EP 899 Craft Beer Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes three interesting craft brews with beer aficionado Mike Schneider.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Yeti Imperial Stout
Oak Aged Yeti
White Birch Indomitus

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luca bercelli


lines of the day, ‘I despise the Patriots to such an extent that it almost suffocates me’ and ‘Mott’s head just went crazy like a bobble head so I know I got it right’

I loved it when Mott chases Gary out of the room in the search for a clean glass. GV basically infers that although Mott couldn’t find clean glasses, he’ll find them no problem. Mott smacks this one out of the park when none are found, much to his delight and GV’s annoyance!

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  • TimCtheFilmGuy

    QOTD – Aventinus and La Fin Du Monde are the two go-tos

    QOTD2 – Whenever I’m in a store or restaurant with a good selection I get something random that I’ve never had. And I head over to beeradvocate.com often and see what people are liking in styles I haven’t had too many from

  • ScruffyBeerGuy

    The first time I tried a Sam Adams it was like a religious experience. Never looked back since. I love to explore my local beer isles and try new things all the time. My go to beers are 1)Boulder Beer Co.-Mojo IPA & 2)Great Divide-Titian IPA. Recently, bought a six-pack of the Stoudts Brewing Company-Double IPA (Bottle Conditioned), it was tremendous! Also, HIGHLY recommend the Rogue-Hazelnut Brown Nectar & Rogue-Yellow Snow IPA

  • Hey Mark 😉 Forgive me if I ramble on…

    I have tried for many years now to like beer, but it all comes down to taste, something doesn’t agree with my palate. Friends and family think it is for various other reasons; wine and booze snobbery, limited exposure, not liking fermented products, etc. The funny thing is I love the craft of brewing beer. I used to help my father home brew. I faithfully watch and listen to the stuff from basicbrewing.com . When someone hypes a beer to me, I get all sorts of excited, until the moment it hits my tongue and I am disappointed again. I’ve tried all sorts of beer from all over the world, Stout, Porter, Pale Ale, Pilsner, Lager, Lambic, Bitter, Witbier, Zwickelbier, you name it. There are only two brands of beer that I have had that I have been borderline “okay” with, Rheingold from NYC, and Presidente from the Dominican Republic. Now that i think about it, both very light and “barely there” beers.

    If I happen across the Indomitus, I’ll definitely give it a shot, but I’m not getting my hopes up 🙂

    Thanks for the reply! And good luck on your show.

  • The “Greatful Dead Beer” is Dead Guy Ale. http://www.rogue.com/beers/dead-guy-ale.php

    I love drinking local 10 Barrel, Double Mountain and at harvest, fresh hopped.

  • Anonymous

    Mark & Greg..love the hilarity. You guys play well off each other

    Rogue’s beer has evolved from that grateful dead theme into Rogue ‘Dead Guy Ale’ – a German Maibock style. Stuff is always a great go to if you’re in a place that has a mildy OK beer selection.

    QOTD: Honestly, I’m the beer guy but I’ve been so up on wine since entering your world in Feb, GV, that all I want to drink is wine. Generally, I’m a seasonal drinker. The last beer I had at Whole Foods-Cold Point Pub, was a double IPA on tap. My favorite pallet is still the unfiltered German Weizenbocks. My choice in that genre being Schneider & Son’s Aventinus and second in line, Victory’s Moonglow.

  • Anonymous

    @a_smith LOL just saw your comment, pardon the redundancy

  • Sweet Reverend

    QOTD – Steinlager from New Zealand is my current go-to beer.

  • JLVillacorta

    Depending on the mood I’ll either go with le fin du monde or three philosophers as my go-tos. Awesome show! You definitely have to have more beer-related episodes from time to time.

  • Anonymous

    what’s the over under on guest episodes left this year? There’s no way G sticks with the six he said. 3 down…

  • Anonymous

    Beer? What’s beer? Cider, pommeau, calvados – now those are concepts I can get behind.

  • Anonymous

    Try Rodenbach Grand Cru, its sour as all hell but one of the most refreshing and mouthwattering beers I have tried. And There is no 2X4 in your mouth either.

  • Anonymous

    I usually drink beer when playing tennis so nothing over 8%. On top of lots of water. Always looking for something new but shy away from the big boys. Sierra Pale Ale was “the beer that all beers were judged by” for many years but over did it and now it’s a once in a while treat.

