EP 889 Live Taping at the Wine Library Open House with a Special Guest

Gary Vaynerchuk tapes a second live episode during the Open House on July 10th and tastes with his dad (and everyone’s favorite guest), Sasha Vaynerchuk.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Chateau CantemerleRed Bordeaux

2006 Villalta Amarone della Valpolicella Classico ‘I Comunali’

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Cheryl Henry Baker

Sasha is the only guest who can put Gary in his place.

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  • YoungDave

    QOTD: I would like to refrain from answering this question just to support what GV told Sasha so many episodes ago: “Political discussion has no value here.” HOWEVER, I do care deeply about politics, our country, and the practically unfathomable extent of the negative effects that the BP oil catastrophe has had, and will continue to have on the Gulf Coast. SO I will say that it was BP's fault, and partially our PRIOR government's fault for failing to properly regulate huge corporations (especially those in the oil industry after Cheny had his private meetings with big oil CEO's and decided on policy without allowing public feedback) that this accident ultimately happened. While it can be argued that the current executive branch of our government could've possibly done more at the onset of this disaster, the inflation of negative sentiment towards our current President in this issue is predominantly just talking points materialized and amplified by the conservative right to find a way to blame the presidential administration for this problem as part of the early stages of the Republican push for the current mid-term and 2012 elections. Blaming the President for the oil disaster = bogus political tactics by a desperate Republican party.

  • alexlinsley

    Great Episode – good to see Sasha bringing the thunder to the wine world… and the basketball court

  • this was so sweet! THANK YOU!

  • Cheers to Chester and you. Thanks.

  • Dcaragher

    GV & Sasha – Great show…the old man always steals the Thunder (next to Mott of course)! Wish I could have been there…

    QOTD: Greed is running this disaster and Sasha you are right, we will all pay for it for decades to come!

  • Carlos

    I saw Gary V at American University.. you guys should check out http://www.onedollarstocks.net enjoy 😉


    LOL- Sasha always cracks me up- and yes Mott is the International Man of Mystery – oh and NYPaD

    QOTD: No

  • Quite simply a wonderful episode. The chemistry is fantastic.

    QOTD: I'm with Sasha! That was our country's best effort?!

  • charlzee

    sasha gets better and better with each episode, and we thought he could not get any better than he was!! Keep him on the show GV.

  • Anonymous

    that was awesome.. 🙂

  • Hi Castello, I was sarcastically referring to that other “oil man” and his oil VP.
    Unfortunately, we have to rely on the corporate resources and “intelligence” of BP to get this thing under control…
    sad but informative:

  • Carlos

    I attended Gary's speech at American University months back, you guys should check out http://www.onedollarstocks.net enjoy 😉

  • this show is super…reading the comments though…I just can't get over this urge to go purchase some one dollar stocks.

  • SASHA!
    You guys had way too much fun. Hope you can do it again.

    QOTD: The Russians have had the answer to the spill since the beginning, but probably, nuking the gulf sea floor would not appeal to the American public. The biggest problem has been that response has been limited by the scope and understanding of the problem. The companies operating these offshore rigs have vastly underestimated (purposely) the scale of potential problems, such that they did not have to come up with credible plans to deal with them. Previous governments have not wanted to invest in creating those plans on behalf of the public. Human culture has a tendency to drive a lot faster than the headlights.

  • DAveAll

    Your dad and you interacting, reminds me of my dad and I interacting. Just wonderful, disjointed, not aligned, but wonderful. haha.

    Good show. nice that your posse was quiet during the talking… thanks to them all!
    ROTD (ranting of the day) – BP needs to handle it. If we had NOT bailed out the banks and auto makers, maybe we could. BUT WE ARE BROKE! We need to shut down spending for 10 years.

  • NY Pete

    what is going on?
    is this spam from this guy Carlos?

  • mrsbrascia

    I love your show and this one was exceptional. Watching you and your dad is heart warming.

    Q.O.T.D I live in Biloxi and we see this disaster first hand every day. I can tell you, without a doubt, your father is exactly right.

  • Vinacull

    Sometimes the best times in life are the ones where things depart from the plan into unadulterated spontaneity. Gary, the quips, the glances with all manner of expressions back and forth, and the unexpected twists and turns of this live taping made it so special it could have easily qualified for episode 1000. Being from a family who came from the old country in 1949 and made something from absolutely nothing, I also really appreciated Sasha's story at the end. Many thanks for sponsoring the tasting events last Saturday, and Gary it was good to see you again and raise a glass at the end of the night. Cheers, CK

  • Wine Cutter

    Been watching since around episode 200 and this has to be one of the top 10 episodes ever. No…top 5. You and your dad have a great dynamic on camera.

  • thnx Cutter

  • Thnx so much Vinacull, u have always been a great part of this community

  • Why us my name last 😉 I am so under-appreciated 😉

  • absolutely…I flagged it, and it's pooping-up under multiple account names.
    oops meant to type “popping” but it fits…

  • or your side-kicks are appreciated even more…;)
    Rolling up on #900…keep it up!

  • I'm pretty sure I'd be down with both of these wines. Great episode. You and your pops are always a good time.

