EP 873 Head to Head Grenache Blind Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk sheds a little more light on an under appreciated grape- Grenache. He tastes these 2 Grenache wines blind and picks a winner.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Outpost Grenache Howell MountainNapa Red Rhone Varieties
2007 Monpertuis Chateauneuf Du PapeChateauneuf du Pape Rouge

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘the first time you played Mike Tyson on Tyson’s Knockout…you DID NOT win

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  • Oh, Chateauneuf Du Pape will almost always take a little advantage over California, but just a tad. Good short episode.

    QOTD: I had my first experience with wine stations when I was an exchange student in Spain in 1990, they refilled your bottles for $150 PTAS (around $2 USD), almost all of them Garnacha (also Tempranillo) based wines that to me were heavenly at the time, for the price it was just amazing juice.

  • I agree with you, Borsao is an amazing wine- http://www.garalysoka.com/vinos/2009/12/22/tres

  • QOTD: Hans Gruber!
    Right now my favorite Grenache is the one I pour on weekends at the winery: Gregory Graham's 2006 Crimson Hill Vineyard, from the Red Hills Lake County AVA. Bright, fruit-forward, very true to varietal, but no, no fake fruit!
    Love the format. Keep doing it!

  • Randall

    Good b2… Bad B2…

  • Hey Gary.

    Got to love the Pape and got to love the BPB (Brown Paper Bag).

    QOTD: In Australia we've got some mighty old grenache vines and in my opinion I think the variatal performs better in the Mclaren Vale than the Barrossa. Best Grenache experience was visiting the tiny Mclaren producer Samuals gorge, were Justin the wine maker didin't just give us his awesome wines to try, but made us coffee, offered us a beer and as we were leaving asked which was out favourite – we replied “for drinking now the grenache” – and he handed us a bottle (of $40 wine) to take home for dinner. Give as a pure gift it was one of the sweetest winnes I've ever drunk!


  • HOLY CRAP! I saw the previous episode without seeing this, and wrote a comment saying that you should blind taste grenacha! HOLY CRRROOOOWWW! This is epic!

  • First of all, there is no way you gonna wipe out Mott with a lame fireball. Second of all… good show! Will have to seek Chateanueuf at a rich guy's party 😉

    QOTD: Fav villain would have to be Darth Vader. Yep… I'll have to go there. He was just flippin' bad@$$.

  • Just Jack

    lol right. It would then be (b2)2

  • WineWoman

    QOTD: Brought back a Lodi Grenache called “R”. Not R wines from Australia. Excellent. I do like T-Vine Grenache, but of course love nearly every CDP–just more refined and complex than most Cali, Aussie wines, though I did enjoy the TirNaNog Grenache. You of course didn't care for it.

  • WineWoman

    If you haven't already had it, try the T-Vine Grenache, or anything by them. I think your palate might go for these. Also the Brown Zin.

  • WineWoman

    Drinking a great inexpensive garnacha from Spain tonight. “Evodia”. It's fairly big. Smoky, fruity, yummy-delicious.

  • teckdeck2008

    Great show. Both the wines sounded fairly solid even if the new world onewasn't your cup of tea.
    Qotd1: Well, this might not be quite what you were thinking of, but my favorite villain ever hands down is Sephiroth from FF VII. All you game nerds out there have to back me up on this, he was a beast of a character.
    Qotd2: The most recent experience I had with grenache was when I tried my third wine from the wine shop I work at (try meaning bottle I bought, I had way more tastes before that :p) and I got a $42 barrel 27 rock and a hard place grenache for half price. Best deal I've gotten on wine ever in my opinion.

  • YoungVines

    Great episode Gary! Grenache is the world's greatest red grape in my opinion… CDP, So much of spain… The Rhone Valley, Gigondas, so much old world awesomeness there.
    QOTD: Grenache always brings SERIOUS thunder to my palate. Most recently I scored some of Chateau St. Cosme '07 Gigondas “Le Poste” and “Hominis Fides.” Unbelievable grenache thunder, and age worthy too. If you haven't tried these yet, Gary, SEEK THEM OUT! Incredible wines. (Parker gave the Hominis 100 points… wow!)

  • jlilley

    I've always given Grenache a bad rap, but I recently had a '07 Le Mas Des Flauzières from Gigondas. Talk about an eye opener!

  • ONUMello

    subQOTD: ??
    QOTD: While Spain is cranking out some pretty high (85-90pt) solid Grenache wines for <$15 I've gotten kind of sick of them and recently have been enjoying the more old world grenache blends. The most recent wine I had that's primarily grenache was the 2007 Domaine La Garrigue Vacqueyras, which was enjoyed at a college graduation celebration dinner at a very high quality restaurant. It was a great example also of the quality of the 2007 Rhone vintage.