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad show little disappointed at the lack of Beer nerd talk. I have to be honest; the guy did not seem to bring that much to the table. I am assuming it?s a two parter considering you only got through half the beer. Hope the next half is full of nerdy beer info.

    QOTD 1: Nothing, my friend and I go to our local beer establishment and do our very best to try new beers every trip. It is getting hard to find new stuff.

    QOTD 2: At the moment Rodenbach Grand Crew is our favorite go to, its a little pricy though. Duvel and La Shouff will always have a place in my heart. Hop in the Dark is a relatively new one for me, smokey and hoppy with a little bit of chocolate. Bottom fermented and I think they use cascade as well as three other hop varietals (don?t know if that?s the correct nomenclature for hops or not). PROST!!

  • Anonymous

    Fun show, even if it was about beer rather than vino. I like Mike, even if though he dissed his home town. Dude, you apparently left before you knew what you had. Anyway, nice work all around. So, Mike (Mark), what do you think of the Great Lakes beers?

    QOTD: I do like to drink the craft/micorbrew beers rather than the everyday crap that most people in this country drink, but because of my heavy-duty wine habit, I don’t drink too much beer in general. I guess my “go to beer” right now would be Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale. Great Lakes also makes my favorite beer in the fall, the Nosferatu which is VERY hoppy – I really like that beer.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD #1: When I drink beer, my favorite go-to is Red Tail by Mendocino Brewing Company.

    QOTD #2: The only thing that keeps me from expanding my palate, beer or wine, is time.
    I’m a parent who works full-time with a couple of side jobs depending on the time of year.
    However, Unibroue comes out with a Taster Pack occasionally and the current one has been great (Black Ale, White Ale, Ale brewed with Apple must, Ale Brewed with Whiskey malt). I also live close to Pyramid and Triple Rock in Berkeley and the beer scene in Oakland has caught on fire. If it tastes good, I’m there!

  • I have an Ommegeddon that’s still aging…can’t wait to open it.

  • Anonymous

    love the beer show !!
    love drinking beer in a wine glass too !!

    & I also have to go shopping for wine & beer alone too !!

    QOTD1: the beer selection & the weather
    QOTD2: go to beer, okanogan spring pale ale

  • BobG

    QOTD1: Living in Portland (Oregon that is), I feel like I have opportunities to expand my beer palate any time I walk into a local restaurant or pub. But that is just the local stuff. Fortunately we also have several good bottle shops and grocery stores that allow me to try beers from the rest of the beer world. That said, over the last year I have been focusing on wine a lot more.

    QOTD2: Again blaming it on my local, I really don’t have a goto beer because it is so hard to pick only one. However, if one of my friends were to pick out a 6-pack to share with me, it would likely be either Deschutes Black Butte Porter or one of the many fine local IPAs (like Rogue, Double Mountain, or Hopworks).

  • Pizza Vino Joe

    I shut it off after you said the Browns are dead. You are dead to me SkeavyMike. Take your front running act wherever you like.

  • got one too 🙂 They are good

  • one guest for every 7 weeks 🙂 or ca one guest for every 35 th episode

  • Anonymous

    Love you guys, but why are you wasting such good beer by spitting it out? We stayed up last night and filmed a quick response and beer review of our own, check it out if you get a chance and let us know if you agree. Dogfish Head’s Red and White might interest you a bit Gary, it’s like someone dumped a Pinot Noir in a beer. http://bit.ly/b0b3rF

    QOTD1: Local selection. We just got a craft beer store in town, one of the first in the state. While they’ve got a good selection, the laws and distribution system in PA make it pretty hard to get some things.

    QOTD2: Raging Bitch from Flying Dog in Frederick, MD. Kick-ass belgian IPA.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Newcastle and Old Speckled Hen

  • Perezivan24

    Hey Gary congrats in show!

    Mike, if you really want to expand your beer palate, look for http://www.cucapa.com
    its a Mexican craft brewery, they have really good beers and you can find it in California.

    Greetings from Mexico!!!

  • Smahlatz

    QOTD1 : WINE – I spent so long drinking beer, wine presented a whole new world of experience.

    QOTD2 : No go to beer – as with wine, I like to try new things when I see them. Though my favourites are anything brewed by Oakham Ales, Peterborough, UK.

