EP 876 Tasting the Sopranos Wine – Part II

Gary Vaynerchuk focuses on the Chiantis from the Sopranos wine and tastes with Dominic Chianese and Mark Gonsalves.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 The Sopranos Chianti
2007 The Sopranos Chianti Classico
2005 The Sopranos Chianti Classico Riserva
2007 The Sopranos Cab/Merlot/Sangiovese Blend

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luca bercelli


Not as phenomenal as part one but still a good watch

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  • JSBrusco

    What an amazing couple shows. The last two shows with the Soprano's have been great. I am definitely in the hunt for a couple of these…

  • Deangeles

    LOve It I hope I win the poster, I am now currently studying for my sommelier degree and this would be great to add to my love for wine

  • Great show.
    QOTD; six.

  • Eric S

    Really interesting show, I live in NJ and have not seen these wines yet, but definitely will try to find them now, curious to try them myself. I thought the guests were great, very funny dynamic. Thanks for always mixing it up on the show!

  • Annefitz

    very interesting and informative love the humor I am very excited about this wine where can I purchase this wine in the Massachusetts stores.

  • Zora

    What a great and honest presentation. Iam looking forward to purchasing some of the wines seen on the video.Where can I purchase these wines in Western Mass.I am cooking up a pot of sauce as we speak so need the info soon.

  • plcb

    QOTD: Gee, I don't know.

    Great entertainment. I thoroughly enjoyed this double episode. I'm a big fan of both Sopranos and WLTV. Great job to all of you, especially Mott, excellent quality of filming. Perfect use of the center and the ends of the table. This was a pleasure to watch.

  • Lud73

    Im in!!

  • Bigorangemoq

    This was an amazing episode! Def going to try and get a table there before the open bottle Party!!!!! Cant wait! July 10 cant come soon enough!!!

  • Allan

    “…..got yourself a gun”

  • NIWineguy

    Thought it was a great show, love the poster. Great marketing Idea.
    QOTD: Seeing how I live in Ireland I better get this right. 7

  • Brian

    Great show. Really took me back to my roots in the industry learning about wine and food from an old New York Italian family. Wine as a vehicle by which communities come together for enjoyment of life and history. Will have to hunt down the Reserva here in CA.

  • great show Gary, my fav next to the Gretzky show. Keep it up!

  • DaveyDonut

    Really enjoyed these two episodes. Some of my favorite of all time; real entertainment. Thanks guys!

    QOTD: 42


  • Mark

    Binnys has the Prosecco , Chianti DOCG , Pinot Grigio, and the Pinot Noir. He has sold the Riserva and the Cab Merlot Sangiovese and can special order therough the local distributor. Thanks for your support

  • Oakmon’s BF

    I accidently clicked ?like? on Gordie2. I thought I was clicking on Castello. Oh well. I kind of like the idea of supporting both sides of an argument but I don?t like putting down this episode or these guests.

  • Oakmon’s BF

    Good! I hadn?t noticed. I hope this means he?s decided to ignore the commenters who?ve been trying to change him. I like Gary just being himself.

  • tflangan

    Great couple of shows. Dom is a class act.

    QOTD – I'm Irish and don't have a clue.

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    I like this part a lot better than the first. To me, it seemed hat everyone was settled down and enjoying themselves. Vincent even started to enjoy smelling the wines and picking up on the nuances of each one. My hat is off the Dom, Mark, and Vincent. Thank you!

    QOTD: I have no clue. Guess – 6

    PS – Great poster!

  • ND

    Great pair of episodes! I think Gary's critique was fair and balanced, and thus he should not worry about getting whacked!! Gotta love Vinny =)

  • A dumb Rhein king

    hehe. I have no idea.

  • Gary I am posting late i hope i am not discounted from the drawing… I have love these two episodes… The best! I dont know the qotd but I love Sopranos and I love Patsys

  • Wow! Just watched both episodes, and wow! These definitely deserve a spot on the favorite episodes link! Looked like everyone was having a great time. Shame, shame, Mott didn't have a plate off the get go though =P

  • charlzee

    This will come down as the top 5 episodes (part 1&2) of all time. But, whew..the air quotes were out of hand.

  • guest


    QOTD: Don't care.

  • Vivianovino

    Great episode!!!

    QOTD: Have absolutely no idea.

  • johnfasc

    QOTD: no clue!

    gary, how was the pasta?!!?

  • Ozzy

    Hey GV great shows. The food and wine looked great, looked like fun time. That poster of the new cover was pretty cool too.
    QOTD: Don't know but I m going to guess 15.

