EP 886 Vertical Tasting of Monteviejo Malbec

Gary Vaynerchuk has a rare opportunity to taste a vertical (several vintages of the same wine) of the Monteviejo Lindaflor Malbec.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2003 Monteviejo Lindaflor MalbecArgentine Malbec
2004 Monteviejo Lindaflor MalbecArgentine Malbec
2007 Monteviejo Lindaflor MalbecArgentine Malbec

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luca bercelli


Decent show, Mott on point

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  • SuperBadd

    I have had the pichon lalande on may occasions…VERY hard to top these guys…outragous leather and perfume…good luck doing a vertical anywhere near this quality for lees than 1000 bones…

  • SuperBadd

    Oh and i doubt GV will shell out that much just so we can say..oh how nice…why wouldnt he just cellar a pichon (like he hasnt already) or a Chateau Potelle Cab…or anything else in the realm of 96+ wines…unrealistic me thinks…but hell, hes a millionaire right? Who knows what could happen…(BTW id pick the Chateau Potelle 1996 Cab over most of the last 10 years from France imho) 😉 Love ya…Mean It…Peace

  • me too also wonder that….charging the batteries for friday big bonanza, ustream that uh?

  • havent had any problems, works on IE 8, Firefox 3.5, Opera 10 , IE7 Chrome on Vista and Xp machines at my place (and at work despite very rigorous firewall) Actually worked on Xperia2 win mobile too, oddly enough, since nothing else works on that f.. machine

    Oops sorry, I had no problems. Should'n been posting 😉

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  • I commend you on not throwing up a 94 or 95 on the '07. Why???….Let me go on the record as saying there is no way that Malbec will sell at $50…..no way…..i smell a Cindy offer coming on….i have tried the 04 and totally agree with your review….

  • I sometimes have the opportunity to do verticals with beer. Just did a Gnarlywine short vertical recently, actually. Wish I could grab up these three to try. Nice tight show, and even under 15min.

    QOTD: I went anagram. “Be calm.”

  • lawrenceleichtman

    Malbec equals not my favorite wines. Had a lot of them on the Thunder cruise and never could warm up to them. Some were just downright nasty.

  • BTW Mr Mott, do you have any stats regarding viewers from diffrent countries? I know it's hard to figure all those ip's out but just generally speaking? You all are doing agood job making this work, day after day. Good job.

  • nikkig

    Malbec equals bold and loud… like world cup football fans!

  • jsums

    Excellent wine-ed show. Fascinating how some wines evolve into aged beauty and others just fall apart. So pumped for Saturday! Pretty sure I've gotta bring some Greek juice to expand some palates and represent my 'hood. Sound good? QOTD – Malbec = Good Full-Bodied Value (when made right)

  • NIce show Gary, going back and catching up. Now that you guys can ship to TN, it adds even more enjoyment to your shows!! 🙂

    QOTD: malbec=argentina. Just the first thing to pop in my mine. Original, I know! 🙂

  • jsums

    I agree. Sure, Catena is a big-daddy producer and is the most popular name in Malbec, but that's because they get it right. I've never had a Catena Malbec I didn't thoroughly enjoy. Sometimes in this world a rare good thing happens: the big popular everyone-knows-it product got that way not just through sheer marketing (like Patron Tequila or 95% of the pop singers out there now, don't get me started), but because it's truly one of the very best products out there…like Coca-Cola or GnR or Pavarotti.

  • mob515

    Loved that learning experience. I am definitely going to do that manner of tasting. Malbec = wine for BBQ and Chili

  • pian0_player

    I have had Pichon several times as well. you could do a decent vertical of 3 wines for less than $500, and yes its expensive. I think it would be interesting to discuss the hype around a 100 point wine and if it lives up. i buy wines in the 95+ point range regularly for less than $100 if you look around and buy from a good merchant. Drank a Robert Craig 2007 Affinity yesterday that got 96 from parker (purchased for $50). I thought 96 was a bit high but it was certainly interesting. The last 10 years in France have been extraordinary. just in Bordeaux we have had 4 outstanding vintages (2000, 2003, 2005, 2009). Personally, I would take a great bottle of Bordeaux over just about anything. sometimes the wines are disappointing, but when you find a great bottle it moves you and burns in your memory. I recently had the 05 Pape Clement and I tell you, it will take the Pepsi challenge with any wine in the world.

  • Carlitos

    QOTD. Malbec = Argentinian Asado Grill

    I'm not happy with your scoring/comments today. Since when does an 89 score wine “suck”. I understand is 4 points less than you gave it some years ago, but I'm sure it's still decent. Or did it deserve even lower and were you afraid to score it that and make your palate look bad? That's why “scores suck”. They give no context, no frame of reference. It must have been good back then if you scored 93. I understand wines change and there are only good bottles, but, man!

  • castello

    Th 07 has been on Cindy twice. I got one!

  • castello


  • nitaT

    QOTD: Malbec= too fruity, not enough earth for me in most cases.

  • roy josephson

    how about a muscadet tasting. summer is the perfect time for a chilled glass.

