EP 928 Wine & Spirits Top 100 Wines of 2010 – Part 2

Gary Vaynerchuk and Josh Greene, editor of Wine & Spirits conclude the tasting of the Top 5 Wines of 2010.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Hirsch Vineyard Pinot Noir
1987 Lopez De Heredia Tondonia Rioja Reserva
2007 Domain Leflaive Batard-Montrachet

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luca bercelli


Thank god for Gary Vaynerchuk!
This guest might be the best guy in the world but boy, is he boring. Unlike our man, he comes across as elitist, and definitely someone I wouldn’t want to get stuck in a bar with. Makes me appreciate GV all the more.

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  • Anonymous

    WOW…….. I have no idea what the hell the problem was but I could not see anything except the video until now. No comment section no links nothing. Just the video on the screen….that’s it.

    Anyway glad that is fixed!!!!

    Great show Homey. I love to see you enjoying those great wines without me. Glad to see someone else gets to roll deep on your show besides me…..LOL

    I really need to stop watching this show. It’s costing me alot of money in wanting to try the wines and now we’re getting in the over $400 a bottle range so I think it’s time for me to start screeing the shows I watch. Can you put the prices of the bottles next to the names so when I pull up the show I can scroll down to see what it’s going to cost me before watching… πŸ˜‰

    Actually I love that. I like the shows where you have better wines because we know that’s what I like. The better the better I always say.

    OQTD: I like 80-20 Big to medium. Not into the light stuff. I do like high alc wines Turley, Jackass, big pinots etc…. 16.8-17.4 alc but well made wines. I also like 12.5% Bordeaux’s but it has to be the right day to enjoy either. I guess the frame of mind has a lot to do with it. Just like smoking cigars. Sometimes I enjoy a cigar and then I’ll have one another day and it just doesn’t taste the same. Which reminds me….when are we doing a cigar show????

  • Chinon Rouge

    Awesome 2 shows. Really enjoyed them. I don’t knowingly purchase high alcohol wines. They’re not my thing. I much more enjoy the finesse of low to mid level alcohol wines. As far as I am concerned, high alcohol content wine lovers can have they’re wines.

  • glad u are back big boy!

  • Fantastic episode(s)! Having wine guests is definitely ok by me. In this case even more than ok as I am looking into going to the event next week!!

  • Oops forgot QOTD. For me alcohol is a secondary thing. I really don’t want to taste it. If anything I find myself glad to see a wine that is lower alcohol pleasing me.

  • Allan

    Catena show to finish of the week?

    Looking forward to it.



  • Correction, ticket is purchased!

  • Globex

    FANTASTIC 2 EPISODES!!!! One of my all time favorites!! Josh brought a ton of personal knowledge of the wineries/winemakers of the wines making it that much more interesting.

    QOTD: I don’t give a rat’s ass what the Alc % is stated on the bottle. If I like the wine I’ll buy it again, if I don’t I won’t.

  • Allan

    “Can’t get enough of sweet cocaine
    Get enough of Mary Jane
    Going back to where i came from
    Going rolling back home again…”

  • Anonymous

    These episodes reminded me of why I became such a fan of the Thunder Show!
    Good company.
    Great enthusiasm.
    Fantastic wines.

    Josh Greene ROCKS!!!

  • Alexandre-CF

    Gary, you rock dude, awesome show.
    josh rox a lot, great guy.

    QOTD: i donΒ΄t really seek for alcohol level. but the wine needs to be balanced, i just canΒ΄t stand when the heat kicks.

  • Rob in Vancouver

    I noticed that too! Gary pulling the secret switch-a-roo!

  • BTower


  • Anonymous

    Are we ready?

  • Anonymous

    I’d give it a 97+ for length and information.

  • Anonymous

    Great guest. When I saw part 1 come out, I purposely didn’t watch it because I knew that I would be craving part 2. I watch both back to back and was engrossed by the guest. Best guest you’ve ever had. I will now go back and watch his previous effort on the show.

    Gary definately switched glasses for the last wine πŸ™‚

    Sneaky guy.

    QOTD: I don’t know enough about wine to notice the alcohol content. I mostly notice if it is delicious or not. πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    He did an Armagnac show last year with an expert. Awesome!

