EP 929 Laura Catena from Bodega Catena Zapata

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down with Laura Catena, from the famous Bodega Catena Zapata in Argentina. They try a Chardonnay and Malbec from Catena and some tasty treats.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Catena Alta ChardonnayArgentine Chardonnay
2008 Catena MalbecArgentine Malbec

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luca bercelli

Phenomenal guest (one of the best) and phenomenal show. Absolutely loved it.

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  • Buzuka

    This is ridiculous. He can’t have a woman guest on here w/o some of the viewers behaving like Neanderthals. I hope Laura does not read this comments page.

  • Gduffin

    Yea, Love Bourdain but wish the Thirsty Traveler was still on too.

  • Toledo970

    Argentina’s seasons are opposite to ours because it is in the Southern Hemisphere making it difficult to visit during Harvest(March).

  • Oh Gary. I will be one of those that will say that guests are very wellcomed in your show. Pls more more more!!! You know having love for wine is also learning wine history and the all about people that make it.

  • Anonymous

    I?m so excited that you have Laura Catena on the show. So happy to see the beautiful face behind the bottle. What an intelligent and elegant lady. The first time I had Catena Chardonnay was in Vail in a restaurant after skiing. I remember the wine was very good and had a wonderful mouth feel. We had two bottles between two of us. I still manage to remember the name of the winery. Catena Malbec was the first Malbec I had after you?ve praised Malbec being the upcoming varietal. Great show Gary. It?s another home run.
    Laura definitely is the ambassadors for Argentinean wine.
    QOTD: I think if you make a film about your grandfather and your father how they started the business, along with the beautiful wine region you have. I know you?ve done a book now it?s time for a movie. It is the romance of the people and their land.

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed that show. It was fun and interesting. One of the best. I think of wines from Argentina in the $12 range. I spend most of my vacations in Europe, but Argentina is definitely on the list for the next few years. I think it can be intimidating for many to travel out of the country so they go to California because it is easy. Anything that can be done to make it easier for Americans to understand and plan their trips to Argentina would be helpful. I would not know where to go to get good, up to date information to plan my trip there. Is there a web site for Mendoza that is recommended? Thanks to Laura for a wonderful show. Come back again soon.

  • sideout

    They have those cookies at Marshalls sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting episode, such a knowledgeable guest.
    I have long been a fan of Cahors but have tasted few Argentine Malbec, something I may have to address.
    QOTD: I have traveled to France and Italy may times but only once, in the late seventies, to Napa. After listening to MS Catena and watching video on her site, I now find Argentina especially the high altitude vineyards appealing as a destination

  • Monet12

    It’s probably too late for Gary to read this but I had to give my two cents. There have been many times where your interviewing style was too aggressive, but not here. Without your informed questions your guest would just have given us her usual schtick. You were able to steer the interview to something more entertaining and not leave us with an infomercial. Keep it up!

  • Cooknwine

    What a great show! thanks Laura and Gary

  • I love your guests Gary and Laura is a wonderful guest to have. Now I have a dirty secret. I just had my first Malbec this past week. I’ve had other Argentina wines but my taste and palette has been growing dramatically in the last year so I am now drinking wines I once would have never touched. I loved the Malbec it was smooth, but since I’m not that experienced at pricing them I have to say I’ve seen them between $18 to $15. I’m kinda on the chinchy side so I usually don’t pay over $20 for a wine but my budget doesn’t let me go over that unless it’s a spectacularly rare occasion. So I do have a habit of looking over expensive wine I know I can’t afford. QOTD: Well I don’t really know what to do to bring more people to the area. I think bringing more attention to the area getting the word out about festivals, special things etc to bring it to the forefront of people’s minds. Show’s like this and also on TV to tell people what’s there and get their minds thinking about this area of the world. I’ve never been out of the US but I think just watching Laura talk about the area it would be something I’d put on my bucket list of things I would hope to do.

  • sideout

    GV loved the show! Amazing Lady! I usually prefer the shows with guests. Would love to do Argentina. We do Spain often but will look into it.

    I never criticize but can’t help myself today.