  • garyleak

    Great show. All (wine) business. Nice idea of comparing the same grape from Napa vs. France.

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Great episode, Gary, albeit another short one. I love Grenache. I got turned out to this varietal a few months ago after drinking Slip Stream and a Gigondas by Pierre Amadieu 06 Romane. Both are great wines for my palate and seemed to be very bright. Great to pair with a cigar ( had to throw that in there), preferably medium bodied.

    As far as Mike Tyson's Punchout…now that was the SHIZZZ! I loved that game! I mentioned buying a Nintendo the other day just so I could buy that and Excite bike…lol.

    QOTD: No story…lol


  • laurieinvt

    Good show! Brown bags are such fun! It was interesting having both wines at a similar price point.
    side QOTD: never played
    QOTD: Love Grenache, but no story tonight- waiting for the youngest to come home from the gf's house. He graduates from high school tomorrow- lots of other things on my mind…

  • subdaimon

    Another solid episode, good stuff Gary

    QOTD: favorite villain – not a huge highlander fan but the Kurgan was fun. Made that movie.

  • redrider21

    QOTD: “Stansfield” from “The Professional” (Gary Oldman) Could watch his scenes over and over and over. And his favorite wine would be a Cornas I guessing 😉

  • Hartofbarossa

    Great show Gary. Would love to see how you rate a bush vine grenache from 100 plus year old vines in the Barossa Valley against these. Would be a great line up head to head.

  • Just love the bags. I don't have a lot of experience with grenache. I parked some 07 Pape in the cellar but can't open yet so give me a few years ;).

    Got to agree with redrider21, Gary Oldman makes for a good villain. In “The Professional” but also in the “Fifth Element” although Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in “Die Hard” or Snape in Harry Potter or even Steven Spurrier in “Bottle Shock” 😉 is pretty strong too.

  • ilbee

    QOTD: You know what's weird? I really seem to enjoy the CdP's most when Grenache isn't the dominant grape. Go Beaucastel!

  • Lovin' the brown bags yo! Great match-up as well. I would have scored similarly.

    Side QOTD: Hmmm….tough call. I'll say Sandman.
    QOTD: My palette has been leaning lately towards Rhone, and especially CdP. I have fond memories of Garnacha from Spain, drank in the US and in Spain.

  • I drink grenache now and then and agree with others here that French old world is better than new world.. CDP and gigondas such as Les Pallieres Racine (imported by your buddy, Kermit Lynch) rock. I recently had another grenache-based wine from same producer: Le Pigeoulet en Provence – beautiful wine, under $20.. I need to find more of it!

  • LindseyN

    Thats an interesting story..lol.

  • LindseyN

    The Pape reins supreme!

    QOTD: Haven't had a lot of Grenache, but I had a Chateaneuf Du Pape earlier this year that was excellent!

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Wow, for 17.6% the average brix would had to have been around 32. That is very high even for Grenache.

  • bobbytiger

    Keep the head-to-heads coming, Gary.
    Must confess, that I have only had a few bottles of Grenache. In the past, it just seemed a little light for me. But, summer is finally here, and maybe it's time to try another.
    QOTD: Favorite villain? Barack Ob…, oh, never mind.

  • amsgpwarrior

    Hats off to the Pape!!! Lovin' the grenache show. When I first got into wine I started drinking Chateauneuf du Pape and then got away from it and recently came back to it again with a fervor. I've been buying and hoarding every 2007 Rhone Valley wine I can get my hands on because the vintage is just that good. Grenache has been one of my favorite grapes and has been an overwhelming QPR in recent vintages in Southern France and Spain.

    QOTD: Don Flamenco, the second go round with him, was my arch nemesis in that game. It seemed he got wwwaaaayyy better the second time fighting him. Plus he just looked like a dick!

  • amsgpwarrior

    Try the Atteca Old Vines grenache. Gary laudes it and bashes it in two different WLTV episodes but at around $10-12 dollars its real hard to beat. Its soft and supple with good fruit thats almost a tid bit over the top but has the delicious factor. Good to drink by itself because it doesn't have the structure to drink with food I believe. Give it a try.

  • amsgpwarrior

    Australia grenache would get murdered by older vines of CDP. Just my opinion. There is something that the old world brings that the new world (even Spain) can't match. Southern France just brings the terroir!

  • amsgpwarrior

    Good big fruit from grenache and sometimes high alcohol levels, I agree, can stand up to some cigars. Haven't tried the two together yet, but will do. You got any recommendations for a good cuban cigar if I can get my hands on some here soon? I like full bodied, creamy and some good spice to my cigars.

