, the industry talk in the first ep was very interesting to me. I always enjoy hearing people talk about the business who have their finger on its pulse. Joel Gott buys grapes from the same people the winery I work for does. Mohr-Fry Ranches grow some of the best fruit in the Central Valley of CA! Who knew 12 different varietals could grow here? Joel Gott does.

    QOTD 1: My boss, without him I would know next to nothing about wine, the process that it takes to make it and how damned complicated it can all get.

    QOTD 2: Village Bakery in Davis, CA. Went to school there and ate at every Pizza place in town, worked at one to try and help pay tuition. That did not work our so well.

    QOTD 3: Bottle and boxers all the way. I have had some decent jug and boxed wine though. There is an interesting push toward quality boxed wine in certain niches, interesting.

  • Brian R

    Great episode and 3 excellent guests!

  • Anonymous

    Senior year… I’ve only been 21 for about 7 months.

  • PurpleGrillz

    AWESOME show!

    First of all, the golden ticket HAS to be for a 2005 horizontal of 1st Growth Bordeaux. The prize has to be wine, not some music fest. Love the idea Gary but the prize is bunk.

  • justiles

    Has anyone heard back from them about the posters?

  • justiles

    Interesting, but I disagree. I think that the music festival would be great, and attract a lot more potential buyers in the market for this price point wine than winning trophy wines. They are trying to appeal to a much wider audience than wine nerds (I think), and a trip to see GaGa would definitely persuade some to buy this over something like an aussie shiraz.

  • YoungDave

    For these three respectable gentlemen, I'll answer all of the QOTDs.

    QOTD 1.) My first theatre teacher, Carol Schlink, cast me as “Puck” in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and sparked my acting career. Still climbing the ranks out here in LA!

    QOTD 2.) I know you won't get there, but if you're even in my home town of Warren, RI you MUST go to Warren House of Pizza. Not only did I deliver pizza for the fantastic Greek couple who owns the place, but they clearly have the best pie around.

    QOTD 3.) If “briefs” means “bottle”, then I am absolutely a bottle man… although I wear boxer-briefs.

  • RhoneDrinker

    If those guys are changing the wine world I don't wan't any part of it.

  • carlo10

    …he is going off of “the show.” if the wine were called “the vineyard” i could see giving away wine. besides, think about their audience. do college kids really care about a 1st growth bordeaux? i guarantee only 1 out of 250 would take the wine over an epic concert

  • carlo10

    Denver: parissi's at 44th and tennyson.

  • QOTD Pizza: I like Girmaldi's in Brooklyn. The wait in line is insanity, stood outside for 90 minutes. Its worth the wait. “The Best Pizza” I had was at a little whole in the wall called Pizzeria Costa in Naples, Italy. Family run place with some small tables scattered about outside. It on Via Alessandro Poerio.

  • DAveAll

    OMG. bring back the little princess from the Ca winery instead of this … pls.

    I might convert to NC Wine TV instead… (well, not really, but I might). See ya on the 831.

  • ahillsey

    1. Retailer in Florida, Wolfe's Wine Shoppe, who hired me on a hunch
    2. Ian's Pizza in Madison, WI
    3. Brief/Bottle

  • Beeper

    Cool guys, good show…
    QOTD1: My parents
    QOTD2: Love this Q, wish I had a good answer for it
    QOTD3: Boxers and bottles

  • ErieWineGuy

    You really might want to check out their website and comment.

    Three cool guys who travel the world to give you the best wine, at the best price.

    What could be better than that!

  • JoelGottFan

    Joel Gott is a Rock Star!!! His burger stand in Napa is the best..Taylor's Refresher!

    GaryV what do you think of The Show Cab or the Other Joel Gott wines?

  • Anonymous

    “The Cabernet” is great pizza wine. Now understand the name of the company, the wine, as this is all about getting into the show and parading around a wine that you essentially stole without regard to to quality because you are in the show and thats what matters! Wish you guys would apply all your energy to some better purpose, LOL, FHS

  • Cheers Robeic,

    It always good when you get a proper version of Western food, rather than a ‘local’ version of Westertn food when you’re in China 🙂

  • unclemeate

    Good show. Sampling some boxed Bandit right now. It's a superb week!

    AOTD1: Veruca Salt
    AOTD2: Sals on Route 74
    AOTD3: I drink a bottle 'til my boxers fall off!

  • Great end to a very good show.