  • b777capt

    I would really love a show with a Bordeaux vertical! It is not something I can afford to do both from a cost standpoint and from an availability standpoint but GV you should be able to give us one. Great show. I'm unsure how Malbecs from the early years of improvement in their reputation will age. GV do you think that the '03 was an aberration or a sign that the wine making had not yet improved enough to produce a wine with aging potential?

    QOTD: malbec = great food wine with lots of potential.

  • njc2o

    i know gary will be the first to tell you this, but scores are pretty worthless.. i can't say with specificity as to parker or anyone else (as i haven't watched them taste hundreds of wines on video), but the inconsistency is horrible.. you see him completely slam some wines that get mid-high 80s, and some that get 60-70.. some wines in the 70s don't even seem to offend him, only bore him.

    what's even more frustrating when he gushes over a $40 wine, saying how much he loves it, all the interesting flavor profiles, then bam, 90 points, and give it a pass.

  • njc2o


  • BenBurch

    QOTD: Malbec = Brandon Pyle.

    First Malbec I tried was mine and Brandon's going away party last summer. He was going to Illinois University and I was moving out to San Diego to start graduate work. I loved it. He and I drank the whole bottle outside on the deck.

  • Thanks, Castello!

  • Thanks, castello!

  • Great Episode!! I'm trying to catch up on some of the WLTV's that I've missed, good to see your back to KISS – Keeping It Simple Stupid.

    Malbec = Flood

    My restaurant got flooded last november, and I was gutted that I lost a case of what was the last 12 bottles of Dona Paula Malbec 2007 in Ireland. I really loved that wine.It was a keeper!!

  • Enjoyed the quotes! “Expensive” Pretty amazing how wines change though.

  • QOTD: Malbec = overdone, overexposed, especially Argentinian. It's the new Chilean Cabernet – you have to look hard for something worth drinking now that it's the new hawtness in the mass market.

  • jlilley

    QOTD: Walla Walla Vintners.

  • pawncop

    Good episode, one of my favorite red varietials.

    Malbec = grilling nothing better than good red meat grilled and a Malbec to go with it.

  • pawncop

    I am also a really big fan of Dona Paula. It is a great wine.

  • pawncop

    Nothing like red meat and Malbec. Malbec + grilling.

  • QOTD; Layers- like a great Yakima blend.

  • Don Simpson

    Gary – you are definitely hitting a groove!!!! I'm enjoying these shows where you rip the short and focused shows from the Thunder saddle. Keep up it up!

    QOTD: Malbec and fly fishing in Patagonia. Delicious pairing.

  • waynooo daaa wino


  • YoungDave

    GROOVE = HIT!!

    QOTD: Malbec = the most popular ordered by-the-glass wine at my restaurant lately, which was great at first, but now that it seems to be the new Pinot in the states, I want to turn people AWAY from it just to try something ELSE new…

  • WesMcAllister

    michel rolland's stuff is famous for falling apart. I have not been a fan.

    QOTD: Malbec = the wine I will be making someday.

    I hope your having a good weekend team I finally got caught up after taking a break b/c of finals. So good to be back.

  • Cooknwine

    Malbec = SALENTEIN =ALTOS LAS HORMIGAS, these are the best I had so far, malbec is the hottest wine right now, but only few out there are well made…

  • Long time since my last comment

  • Long time since my last comment… new additional to the family has made wine tasting and winelibrary watching a bit more difficult.

    QOTD: Malbec = Aussie Shiraz circa 2005

    Bought the Anam Cara off Cindy awhile back – having it tonight!

  • Lvine

    qotd: Malbec = Mr. Hugo's bike tour on the outskirts of Mendoza….tour some vineyards and then pedal back to Mr. Hugo's house for as much free wine as you can drink. Salud!

  • JiminAtlanta

    I think of Argentina and also parts of France for Malbec (I believe it is Cahors in France that makes Malbec). I also think of full bodied red wines that are good value for the taste.

  • J Crazy

    Malbec makes me think of this chick I was diggin on in college. Her last name was Mendoza. I give her 91+ points.

  • ewb

    Love the format Gary. Please give Mott his own glass.
    QOTD: Yawn!

  • DCaragher

    Good Show GV!

    QOTD: Malbec is trendy…

  • JayZee13

    Nice show. I had a half case of the 2003 Monteviejo and only have one left. My tasting notes say that I really liked it a lot, especially for 30 bones. It went great with steak the last time we had it. Having said that, the last time was 2 1/2 years ago. So I am going to have to try the last bottle and see what it's like now. I gave it a 91 2 1/2 years ago. Very interesting show, and I agree with what you are saying about vertical tastings. They are always very interesting to me.

    QOTD: Malbec = Tango 🙂

  • Unclemeate

    AotD: Malbec = Layer Cake '07

  • Alexandre-CF

    That fish thing was Hilarius plus the oak monster = 94 pts for sure.
    i hate when the oak monster appears in my wines but i really like when he appears on the show…heahe

    QOTD: malbec = my dad , he just loves malbec

  • Anonymous

    I concur on the purple dinosaur


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