EP 901 High End Barbaresco, Malbec, and Cabernet Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 3 premium reds from all around the world.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Mendel Finca Remota Argentine Malbec
2001 Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco AsiliBarbaresco

2007 Philip Togni Spring Mt Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet

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luca bercelli


line of the day ‘If Mike Tyson collided into James Bond and became a person’

Phenomenal episode featuring (if I remember correctly) the highest rated wine in Wine Lib TV history?

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  • John__J

    qotd: good question, not sure yet, maybe a torrontes

  • DZ

    Nice show GV, I had to let you know that the 05 Roc de Pourret you sold is really fantastic. Over several nights I compared it to the 04 Leoville Barton, a benchmark I think(thought) in the $50 range. The $18 Roc made the L.B. taste overoaked and not as interesting for three straight nights. I fear buying Bordeaux these days since so many are over the top with the oak flavorings and some lack of balance. Apparently my palate has moved on, forget about scores and taste on arrival is the best answer.

  • Seriously amazing show…wines that live up to hype make me wish I wasn’t a student so I would have income to buy a bottle or two.

    QOTD: Still have this virus from Monday, so likely just tea and water. 🙁

  • hokie wino

    I know the feeling Dan. I love to see a barbaresco taking names.

    QOTD: I’ve got a bottle of North Carolina muscadine wine that I need to drink and I’m sure some of my friend JD.

  • sethsethy

    grrrrr…i wanna try nebbiolo so bad, but i just cant afford it now.

    qotd: i drank 09 gascon malbec last night and it just wasnt exciting me. now im feeling like white for tonite or tomorrow nite

  • sethsethy

    i just had my first bottle of torrontes last week and it was awesome. do you have any favorites?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Riesling Rules!
    Today is my birthday and I’ll be doing a Riesling flight from Sparkling to Eiswein for my friends. Going to get some cheese, bread and sweets to go with it.
    I’ll also bring out a Chateauneuf du Pape, an Alexander Valley Malbec, an Argentina Pinot Gris, a few white blends (including a carbonated one from MI) and perhaps a Carneros Pinot Noir. Clearing the racks in honor of the big 4-8!

  • Benfranco

    Great Show Gary… I would like you at some point to do a show with both Barbaresco and Barolo… and compair and contrast between them… this weekend i think i will go find a $30 or $40 barbaresco and hope it is really good… can’t roll a Benji for a bottle…

  • waynooo daaa wino


  • waynooo daaa wino

    I’mmm “RUUUUUNNNIIIIN”…….. :oD

  • Gary, you score a perfect wine 97 points… that’s a bit confusing…

    QofD: Lemonade… We had a crappy Summer and I need some more Summer feeling.

  • I’ve had good luck with Alamos Torrontes. It’s consistent. It won’t blow your mind but it’s widely distributed so it should be easy to find

  • Love Bruno Giacosa Asili – kudos for giving well deserved praise. Great to see that you continue to attack well established myths: “Wine does not have to be pitch black to be big and serious – balance is the key.” So true, wonder where this misconception has its roots… Also very intrigued by the “fruit and vegetable salad” quote, believe this is one of the best combinations to be found in wine. Great episode, thank you!

  • Interesting to see the ’07 Togni popping up twice in the same day. Parker loves it, Gary loves it, but this guy apparently thought it had “tannins that taste like varnish enriched pine wood that obscure the quality fruit hidden underneath…”


    82 points.

    Just goes to show how every palate is so different.

  • Zino

    Have now had La Rasina. It is very good, great soft texture. Know what you mean about food-friendly as it was quite dry and food helped it a little.

  • Mikebest12

    QOTD: This weekend I’m drinking the innocent by stander sparkling moscato from Victoria, it’s semi sweet, pink and fizzy, you should hate it, but you dont!

    Gary what’s your T-shirt all about!?!?

  • AlexcTruelove

    QOTD: As much great Michigan beer as I can consume before I move out of the state in 3 days. Also, my first bottle of Arinto.

    And finally, a paparazzi shot of Mr. James Tyson (hopefully the link works):

  • flyingscot

    QOTD: Sadly Dr Pepper as I’m on antibiotics for a tooth infection.

    I just recieved 6 btls of Mendel’s ‘normal’ Malbec 2007 in a cellar plan. This only retails for £14 GBP (~$21 USD) here in the UK so I’ll be trying 1 ASAP and will post back.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    lol. Good save … and Florida State 😀

  • A dumb Rhein king

    QOTD: Izze drinks!! We just bought another 12 pack from Costco. I could drink this stuff all day. Of the three flavors I’ve had, grapefruit is my fav.

  • TommyB

    I make a list of wines that Gary loves – the Barbaresco is definitely going on it!
    QOTD: Ruby Cabernet. Yep; its for studying purposes – honestly.

