EP 854 Legendary Wine Importer Kermit Lynch Visits Wine Library TV ? Part 2 ? Episode #854

Gary Vaynerchuk and guest Kermit Lynch, a legendary importer of fine European wines, taste through the two of his white wines.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Kermit Lynch Sunflower Cotes Du Rhone BlancCotes du Rhone Blanc
2007 Cherisey Blagny Puligny MontrachetPuligny Montrachet

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luca bercelli


Another classic episode.

GV went into his shell a bit when Kermit said he thought some critics go way over the top with their descriptions such as ‘tastes like lime, but specifically the lime rind, not the rest of the lime’. As we know that’s exactly the way GV tastes! But great to get a different and equally valid take on the whole tasting process. I like them both

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  • Oakmon's BF

    I didn't know until you mentioned it: Quicksand Blues

  • Lvine

    Superb guest! As an aspiring wine importer I loved hearing his start-up story during part 1. I also really liked his non-perfume based tasting style. Can't wait for the finale!

  • jest8

    K. Lynch is fascinating, loved his opinions on the aromatics, would loved to have heard more but GV was so jazzed he couldn't let him finish! It was sweet.

  • fanbrew

    You love losing teams huh Gary? When are you coming to my neck of the woods to watch a Cubs game with me then?

  • I just love when especially conservatives get riled up when Global Warming is mentioned! It's like they get immediately nervous and can't focus on anything else that has been said. Just like when the Theory of Evolution is brought up! 😀

    You guys belong in the middle ages and in the Catholic Church charging against Galileo! Sure, the Earth is still the center of the Universe! 😛

  • Braden G

    You have to admit that the blond/endowed/enhanced trophy-wives driving the Escalades and Navigators are hot though!

  • Braden G

    Which reminds me… need to go warm up the Hummer to go get a jug of milk 🙂

  • RandyB

    Really enjoyed this interview. Mr. Lynch is a very captivating individual and I could listen to his stories for hours. Props to you GV with how you let get to know him.

  • Will we find out how Kermit got his name, Kermit?

  • MarcBelgium

    This is one of the most fascinating episodes I've ever seen.
    Just brilliant.
    Can't wait for episode three.

  • mattgmann

    Ha! Laughing at both sides. The sensationalism surrounding global warming is such bullshit.

    Empirical data shows the earth has warmed (as much as ~1.4F since 1880 in the arctic regions, about half of that in tropical regions).

    Is that a lot? Yes.

    Is it a lot in comparison with other time periods from geological record? Not really.

    Have people contributed to the warming? Absolutely.

    Are there other natural factors that are out of your control? You bet ya.

    Of course global warming is real. But the media hype and eco-guilt that is associated with it brings out amazingly irrational behavior (i.e buying carbon offsets, and too many slippery slope arguments to list). I encourage everybody to read up on actual environmental studies relating to global warming and lay off the pseudo-scientific crap that is plastered everywhere (sometimes hard to distinguish from the real thing)

    Being a good environmentalist is about being objective and properly focusing your resources where an impact can be made. Being “over-green” is just another form of pollution. Wasting resources in futile efforts is just as bad as any other form of pollution. Energy is energy, and it all comes with a price.

    Water and soil pollution cleanup/prevention are much more important and locally actionable tasks. Taking part in local issues and contributing time are the best ways to make a difference.

    Rant over

  • mattgmann

    I'm no GV, but I'll throw out some recommendations on inexpensive frenchies that I've enjoyed recently.


    2007 Chateau de Segries Lirac Cuvee Reservee ~$17

    Domaine du Pegau Plan Pegau lot 2006 ~$15

    2008 Chateau Pesqui Terrasses cotes du ventoux, ~$17

    These are my favorite 4 under $20 this year. Obviously I have a taste for Rhones, but I think these are all quality enough that anyone would enjoy(especially for the price). My fav of the bunch is the Lirac.

  • winebaum

    Great one. Kermit reminds me of what is facinating in this business..

  • jayhitek

    And an excellent part 2.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Thx bro. I do what I can. If there were anyone who appreciated the comments, I’m glad it’s you. I wouldn’t know why I’m here otherwise.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    🙂 I think you are totally improving over the years.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    I agree. I think that most wineries think they do better to add more, but forget that you only need .08 ppm molecular so2 to be affective against microbes. I’ve had wines that taste peanutty because they have had waaaaay to much so2 added. Not to mention that even a small amount of so2 can have a negative effect on fruit and aromatics.

  • OK Naysen, you have my attention. The answer to your question lies in the soil not the winemaking so your first response is the winner!

  • schwartzman

    Interesting how Kermit talked about the nose & balance of his CDR blanc but not the texture, which is the one thing that grabs me about S. Rhone blends. I have to disagree with his assessment of Rhone wines as value plays though. Maybe 5 or 8 yrs ago when the dollar was stronger you could make that assertion but today, they're on par with Italian wines which I think are quite pricey.

