EP 855 Legendary Wine Importer Kermit Lynch Visits Wine Library TV ? Part 3 ? Episode #855

Gary Vaynerchuk and guest Kermit Lynch conclude their discussion on the wine world and finish tasting his wines.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Pallieres Gigondas Racines Gigondas

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luca bercelli


Phenomenal show, so much to learn from a legend of the industry. I wish this episode was 10 hours long!

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  • jest8

    Great, great 3 part show. Loved Kermit Lynch, he is all about what is cool with the wine world. I could listen to him all day, thanks for hosting him. QOTD- I have never thought that French wines were expensive, on the contrary, I always gravitated to them because it seemed like the CA wines were way overpriced. It's only now I'm starting to dip my toe back into Cali wine….

  • Brentw

    The 2007 Rhones are the best value in red wines right now.

  • Ron

    Kudos, Gary. Great guest. I watch often and comment seldom, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching all three parts. This guy is just a delight.

  • jensfromcopenhagen

    It was Rome, not Pareeee…

  • zanne_70

    Loved this show! What an amazing wine legend he is. I want to know which Beaujolais Nouveau he imports. Something I have refused to drink for many years now but if it's good enough for Kermit, I'm willing to give it a try!
    QOTD: think of all the press the Bordeaux en primeur sales get. I think a lot of French wine gets lumped into that category so people make erroneous assumptions

  • Forget what you know about ?Star Wars.? Throw away your collection of ?Lord of the Rings.? A new and original series will go into the annuls of WineLibraryTV forever as ?The Kermit Lynch Trilogy.? Never before has an internet show demonstrated more Passion, Awareness and Fervor for anything let alone wine. Gary Vaynerchuk, you my friend have changed the wine world and they are liking it.

    Yeah OK. I went a little overboard with the drama but that was a fun ride. I did find something about his personality was a bit ?Jedi-ish.? When he started to say something I thought I would disagree with, he kind of, changed my opinion. Too funny. Again, I love his passion and blunt honesty. He knows who he is and what he wants and there is no BS or apologies for it. Kermit rocks.

    QOTD: I think the reason people have that predetermined disposition about French wine is because of their idea of French people. The French are viewed as snobby, better than thou individuals that look down on us as if we don?t deserve the privilege of spending the night in the barn with their cows. It?s prejudice by association. GV, you have done an excellent job of removing the stigma that French means expensive for the privileged few. But for the large number of new wine drinkers out there, Italian seems more approachable.

  • KVM1985

    Sorry I'm late to comment on this one! What a treat! I loved the three-part set up! This needs to go in the “favorite episodes” section!

    QOTD: I think most American wine drinkers just don't understand French wine. The language, the regions, the labels, and so on seem incomprehensible and downright scary to many wine purchasers in America. If something is not understood, it is lumped into a category of “unavailable.” With this categorization comes the assumption of higher price.

  • Tom S

    Gary, you have outdone yourself. You need to stop now, give up the show and end on a high note. Pull a George Kostanza and get out! The Kermit trilogy was amazing. What a treat!

    QOTD – no idea why French wine has the reputation. We need to get over it because French wine is a great value today. Kemit proved that beyond a doubt.

    thank you for a great three part show!

  • pplants

    Check it out! Count the words. You, the interviewer, speak more than the guest!

  • jjadamsfb

    QOTD: French wines seem so expensive because of intimidation and there is not many bargain basement (under $10) wines available.

    Gary, calm down and let Kermit finish a sentence. I normally don't mind you cutting off guests, but with the rarity of this guest, it was just a tragedy to stop him in so the middle of so many thoughts. I wonder what you would have been doing to Gandhi if you were able to interview him. Kermit was talking a little slower than most NJ people can handle and I understand that, but we all need to adapt and overcome our weaknesses.

  • Kongsgaard's Chards are over $100… Marcassin's are probably around that too… Not to mention the after market.

  • WesMcAllister

    QOTD: I think it is because there are so few areas imported. If I go to buy quality French wine in Canada I am looking at paying $40 for some decent entry level stuff.

  • zach58

    Finally watched these, so glad we did. Thank you Gary for making it a 3-parter. Thank you Kermit for sharing your wisdom.

    QOTD: My wife and I are relatively new to the wine world (we've been taking it seriously, going to tastings and collecting, for 2-3 years) and we quickly realized that some of the best value in the world is in France! We live in California and hardly drink any California wine (although Santa Cruz Mtn. pinots are hard to resist). Kermit, I think your impression of the wine-buying public's impression of French wine may be outdated? Hopefully!

  • highsierra

    What an incredible series. Get Mott a digital tape/stick/drive that records more than 22:30. Of course, spreading the show out helps hold the audience. I've only watched a fraction of your episodes and enjoyed many but this group was by far the best. Oh, I have to agree – let the man talk. Thank you for these shows.

    QOTD – WL/CW has actually made French wine seem very affordable relative to the California wines I'm familiar with. It is fun to try new producers and regions and that's another reason to see what you and your guests enjoy.

  • Amazing trilogy. Enjoyed it a lot. Instant classic!

