EP 907 Licorice and Wine Pairing

Gary Vaynerchuk wanted to share his love of licorice by trying out some new wine pairings. He tries a white Rioja, an Italian Primitivo, and a Californian Zinfandel with Panda Licorice, with some interesting results!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2000 Lopez De Heredia GravoniaRioja
2008 Traturri Primitivo Di SalentoSalento Rosso
2008 Neal Family ZinfandelNapa Red Zinfandel

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luca bercelli


‘This is like Marky Mark and the family bunch’

Every wine snob in the world should be restrained and forced to watch this episode

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  • Anonymous

    QOTD When I was a kid my mum would buy dutch liquorice (we spell it like that in Australia too) from the delicatessen. It’s a sort of salted liquorice.
    Also, when I was at boarding school I would buy a pound of liquorice and eat it all within a couple of hours, trips to the restroom were interesting for the next couple of days.
    BTW when you scored the Neal Family Zin 85 points and the cameraman didn’t pan over to the football jersey I was thinking “What’s the go?? Is the regular camera guy sick or something??” I’ve only been watching WLTV for a few weeks and even I know that he was supposed to pan over quicker than you can blink.

  • Gene

    I’m a fan of Panda and Gravonia, so this was fun. I would never have put them together, but creative.

  • Anonymous

    Try vermontcountrystore.com – not bcuz they’re in vt, but bcuz they have a surprisingly large selection of old-fashioned and hard to find candy, especially different licorices

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Not a licorice fan, so no experiences to speak of. I do like anise and fennel, but have never found a black licorice I like. Twizzlers don’t taste like much of anything, no matter what color…
    Fun premise and show, though!

  • Randall

    Wines that pair with licorice? What about Bastardo or various Greek wines?

    Loved red Twizzlers about 6,000 years ago. I’ve since learned to love all kinds of “real” licorice…

    (And Kristen has just been a total sweetheart since her first appearence on this lil’ ol’ vlog!) 🙂

  • Paul

    Loved the take a trip to find out the price. Enjoying black licorice with my father who really liked it.

  • DaveAll

    love black and red licorice. When I was 12 and sister was 7, we were traveling on vacation in backseat – chewed licorice and spit it like chewing tobacco out the window as we went (61 Ford Galaxy), we had a blast doing it over and over again. Only when we arrived at the camping location, did we realize we had sprayed it all over the camper we were towing. Dad was not happy that evening.
    Panda Black is great!

  • JV in SF

    Panda Licorice! I thought I was the only one who even KNOWS about it. LOVE the Panda–BLACK of course. Never thought about it with wine. Bet it’s great.
    JV in SF

  • jamjo

    Glad to see that the rockin pink polo is in the wash. Did you sleep on the couch?
    Primitivo …big fan. The grand daddy of Zin? Have not tried Traturri but is on the list. Worth the diceee roll.
    QOTD- Mike and Ike

  • scottEJ

    Thanks, G. The white sounds fun and the primitivo a must find.

    QOTD: Little league games when I was a kid. We’d eat so much, it was to the point of getting sick. The ultra-long red round hoopy things.

  • Noleesk

    elementary school i pwned that stuff

  • Hey Gary

    Great Show, love the licorice.

    QOTD: My most interesting licorice moment would have to be eating the salty, dirty, strong stuff in Norway; mindblowing. But to be honest when we talk licorice I’m a fan of the licorice allsorts; boy I love those thigns.


  • WineWoman

    Love the black licorice. Discovered Panda brand about 10 years ago, while vacationing in Aruba. About 6 months ago, the local A & P acquired some and put it on special for 99 cents a bag(normally 3.99) It was fresh and delicious. Don’t think I’ve seen it there since. I don’t think I’ve eaten any with wine, but I have had wines that tasted like licorice–the Domaine Lirac comes to mind—you don’t even need to have the licorice with it.

  • Anonymous

    A creative show with creative selections to match. You really should do more candy/food pairings; quite a few of your descriptors are based off candy. Perhaps its time to bring back the palate training episode, but spruce it up a little.