    By the way, I finally made it out to Yankee Stadium on 7/1 to see the Mariners play. They were down 2-0, tied it at 2-2 in the top of the eighth, the A-Rod hit a jack to put them back up. The ONLY good thing about that is that I got to see Rivera come out to close one down… in Yankee Stadium.

  • wutz up with all the Lazy LURKERS !! Geeeez. Show a little love for this episode.

  • Etienne

    I've only watched the first half but this is already the best show ever !

  • norcaldave

    Your dad KILLS. Keep him on the payroll.

    QOTD: Don't we all have oil on our hands?

  • Gayle

    Gary, have you seen this video? Now, there's a WLTV episode for you!
    http://wimp.com/wineshoe/ How to open a wine bottle with a shoe! KM, please translate!

  • phredd3

    You and your dad keep rollin'. I love the good-natured ribbing. You guys operate at a completely different frame rate. Sasha runs at about half your speed with the way he tells his stories (which are great, BTW). As always, with Sasha, great show!

  • paryb

    Glad I finally had a minute to sit down and watch this. You could feel the good vibes and fun coming from that room. Cheers guys!

  • Dawn9850

    It's been two years since I found Wine Library TV and I always enjoy the shows with your dad! I have to ditto the DAveAll comment…..everyone in the audience was really quiet and that was refreshing! Your Vaniacs are class people!! Would have loved to have been there.

  • erikwait

    “Live Taping at…” ? This doesn't make sense. Wasn't the show RECORDED (who uses “tape” anymore?) live and then aired afterwards? Unless you are telling me that this was originally BROADCAST live and I am watching a recording of that live broadcast, which would make more sense. It reminds me of when they use to say (back in the '70s), “This program was recorded in front of a live audience…” Who records in front a dead audience?

    Anywho… as always, loved seeing your dad on the show!


    Erik Wait

    “California Wine Tasting Adventures”

  • waynooo daaa wino

    Yo Bro, Ya devastated allot Vayniaks fur NOT showin’
    up at daaa Big Party……… ;o)

  • wizzardsblog

    Great show, your dad is a scream as usual 🙂

  • dasnyc

    not so into the live audience

  • bobbytiger

    Not that you are chopped meat, or anything, but
    if the show has your dad on it,
    it's guaranteed a hit.
    The 81 rating. Ouch.
    Sasha's QOTD. Bingo Sasha. You got it right. Our “government” dropped the ball, for what, 3 or 4 weeks, before they apparently took the “spill” seriously.
    So what's it now. 3 plus months?
    Sorry. A little roughed up. Time for another glass of Chard.

  • Randall

    FREAKIN’ DISQUS is what’s up with MANY of us fans who have now been practically forced to lurk around the periphery because posting is such a MAJOR PAIN!!!!
    BBBOOOOOOO, DDDIIIISSSSGGGGUUUUSSSSTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff R

    I always greatly enjoy the shows that have your dad as the guest. Being from Cleveland, I especially enjoyed the LeBron comments and have no problem if the curse on him holds true. If you only could hear the comments from diehard Cavs fans.

    The event seemed great!

    QTD – Totally agree with your dad, although I'm not sure what the impact will be over decades from now. It is very frustrating to see aid immediately provided to other countries yet see major issues like unemployment benefits ceasing for folks that need it to survive weekly. It's a shame.

  • I could listen to Sasha's stories all day…love that man!!

    You guys are the best!!

  • Jcmhenry60

    Another classic show with Sasha. Agree wholeheartedly about the spill. We dropped the ball on that one. Go after BP later, take care of the problem now.

  • Pippa

    Loved the show — we were supposed to be there. Please please please PLEASE do another event like this in the fall!!! (or sooner).

  • Carlos

    I watched Gary V at American University.. you guys would love this.. http://www.onedollarstocks.net enjoy 😉

  • Anonymous


  • What a great episode. Sasha Strikes with a Hot Iron, yet again… 🙂

  • Hey Gary and Sasha V

    Great show as ever – love the banter, love Sasha and actually love the wine reviews.

    QOTD: political, but interesting. I look at this from outside the States and am thoroughly embarrassed for – too many people this appears to have been handled absolutely pathetically. I also worry – if the financial and technological powerhouse that is the US can't handle a disaster of this magnitude what happens when something similar occurs in a less developed country?


  • waynooo daaa wino

    Yo NY Pete, it looooks like “spam” ta meee…. ;o)

  • clarkbar

    Great show, even better was being there in person. The Cantemerle 2006 was delicious and a steal for the price. Check out Chateau Malmaison 2006, too. Sasha nailed it with the comment about how if the grapes and winemaking were domestic the wine would likely be double the price. Navigating French wines is rewarding both in drinking experience and pocket book experience for nearly every style. Case and point – look at Rhone wines. Priorat, Monstant and Campo de Borja might be the only other places that deliver age-able, quality wines that come from old vine vineyards.

  • what about it makes it such a pain? I typed in my comment in the box and hit Reply? Im not bein’ a wise ass either. Seriously askin’ why its such a major pain?

  • eric79

    always great to see Sasha.

    QOTD: government should have taken full control instead of letting BP mess around for 3 months and counting.
    and YES! Sasha V 2012. (change the U.S. born clause for President)


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