  • amsgpwarrior

    CDP and Cali don't compare. Alot of Cali grenache, just like the Outpost, are just high alcohol representations of the grape. It's like trying to beat the best Cru Champagne with Cali Korbel. Australia has better grenache than Cali. Cali has its premier grapes but grenache, like SB, will never be one of them.

  • amsgpwarrior

    Every body get your drinks together to support the USA in their match against England. I hope we never give them the satisfaction of beating us. They can wait another 60 years to try,…haha!!!

  • amsgpwarrior

    Yo GV! You need to get KMurph to create a heads up match between top-notch Australian grenache against Southern Rhone. There are a lot of Aussie's screaming their hooch is better. Lets put it to the test sometime.

  • scottEJ

    Thanks, G. I have a 6er of the CdP waiting in the wings and will arrive in Fall. Then another 5 or so years and I'll actually see how it is.

    QOTD: From the states: Jaffurs & Herman Story have a nice grenach. Then the best: Cayuse. Other than that, I'm a southern rhone guy all the way.

  • Droidicus

    I am very excited about this episode, I happen to have two bottles of that same CdP in my cellar right now! Although I paid quite a bit more then your price since wine in MA is always too expensive :-/

    QOTD1: Played punch-out, loved it, beat it eventually.
    QOTD2: I love CdP, and the 2007's have been hitting it out of the park for me. It is almost a shame that they are so drinkable now since I don't know if I will be able to hold on to them to see how they age.

  • I loved busting glass joe with the right left! Grenache…. brb…”Anyone in Dubai got a Grenache?” Hold on G man I gotta find a bottle… story to follow.

  • QOTD: Sandman!!! (he scared me)
    QOTD: Grenache was the varietal that started me on my wine journey. I found a wonderful $10 bottle and thought, I need to buy a few bottles and keep them downstairs. Now, 5+ years later I've got a small cellar downstairs… all thanks to a little bottle of Spanish Grenache!

  • Illegal_Formation

    I never had Mike Tyson's Punch Out (I may not have been allowed – I'll have to ask my mom) but when I played it at friends' houses, Sandman was definitely the scariest.

    I haven't had much grenache outside of blends, but I did just pick up the $6.50 grenache during the WL Memorial Day free shipping special. Haven't had it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Couldn't afford not to buy it.

  • jsums

    If you dig the Mourvedre, give Doug McCrea's wines from Washington (McCrea Cellars) a shot. Not only are his Rhone-style wines excellent, he's a great dude as well that you can feel good about supporting. His varietal Mourvedres are superb, and he will usually splash some of it into his varietal Syrahs to add a little earthy/savoury foundation. Seek these wines out if you're a Mourvedre fan. Trust me!

  • Red Shouldered Hawk

    I went to “The Bastille,” a French grill/restaurant/bar in San Francisco and asked for a glass of strong wine. They poured me a Grenache. It was awful. It tasted like camphor, and it numbed my cheeks and tongue. Also came across eucalyptusy. I've had other Grenaches that tasted candied and fake. I have not yet caught the boat on Grenache.

  • Allan

    2003 Roaix from Ogier Cave de Pape this evenin'…… yuk. It looks like Puff The Magic Dragon paid me a visit too…..

    The bottle lacked fruit, and should probably have been consumed years ago, but what the heck! Bittttttter cherries, a bit of herbs and spices. Not complex, not exciting, not worth your time dear reader…. 🙁
    82-83 points (and i'm being kind here)

    Hopefully a 2006 Norton Privada will finish off in style. . . . . . .

    Cheers! 😀

  • Allan

    Disqus SUCKS!!!

  • Allan

    I agree with this allan dude (which is myself by the way) HAHA 🙂

    What is wrong with Disqus? ? ? Clarification please..

  • Allan

    Go Messi, Go Messi, Go Messi ! ! !

  • Anonymous

    from Eric Solomon/ European Cellars! Right on!

  • lawrenceleichtman

    Chateau Neuf de Pape ranks as my all time favorite wines so I like my grenache blended with other grapes. Have had some over-the-top grenache from Spain, Australia and USA. I believe in the past that the most planted grape in the world is grenache.

  • John__J

    qotd: Grenache makes my fav dessert wine with chocolate-BANYULS!, love that stuff.
    When it comes to grenache I've mostly had and stick with the old world, especially S. Rhone, Chateauneuf de Pape, Vacqueyras, Gigondas, Lirac, I can't get enough.
    Haven't had a grenache gris as far as I know, would like to find a wine with that in it. Like the S. Rhone grenache blancs too. Like the Garnacha's out of Spain, but not nearly as much as the French ones.
    Only had 1 Cannonau (which I hear is damn close to, if not grenache),out of Sardinia, this episode reminds me to look for some more of those too, thanks Gary.


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