EP 854 Legendary Wine Importer Kermit Lynch Visits Wine Library TV ? Part 2 ? Episode #854

Gary Vaynerchuk and guest Kermit Lynch, a legendary importer of fine European wines, taste through the two of his white wines.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Kermit Lynch Sunflower Cotes Du Rhone BlancCotes du Rhone Blanc
2007 Cherisey Blagny Puligny MontrachetPuligny Montrachet

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luca bercelli


Another classic episode.

GV went into his shell a bit when Kermit said he thought some critics go way over the top with their descriptions such as ‘tastes like lime, but specifically the lime rind, not the rest of the lime’. As we know that’s exactly the way GV tastes! But great to get a different and equally valid take on the whole tasting process. I like them both

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  • I 'm witnessing history in the making. The First WineLibraryTV 3 part show. GV, you have crossed into history along sides of “The Six Million Dollar Man/ Bionic Woman / Bigfoot” serial. Or the CSI trilogy. Great Great Show GV. I like the lessons in wine making. Totally cool. I also like his blunt honesty.

    I am however, about full of the global warming crap. EVEN IF, and that's a Big IF, GW is causing an early maturation you think someone would pick earlier. Come on, this is in direct correlation with what Kermit said about winemakers giving the press a big oak woody.

    Looking forward to the finally.

    For the record; Marsanne/Roussanne wines and BBQ kick ass.

  • thnx Kevin!

  • i am thrilled for all the Kermit love 🙂 I get plenty 😉

  • yes it was to peeps that commented and I thought that group deserved the email 🙂

  • Thnx 🙂

  • more coming!

  • mattgmann

    Do you ever sleep Gary?

  • I am trying to get better, I did better, more to improve on but thank u

  • And maybe u wont agree with KL style, thats the best part of the wine world!

  • Glad u guys are enjoying 🙂

  • orangebottle

    lol, nice. Not a bad idea.
    I'll work for free.

  • Nah, passed on it 😉

  • 🙂

  • hollisdevillo

    oh the suspense. another part. i love it!
    excellent questions and direction with the video, too gary. great stuff.

  • orangebottle

    Gary, I think Vayniacs should vote for their favorite guest for WLTV episode 1000. And I think we need to invite Kermit Laynch back on that episode. He brought the thunder.

  • hmmmmmmmmm

  • thewineattic

    Kermit is such a dear. Do you know he has a published CD with Boz Skaggs, his close friend?

  • Julka

    Kermit is my favorite too! Pure class. And I love he and Gary share many opinions. Am looking forward to part 3.

    Anyone know why they decanted the white wine?

  • orangebottle

    was that an yes? 🙂

  • Naysen

    I appreciate the response GV. I realize now – reading through the comments and re-watching parts of the episode – that I probably got a little over-excited/agitated on my initial response. This was actually one of your best interview jobs, and you did perform well in engaging Kermit and extracting those great gems of information from his life. For me, it seems crucial that when someone as interesting, seemingly idiosyncratic, and momentous as KL has a carpet to fetch or a train of thought to follow through, that he absolutely be given every latitude to fetch/follow -up/away. I'm sure were I in your position, I'd be far worse at keeping still and listening through the ebb and flow. In any case, kudos again to a great interview (on the whole), and please bring back more of the same caliber or even more of the old for that matter.

  • Cool_Dave

    Awesome episode.
    Mr. Lynch, you rock!! Definately want to try the Sunflower.

  • Cool_Dave

    It was not that bad. We did getr the info if youn paid attention.

  • Globex

    craving more of this interview with Mr Lynch!!! You could have made this an HBO mini series and it still wouldn't be too long. Fantastic & extremely interesting!!!

  • flavasauce

    Gary, you know you're legit now! Awesome to have such a legend on the show, congrats.

  • divyamistry

    Oh boy! What an awesome show… and it's not even over YET! Suhhhwweeett! Can't wait for the 3rd part.

  • Oregon Jim

    Thanks for the heads up on the Kermit interview! I read his book. It is the best wine tomb I have read. The guy is gifted. So glad you got him to come on.

  • Naysen

    Curious. The winemaker at Renaissance, Gideon Beinstock, is French-American. So, is it really a CA wine in the French style, or a French wine made in CA?

  • YoungDave

    FIRST EVER 3-PARTER!! Great episodes so far, and I am indeed intrigued to watch the 3rd to see what the thoughts on wines #2 and #3 are… and to see if the legend has a QOTD prepared…

  • Wow what an episode! Thanks so much! this is really good.

  • Ha – great stuff.