    QOTD: Ahhhhh Licorice, the jagermeister of candy, we meet again! I really cant stand the stuff, sorry everyone out there in WLTV land that have fond memories of the black demon candy from childhood but you gotta go with your own palate.

  • NY Pete – I think you need to just go “hey” if you’re #1 😉

  • Zach Z

    I liked the show. It seemed like you swallowed the wine more than usual. Oh and what happened to shipping in Texas? I ordered some wine a few months ago and now I can’t.

    QOTD: I hate licorice

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: No licorice story. Maybe I’ll give Panda a try. I used to like strawberry twizzlers.

  • sethsethy

    very interesting sounding white wine. send me the leftovers, would you gary? thanks in advance 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m not really a licorice (candy) fan, but our (black) dog for over 12 years is named Licorice. Just want to give some props to KMurph for burning the night oil. Hopefully she gets some employer recognition in addition to the bag of candy. She’s always a great help when I come into the store.

  • Oh I love licorice, any kind. Cool to see a pairing episode.

    QOTD: an old licorice experience.- when I was 9 years old, at my grandparents house (on vacation) I tried it for the first time and I loved it so much I put it in sandwiches, which my grandmother though an odd thing but laughed every time I told her I was making one, I must have eaten about 20 of them all summer long, it was that much of a palate changer for me.

  • Great episode I bet it would be awesome to work with Kristen and the WineLib crew 😉

    QotD: I always remember picking out the black licorice jellybeans to give to my Mom. I think I thought I didn’t like them and she loved them. Then I tried one again and realized I had been passing off the good stuff. I also remember these tiny black flat square shaped candies that were packed with so much licorice flavor they are probably illegal now, wish I knew what they were called.

  • Senator

    My brother and I used to buy sen sen licorice when we were kids. It came in a slide out cardboard box like a matchbox and was cut into little squares. I remember it tasting like soap, but we still bought it because the packaging was cool. 🙂

  • Senator

    sen sen!!!!

  • Chunks

    Excellent episode Gary. As a diabetic I truly enjoyed watching you enjoy licorice. I think you should pair Australian wines with Aussie licorice next. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s radio show!

  • I LOVE the travel cam. It’s great to meet more of the crew.
    I LOVE black licorice.

    QOTD: I ate an entire bag of Haribo black licorice Wheels for lunch yesterday.

  • Holy crap those are the ones! Looks like you can still get them from specialty shops online too, so awesome thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t think of a recent licorice experience, but I do like twizzlers. I’m more into the fruit taste instead of the bitter taste. I would not expect wine to pair with black licorice well. I will not be trying it any time soon.

  • Wilwrk4pez

    I’m a former lurker who just had to post because you have two of my favs today: black licorice and Neal wine. I love the Neal cabs but not so much the zin. QOTD: I used to use a stick of black licorice as a straw to drink vanilla coke in my youth, then eat the licorice. A great combo. Thanks for your great shows, Gary.

  • Anonymous

    Another creative episode! We will have to try the rioja and primitivo. Aw, licorice. Brings me back to my youth. I have great memories of eating red licorice (nibs, twizzlers) and sunflower seeds- sweet and salty. My mom (bless her soul) loved black licorice. I didn’t acquire a taste for it until I was an adult. I may have to try the black licorice pairing with wine. (What was the gasoline taste? Have you really tried it???)

  • I’m embarrassed but I have never really had licorice. God damn it… Now I have to get some.

  • Anonymous

    Wassssup K Murph!!!! Gotta love that girl!!!!!

    QOTD: I used to eat licorice by the bag fulls. Don’t really have an experience to share….I just know I like eating it at the movies.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    K dog is in the house! //00t!!

    lmao. Gary, do you know your audience or what?

    QOTD: Sorry I have no perverted licorice stories to share.

  • QOTD: I’ll cheat a bit with going licorice flavored: Absinthe in Edinburgh in 2003.

  • Globex

    K Murph and that case of Kettle One by her desk… sweet!!! Immediately after watching the show I went online to a company called WineLibrary out of NJ to order a case of that 2008 Traturri only to find it’s SOLD OUT. Dude!!??

