EP 873 Head to Head Grenache Blind Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk sheds a little more light on an under appreciated grape- Grenache. He tastes these 2 Grenache wines blind and picks a winner.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Outpost Grenache Howell MountainNapa Red Rhone Varieties
2007 Monpertuis Chateauneuf Du PapeChateauneuf du Pape Rouge

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘the first time you played Mike Tyson on Tyson’s Knockout…you DID NOT win

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  • John__J

    I thought the most planted grape world wide was Airen, outta Spain, I'm curious to find that out now.

  • CharlieTN

    Yep, Airen is #1, and Trebbiano is #2 I believe. But that's only measuring acreage/land under vine. In terms of number of vines, some of the more famous ones (Cab, Merlot, Grenache) come out on top. I've also read somewhere that Thompson seedless grapes are more planted than any of the above, but they don't make wine so they don't count in the list.

  • Randall

    Is this the Jeff Runquist vino? He is a fairly well-known and -liked vitner around here (NorCal). I've liked his wines since the '02 Barbera from my BOYS (and GIRLS… shout out to Chris[sy]) at Cooper Vineyards… His '05 Barbera under his “R” label was quite nice, as well… (sourced from Cooper Vineyards…)

  • Randall

    Smoky… Fruity… Yummy delicious… Sounds like some Pinotage I've had (Golden Kaan, Bob's African, etc.)

  • Randall

    Treb is believable… but “Airen”? Please edumacate a redneck like me…

  • Steve_r_vb

    ramon allones is always a solid cigar to go with.

  • corkscrew

    Has anyone esle been having problems signing in with Discus?? What a pain in the ass signing in, you would think it could be set up that the computer recognizes you….QOTD-great GSM Linne Calodo (Paso Robles)..awesome. http://www.winelx.com

  • murso

    Not double blind. That Murph brought a dollar for dollar fight is great. That one is a low production, Howell Mtn, estate wine is prob. enough to say that it's good. $35 good, I don't know – but your reaction doesn't scream it… I think good is easy to get in Cali from scores of producers – Quivira (Dry Creek), or Adam Tolmach/ Ojai (or any of the original Rangers), for example.
    I think that Spain's efforts encompass the full range – most of the simple, and inexpensive stuff, tasty and easy to enjoy (Calatayuds, Yecla, Tierra de Castilla, entry Campo de Borja, etc.) I might qualify as New World – fruit forward, not too complicated,… but finer offerings from Priorat (e.g. Scala Dei, Erasmus, Clos Mogador) are big and grand, Earthy, full, in your face, but subtley nuanced with worlds of flavors and complexities that aren't even looked for in “New World” style wines – which are too often in your face, (like a punch), but straight ahead, simple, and too often goopy.
    Oh… I just like Grenache. period. Cheers.

  • DAveAll

    Nice shirt – pineapple cross and skull. cool.
    Grenache IS under appreciated. But then I had a German Pinot Noir tonight that was great, but who buys PN from Germany?
    QOTD ugh?
    QOTD2: last may i was in burgundy/rhone, learned what grenache is all about as I shy away from pinot noir normally. now i know why the french grow and use grenache. so i was pleased to see this episode tonight. thanks GV! !!!

  • murso

    Someone mentioned Tres Picos – always liked that one. And Vega Sindoa's El Chaparral had been pretty comparable to that. And you just about never go wrong w/ your Rhones, whether CdR's, Villages, like Chusclan, Rasteau, et al, or AoC's unto themselves (Gig/CDP)

  • DAveAll

    I had that problem – but upgraded to firefox latest, and no more. hope that helps.

  • waynooo daaa wino

    meeeeeeeee liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes Granaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    end of story………………..

  • waynooo daaa wino

    why doesn't THIS CRAP DISCUS WORK???????????????????????????????????????????
    Hard time logging in, the “REPLY” BUTTON not working is it gonna get fixed or

  • waynooo daaa wino


  • Allan

    Oh yes, the 2006 Bodegas Norton Privada brought it. . . .

    A really elegant wine with red and dark fruits flavours, some nice chocolate aromas, not over-fruity, good acidity and it's all kept in a refined style, it's a very well made wine. 90+P.

    Go Argentina! Go Messi!

  • Allan

    Oh we can agree on this for sure!!!!!!!!!!! I'm with ya!