  • mini59

    This series was awesome…one of the best. Kermit's approach seems so simple and basic.

    QOTD: I think price assumption about French wines is ingrained from long ago. My budget is very tight, but I look at everything. And I am shocked at how low some of the prices are on imports whether they are French, Italian, etc. Not all of these budget wines are good, but occasionally you find an amazing buy.

  • John_Kenneth_J

    This just keeps getting better. Kermit Lynch is probably my fav guest of yours. He seems like such a nice, humble guy, and I know all about trying to do something with music and switching from that to wine, along with my disdain for those winemaker's who insist on drowning their wine's in oak and killing them, not to mention my equal disdain for higher and higher alcohol levels. The whole global warming thing is definitely not helping that. I've seen probably half of your episodes so far Gary, and I don't remember seeing any “3 parter's” yet, and all I can think of is that it's a shame there's only one part left for me to see.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Thx bro. I'll see if I can find any of these.

  • GFish

    GV – The great guest interview continues. A 3 episode guest and it's all good stuff. I am looking forward to the finale. Keep up the good work.

    GFish – Peace and Jets

  • Yeah, this is a classic – very educational as well as entertaining. Good job, Gary!

  • NJ Big Chris

    Amazing guest. This is the kind of guy I wanna drink with and pick his brain. looking forward to part 3.

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    Now let me roll over ta Part Trois……….

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo


  • theDude

    .__. .__.
    O. .O

  • theDude

    (sorry my face is a little crooked this morning. Rough nite)

  • larsabeinet

    Oy Gary- you have an interesting guest there, so you should take up LISTENING- interesting concept..

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    Yo mattgmann, You should have Your Own Wine Show !!!!!! :O)

  • mattgmann

    Ha!, I don't think that'd be a great idea. I tend to swear a lot and tell bad jokes when I drink too much.

  • esj1000

    Good call Larsabeinet, sometimes we don't need to hear about the Jets, just the wine!

  • lordsauvignon

    Nice push for the Jets there Gary haha

  • DAveAll

    Et Tu, Kermit! Good conversation. we all have opinions on global warming, oysters and things, so it was nice, not scientific, but good flow. thanks.
    I really liked his talk on smells – how they change with a wine. he was right on. called it out nicely. I like he didn't like sports. me too. too much other stuff to do than watch other people have fun. ghez. smile. maybe when i get older. .. . .

  • subdaimon

    Again, well done! And, you're getting better as an interviewer as well, we all know you're amped to have him around, however you're letting him come across, good stuff.

  • Mike in C-town

    cue up part III….another WLTV first

  • winemonologues

    Lovin Kermit. . .

  • This is still awesome… 2 quick comments before I start Part 3. Glad you brought up the oysters, Chablis doesn't do it for me, the best pairing I've had, which I have to give Gary credit for turning me onto, is Sancerre. I also love the bubbles with oysters too. Next, as if Kerrmit hasn't already proved how awesome he is, notice he said something to the effect of, this would be a good question. What's this, a guest, prepared, not that dumbfounded, question of the day, what's that look! In case this doesn't end up being it, I'll answer it now. I agree, some of the descriptions of the aromas and flavors in wine definitely seem a bit contrived and are definitely transient, whereas observations about structure, balance, body, and complexity are often more informative. On to Part 3!

  • tobymarcus

    I am a huge Kermit fan, as well as GV fan, but, Gary, please, with all respect, let the man talk…try, if you can not to interupt your guest train of thought, as often.

  • ewb

    This is great.

  • pplants

    Great! Gary …. you have to learn to not interrupt. Watching the video, one can see, often, him losing his train of thought. You are interesting but we see you often. Let the guests SPEAK!!!

  • JayZee13

    Still going strong and still very interesting. What a great guy! And GV is loving it because Kermit is keeps agreeing with him. Of course, I guess I would be loving it if I were complimented by Kermit Lynch too!

  • wawineguy

    When will part 3 air?

  • Ken H

    Gary mentions that he just did a Lirac Blanc a few days ago that blew him away… does anyone know the reference? Couldn't find it in the recent archives & curious to try one.

  • kalyson

    I agree. The host talks way too much. Let the guests speak.

  • GGRREEAATT point by Kermitt about the “room temperature”.

    Gary, it is not enough for you to say room temperature! In winter at 60 degrees is VERY different from a room/outdoors at 85!

  • luca bercelli


    Another classic episode.

    GV went into his shell a bit when Kermit said he thought some critics go way over the top with their descriptions such as ‘tastes like lime, but specifically the lime rind, not the rest of the lime’. As we know that’s exactly the way GV tastes! But great to get a different and equally valid take on the whole tasting process. I like them both


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