  • Smahlatz

    I am comforted by a bottle reporting 12-12.5%, though I generally will not take that into account when purchasing, as I know a well balanced wine will work regardless. My main driver is trying new wines.

  • Flash

    As anyone who has had a Cal Pinot that is 15.5 and one that is 13.00 there is no comparison. The big juicy pinot taste like syrah or Zn and do not go with food. Whereas the less alcohol wine is great with food and you can drink more than one glass. There are some people that are making wine under the 14 mark few and far between.

  • Latour90

    Two wine savvy wine nerds talking and tasting phenomenal wines. Wish I was there. GV, you and Josh have great chemistry. Great two shows. Thunder and Lightening. These two shows are why I love WLTV. YA DID GOOD, GV.

    QOTD: I rarely check out the alcohol levels on the labels. I usually figure the cabs are around 12.50, zins higher, reislings around 11. It all comes down to the swallow. If i feel the heat and it’s higher than expected, I check the label.

  • Riz70nd

    What a great episode! I’m a fairly recent WLTV watcher and I’m becoming addicted. Living in Rochester, NY I’m a huge Finger Lakes fan and was thrilled to see the Hermann Weimer Riesling. If you love acidity I suggest trying the Ravines Dry Riesling and the Ravines Argetsinger Riesling, Amazing acidity, complexity and flavor. Fantastic show keep it up!

  • Ed R

    Look at you superstar, I busted your chops around episode 90 telling you weren’t gonna make 100 episodes,lol. Now you’re doing 30 minute spots that is awesome. Unfortunately I’ve missed several hundred episodes, but I’m back and addicted again. After only about six years experimenting with different wines I definitely find myself enjoying the 12.5-13.5% alcohol range wines the most.
    Keep up the good work,
    Ed R

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see the comments are available (didn’t see them yesterday)
    QOTD — I find as much flavor in 12-13.5% reds as I do in anything higher, so prefer ‘medium’ in reds. White & pinks, I prefer low to medium

  • Well stated. I love the selections of K L (not to be confused with K&L) as far as 07 Rhones are concerned. That dude imports some great wine.

  • LurkerKing

    It’s Happy Hour in LurkerVille! TGIF

  • Bill

    Probably one of the best serious WLTV eps to date. I say that this two parter should find a place on the “Favorite Episodes” list, surely replacing the drab Parker one (which I never understood why was on the list in the first place).

  • Kyrstyn

    QOD: 13% or under, almost always.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: 14.5% is testing my limits. Though I have had good wines over this mark, I believe this alcohol level separates good wine making from just “hot.”

  • Dcas

    Alcohol level? A non-issue. It all depends on the balance of the wine.

  • RieslingRich

    German Rieslings at aprox 8.5 %
    Reds at 13.5 to 14.0

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Great two-parter. One of my favorite WLTV episodes in a while. This guy is an absolute ORACLE on wine. Thunder in a bottle! Ka-chuga. Ka-chuga!

    QOTD: doesn’t matter to me that much. I can appreciate 8% Mosel Rieslings and bigger Zins. However, I do start to feel the EtOH when they push 14.5-15% and that does turn me off. If wines are well made with enough fruit, sometimes they can hold up to the higher EtOH levels, but often they come off flawed unless really well made.

  • TheNose

    Great show!
    QOTD: I don’t care … as long as you work with nature and not against it. 14.5% shiraz from Autralia? I am cool with it. 15% Cornas, WTF?

  • Kvolk

    best show in over a year!!

  • Anonymous

    I noticed the glass switch as well.

    QOTD: Doesn’t matter, & I’d say I drink pretty much everything over the whole spread, from a 10% German Riesling to a 13% Bordeaux, then a 15% Cali cab. It just depends on what I’m drinking.

  • Thiehle

    I’m still a bit new to wine in general but here is my two cents on the QOTD:

    I always look at the alcohol content when purchasing wine, and I tend to be comforted when I see that a wine I am considering has an alcohol level that is 15% or higher. Some of this comes from my limited experience of liking higher alcohol wine. However, I think (maybe incorrectly) that higher alcohol wines have a lower chance of being too sweet and cloying. Since yeast fermentation changes grape sugar to alcohol, I assume that, for the most part, a higher alcohol wine has less residual sugar.