  • justingilliam

    Does it get any better than Kermit Lynch? Forgoe the posturing and the aggrandizing nonsense, this man has a realistic pedigree… unmatched.

  • brianaf

    Love the three parter, but global warming? seriously? I guess no guest is perfect, kudos to Gary for moving the conversation along away from that nonsense. Other than that, I wish this could be a five parter very entertaining stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I agree whole heartedly, Aromas as Gary says are HUGE for me. I love nerding it up, and also love when Gary does. However, I can see from Lynche’s perspective that in many cases aromas are fleeting at best. Pallets are like fingerprints, as well as peoples opinions and diffrent tasting strategies; from it tastes like wine to Garys “teenags girls room” or BBQ rose petals wrapped in blueberrys, dont know if he acctually said that one.

  • aeggert

    Fantastic guest spot for this series of episodes. I can't decide not if I like Kermit Lynch or Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan better as a guest now (have you been practicing your sabrage, Gary? That might tip my opinion one way or the other).

    Can't wait for part 3!

  • TXwino

    Great episode, enjoyed the American Wine History.

  • Oakmon's BF

    Wow! It must take sizable spheres to say that you don?t judge wine the way other?s do. I remember having a bottle of tempranillo, I forget the name, but it was loaded with cherries. The next bottle of the same stuff, there was not a cherry to be found.

  • Ken

    Again, this was another great episode. In the time that I have watched your show I really believe that Kermit has been the best guest featured.

    Brianaf, yes, global warming is real. There is no doubt that the trend in global warming is driving up the alcohol levels of wines and leading to riper fruit. You did not touch on global warming as a political idea but, as many, you probably have some ideas that global warming is something in the heads of liberal Democrats. Politically I am a Libertarian. I am as fiscally conservative as you will find, even more than most Republicans, but socially I am a liberal. But, politics aside, global warming is not a political idea but, rather, a scientific fact. It was brought upon by years of not knowing what our actions did to the environment. Now that people know, why do they continue to buy and drive SUVs that get 12 MPG?

  • winefan

    Fantastic two episodes. I am entranced with Kermit Lynch, and was particularly blown away by his approach to tasting wine. Primarily, I guess, because that is the way I approach tasting wine. I saw Gary when he was in Toronto, and enjoy the website very much. Looking forward to the conclusion

  • BuddhaChu

    When I heard “Kermit” was going to be on I was expecting a green puppet.

    It's official, I'm definitely not a wine nerd 'cause I've never heard of this guy.

  • Mauricio_Fernandes

    Very nice guest Gary, worth a 3-Part episode!

    KL?s approach on wine tasting is very similar to mine, a search for wines with balance, and like Gary likes to put it: a Delicious Factor to it. I?m very into Rhone wines and like GV into Portuguese wines, mainly because those places offer value.

    Waiting for the 3-Part !!

    GV have you found the dress I sent Misha a long time ago??? I can't belive I got lost! 🙁

    Best wishes,
    Mauricio Fernandes

  • paz levinson

    so interesting!!!!

  • For the 1000 episode I think Gary should choose a hardcore Vayniac to appear on WLTV.

  • DanLacher

    This three part series will go down as one of the best! EPIC!

  • This is really wonderful. Where else do we get what I'm guessing will be a solid hour of Kermit Lynch teaching us? Fantastic. Looking forward to the rest.

  • orangebottle

    Maybe a few hardcore Vayniacs can sit around talk about their favorite Gary moments. or favorite guests or favorite turning point of the show.
    Then Sasha and the WL staff talk about the their favorite Gary moments. Just reflect the pass 999 shows. It is only about 150 shows away.

  • cellarrat5

    Another EPIC episode. However, I enjoyed listening to his rise to iconic status more than the breakdown of the wine. Don?t get me wrong, I learned plenty, and appreciated his ability to look past commonalities or distractions in his tasting methods. Listening to Lynch speak on wine takes me down several pegs, always so much to learn, a never ending process and I love it!

  • MCole

    I am really enjoying these past two episodes. I like the Kermit Lynchs approach to tasting wine, working as a waiter and trying to describe wines to the public, they don't always “taste” the same flavors as I do (quotes for you Gary) Can't wait for part 3

  • sonicpaul

    Can't tell you how happy I am that this is a three part (or four?…) episode! Love it! Kermit's an inspiration.

  • Matt'sName

    I love that Kermit busted in with an explanation of malo. The education in these episodes is epic. So pumped for the third installment.

  • AWESOME! I just read Kermit's classic book and there are sooo many things I agree with him on. What a legend!

    Can't wait for the 3rd part!


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