  • Allan

    Well the “reply” button works for me, still……….

  • Just Jack

    “Hey Jeremiah”. ROTFLMAO X 10.

    Just watched GV's latest keynote address over at GV dot com. Brilliant stuff as always but the Hey Jeremiah bit (circa 19 min) was pure comedic genius plus it really made the point in a very dramatic fashion. It made me think. I recommend it to everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip! The only problem is that I’m from Finland and American wines are not represented well here at all. I gotta write the name down thou for the next time I’m heading to the U.S.

  • Allan

    Yeah that was a cool bit. πŸ™‚

    His cursing got a little out of hand though LOL πŸ™‚

    Thanks, i've just watched all of it. GV's got some good points.

  • lawrenceleichtman

    I think GV made the comment on more than one episode that grenache was the most planted grape varietal.

  • JayZee13

    Nice tight show. I like Grenache (Garnacha) quite a bit. The CDP would have been a clear cut winner in my book based on your notes. I have had some really good Cali Grenaches as well, though. Try some of the Tablas Creek Grenache or their Esprit de Beaucastel. Really good stuff. That would have been an interesting comparison. How about a rematch, KMurph? Tablas Creek vs. a good CDP or Gigondas.

  • CharlieTN
  • Alexandre-CF

    Grenache really rox. one of the greatest.

    gary, what about a soccer world cup special. like wines from SA, or SA vs NZ. things like this would be great.

  • Alexandre-CF

    nice ideia. A Espirit de Beaucastel vs. Beaucastel CDP would be really great.

    maybe a white Espirit de Beaucastel vs. a white Beaucastel CDP.

  • Rascall David

    Glass Joe is the best. I like the brown bag shows. How about doing some Virginia bordeaux blends GV.

  • Awesome show! I love the head to head. Nice break with the under 10 min episodes but also love the 20+ ones as well.

    QOTD: as much wine as I have had, i don't have any experience here.

  • chukheadted

    i worry about jumbo alcohol levels in grenache. 16% 2007 CNP seems like overkill.

  • Mauricio_Fernandes

    Nice show GV, Grenache is becoming a top 5 favorite grape for me!

    QOTD1: Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight (2008) for favorite villain.

    QODT2: My best Grenache experience was this year in Barcelona. On my honeymoon, me and my wife Maria went to the VIA VENETO restaurant, the food & service were outstanding. The wine was a Atteca old vines 2007, delicious wine, perfect with the food.

  • laposte


    Snidely Whiplash!

  • Clarkbar27

    QOTD: +1 Heath Ledger as the Joker – good call.

    QOTD: Got to try 2007 Clos de Papes out of a magnum out of a coffee mug several months ago. The box was set down pretty hard and it cracked the base of one bottle. Quick grabbed the only thing available to catch it, an aluminum travel coffee mug. Coffee was all drunk, but mug not washed. About 5 oz was captured and strained through (of all things) unused coffee filters. Poured into *proper* glassware and it was pretty delicious despite the circumstances. I could see why ebob liked it because it was dense, velvety, and unfolded for a long finish. Coffee notes were there and felt integrated (whether intentional or not) I still wouldn't recommend mixing coffee in with CDP…

  • waynooo daaa wino

    DISQUS SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randall

    Right on, sir!! The first link led to nowhere, but the next 2 enlightened my mind, man!!
    This is something that completely blew me away… I assumed (always a dangerous thing to do) that the #1 grape was either Thompson Seedless or Cab or Chard… that's what I get for thinking…
    Thanks again…

  • YoungDave

    I put together a GREAT Grenache tasting recently which included an old vine Garnacha from Montsant, a Grenache-dominant blend from Cotes du Ventoux, and a Santa Ynez Grenache. The wines were phenomenally different for my customers yet all had that red fruit and spice element that tied them all together along with fresh acidity that kept them food friendly.

  • Cool_Dave

    Gary! Dude!!
    The Rosenthal Monpertuis is my favorite Chateauneuf du Pape of all time because of the QPR.
    QOTD – Played the game but don't remember the villians. Long time ago.

  • We like that Tres Picos as well…great summer grilling wine when there is a crowd.
    The one I pulled the ruse with was
    of course, this one is not pure garnacha…25% tempranillo gives it a ‘little’ more backbone.

