EP 894 Spanish Red Tasting with a Special Guest

Gary Vaynerchuk is joined with Jimmy Trent, a longtime Vayniac and contest winner. He brought 2 Gran Reserva wines to try from the Utiel-Requena region of Spain.

Wines tasted in this episode:

1997 Torre Oria Gran Reserva
1999 Torre Oria Gran Reserva

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘These wines are like 2 Golden Retrievers, ones a couple of years older. One chilling on the floor and the other one trying too hard, constantly bringing the ball back etc’ and ‘I know more about baseball than anyone in the world’

Absolutely classic episode with a good guest and loads of sports trivia. (For example ‘Jerome Bettis is the biggest choker in the history of sports’)

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  • Coffee shop?

  • ok.

  • Jimmy, yes a coffee shop offering more than just the standard coffee house offerings.

  • pretty big place. they have a lot going on there! very nice people all over, family for sure. i really like the gourmet dept. hundreds of cheeses. when I was there they must have had 3 dozen samples! it was awesome!!!!

  • i saw that. she grad from UF, gator through and through. we shared a laugh.

  • sounds like your close though.

    thx for answering!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Work at a wine store and love it. Dream job would be importing wines from France, Spain, Italy, and surrounding regions that focus on marrying grape type, soil, climate, and quality.

  • YNWA

    Awesome job in the comments, Mr. Trent! Your fingers must be bleeding wine by now. Good luck to you both with the baby. Cheers to you mate, I’m pouring another glass of a 2007 Beaujolais. Should be the summer trend according to GV. It’s not that good actually (Morgon from Pierre Ponnelle!)…

  • Anonymous

    Good show, Jimmy! Who was sitting to your left?
    I like vertical tastings. I many times reach to the back of the display to find a bottle from previous year – for fun tastings.
    Yes, I used to love Blue nun. snicker.
    The coin is not important to me. Seize the day, not save the coin.
    QotD: I get paid to lead global imperatives and programs. I love making wine, tending the vines and pouring the tastings at my “part-owner” role in my wineries. NC has some great wines! Chambourcin ya gotta try!

  • Hendrik

    These episode underline the weakness wine scores. I think there should be a dual XX/YY score. The left side is based on all wines / the right side is the price point score.

    Good show. I’d had the laid back Friday feel. Serious but relaxed. I especially liked sports section at the end because I could cut it out completely 🙂

  • i love your thinking on this. xx/yy thx for commenting!

  • lol, thx for the compliment! i’ll look for Chambourcin.

  • Anonymous

    PERFECT QOTD for me: I make my living as a Certified Sommelier and Server, HOWEVER I am primarily an actor here in LA. I make $$ from both the day and night jobs, but if I had my choice, I would take making an audience laugh in an improv or sketch comedy show setting over serving food and wine ANY day… although I truly love both roles.

  • purplegrillz

    great show!

    One of my favorite scenes in a movie is in Throw Momma From the Train when Danny Devito shows his coin collection to somebody and they were not rare coins but they were all attached to different memories he had.

    QOTD ….. I run solar installation company, I like my business but I would love to be a major league pitcher.

  • Tracek180

    Awesome show!
    US Coast Guard
    I think I would say I would like to still be in the US Coast Guard, just get paid more!!!

  • Randall

    Freakin’ BOO, dude…

  • A.

    Great show — relaxed and laid back, and the stories really made it!

    (You already know this Jimmy, but) QOTD:
    1. I’ve made my living until recently as an IT program manager for contracting corporations, mostly for the US gov, and mostly on environmental programs (like EPA). It wasn’t planned and it’s not my cup of tea, but it paid the bills really well.

    2. What I would love to do is work with endangered languages — it would be great to work directly in the field, but I’d be happy just promoting awareness of the vast number of dying languages and cultures and helping folks understand why documenting (at the least) and revitalizing them, as the major global languages take over, is important to society.

    It’s good to see so many commenters who can’t distinguish between part 1 and part 2 of the question! Lots of personal success and job satisfaction — it’s encouraging. Thanks for the question Jimmy!

  • A, glad to see you in here. Hope you get a chance to view some of Gary’s other stuff. See you at Starbucks!

  • purple, do you pitch?

  • I like it!

  • Decent show.

    QOTD: I do Industrial Hygene work

    Wish I was working in a vineyard though

  • i don’t even know what that is.

    seems like you and most people in here want to do some kinda wine work. thx for commenting!

  • sounds awesome!

  • QOTD: I get paid to drink for a living!
    Jimmy… you love two teams I absolutely hate. I’m from Virginia and played football at South Carolina so I believe by law I have to hate unc and ESPECIALLY hate the gaytors. That having been said, you were great on the show!

  • Anonymous

    I am an accountant by training, but would love to do something related to wine and travel in Europe. Maybe I will do it in my next career.

  • esj100

    Jimmy, great show, Have you tried wines from Valdepenas, they are simmilar in style to the wines you tasted but cheaper?
    QOTD: I buy wine for a living in the UK, the only other thing I would like to do is buy for a charity in order to help them raise a bit more cash.