  • Rktekt

    Another great show GV!! It definitely makes me want to go out and get some Barbaresco, a wine region I have yet to fully discover!
    QOTD: Mission Hill, Oculus 2002, British Columbia (very, very nice wine that is bringing the thunder!)

  • Can you be any more adorable in your caps lock happiness. I think not. 😛

  • Gary,
    To celebrate episode 1,000, you should do a short series of video blogger guests who got into the web video storytelling realm because of your passion, hustle and inspiration.
    The Journey of Jordan: a wine and food video blog

  • Ashton

    Just got back from a trip to Australia. Drinking 2008 Eloquesta Shiraz/Petit Verdot. Smells great.

  • Stefan

    QOTD: Norton, the Missouri State Grape

  • I really wish I could go Pdiddy and drink these. Maybe some day!

    QOTD: Sierra Nevada Winter Ale.

  • Dham

    *Raises hand*
    I totally saw you holding that in your mouth a second longer, and then thought to myself, “He’s going for a second whirl.” And boom, you did.

    QOTD: Having a glass of Moscato d’Asti with a date!

  • Randall

    I just added that site to my favorites. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I certainly do!

    It’s important not to make science(creation) our god.

    Get to know the Creator of the creation(science). He’s more important than what He created!

  • Anonymous

    That was thunder. Wow. Keep going.

  • Honor89

    QOTD: Alpha Omega Chard and Echigo Red Ale.

  • Mendelwines

    Please let me know what you think. If you need anything else, tasting notes, scores etc. Do let me know. Mendel Wines on facebook.

  • This my friend is why I continuously watch this show, its so awesome when you can find KILLER wines like these…a 97 point Barbaresco on the thunder show..WOW!!

    QOTD: mixing it up with cold beer this weekend…I know…crazy 🙂

  • Germanchemist

    QOTD: Chateau Ferrand Lartigue 2000. Liked it a whole lot!
    Regards from Germany.

  • Smarshall

    Gary- seems to me that more mature wines start to pick up that amber hue. Of the cabs, burgs and even bords in the 10+ yr range seem to go there. Not being an expert maybe you can shed some light on this for me.

  • Allan

    Congrats! 🙂

  • Jag

    QOTD: Tonight: Fireblock Riesling. Gary, what’s become of the whites? The show, Cinderella, the specials…. the world has turned deep red! What’s up?

    Good show, though.

  • Anonymous

    While I don’t expect to ever buy these wines, because of their price points, it was time well spent to watch you enjoy and review them.
    I usually draw the line on the Malbecs with the Luigi Bosca Reserva which is quite good for my taste. Comes in at about $18.00 a bottle.
    While I have had wines exceeding $200 a bottle, I must admit that my untrained taste buds usually say “ok, that was pretty good, but, umm….nothing special”.
    I’ll keep expanding Gary, trust me.
    While, as I watch the video, the weekend is about over, I have already consumed, (with help),
    Columbia Crest Reserva Chardonnay
    Cooks Brute Sparkling
    Menage a Trois, Calif. White 2008
    Trentatre Rosso 33, Red blend 2007.
    I even had time to do other things than drink.

  • Anonymous

    If you haven’t already tried it, I would like to recommend the Susana Balbo Torrontes.
    You will not, I repeat, will not, be disappointed. Should run around $14. to $17 US$.
    And, as “Troutmonster” said, the Alamos Torrontes is consistently fine. Retails around US$8.00 in the mid-Atlantic area.

  • Mombmw1

    I wish I had those wines here to taste too. You make me want to run out and buy them.
    QOTD I am in Cali and we hare having Margaritas today. Sorry no wine today.

  • sethsethy

    ok, cool. ive had the alamos malbec but havent seen the torrontes.

  • sethsethy

    ive never seen it for sale anywhere, but ill keep an eye out 🙂 thanks for the suggestion bobbytiger

  • passion4wine

    Don’t you find the Oculus very overpriced? I just could not get into that wine- if it were 25 bones maybe…( I feel like we are all paying for Mission Hills expensive Buildings and grounds…) just my 2 cents.

  • waynooo daaa wino


  • Anonymous

    QOD: Moscato d’Asti, Oramai, Embruix Priorat and Lange Reserve Chardonnay.

    Keep the high end wine porn coming!

  • QOTD this weekend I had Daniel Bouland’s 2008 Cote de Brouilly Cuvee Melanie. At $22 it was absolutely stellar.

  • David M Roberts

    QOTD: Decided I HAD to have a Bloody Mary with homemade brunch on Saturday, so I put a few together for myself and the wife (please note lemon juice and a splash of beer are key to a good Bloody!).

    Also broke open a bottle of Cigar Zin this weekend, which is a favorite for the price.

  • waynooo daaa wino


  • Possessed by Arsenio Hall at ~4:00 Gary? Great show!


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