    QOTD: it’s bottom of the 4th and I’m throwing a no hitter (walked 1 and hit 2 batters in first 3 innings, so it’s far from a perfect game!) and I thought it was a good idea before stepping out of the dugout to put a big fist of black licorice in my mouth. I threw the first pitch and inhaled some of the licorice at the same time. I start violently choking, even coughing it up out my nose… and as the batter is rounding 3rd base to head home I then realize he poked it over center field fence. Haven’t had licorice since, switched to milk duds. “Hey UCLA, my CSU Fullerton Titans are comin after ya next year!!”

  • Tisalynn

    QOTD: Not a licorice fan, but it’s the texture, not the taste. I do enjoy anise flavored hard candy. But I do have a licorice story.
    When my daughter was in elementary school, her teacher would let the kids pick out a few jelly beans from a bowl on her desk when they did something ‘special’ like read out loud or write all their numbers. She was really great and tried to make sure that each child felt like they had done something special every day. But that also meant that every day she was stuck with a bowl full of the black licorice jelly beans. One day my daughter asked the teacher what the black ones tasted like, and she told her to try. Becca did, and every day after that she came home with a little bag of whatever jelly beans were left for the day. Still her favorites. So I guess the moral is always be willing to try something new.

  • I wish you would have told us a little more flavor profile about the primitivo, and why you liked it so much… otherwise quite a excellent show… favorite moment…. when you scored the neal wine 85 i instantly looked back at the screen to see the jersey, and then the wink…. loved it hahahahaha

  • Gary, I am still waiting for the mead show. I just picked up some Irish ‘Meade’ the other day. The UW CS grad student Meadfest 2010 will be amazing.

    Give Mott a break, I wasn’t sure if it was rated 91 or 85 until you did the wink.

  • Going on the road rocks… always entertaining and K Murph dedicated to the cause!

    All about the Black licorice! Rasberry… not for me… too Teen Girly!

    QOTD: Darrel Lee Black Licorice Twists! http://www.dlea.com.au/?Products/Product_Range/Liquorice/Black_Liquorice_Twists They come in old school paper bags! Ahhh takes me back!

  • Anonymous

    I like to chew the end off of a piece of black licorice and use it as a straw for my root beer.

  • Lady L’egance

    Neat show today GV! I’ll have to track down a bottle of that Traturri.
    QOTD: My grandfather used to buy the big bags of dark licorice when I was a little girl, It was his favorite. I remember noshing on licorice with him while he told me war stories.

  • Lady L’egance

    looking at that bag of licorice is making my mouth water! :-O–

  • Hey Garry… Where’s the new jersey? 94 wasn’t it???

  • QOTD: Well, her name was Orice… No, just kidding. My favorite licorice experience was, of course, picking up on black licorice for the first time in a wine. No idea what varietal it was, maybe a Zin or a PS, but I recognized it instantly and felt really excited. Like, $10 90-point Primitivo excited. I love Primitivo. This maybe my first case buy from WLTV in a loooonnnngggg time!!

  • Coreyk

    QOTD: Ate 10 feet of shoestring cherry licorice in one sitting as a young lad. Still remember the sick feeling

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Those were so soapy!

  • Markjosephmcnabb

    Great show GV! I love when you go “on the road.” I’ve always wondered what K Murph looks like!! She seems really cool. Maybe see you in Tahoe but I’m coming back from Hawaii just a couple days before and prob need to get back to work. Good to have you back.

  • hollisd

    the 85pts look was priceless.

  • Allan

    Sweet show, I love licorice in any colour, but haven’t really got any fun stories to share, sorry.

    This was a fun show, keep it up!! (even though, you’re gettin’ rusty) ;0)

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: U’ve never had real liquorice before U had the danish ones. They are salty and not sweet. I always bring a lot when I travel and give away for locals- they do NOT like it. very different to the sweet liquorice that they are used to. They often spit it out. Anyway LOVE (the danish) liquorice as much as I love chocolate.
    By the way, I think U should put K. Murph on the show again, she is a darling.


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