  • Phil G

    GV, that was some fun stuff! All over the place and some good wines – a nice surprise for you it seemed, even dropping the ratings a point or so because of 'fun' would give some decent results for the price. Could do MUCH worse with some other 'brands'…

    QOTD – my guess would be zero…

  • Phredd3

    Really fun show. It was long, but these guys are experience entertainers, and it showed. Loved it. May have to seek out that Riserva. I really like the big Chianti Classicos.

  • Paul Savas

    GV, “I'm pinchin myself.” Great line. You looked you were having a blast. Totally agree with your take on the Riserva. Your guests were priceless. Hard to find in many shops in Vermont.

  • John__J

    qotd: I have no idea

    I definitely enjoyed part 2 way more than part 1

  • darin latimer

    I have been a constant and inexhaustible defender of (particularly) the perfect end of 'The Sopranos' and (broadly) the fact that it is the best 86 hour gangster movie ever made…and any ambiguity about it's ending is resolved in that clearly-chosen-on-purpose ending episode number…no show as restaurant-centric-savvy as this could end on that number accidentally. 'nuff said.

    I'm guessing the Ireland question has been answered 50 times by now, but thank you Gary for bringing Big Pussy and Uncle June back into our lives for a while…I'll check out the Riserva.

  • Bawulfe

    one of the best episode / series yet!!, 9 counties border ofilie, Jlo's but is approximately 18 inches in diameter and weights just over 23 pounds.

  • ewb

    !st off great job Mott. Way to stay focused. Great show Gary. Just awesome.
    Made me very hungrey. So I had to pair this Arniston Bay Chenin Blanc Chardonnay that I am dinking with something….”How about a Strawberry Pop-Tart” Worked for me.
    QOTD: I have no idea.

  • chukheadted

    great guests! keep up the blind tastings and fun/knowledgeable guests!!

  • Mike in C-town

    I love Dominic! Uncle June was truly enjoyable to listen too.

  • Nogun

    ‘The Sopranos’ didn’t glorify violence. It included violence, but didn’t use it gratuitously. What made the show special was the writing above all else. The gun in the logo was necessary for a television audience. But in making the transition to fine wines, they absolutely should have omitted the gun. Those who are attracted to the gun, and purchase the wine because of it, don’t know the difference between good wine and mouthwash. If they are your audience, then you wasted a lot of effort making the wine high quality. Those who know the difference are likely to dismiss this wine because it groups them with a low brow market. Wine lovers – of all consumers – are EXTREMELY concerned with associations and appearances. Nobody wants to feel like a cast member of The Jersey Shore, sitting in a steakhouse with a bottle of tough guy wine at his table.

    All that said, I hope I’m wrong, for the sake of their business. I’d love to see this wine do very well. I just have my doubts, and I think the logo is the key to its success or its failure.

  • Jgronvall

    I had the pleasure of dining for lunch at Patsy's on Saturday. The food was exquisite, prepared by their amazing chef Sal. The best surprise however, was the Sopranos wine..the reserva chianti was incredible. While I expected the food to be good (and it was), I did not expect the wine to be..but it was. John in Y-town

  • Mari_carras

    Was visiting NYC and went to eat @ Wolfgangs Steakhouse 33rd and Park Ave and was surprised to see they had the 2005 Sopranos Riserva on the wine list and it was impressive really holds up well and when we complimented the wine steward he gave us 2 complimentary Sopranos Prosecco for dessert…all in all a great night. Thanks for turning us on.

  • Sechy

    Thanks for a great episode. It was really educational and I learned so much about chianti. I tried one of the Soprano wines in NY (thought it was great) but I've had a challenging time finding them in CA. I'm going to hunt down a bottle of the Soprano chianti and pair it with fish. Who would have know?!

  • GKnight

    I tried them all…remember the word ‘value’?? very good values all

  • Anonymous

    Another great show, although the guest was very quiet.

    Would love to see a show with more info on Chianti’s different areas/styles.

  • A real great show, Gary. I really like to combine also in a show wine with food. Would like to see more of this. Or is there any other podcaster doing i, like also the Wine Spectator Podcast is showing it sometimes.
    As I am a german, I did not know the Soprano Wines yet, don’t know where to buy them over here.
    And whenever I will be in NYC I will for sure have a meal at Paty’s. The book is already on my amazon wish list, twitter and facebook I follow since today.

  • Valentin

    Ohh my gosh Gary you had to endure a lot. You pretended to be suprised when one of those guys came up with that calendar/photo/poster thing. I mean I know that you know it was crap and a waste of money.

  • Love it!

    QOTD : 7 counties – Galway, Roscommon, Tipperary, Laois, Westmeath, Kildare and Meath – border County Offaly.

  • luca bercelli


    Not as phenomenal as part one but still a good watch


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