EP 899 Craft Beer Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes three interesting craft brews with beer aficionado Mike Schneider.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Yeti Imperial Stout
Oak Aged Yeti
White Birch Indomitus

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luca bercelli


lines of the day, ‘I despise the Patriots to such an extent that it almost suffocates me’ and ‘Mott’s head just went crazy like a bobble head so I know I got it right’

I loved it when Mott chases Gary out of the room in the search for a clean glass. GV basically infers that although Mott couldn’t find clean glasses, he’ll find them no problem. Mott smacks this one out of the park when none are found, much to his delight and GV’s annoyance!

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  • No worries. I was just teasing you for commenting on just about everyone but me.
    I understand. I’m a girl. I got cooties. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Don’t have a Go-To Beer because I Go-To Wine, besides I would have to change my name to BeerWoman.

    QOTD: Calories are what hold me back, but that’s a lame excuse for not trying more beer. I almost broke down earlier this year and bought Watermelon Beer–(Hell or High Water) from 21st Amendment Brewery–I might still do so. There definitely is some interest. Husband whines when I purchase “fancy beer”. He prefers Michelob or Bud.

  • Dug this beer formatted episode. Great exposure for Mr. SchneiderMike – you now have one more twitter follower. 🙂
    I grabbed a bottle of the Yeti (non oak aged) and enjoyed it mid-last season during a Jags game and just couldn’t get through it. Respected it for it’s flavor, but couldn’t get it down….but that could have been related to the Jags performance.

  • Amazing! The Jags will do that to you. Yeti is a sipping beer. It may not have been the best choice for football. Take your time and enjoy what you can and don’t worry about finishing it. Save the cap and put it back in the fridge. It will mellow a tad, but you can drink it over a few days. I do.

  • People have been bothering me to try Hell or High Water. I just can’t get into Fruit Beer. No one except for Dogfish Head has been able to get it right. DFH Black and Blue is OUTSTANDING.

  • The brewery that (I think) is doing the best things with wood (and apologies to White Birch, Great Divide, Dogfish Head and others who are KILLING IT) is Founder’s out of Michigan.

    Their Kentucky Breakfast Stout is Bourbon aged. They also have a barrel aged Scotch Ale called Backwoods Bastard that only comes out once a year and goes really fast. It is one of my top 10 beers of all time, but I also am a big Scotch and Bourbon fan. (Both you say? Really? Yes! I say)

    512 also has a barrel aged Pecan Stout that is tremendous, but hard to find outside of Austin.

  • Mark says YO!

  • Anonymous

    GV – Great show, lots of fun and a great guest! Portmouth Brewery is amazing, I live in Portsmouth, NH! GARY COME TO NH FOR YOUR NEXT BOOK DEAL I CAN HELP YOU WITH PLACES TO CHECK OUT!

    QOTD: I love beer! Currently drinking a lot of the Redhook Big Ballard IPA (it’s a double IPA)!


  • Wouldn’t Gary be amazing in Portsmouth? Hidden gem of New England. Portland’s little brother.

    I did a series of episodes about Redhook on BelchingMonkey. They gave me a tour. It was a four part series. Great time.

  • Anonymous

    EPIC show!!

    QOTD: Been drinking a bunch of belgian styles from around NY/New England/PA. Right now on a Victory Golden Monkey kick, but also loving me some Butternuts IPA and other IPAs that seem to filter through. Go local on the brews!!

  • QOTD: Big fan of IPAs. One of my favorites is Snake Dog IPA by Flying Dog.

  • Cole

    Great Show. We had the choclatier from Austin and now Mark (mike) with the Longhorns shirt. This show is getting better all the time. Give Cleveland a couple of years to get Colt up to speed and prepare to be amazed.

    QOTD I’m a big fan of European and Craft beer so its hard to pick a favorite and I rarely buy the same beer twice in a row. Some of my fav’s lately have been Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout, Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, Stone Ruination, Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA, Hoegaarden and Dogfish Head Palo Santo.

    Yea and beer can take on a pretty dramatic transformation when aged. Throw some of those big beers in your cellar for a year or two or three and see what you think.

  • Great choice Maurice. Thanks for watching.

  • You named the two absolute best Oatmeal Stouts on the market. Palo Santo Marron may be the best wood aged beer out there. It’s incredibly brilliant. I like your style Cole.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Anonymous

    Dude great show and awesome guest.
    Qotd1: Nothing, I drink great and intense beer almost equally as much as wine.
    Qotd2: I don’t drink anything specific but I find myself going towards the IPA style beers lately.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1: I’ve been expanding my Beer palate for 8 years now and I’m only 24, lol… It’s my favorite thing to do!