  • Anonymous

    Good job Jimmy!

    QOTD #1: I work at our local Trader Joe’s in Alameda, CA. I am fortunate to be on the Wine Team and write the order for Imports. However, my store’s been through a lot of changes over the past year which has made it not as fun as it once was.

    QOTD #2: I love working with the public talking about wine as well as wine & food pairing. I’d like to either go into a retail setting, work at a larger Tasting Room with multiple wineries or perhaps a Wine Bar. Primarily, I’d like to have more flexibility in my schedule and work less than 40 hrs./wk so I can better be there for my family. As soon as my husband finds himself a job (anyone need a General Merchandise Buyer?) I’m planning on studying for my certifications.

  • sounds fun, except the latest changes of course. i’ve had some of those $3 wines you guys sell, right? not bad for #3.

    good luck on the hubby finding a job! i love your value for family.

  • not that i am aware. i’ll ask about the next time i’m shopping though. Thanks!

  • go for it!

  • 😉 what year did you play at SC? i have a friend that played QB there. Kevin Sides.

  • Samgamm

    I flipped a coin to decide whether or not I should apply to UPenn or Brown early decision and kept the coin. After I got rejected from UPenn I bought a oatmeal cream pie with it which I gave to my friend. Bad luck passed on.

  • Anonymous

    Great Guest – Impressive descriptors and Gary coming in big with the Baseball knowledge!

    QOTD: Currently work as a Winery Direct Sales Rep for a winery based in San Luis Obispo, live in North County Sun Diego and love it. Ideal job – Athletic Director for a University or GM of any pro sports team.

    Jimmy, My pops grew up outside of Pittsburgh and then moved to Lauderdale in 60s and played on the ’74 Gators basketball squad. Bleed orange and blue! High hopes for Brantley and Urb better coach em up…Cheers

  • Unclemeate

    I flipped a coin to decide whether I should watch this episode or not ……. WOW! What a great choice!!! I am saving this penny forever ………….. ;-}

    AotD: I get paid to do Technical Illustration by day …… I would like to play guitar and drink wine for a living like I used to (but it didn’t pay enuff).

  • Thanks for the comment! Sounds like we have some things in common.

  • you are kind. sorry that the guitar and wine didn’t pay the bills.

  • VonP

    Great guest! Layed back southern boy.
    QOTD: I get paid to be a Dr. of Chiropractic and would love to be the next food network star! lol…But I seriously love to cook and dream of my own restaurant some day!

  • Anonymous

    QOtD: I am an engineer but I would rather do what Gary does

  • Yagityagel

    Here it is! Pls watch one best things i’ve ever done.http://8hc.org/PjRk1QYf2Fw/The-Sweet-Spanish-Center.html

  • John__J

    qotd A.wine director B. play music

  • Lurker Berserker

    I’m not a sports guy at all so you lost me at about 18:00, but clearly you know as much if not more about baseball & football trivia as you do about wine. Have you ever considered (if you had the time) doing one of those panel sports commentary shows with some has-been sports legends while introducing them to wine? …could be interesting (for sports/wine people). Keep doing your thing.

    Jimmy’s QOTD: I’m a wine professional & wouldn’t want to do anything else 😉

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Paid to do marketing; want to get paid to do marketing for wine (my greatest passion)

    Btw Jimmy – love that accent!!! I am a North Carolina girl myself living overseas now so don’t get to hear too much of it. Totally agree that we are college basketball fans – go Deacs!

  • Awesome show. Of course it helps he is a steelers fan!! same here. Pens fan as well. And I am only 3 years older and live in middle TN. I am a steelers fan the same reason he is, because of my dad. But my dad was a fan becuase of super bowl wins I imagine. So his influence and my cousins and I am a steelers fan for life.

    I have had a wine simliar to the one(s) tasted on this show. It had the gold wire around it as well. Was 10 years old and was like 10 bucks. I thought it was one of the better value play reds I have ever had.

    QOTD: I get paid for working at the telephone company. AT&T. Complex translations group. I actually like what I do.

    What I wish I could do? Be the guitarist in a band. I miss my high school rock band days a lot 🙂

    Rock on,


  • Anonymous

    What a nice show. Going to Spain next week. Maybe I should seek out some fine spanish wine. any suggestions?
    QOTD: I’m paid to be an inspector at a restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark. What I would love to get paid for (even though I like my job a lot) is to travel- or maybe even better to travel with “Nate Archibald”. Who is not looking forward to the new season soon? By the way- one of the best questions on this show ever. Amazing job Jimmy.

  • Starting to catch up finally. Well done…WTG Jimmy!

    QOTD: I was in retail banking, though I left to pursue an MBA Full-Time. What I would want to do? Not 100% on this, but it would likely involve food and drink.

  • thx for commenting! congrats on the MBA studies.

  • Thx Charlotte!!! You’re very sweet!

  • Go STEELERS!!! Thanks for the kind words and glad to share so much in common.

  • thx for commenting. sorry for so much sports…

  • 😉 I totally forget that I have that until someone mentions it. How’d you end up overseas?


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