  • There isn’t a villain Alan Rickman can’t play.

  • zanne_70

    I don't have a particular grenache story but the best I've had are definitely from the south of France – CΓ΄te du Rhone or Languedoc.

    Who's watching the World Cup? GV – given that you're from the Old World, who's your pick?

  • nitaT

    love Chateauneuf!!
    when I went to the International Wine Center in NYC- I learned about specific grapes – and this was and continues to be one of my favorites!!
    Great show! thanks Gary!

  • notTheFalseD


    I think I've referenced this before, but since the story is about 60-80% Grenache I'll risk being repetitive. Last November, a group of us drove out to a remote parking lot on Long Island to look at the Leonid meteors. It was a cold night, so I brought along some wine/cheese to keep the morale high. Well, it happened that the only bottle we opened was a 2007 Cotes-du-Rhone from Chapoutier – a fantastic wine for the $12 I paid, and, with the flavor profile (the oft-referenced Rhone combination of earth, spice and dark berries), perfect for the setting. It almost erased the disappointment over the fact that I was off by one night (i.e. the meteor shower had happened 24 hours prior).

    1st QOTD – My favorite villain (with nothing else coming to mind right now) would have to be The Brain, from Pinky and The Brain. He often does skirt the boundary between villain and shlemazl, however…

  • Craig Hamlet

    Hey Gary, I've been out of town and just got back and have already caught up with WLTV. I'm afraid I don't have any Grenache stories because I only drink it in CdP. This episode only reinforces that.

  • ChrisV

    Bit of a suggestion… fo

  • ChrisV

    Bit of a suggestion… for the brown bag episodes, you should put the “wines tasted in this episode” down the bottom in random order. It's kind of fun trying to figure out which wine is which just from Gary's tasting comments. Pretty easy one today πŸ™‚

  • Alexmcwilliams

    I have tasted the Outpost twice recently, was not that impressed…

    2007 Outpost Grenache (USA, California, Napa Valley, Howell Mountain) 4/19/2010 AMM3RD 89
    88-89 Pts. Was a good match for steaks on the grill & Caprese salad. Nice pepper notes with some raspberry fruit. Alcohol is still pretty off balance for me, but it improved with food. Will the alcohol resolve itself??? AMM (249 views)

    2007 Outpost Grenache (USA, California, Napa Valley, Howell Mountain) 4/4/2010 AMM3RD 89
    89-91 pts. This wine had a great white pepper nose and some raspberry preserves. Served at room temp., a touch of alcohol on the nose that continued to the palate. The alcohol was the biggest downer for me. Expanding on the palate was more black and white pepper and a full raspberry, blackberry component. Tannins are firm but friendly. Drink over the next 3-5 years? Will this loose something over time or will the alcohol overtake the fruit??? Maybe there will be more balance??? AMM (283 views)

  • alexmcwilliams

    I probably rated it higher than i would have blind, I'm giving it a little Outpost premium, hoping it balances out…AMM

  • Gary,
    How about WLT on the wine aerator! Does this thing work? What about the Vaniacks opinion? Does anyone use this thing?

  • RobinC

    My only story about grenache is that I went to a wine tasting of 5 or 6 wines and Atteca Armas 2007 (garnacha) was one of them and I loved it and planned to take it to a wine tasting where we provided 12 wines and everyone tasted about an ounce of each and I decided that that was ridiculous; the most people I would open this bottle for would be 3 because I wanted at least a glass of it.

  • pawncop

    Good episode. I think Grenache is very underrated as well.

    QOTD – My story is fairly short, but my very best encounter with Grenache was with the Secret Pack you had a year or so back, you included the “Le Gourmand” fortified Grenache that was just wonderful. Ordered two (2) more bottles and the last time I checked you were out. Your evaluation was dead on and it was a great portion of the quest.

  • good blind.

    QOTD1: Mr. Sandman

    QOTD2: Grenache is awesome when done right, usually blended from Priorat is my fav.

  • Dcaragher

    GV – Interesting blind tasting…good to see a brown bagger taking in a good score!

    QOTD: I like the first Glass Jaw Joe and Mr. Dream!
    QOTD: Listen to the Beastie Boys “Body Movin'” they rap about CDP!


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