    QOTD2: Stouts. All shapes, sizes, colors, and taste profiles. I love Stouts. I’m currently sitting on 3 2008 Three Floyd’s Dark Lord Russian Stouts. Can’t wait to crack into them. My typical go-to beer is Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout. Simply the best.

    On chill nights I drink a Bass or a Red Hook. On more special occasions when I want something delicious and different I’ll go for either a Triple or a Quadruppel Trappist Ale.

  • Great show and great guest. Come over to Germany, visit Franconia and drink e.g. the “Rauchbier” (smokey beer 😉 ) from Bamberg… or the beers from one of the small brands overhere.

  • John__J

    qotd:all the wines out there I have yet to try

    qotd2:rarely ever drink beer, when I buy it I go for micro brews

  • A dumb Rhein king


    Damn, I was going to make a Larry V joke, but Mike beat me to it. Great show as always Greg and fantastic job Schneider Mike.

    QOTD: I have definitely tried many different beers. Whenever there is a new beer on the list, I will always try that over anything I’ve had.

    QOTD2: Standard would be Summit or Surly Furious. I would have to say that the reason there are more standards in beer is because they are not as widely varied as wines. Once you’ve had the 15 craft selections at the liquor store and local restaurants, there are no more to try unless you want to take a special trip for beer 25 miles away at a liquor store in the cities. Wine on the other hand more quickly evolves even at the smaller liquor stores.

  • QofD: We have a terrific beer store in town: http://www.gravitybeermarket.com/ but for me, beer is just a simple, everyday beverage. I am intrigued by the flavors of the small batch special beers, but the price points just don’t make me want to try this. For me beer is like pop. Something I drink while setting up the BBQ, not neccesarily when sitting down for a nice dinner. Beer at Thanksgiving? Doesn’t fit.
    Go to beers: Pacific Northwest has some great “microbrewers” Widmers, Leavenworth, Henry Weinhardts.
    Of course, the Lagers will always win for me, over the ales… German-style beer rules!

  • Randall

    Various pumpkin ales and other spiced winter ales go GREAT w/ Thanksgiving dinner!

  • Randall

    re: your QOTD #1… Now THAT’S a philosophy! Right on.
    QOTD #2… Now I really feel blessed to live in Nor Cal where there are hundreds and hundreds of high-end micros/imports available.. You’re near Chi tho… 🙂

  • Randall

    Quite simply THE BEST beers I’ve ever had from Mex, Mike. The Obscura is absolutely amazing, the honey ale is their only weak effort, the Cupacabra hoppy pale ale is really good and their barleywine ale is unbefreakinlievable…

  • Anonymous

    great show

    qotd: I def do expand my beer palate when I buy beer [which isn’t often] but my go to beer right now would be a beer made with cascade hops, so Im guessing North West IPA? but I really do love wine tho

  • Happy Diabetic

    Great show! India ales are great! Orangey blue moon is good. Good Guest!!! Go to beer… Red Stripe, Holding me back?? Not Sure…

  • If you like Blue Moon, treat yourself to some Allagash White and Avery Brewing Company White Rascal.

  • Red Hook Longhammer is giant on Cascade Hops. Green Flash and Stone IPA also nail you with giant grapefruit flavor. Thanks for the “great show”. I really appreciate that.

  • You can still find some interesting flavor in session beers Mathias. I see what you’re saying though.

    As for beer at Thanksgiving? You’ve never had Dogfish Head Punkin or Southern Tier Pumpking. I think they’d change your tune.

  • Thanks for the ups. I appreciate that.

    My advice to you is to drink local. When you’re in a new city, try the beers on draught that are local and fresh when you can and keep expanding that wine palate in the meantime! Good strategy.

  • Great taste in beer Ben. I have a bottle of that Goose Island aging in my cellar.

  • Someday I will go to German. Part of my family is originally from Germany.

  • I love the Victory Brewing Company. Golden Monkey is an insane beer. It makes me hallucinate a bit.

  • I got to the end and thought, ‘huh. I got all the way to the end without knowing we had the same first name.’

    QOTD: the awful smell. I was at this party with a keg (not a ‘kegger’ by any means; it was prospective grad student weekend in WI). I went into the kitchen, where the keg and many beer drinkers were, and walked right out. The stench was nauseating. I am pretty sure if I stayed there for any longer it would have been vomit over everything.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll see if any of those are imported here into Vancouver, Canada I know Rogue is and Brooklyn but don’t know about a lot of the other USA maybe samuel adams?

