EP 876 Tasting the Sopranos Wine – Part II

Gary Vaynerchuk focuses on the Chiantis from the Sopranos wine and tastes with Dominic Chianese and Mark Gonsalves.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 The Sopranos Chianti
2007 The Sopranos Chianti Classico
2005 The Sopranos Chianti Classico Riserva
2007 The Sopranos Cab/Merlot/Sangiovese Blend

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luca bercelli


Not as phenomenal as part one but still a good watch

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  • winecrazy

    Thanks Lady….maybe he'll see this and use me in the new film he's doing. Breifcase. Thye were filming down by my shore house here but I was in Cancun or a frined of mine who was filming would have at least introduced me. Another friend was in a movie with him that is coming out soon, Piaaz with Bullets. But it's hard when you're just a working actor to get your firneds onto the set. No body wants to go out of their way to help yuo because they are just happy to be working on it. I'm not like that but then not many people are like me…. 🙂

  • Steve_r_vb

    dude the gun is part of the shows logo. the glotiying of violence you speak of was 85 percent of the show. of course its a bit gimicky but in no way is it going to hurt the product if its worth drinking fans of the show will buy it which is really the only reason why you make a sopranos wine in my opinion. those that would be turned off by a gun arent its target audience.

  • Brunellofello

    Just watched both Sopranos episodes and the red show was awesome while the white was kinda meh for me. I'm becoming a big fan of chiant classicos especially the 06s. I sure would like to win that poster.

  • I hear you…we are in such a strategic place in VT, that there is cable about 5 miles from us on one side, and DSL about 4 miles to the other…but no one wants to string the extra line this way, because it would only net them about 50 subscribers.
    I've got to hit the road for the city, but it downloaded last night, and I'll listen during the drive. Ciao!

  • Robczyz

    Great episodes….do you think eating meatballs in b/t tasting affected the overall profiles of each wine??? Looking forward to trying these someday…havent had a good “basic” Chianti in a while…

  • Fun show. 876. You continue to wow 'em.

  • buss

    Great show. Not a big fan of guests on the show, but the banter with everyone was very entertaining. Don't get to NY much but will have to vist Patsy's when I do.

  • Glen W

    One of the Best Show every, link it up to the “best of” library. Glad to see Gary made it out without swimming with the fishes. Question of the day; What wine would you serve with Gary and Fish?

  • Mark

    Definately our new Sopranos Grillo hasnt been released yet lets keep GV around for another 876 episodes

  • Mark

    you can find the Sopranos 2006 which is alot better than the 2007 we had on the show my BAD

  • Mark

    We are also in Florida for sale all you need to do is ask your local wine/liquor shop to carry it and they wll order from the local distributor

  • Mark

    Its actually a trademark and licensing issue we are not promoting violence rather celebrating the fact that wine was a big part of the show sunday dinners @ Tony's not to mention wine is a huge part of the Italian culture and experience.

  • Mark

    Its actually a trademark and licensing issue we are not promoting violence rather celebrating the fact that wine was a big part of the show sunday dinners @ Tony's not to mention wine is a huge part of the Italian culture and experience.

  • Anonymous

    Forgetaboutit!!! maybe as a joke I will buy one and review…. http://www.winelx.com

  • Alexandre-CF

    Hey, thanks a lot… 😉

    The Brazil’s wine scene is growing fast, but still tiny. we have over 40 producers. our best really are the bubbles( http://www.winesfrombrazil.com.br ), and we have really great importers but the wine here is expensive ( for example a wine that cost 20 dollars in the US here we buy for 50 dollars or more . THAT RALLY SUCKS. The prices of US wines here is absurd , for example the 04 Opus One is 700 Dollars , the 05 Espirit de Beaucastel is 100 Dollars )
    I drink lot’s of french but the far majority is from chile and argentina, there r really good stuff for low prices, They own the scene here.

    sorry about my english.

  • CtWalt

    Great Show Gary, Will def try getting to Patsy's when in NYC. Still trying to get to the party on the 10th.

    QOTD : 7

  • wineot

    Love that poster! Great show fellas. Might not want to call out alc. content on your own wines pubically…but it looks like the riserva won over A LOT of doubters!

  • winecrazy

    So did I win the poster???

  • Dawn9850

    Great show! What a great location and love the banter back and forth of the guests.
    Would love getting my hands on a bottle of the chianti riserva, but alas, I live in Tennessee.
    Might be a road trip to Illinois soon!

  • cellarrat5

    The show was about the mafia; they actually did live and die by the gun. How could you not include it, its a moot point considering the shows theme, script and history.

  • cellarrat5

    I must admit this show did drag on a little for me. However, I really enjoyed the brand discussion at the end of the show, and stellar camera work by Mott. I believe preconceived notions of any wine we have tried before affect us more than we may know. That being said, nobody can taste blind all the time!

