EP 886 Vertical Tasting of Monteviejo Malbec

Gary Vaynerchuk has a rare opportunity to taste a vertical (several vintages of the same wine) of the Monteviejo Lindaflor Malbec.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2003 Monteviejo Lindaflor MalbecArgentine Malbec
2004 Monteviejo Lindaflor MalbecArgentine Malbec
2007 Monteviejo Lindaflor MalbecArgentine Malbec

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luca bercelli


Decent show, Mott on point

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  • Mauricio_Fernandes

    Hi GV!! Hi Mott!! Nice show!!

    This Vertical is a nice learning experience on vintage discrepancies, as you know the climate itself in Argentina or Chile doesn?t affect the vintages on the same extent that they do on other parts of the world, especially Europe. The real impact you can see there is clearly in the winemakers hands:

    Michel Rolland is the oenologist who, since 1973, ?helped? a lot of Bordeaux Chateaux to ?change? their style to a more ?modern? one (and then get better scores from Robert Parker?).

    I have tasted 2 other Rolland projects in Argentina, Yacochuya and Val de Flores, and you know right away it?s a Rolland (Parker) wine: Powerful ? Over Extracted, fruit driven, alcoholic wines? I personally like those wines on certain occasions, but you have to find a really big piece of Argentinean steak to match it.

    QOTD: Malbec remembers me how stunning is Argentina?s Patagonia is: Gorgeous nature, awesome food (especially the variety of great meat cuts) and of course a lot of nice wine to match it. Perfect Vacation!

    How is Misha doing? And how is Sasha?
    Best wishes,

    MF from Brazil.

  • richardvinifera

    The first wine I had that I fell in love with was De Martino 2006 Maule Valley Single Vineyard Malbec. I've got four bottles left, don't like it as much at the moment but I really think that it is in a dumb period. The fruit is still very much there, but the tannins have massively taken over. I'm gonna try a bottle per year and hope the tannins fade before the fruit disappears!

  • Anonymous

    Who you callin a noob? 😉

  • Lurker Berserker

    Nice vertical. Don't sweat changing your score on the '03 Gary… whenever I “revisit my palate past”, I'm amazed by how much my palate has evolved, or how my enjoyment of a wine that I've had previously has changed, or perhaps the wine itself has evolved into something that I appreciate more or less than before.

    QOTD: Malbec = medium/dark red fruit with earthy flavor characteristics. The malbecs I've had have been like most other red varietals I've had… they differ based on where they come from and how they were produced. They do offer a fantastic value at this time however and that is why I think they're so hot.

  • mattgmann

    qotd: malbec…. IMO finding a good malbec at the moment is little more than a crap shoot. There are soooooooo many cheap, steel tanked, oak chipped, fake fruit malbecs out there that they blanket the minority of well made wines in the same price range. I've personally given up on the gamble and only drink malbec if someone else buys it.

    Cahors is another story though. I am generally more comfortable picking out a random cahors than an Argentinian malbec.

    Interesting show with the vertical tasting. I recently had a similar experience with 3 vintages of Domaine Pegau CdP (03, 06, 07). Though it was a much better experience than with the malbecs you had.

  • Allan

    Love u too!

  • WineWoman

    Love the “Fish Lips”. Didn't mean to pan the Post 4th Sale. Came in last night to pick up a few orders (one of which came from the sale) and stopped by the Gourmet Dept. Some excellent buys–especially the Carm olive oil. Too much to mention.
    QOTD: Was excited to try a Susana Balbao wine that I had brought to another eager to learn wine fan. It was a blend of Bonarda, Syrah and maybe a little Malbec. Tasted like Bazooka bubble gum with a few sweet-tarts thrown in. A chemist “brewed” this concoction, not a winemaker. I've loved her Torrontes in the past. A huge disappointment. Not really a Malbec story, but on the plus side, I drank a La Posta Malbec a while back–very enjoyable.

  • Cardiff_Kie

    Malbec = Child Please

  • NY Pete

    if the shoe fits … 🙂
    dude you have been here way tooooooooooooooooo long.

  • castello

    You're smarter than you look. Mott, Link it up!

  • castello

    Thanks for the link. I think it's a good idea that the som tastes the wine as long as they let you know they're doing it. Some bottles can be funky and the diner may not want to look bad sending it back when you're not sure.

  • I was thrown by the name change…but thought it sounded like the girl.

  • 2007 Mott even says MMMMM….
    Could it be that the wine shows better in youth? What was the vintage variation? Or has the wine making process improved at this facility? Turn up the nerd factor. Anyone done the homework on this one?

    QOTD: Malbec – probably what the Argentinian football team is still drowning sorrows in.

  • castello

    I had to go to the quicktime site, download the free thing thn go back and click on quicktime version and then wait about 5-7 minutes for it to download. Nothing indicated it was downloading but eventually it started playing. Better to go to the wines below the video and click play there. UGH!

