EP 927 Wine & Spirits Top 100 Wines of 2010 – Part 1

Josh Greene, editor of Wine & Spirits magazine, returns to taste the Top 5 Wines of 2010 with Gary Vaynerchuk. They taste through 5 very interesting and different bottles from all around the world!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Hirsch Vineyard Pinot Noir
2007 Andrew Will Champoux Vineyard RedColumbia Valley Red Blend

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luca bercelli


This is a nerd-fest of the highest order

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  • Anonymous


    I think this was one of the best guests ever!!! Keep those coming, cut the fat with the rest.

    QOTD: As long as the alcohol is not the dominant aspect of the wine I will drink it like Kool-Aid.

  • Anonymous

    Love me some Josh Greene!!!! I remember being fortunate enough to try the ’07 Hirsch last year – so much fun to drink, don’t know how I’d be able to cellar it. Cab Franc dominated Washington St. Blend – ‘Nuff said, would love to try that.

    Gary and Josh, I was so pleased to watch you guys give dap to Diamond Creek last go-around that I talked about it enough to find a ’07 Volcanic Hill show up at my door on my 30th bday. Stuck it in the locker. Onto part 2…

  • DaveAll

    Best ever! He should do a magazine, so full of good information! Maybe you should write for him articles, wow, be published! (oh, you write books, oops)

    Bring him back… oh, tomorrow? sure. :*)

    ps. thanks, Gary for the special email. (i’m guessing I was the only one that got it)

  • Alexandre-CF

    i lovee the wine nerd talk. it´s just great.
    makes me wanna hang out with you two.. LOL:P

    tks for the mail gary.

  • Adam

    Perhaps it’s about time to have a Walla Walla tasting again featuring Gramercy. It seems the last time you tasted Gramercy on WLTV you had the3 2005’s…you should try the ’07’s and ’08’s!

  • ben from boston

    30 minutes for two wines. Classic gary w/ guest style. On pace for an hour long show.

  • Anonymous

    What a great, nerdy show! Josh is always a wonderful guest.I’ve been gone for about 5 weeks and haven’t been able to comment much, but what a wonderful show to see.Oh, by the way Gary, you were fantastic too!I’m just glad to be back with you and the Vayniacs watching and commenting again. Great show.Cheers!

  • Nick

    Gary, we drank the Hirsch pinot 2007 San Andreas 60 bucker a few months back and it was a bit closed and tight, sounds like the 09s are better. As for alcohol levels we prefer lower alcohol wines with finesse compared to the modern fruit bomb Rombauer 15.9% zinfandel prune juice that people order at my restaurant in the middle of summer when its 100 plus degrees. We’re drinking now a Landmark Kastania pinot from 2001 that we found in our local Chico liquer store, its weird maybe too many hot summers in the store, nevertheless love the show and wish we could afford that Montrachet burgundy, Nick and J’me

  • Allan

    Kick-ass show, Great.

  • Oakmon’s BF

    No, some sort of glitch prevented a lot of people from commenting or even seeing the comments.

  • Allan


  • Latour90

    Loved it, loved it, loved it. YA Brought the Thunder GV. Did I say I loved it.

  • Good stuff Gary…..Great pull on the ’91 reference.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing stuff guys. Can’t wait to catch part II in a couple of days. This episode has really cheered me up as I’ve just watched Denmark get beat by Portugal (in soccer).

  • plcb

    I’m enjoying the two part show. I’ll watch part 2 tomorrow.
    On Sunday I’m volunteering at a Wine Festival:

  • Anonymous

    As Tony the Tiger would say … this episode is GRREEAATTT!

    Great guest. Man is this guy a nerd! I am learning sooo much. Keep up the great work guys!

    P.S. He might know more about wine than you GV 😉

  • Anonymous

    GREAT start to another two-parter with a stellar two-time guest. Can’t wait to see the whites, especially if there are a couple of steals…

  • R Polotski

    watching the part 1 episode – absolutely great.. Witty, interesting, informative ? Thanks Gary. And thanks for the mail – appreciate it and love it..

  • Mmdynamite

    Saw Josh last time & he is a great guest & brings great wines. Gonna look for the magazine.


  • very exciting stuff…got to look for the Andrew Will. You guys gotta have this show together every year. GV way to nail that 91 Cali reference…

  • Manuel

    Great episode! I like how your score was 1 point lower on each. Tough critic!

  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed it so far. The first 30 minutes went by quickly. It is nice to see Gary so happy about the wines. Look forward to the 2nd half.

  • John__J

    When you do have episodes with guests on the show, these are the ones that I really enjoy.
    Thanks Gary,I psyched for part 2

  • Sscarpari

    Love the Williams Selyem Hirsch Pinot Noir…Im very fortunate to be on their mailing list, infact I was very fortunate to work their 2002 harvest, brilliant experience.

  • Love the Williams Selyem Hirsch Pinot Noir…Im very fortunate to be on their mailing list, infact I was very fortunate to work their 2002 harvest, brilliant experience…

  • Frank_steele83

    F@&K Pinot, I ain’t drinkin that S&%T. I also hate Merlot. I can’t stand weak light wine. had other William Salyem’s Pinots. Haven’t found a single Pinot I like yet.

  • Anonymous

    GV – Great show, I loved the last one as well!

  • Anonymous

    I give part one of this show 95 points…

  • Timinspokane

    Don’t let out the secret about Andrew Will! Chris Camarda is a genius. I have a few bottles of Andrew Will in the cellar, as well as Gramercy Cellars (made by Greg Harrington, who you mentioned), Leonetti, Quilceda Creek, Betz, Fielding Hills, and others. Anyone who wants to get a fairly unknown but ridonkulous wine, check out Nodland Cellars in Spokane. Their Private Blend is a Bordeaux blend from Columbia Valley (actually, 85% of the fruit is from Walla Walla), and is crazy good as well. I suppose that is one of the benefits of living here in Washington State.

    Great show. I love Josh Greene interviews.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent guest – glad you got him back on the show.. he is definitely one of the most knowledgable guests you’ve had on Wine Library.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent start. I loved the episodes with Josh Greene the last time. Geek it up!

  • luca bercelli


    This is a nerd-fest of the highest order


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