    #1 – I have to give it up to my father who gave me the push financially to go to the CIA and start my culinary career.

    #2 – Sad to say (and I know you know the big ones) but last nights new Domino's Pizza was excellent. That new recipe they have increased the calorie count x5 but the pizza is good. If you are in Southern California, there is a very talented chef named Steve Samson at http://www.pizzeriaortica.com which is really good.

    #3 – I once had a box of wine on my fridge – it was Chardonnay for everyday drinking and I really just liked that it wouldn't go bad because of the packaging. This was back in the days – and today it's boxer briefs!

  • jasonclements

    Oh POSTER! Just got email that I was one of the first 300 – totally cool! Keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous

    Good for you! Though you’ll be leaving us in a very short time…

  • wesleymcallister

    Great show guys. Gary I hope you are right about Argentine Malbec. I want to by a vineyard down there in about 5 years so the cheaper the better for me.

    QOTD#1 My good friend Gator.
    #2 If your in western Canada Vern's pizza order the double double
    #3 Boxers and as a side note I have not drank a box wine since I got into wine. I think I will have to try one.

  • DCaragher

    GV – Yet another epic two parter! Great guys, I love seeing quality people doing good things succeed! It's like the feeling I get everytime I see Rudy!


    1.) I would have to say my parents! Love you Mom and Dad!
    2.) Come to Portsmouth, NH and eat at Flatbread!
    3.) Go briefs or go home!

  • Mike in C-town

    Totally agree with You! Well said.

  • Mike in C-town

    QOTD 1: My grandmother who got me my first paying job, my start in the food biz. 30+ years later….
    QOTD 2: In Cleveland, I like the simple, honest, great pizza at Marotta's (Cleveland Heights).
    QOTD 3: wine in bottles, ma boys in boxer breifs

  • Phil G

    Awesome – really enjoyed this.

    1 – Have been given some good chances here and there (and take them), but not the big chance yet – but I am working hard to find it!
    2 – Frank Pepe's in the Bridgeport/New Haven area
    3 – boxers

  • jjadamsfb

    I went to ask one of my local wine merchants for the Show. He A) did not know that there was a new Show, but stated that he thought the show was owned by Gallo or someone else large. I find it hard to believe that Gary would have them on portraying them as owner entrepreneurs if they were not. Does anyone know what the real truth is? I still want to try the wine either way, but I always like to know as much as possible.

  • JoelGottFan

    they aren't owned by gallo –

  • JoelGottFan

    They are distributed by Trinchero, they create the brands, make the wine but use Trinchero's distributor network to bring their ideas to market

  • JoelGottFan

    They meaning the Three Thieves Create brands,make wine

  • Weston3220

    qotd1: A Chef I worked with, a gave me that chance and a big huge push to “do or die” I passed I think…
    qotd2: Cant think of any place here in Vancouver sorry~
    qotd3: Bottle [was that brief?]

  • A dumb Rhein king

    QOTD1: A printing company named Japs-Olson gave me the start to my development career during a time when the market was flooded with new IT peeps.
    QOTD2: Psycho Suzy's has awesome pizza in Mpls, MN. But then again I had a few of their tiki drinks before hand, so that might have swayed my judgment.
    QOTD3: Bottles for wine, Boxers for vine.

  • yacochuya

    QOTD 1: Find out Thursday
    QOTD 2: Small place in Mannaus, Brasil…dont remember name. Lived in Italy for 3 years, but a small place in Mannaus was my fav
    QOTD 3: both

  • ewb

    QOTD: Col. Klink
    QOTD #2: The Upper Crust Boston
    QOTD #3: Bottle

  • liko sf

    GV, just received my signed original poster in the mail today 4/1/10! Thanks for the great “Show” and for the poster.

  • cubs2806

    qotd: My girlfriend
    qotd2: Pizza Azzuro Napa, Ca
    qotd3: Bottle
    Great show, sorry so late in watching it

  • John_Kenneth_J

    qotd1. my boss
    2. skip the pizza in Baltimore, go for pit beef @ pioneer pit beef
    3. bottle

  • I finally found this in a Seattle QFC! What a nice looking bottle. Can't wait to try it, either.

  • Nice show. I think everybody got very interested in the wine which is on the table 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have tried finding this wine the past year but no one has it, Joel Gott makes some decent QPR wines and they were true to their word, received the signed poster in the mail from them. http://www.winelx.com


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