  • waynooo daaa wino


    qotd: Malbec = Gotta do me some Tastin'…. Accumalated/stashed-away atleast a Case of 2006 & 2007 90 to 93 Point Robert Parker rated Malbecs. Gotta open somma those Puppys and see what Malbec has to offer………

  • Allan

    Heeeeyyy that's just rude 🙂

    I'm gonna hit you soon on facebook or twitter……..! What year is this??? I'm late

  • Allan

    Get in the groove here on WLTV!


  • Allan

    You rock waynooo, i'm gonna facebook you soon…….

  • castello

    I don't tweet! Unless I'm chasing a bird.

  • Matthewjohnson_78

    can someone please tell me why i cant watch this video? im not the sharpest tool in the shed, but shouldnt there be something more than a white screen?

  • Allan

    Click on wines tasted, for example the 2003, which will take you were you need to go 🙂

    You're welcome!

  • Jeremy

    Noble Gary!

    A delightful episode indeed! One for the ages! I trust you will continue this streak of undeniable excellence in your episodes to come! One favor, if I may.. I ask that the Nation of Vayner witness you drink from more brown bags!

    Good day, Sir!


  • Allan

    You're rad, you know! 😉

  • Mott

    I've changed the embed code back to the old way we used to do it. So it won't work with iPhone and iPads. But if those of you who were having trouble could try to play the video again and let me know it it works for you or not, it would be appreciated. Just leave your reply below.

  • LurkerKing

    The world would be a sad place without Mott.

  • Allan

    Mott IS the tech wizzard. THNX a ton 🙂

  • QOTD: Malbec = 90's cigar boom. The good ones are still there, hiding under the mountain of “me toos”

  • castello

    Brilliant! To hell with those Ipad folks. 😉 A day without Mott is like a day without wine.

  • Oh, tis fun times!

  • Allan

    WORD! Thunder comment castello!

  • mattgmann

    it's working now for me mott. I'm using google chrome on windows 7

  • purplegrillz

    The groove is very thundered indeed.

  • Great show, love the vertical set up. Not suprised you liked the 07 more as it was a lighter styled vintage from my experience.

    QOTD: Malbec = awesome when done right, too many are oak bombs, but when they get it right, like the Catena family IMO they can be stellar wines.

  • zanne_70

    GV – I happen to be sipping a 2006 Cahors and I am getting just a touch of that salty/sea water/fishy thing you mentioned in this episode. Is this a Malbec characteristic? Never really occurred to me before now… Would love to hear your thoughts or anyone else's!

  • Allan

    Oh yes! Cahors uses Malbec for sure, so it's no wonder you get the aromatics. Also used in the Loire Valley, and for blending in The New World. Hope i was of help to u.

  • laurieinvt

    yep, you're hitting a groove! It's too hot to type any more than that…

  • winemonologues

    Malbec= my wife's current favorite red wine (interestingly Falanghina–on your rec, is her fave white).

  • Episode #886 —– “How Vayner got his groove back!”

    QOTD: Malbec + Burgers + Babes + Warm Summer Nights is like watching Voltron in your underwear with a bowl of Coco Pebbles.

    Drinking my '07 Pinot Noir from Michelle at David Family Wines this weekend in Tahoe… Super stoked. Thanks for the promo code Gary. Hi-five.


  • PS – Come to Oregon and do “a tasting with a fan at one of his favorite wineries in the region.”

    Show idea! 🙂

  • What kind of camera are you using Gary? Love this.

  • BillTXWine

    Malbec = Overripe nose / underripe palate. Most smell intensley black fruit driven, palate usually brings out more earth and herbacious flavors…..to me that is.

  • NY Pete

    where's some new thunder?

  • Allan

    Gary's world, Gary's world, party time, excellent!!! waitin' til sat. i get it. 🙂

  • Virtualnord

    Try not to wipe your nose with your hand, maybe some editing

  • NorCalKing


    Malbec, does not equal, fifty bones……for me. Sorry.

  • David M Roberts

    What I like about this episode is that it underscores the fact that not all wines age well; in fact, the minority of wines age well, and most probably drink better young. Ah, youth…

    QOTD: To state the obvious, I think when people hear Malbec, the association is Argentina, just because that region really gave us those enjoyable quaff-worthy wines in that $15 range that is so affordable, and Argentina, therefore, made that grape popular again.

  • pian0_player

    I have had some killer malbecs, but generally prefer them in a blend. The high end cobos wines are amazing. cheap, overoaked malbec = down the drain. nice show, like the vertical. how about a bordeaux vertical??? Pichon lalande, Lynch Bages, Leoville Porferre… hell, pick a chateau! Also how about a RP 100 pointer show?

  • Phil G

    Like the groove.

    You didn't say this here, but I think the batman/dark knight tasting note is about to jump the shark.

    QOTD – too much hype. Probably not really, but as you would say, it doesn't have the cure in it…

  • paz levinson


  • ChrisR

    I think I'd really like to see a vertical of some top bordeaux from '05, '06, and '07. Those were such hyped vintages, especially '05, and it'd be really interesting to see how they stack up. I wonder if the '07 Lindaflor price jump had anything to do with the crazy amount of money Michel Roland probably charges to consult?


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