    Anyone who can give me more info or a new way to see alcohol content PLEASE reply to my comment.



  • Bicky

    Great episodes (both part 1 & 2)! Thank you Gary.
    QOTD: both when I am professionally evaluating wine or personal seeking it out, I pay attention to alcohol.
    Many producers and merchants will talk about balance and that if you have balance between the components in wine (fruit, acid, tannins, alcohol) is more important than the alcohol level itself.
    I would agree that this is important, HOWEVER – I also think that wines that offer up (or perform) in all those other elements AND have lower levels of alcohol are more appealing. Do higher alcohol (but balanced) level wines prevent me from recommending or trying them? No! BUT it is a consideration and a personal preference to seek out ones that are lower.

  • Bicky

    Thiehle – It depends on how much sugar you are starting out with.
    If you are interested in learning more, one book I found really easy to read was David Bird’s:


  • Mmdynamite

    I mostly eat vegetarian food so i prefer lower alcohol wines. Rieslings, lambrusco, prosecco, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay etc. between 7 & 13% is good for me & the lower end is best. I do like big reds but they don’t match the food i eat & do tend to put me to sleep.

    all the best to you fellow winos


  • props to upstate NY…have had the Wiemer and have to agree that it is top shelf.

  • whoops on the links to “wine tasted this episode”…Mott?

  • Manuel

    Awesome 2-parter. Mr. Greene is a fantastic guest. Last year’s episode was great and this one was even better. Thank you Mr. Greene!

    QOTD: I’m a both. And thought I wanted to come up some a cool breakdown like 36-64, I’m probably really a 50-50. I will go through stretches though, when I tend to stick with something over the other. Right now I’m all about high alcohol. I’ve fallen in love with a Petite Sirah from James Cole.

  • Flavor Laflaive boyeee!
    super quality nerd show, can you guys lead a grand tasting for us sometime?

    QOTD:yes the alc% matters, but in the context of the meal or situation…can’t nail it down to a regular distribution of consumption….could be one glass of some luscious zin next to the winter fire, or bottle after bottle of a zippy mosel riesling next to the river on a summer afternoon.
    Balance to support whatever level of booze is the key…

  • ehs2

    Really looking forward to buying some of the Andrew Will now after watching part 1. I remember this guest from last year and I remember thinking the same thing last year, he really knows his stuff, but he comes across arrogant to me… “I don’t have to buy my own wine” – I mean seriously! He’s not someone I want to hang out and drink wine with like some of your other guests you have on. Regardless, I still watch because the wines he brings are typically fantastic!

  • Tom

    Great show!! Interesting for a person of modest financial means to get to see the “good stuff”. Thanks to you both.

    QOTD: My only criteria for alc% is that it not be the first, second or even third thing i notice. I don’t look for it on the label.

  • Eirikpm

    QOTD: I prefer wines under 13,5 %! Love italian and french wines. But i can drink bigger wines sometimes! I always drink wine together with food, soo it depends on what kind of food i`m eating πŸ˜€

  • paris29

    Funny question for me I never really think about it when I buy wine and when I taste I never think about it untill it hits me in the palate. THen I grab the bottle and look. I started tasting seriously about 18 years ago when i was working my way up thru the ranks at a fine dinning Rest. in the Boca Raton Resort. it was such a unique spot to learn at as I was able to taste all the up and comming wines that they wanted to put on our list and also great first growths and great Burgs. that we had access to thru the cellar at the resort. I never was talked to once about alc%. just tasted talked about flavors and wine making tec. Never talked about acidity either. Now I am back running a wine prog at an uscale steak house and one of the first things that comes up is acidity and alc%. which to me acidity on whites is a much more important thing to analize when selecting wine to pair with food. I favor lower alc% on whites and a little tword the high side on reds if they are welll made and balanced.

  • WOW – thnx, why? expand on that!

  • lol on the parker one πŸ™‚

  • LurkerKing u are the best lol

  • Ed R welcome back πŸ™‚ sooooooooooooo happy to hear from u πŸ™‚ seriously ..wow so pumped!


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