  • Jordan

    I haven’t commented for a couple hundred episodes. what is keeping me from expanding my beer palate? same thing as what is keeping me from expanding my wine palate: money. Gary, are you talking about the Rogue Dead Guy Ale? that is actually one of the beers in my little turn table of standby beers. I never drink the same beer two six packs in a row, I am always trying new ones the same way I do with wine. call me crazy but I really get bored if I drink the same thing all of the time. my first beer that I fell in love with was from a small brewery in south Burlington Vermont, I had never had a beer like Magic Hat #9. Now I am living out in Cali, I go to Bevmo and get any kind of beer or wine I want. I seem to gravitate toward Belgian style beers and English Ales. I had some really good beer when i was in Fremantle Australia. I specifically remember the Black Swan ale. I’m not even sure you can get the real Australian beers over here. Mike, do you know if you can get good Australian beers here in the U.S.?

  • HugeneOR

    Great show. I was a huge beer nerd way before I got into wine. Background: from the PNW, went to music school in Boston (gigged in Newton a little actually), started homebrewing while in school, loved the Boston beer scene (which is way snobby p.s., just saying…), big ups to sunset grill and tap, blah blah. Now I’m back in Oregon and drinking a lot more wine than beer, though I’m still big into German and Belgian beers. QOTD2: even having tried and liked so many of the beers that are “stepping up the game” (your belgian quads, 2x IPAs, imperial stouts, whathaveyou), I find myself these days drinking mostly “session” beers. My go-to is Deschutes brewery Cascade Pale Ale. Great floral and fruity hops, not too bitter or piney, and with great malty bready-ness. Just a great, polished beer. Give me that over Russian River any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    Question for Mike: can you put some pressure on Southampton Brewery to distribute out west? Their Grand Cru and Double White rocked my world back in school, and you can’t get them outside of New England. It’s a shame because there aren’t many American breweries making really legit triples or wits. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Greg!! You are my new favorite beer reviewer. I hope you have Schnerzer Mark on the show again soon!

    QOTD: Since I’ve been doing this live comedy show lately that takes place in a bar, I’ve been swayed into drinking more beer by way of convenience. SO it seems that Negro Modelo has been my go-to full-flavored beer lately without going to something too heavy. I love me a Belgian ale, but when drinking multiple beers after a show, this is a fairly complex medium-bodied beer that stays fresh and clean while lending some malty notes as well.

  • Summer Joy

    The Greg and Mark show. Love it! haha! What a great combination of personalities and knowledge. This beer episode was a GREAT idea!! Lets see….what is keeping me from expanding my taste in beer….I would say lack of knowledge. Probably the same thing that keeps us from trying new wine. Not just knowledge of what to experience but HOW to experience it. How do I properly taste the flavors? Looks like there is a process to that…also telling me that a beer tastes like tar and chocolate helps me know what to “taste for” instead of just taking a drink and deciding if it’s “good or bad.” That’s just lame. Educating myself on WHY it’s good or bad is what will expand my taste.

    In the spirit of expanding pallets, I’d love to see SchneiderMike on the show more often…monthly maybe? A monthly beer episode? After watching this, it makes sense 🙂

    Summer Boone

  • Admwrlk

    Funky, Funky is Cantaloop by US3. Sounds like the Indomitus is more like a Gueze. But what do I know.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Right on. Will do. Getting the local tastes is so important to absorbing the culture.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Yeah, coming from the state of the senator who pushed through Prohibition has its downs.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Your last name doesn’t give that away at all 😀

  • A Gueze is a “flavorless” sour. A wild ale is kind of sour. You’re right brother.

  • Thanks to EVERYONE who has commented, liked, given compliments and criticism. I had such a great time on this show. Thanks again to the Wine Library staff and to Gary for hearing my idea and for having me as a guest.

    BelchingMonkey Live returns tonight at 9:00PM EDT TONIGHT (August 10th) http://live.belchingmokey.com

  • madgreek

    Definitely always good advice to drink local. Everyone should try that, even if only a few times a year.

    By the way, I’m from Canton, so not too far from your home town, and have tons of family in Cleveland. I feel fortunate to have Great lakes beer everywhere here, along with a few other nice breweries. Dortmunder on draft at my favorite pizza shop is nice to have. I get to try some nice Hoppin’ Frog beers whenever, since the brewery is right down the road.

    Also, Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster is a nice DIPA. It was surprisingly light on the smell for the style, but has a nice cirtus thing going on. What did you think of it?

    “The Browns are dead.”
    ^wtf dude?

    …I think Holmgren has defibrillator paddles…

  • Decent show.

    QOTD1: Nothing
    QOTD2: No go to brew, just drink around

  • Anonymous

    Wow. You described one of the beers as “chocolate on the back end”.

  • Awesome. Loved this show!

    QOTD: My go-to beer is Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss.

  • Hothotcarl

    Actually, a “wild ale” does not have to be sour at all Mark.


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