    QOTD: I have no clue, aside from reading other comments my geography is atrocious.

  • cellarrat5


  • Jon-Paul Lenczuk

    Had to acknowledge 2 of the best episodes I've seen in EONS!! I've been a lurker for too long!! Fantastic job by you, Gary, and all the guests on these past two shows!! I will be trying out some of these wines in the very near future!!


  • David G.

    great people, awesome show! great insights into these people, too. I like the fact that you are improving more and more on your interview skills, gary. 🙂

    qotd: 7

  • BenBurch

    great show, great people! Nice interviewing also! This was a ton of fun and a great two-parter. I already love Patsy's. I'm definitely making a reservation there next time I'm in NYC on the East Coast.

  • Robnmo

    QOTD: 7 — Great episode

  • DCaragher

    GV – Another great two parter, you're on a roll my man! I have to admit, I thought of the wine as a novelty as well, but I guess now I'll give it a try! Thanks!

    QOTD: I have not idea, and I won't even try to google it! GO JUNIOR!

  • Allan

    Sasha! Sasha! Sasha!


  • Allan

    No, no, no!!!

    Sasha instead!!!

    Sasha on the couch maybe?

  • Allan

    Nope it was me 🙂

  • Allan


  • winecrazy

    Oh…..I was so close too!!!!!

  • Chicago Mark

    Now that was a great episode…very entertaining , look forward to the wines.

  • DCBoudin

    Great show. I sure miss The Sopranos. I'd put this episode on par with the Curb Your Enthusiasm story arc reuniting Seinfeld…like bringing old friends back to my house.

    When will WL start selling the Soprano wines?

    I couldn't understand Domenic's question about Ireland, but I'll guess 7 counties.

  • teckdeck2008

    Wow I like the second part of the episode much better. And the wines seemed to be a lot better too. I enjoy chiantis but its too much of a risky play for me right now given my current financial situation.
    Qotd: I have no clue and I'm sure someone else has googled it or binged it by now. But I would put it up here otherwise.

  • great shows…would love the signed poster…

  • Trixie

    Those two episodes are Gem really enjoyed, off home now for a bottle of Leonardo Chianti riserva 2005 and a big joint of roast pork mmmmm.There are seven Co. bordering Offaly, but a far nicer spot in ireland is Waterford which is bordered by the coastline, Tipperary,Cork, Kilkenny and Wexford

  • lucresmith

    Patsy's sounds amazing, I'll have to check it out during my NYC trip for the WLTV party. QOTD: no idea, looks like 7 from other comments. Would sure love that poster though. See you the 10th GaryV and vayniacs!

  • Mjs8143

    Absolutely amazing couple of shows. I'll have to make a note to visit Patsy's next time I'm in New York.

  • Patrick McFeely

    I can't get signed in but here we go,There are 6 counties around Offaly they are Westmeath, Kildare,Leois, Tipperary,Galway, and Roscommon, this was a Great show I just wanted to be there Great food, great wine and Great people. Thank you. I hope i can get the wine in N,Ireland Patrick McFeely.

  • Patrick McFeely

    Sorry left out Meath total of 7

  • What a fun episode! Last couple of episodes have been great! Loved 'em.

    QOTD: I'm gonna say 7! Didn't google it, but everyone else seems to have 🙂

  • L’egance of Looavull

    Your english is fine. 🙂
    Thank you so much for the info on wines in Brazil! I’ver never had wine from there.
    – Thats crazy that imported wine is soo expensive! Hopefully the wine market there will get better soon!

  • Damien23

    Great show. Heading to Binny's to see if i could find one of these wines.

  • guymandude

    Another great show, gotta try those wines.

    qotd; Dom ,your the best.

  • The Hairy Hillbilly

    Loved the show. Don't want to get knocked off! Loved the SHOW!

  • Great pair of episodes.. good to see the wines perform and not just rely on the brand.

  • dsallen

    Awesome episode! I got your back too, GaryV!

    I'm really glad the Riserva was good! I haven't opened my '05 riservas yet.

  • Randall

    Lying in wait in the hinterlands… awaiting the prophesied day in which Disqus shall be FREE of errors (*Amen, brother!*)… FIXED forevermore (*YES!*)… a day in which ALL can comment (*Yes!!*) AND reply!! (*Hallelujah!!*) (*Yes!!*) I said ALL can comment AND reply!! Can I get a witness?!? (*YES!!*) (*HEYYAH!!*)

  • Hook me up with that signed color proof!

    Nice show, gosh, rolling with the big boys.

    QOTD: I have no clue since I could not understand the city name. I will guess . . . 4.

    Cin Cin!


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