  • ewb

    Great work Gary. You really let Kermit talk and not get off topic. Just a joy to watch.

  • Loved this Kermit series. It ain't easy being green. (note the shirt color)
    Seriously though, probably my favorite guest that I've seen on the show thus far.

  • smiledoc

    reatailers have gone too far with mark-ups on the French vino, thanks

  • enotecamarcella

    Gary – Your makeup analogy is quite clever. I love it!

  • Rick in Flagstaff

    Great trilogy, GV! Don't stop there… Now go interview Dressner…. Rosenthal… etc. Do a show on natural wines.

  • notTheFalseD

    Getting here a bit late… Great show, and an amazing guest. Pallieres was the first Gigondas I tasted, and what a way to start down that path.

  • smiledoc

    GV, I think Kermit's temperature preference for tasting/enjoying wine is well thought out and wise, you?

  • Jjb

    Fantastic set of episodes. Kermit had some fascinating insights into the world of wine, Great guest, possibly the best yet…

    QOTD: In the UK i have to say that at certain price points (£10-£20) French wine can seem expensive compared to new world alternatives. Though this may have much to do with Euro-GBpound ex rate. Having said that the Gigondas featured looks like a steal!

    Keep up the good work

  • We are back from touring Walla Walla and finally getting caught up on our episodes. This is a great one! Facinating conversation with a legend in the wine biz and some great recomendations on wines. We have more French wines than any other location because we think they are a total steal and usually more reliable in quality than any other area.

    On an unrelated note, Walla Walla was awesome and we tasted some incredibly good wine. Spring Valley vineyard was probably the favorite of ours. They had such a rich history and were very friendly. They were recommended to us by the local gas station owner! This just goes to show what a neat place this is for wine nerds if you ever wanted to talk to a bunch of random people about wine. Usually the gas station workers only know about the Bud Light on sale! Very cool and highly recommended! Don't expect a whole lot of beautiful scenery however, Eastern Washington is nothing but sagebrush!

  • JayZee13

    Super-great show! I have always wondered about Kermit Lynch since I have seen his name on so many wines that I have enjoyed over the years as well as his store in Berkeley. What a gentlemen and a font of wine knowledge. Thanks again to Gary and to Kermit for being on the show. But, Gary, a while ago you said you would rate the wines when a guest was on the show after they had left and you only did it like once. So what gives? I would still like to hear how you scored the wines.

    QOTD: I don't necessarily think of French wines as being “expensive” although in most restaurants in the U.S., it seems to me that they only have the more expensive French wines on their menus. I think this is because they don't think that they can sell French wine unless it has a name or is expensive, or is from Burgundy, Bordeaux or CDP, which do tend to be a little more expensive than a lot of the lesser known regions in France like Gigondas, Sancerre, Alsace or Languedoc for example. Of course, there are always exceptions, but if I must generalize, I think that this is the reason for the misconception.

  • These three episodes were the finest webvideo about wine yet. Ok actually they were 2,3, and 4. Graperadio's bit on Murcia was better. But this was awesome. I'm just sorry you didn't spend 3 hours with Kermit. He seemed like he had so much still to say.

  • fedorp

    Garry dude, you gotta stop jumping in on people so much, I know it's hard when you have a thought and you wanna say something, just try and hold it.

    QOTD: I Ontario, LCBO carries a good price range of french wines and they go from cheap to ouch, but most people don't know what to buy so when they remember a big name and find out that a bottle is $40+ they will get the impression that most good french wine is just as pricy. It's all about exploration, some people are afraid.

  • Weston3220


    qotd: I think the 1st Growth throw everyone off for sure, but here in Vancouver Canada California is seen as expensive, Its nice having good agent/imports here and a bad tax system that keeps markups in check~

  • teckdeck2008

    Great series of shows. Oh and btw, I've started working in wine bar here in the bryan/college station area and I am loving it. It's only my third day, I haven't tasted my way through the menu yet lol, that will be fun.

    Qotd: Its been said a lot already, but I feel like importers and restaurants over look less prestigious labels. Which creates the misconception with not-so-wine-nerdy people. But the true wine drinkers know that good deals on wine can be found from almost any region in the world….even France lol.

  • rick redekop

    Un frieking real! This was hands down your most interesting engaging and knowledgible guest

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  • billhansen

    This episode draws out another lurker. I watch these episodes on my iphone so I am catching them a few days late and it always seems too late to bother commenting. But these episodes were so awesome I had to finally make the plunge. Great job on these episodes, Gary!
    On Kermit's question, I think the first growth Burgundy and Bordeaux have such a reputation that they put off inexperienced drinkers. And the names of the vineyards are so confusing that people are afraid to try other French lables. But once you get some help from someone knowledgeable you begin to realize there are tremendously great values in French wine. I think the recession got more people to delve into Rhone and Loire wines and improved the perception some in the past few years.