  • I actually really like their Pilsner, Shiner 101… but absolutely cannot find it in my neck of the woors. But for my fridge I stick with regular or Shiner Blonde

  • Right on. Most of my buddies ARE Bud/Miller/Coors guys, so they can’t see how I can drink that “high class stuff” lol.
    Last trip I took into the unknown was Arrogant Bastard Ale… definitely not a beverage to be slamming back all night, but I enjoyed it

  • Anonymous

    KMurph:”There are no clean glasses” Mott:”Ha!” LOL
    So how come KMurph had to wash glasses and not one of the guys? Hhmmm?!

  • No hallucinations. But I do drink it in moderation…

  • Wow… great show. The football exchange was lost on me though. Gary, how come you never talk about tennis?

    QOTD – Probably the bitterness that accompanies most of the beers I’ve tried. Admittedly, I haven’t tried that many, so the “you haven’t had a REALLY good beer” argument that I frequently get is somewhat valid.

    Looking forward to #900!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fun show! Good job Mike! (say hello to your evil twin Mark for GV!) 😉
    QOTD: Not a thing. With all the craft and micro brewers around here, it’s what we do routinely!
    GVQOTD: What I want to go-back-to was the Wee Heavy Scottish Ale I had last night at The Bobcat- talk about expanding your palate! (That’s why I couldn’t watch this yesterday)
    The closest to a go-to beer would be whatever we feel like from Otter Creek or Magic Hat (though if Alan sells to an outside concern that will probably be the beginning of the end for us- kind of like Unilever posing as Ben & Jerrys and tasting like all the other corporate mass-produced stuff…)

  • Rob P

    My go to beer is Pyramid Hefeweizen

  • Jason Wisdom

    Brilliant show, you both play off of each other insanely well. And Greg def needs someone to give him hell when he deserves it, Mark produced.

    QOTD: Beer tastings are hard to find and to do it drinking full beers end in a slight disaster. Need more beer tasting events in the Philly region.

    GVQOTD: I think in beer it’s normally more of a go-to seasonal, and breweries can be trusted because year to year the difference isn’t as great in flavor or quality as it would be in wine. Brooklyn Local 1 for colder months and Victory’s Helios in the warmer months. Both in 22’s…

  • Great Show, Great Guest! Not much a beer guy… But I think it may be time to revisit those preconceived notions about beer and see if I can find one I like!

  • Glad we could get you thinking. Life is all about experiences. I personally want to taste as much of it as I can.

  • Jason,

    Good news. Russian River distributes to Philly. Seek out their beers, particularly Pliny the Elder if you like IPA.

    Victory Helios, for the money, is the best saison on the market. You simply can’t get a 22 oz of that quality for a better price. Around me it’s only $3.99.

  • Gracias. I will try to get my hands on some.

  • Portland, OR is beer heaven Bob. You have more options for amazing beers than just about anyone. I am glad you are taking advantage of them. If I lived in Portland, I *might* be tempted to drown in Portland craft brews.

    One of my favorite wineries is Ken Wright Cellars. I had a mindbogglingly good experience with 2007 Pinot Noir.

    Enjoy your beer and wine!

  • The Browns are dead to me Joe. They died when that SCOUNDREL Art Model took them to Baltimore. Cleveland allowed it to happen. They knew it was coming and they let it happen. That’s when I turned my back.

  • Hey JayZee13! Thanks for the ups. The Great Lakes Brewing Company is the absolute best thing about Cleveland. I love it. Their Lake Erie Monster is special and there is no better Amber in the world than Eliot Ness. That said, even the amazingness of GLBC was not enough to overcome the attitude of “mediocrity is ok” that I constantly felt in my life.

    I do not hate Cleveland, but I do not consider it my home town even though I grew up there. I never really identified with Cleveland. I like it, but I am not in love with Cleveland. I do love a couple of the suburbs, the town of Willoughby where I grew up in particular.

  • Thanks for watching. Did you want me to bring college level beer talk to a wine show? What were you expecting?

  • I like your style.

  • Oh… DUH. GREAT brew.

  • #hookem

    Have you tried the 512 Pecan Stout?

  • haha!! I just missed your question. I’ll look for it.

  • I’m going to try this!

  • Jason Wisdom

    Love Russian River, also Philly gets a huge variety from Great Divide. Do you have recommendations of Porters or Stouts aged in Bourbon casks?

  • Anonymous

    College level? I was expecting something more than I saw, this much is certain.

  • My go to beer: St. Ambroise Pale Ale


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