  • Thank u gary for such an episode and such a guest congrats Mr Lynch for such a wise palate and discussion about wine
    QOTD : balance has a price… and from a french point of view very often italian wines are pricy for the price compared to french bottles

  • I'll say this — if in a restaurant you think of wine first, and then choose your food based on the wine, then you will NOT think that French wine is expensive. On the other hand, if you think of food first, and pick a wine that matches, then you *will* think of French wine as expensive. This is my roundabout way of saying that people who really know wine know that in France you get value for money at various price points. For someone who is used to paying $8 for a bottle of wine from Trader Joe's, French wines will not seem like great values, unless they are drinking something big and fruity that costs $1 from Languedoc (and is sold here for $8).

  • Nik_B

    Another great guest – seems like a great guy and has some very interesting points he brought up.

    QOTD – I never really think of French wine as being expensive.. except for some overpriced Bordeaux.

  • John W

    Kermit's question of the day: I think that I almost heard Kermit say that he doesn't import anything that he doesn't like (but he was not able to finish the sentence because of Gary's verbal explosiveness). Other importers are less quality oriented. So, consumers often encounter the really expensive and “famous” stuff from Cote Rotie, Burgundy, Bordeaux, etc. But it is harder to encounter the less expensive and good stuff. So, we lump all the french wines together and make a false assumption that the good stuff is too expensive.
    Gary – I know you'll be a good sport regarding my comment above. If you have decided to have a guest on your show then I assume it's because they have something valuable to say. So, let them speak.

  • Mike S

    Brilliant. That's it.

  • D_Rod

    I nominate this series for the best ever on WLTV.

    QOTD: Because the snooty French only boast of their best and most expensive wines 😉

  • ufpog

    Great show…really enjoyed it.
    QOTD probably answered before, but in the past decade, when I have walked into the store and purchased a wine for $15, I enjoyed a California, or a Spanish or a German or even an Australian wine more than the French plays at that price point. Also “everyone” knows that France is the head of the wine world, so there is a perception among the consumers that over marketing will of course lead to over pricing. Perhaps too much plonk plows through at lower prices leaving the consumer to scratch their head. A solution I once read is to look for Kermit Lynch's name on the back of the bottle, and now, I am officially a homer.

  • Gary, Congrats on having such an intriguing guest and educational episode.

    Interesting point by Kermit that he believes it is wrong to describe the flavor and aromas found in wine. I tend to disagree. I've found that some flavors and aromas can be consistently associated with a wine for many years. Having those notes helps me decide what food to pair it with or if it is something I might enjoy. Otherwise how do you describe a wine that has many complex layers of green from one that has many complex flavors of ripe fruit?

    I hope you can address it in a future episode. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  • Jeroen

    great show Gary…Kermit Lynch must be one of my favorite winemerchants around…just a bit about the kistler http://www.thefind.com/food/browse-kistler-char… allot of kistlers above the $60 …well keep up the good work

  • Russ J

    Well, I think anyone who is paying even a little attention knows the fallacy of that opinion BUT the big Bordeaux and Burgundy players get more than their fair share of press and attention and most of them are ungodly expensive so……If that's all you know then that's what you believe.

  • Bob Heuman

    Gary – best episodes ever; what a fun interview. Kermit – people think French wines are expensive for the same reason they think Tokyo is expensive. It's because you can spend $300 on a melon, not because you have to. Try the yakitori under the train tracks at night. Best $5 grilled chicken you ever had.

  • Thom

    Education, tasting, education, tasting, etc. French wine is really not that difficult to understand. It's all about regions, and the grape that grows in that region! It is very simple once you start to figure it out. It's actually easier to understand than Italian varietals, and I am an expert in Italian wines. I am self taught in french wine and varietals. I must say I agree with Kermit on a lot of his preferences and passions. I actually didn't want to. I want California wines to be the best and most interesting, but they are not there yet and have a long way to go. I recently tasted some of Kermits line up in Boston and he is one of the best. Why is he the only one importing BANDOL??!!
    He is also importing more Provence and some Corsican wines that are fantastic!

  • got my three bottles of Les Racines today. happy days are here 🙂

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  • RobinC

    First of all, the most well-known French wines like Chateau d'Yquem, Lynch Bages, Margaux, Haut Brion – are the most expensive ones.
    Second, if you had a wine blog kind of like Gary's explaining the characteristics of Sancerre, Chablis, etc for the beginner. and one that helps the more ambitious consumer thread his/her way through the Burgundian vineyards and the other labrynths of viniculture in France, accompanied by a WAV file that gives the French pronunciation plus the English equivalent of the pertinent terminology, that would help non-French speakers feel more comfortable selecting the French wines that best suit their palates and their pocketbooks.

  • Tholland

    I just watched this 3 part episode. WOW! Too bad the Gigondas is sold out. Have been loving Rhone. Kermit is easily the best guest ever (still holding out for a double-blind, Parker-GV tasting).
    QOTD: I agreed with what everyone said about the big names, but also think that one thing that hurts French wine from a “somewhat newer” wine drinker is that the lack of varietal on the bottle scare people away. I never bought French wine until I understood what the difference between regions was. Now, I love it and agree, there are some great values.

  • Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I?m sure to all of the commenters right here! I bet you had enjoyable scripting this article, didn?t you?

  • Anonymous

    Bravo, Bravo.


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