    For years you’ve interupted and talked over guests. You used to say it was because you don’t edit??? Now it’s because your excited? How bout you try this, when the quest is talking, don’t speak. Could you at least do it when the guest is answering a question you asked? I would assume Laura Catina has a pretty relevant opinion about the Argentina wine market, no?

    Classic moment: “Macon”… she might have thought you were talking about Georgia! GV, your IN the wine buisness and have been your whole life. There are probably 50 people that work for you that could help you pronounce this stuff. I have no problem when you get Croatian stuff wrong, or German, but France?? Italy? Remember Amarone with no “ay” for what 2 years?

    OK, last one. Ever since the K vintners (I think) when Smith told you they are allowed some room on the alchohol level, you act like it is some kind of winemakers cult secret. The very first wine book I ever read was “Wine For Dummies”. That info is in chapter 1! It’s no secret.

  • Mav45

    Dude. You didn’t score the wine! You should not have been so graceful. Argie wine is not very good. You should have busted out with an 85 for the malbec and an 87 for the Chardonnay. I thought you were from Jersey where people speak the truth and say what they wanna say, dog. Argentinians hate when their face is threatened. You should have nailed her ego.

  • Great week of guests. I hope you have more Argentinan (Non-Malbec) wines in the future.

    SQOTD: $15

    (ps my lions won today. EEEeeee!)

  • DaveAll

    sQotD: Malbec – $9-$14 for everyday. $20 for nice weekend dinner.

    October is my ying yang — do I drink Chard or Malbec? dang, you hit this one good for my current drinking. Will seek out Catena. She was very good, sexy, sweet, and knowledgeable, is that possible? hahaha. Great Guest.

    I liked the way she looked at you most of the time, like you were crazy. (you are).

    QotD: hmm. it’s on my list, but so many air hours away! but on my list.

  • Mr Riesling

    Watched the episode and went straight to the local (Madison, WI) wine shop to look for a nice bottle of Malbec. All Malbecs were <$10! Got a bottle of Trapiche Malbec (2009) for $9.99 and were very happy with it. Drank it with a pack of Gummy Tummy candies.

  • NY Pete

    I think I’m in love … 🙂

  • NY Pete

    sorry Laura, I don’t tweet

  • Anonymous

    Me too and I like men. She is fantastic 🙂

  • Anonymous

    What a personality. She is on my top 5 among K. Murph. Lovely ladies. Will seek out Catena (U can get in Denmark).

  • Allan



  • a bit early? never before noon, even in Denmark, right 🙂

    So what do we want? Dessert wine from US and Canada? Whites from Sloveina? Sardina a forgotten island? Old world Australians? A trocken blind battle Germany, Austria France and USA? or an explanation of a 100 p wine?

  • Oakmon’s BF

    It was that way for a lot of us. We went two days without being able to comment or see comments. Allan and 4321rotciv were two of the other people who complained about this once we were able to get back in. For me it was the same at home and work, and at home I have a very new version of Internet Explorer.

  • philoxera

    I’m tellin’ Jaim….anyway I saw her first!

  • NY Pete

    Laura doesn’t spit …. I’m definitely in love.

  • Globex

    Are you kidding me? She’s a doctor, attractive, personality, intelligent vino lover, author, and a meat eater?? Holy krap!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! Gary, you’re my hero for having this guest on. And if she wasn’t already perfect enough, her Stanford beat USC over the weekend. [20 minutes later]. My wife walked in my office… my wife was born in the U.S., half Italian half Salvadorian, fluent in all 3 languages, several degrees from various countries, also a vino lover and meat eater… and had a gut feeling she needed to check in on her gringo husband. LOL!! Gotta run, I’m off to the florist and to make dinner reservations! Not to mention dig out that honey-do list! 🙂

    QOTD: when my wife says so. 😉

  • Anonymous

    QOTD (Gary) $12
    QOTD (Laura) I’d say set up some sort of all-inclusive travel package (perhaps excluding airfare or hotels) that includes ground transportation to various wineries AND sites in Argentina, both inside and outside of wine country. I’d love to go, but am always a bit hesitant to rent a car in an area where I don’t know my way from place to place and/or the driving laws. And my wife isn’t a huge wine fan, so there would have to be some non-wine activities.

    I’ll agree with Globex, if every guest is like Laura you’re absolutely allowed to go above your (already passed) limit for the rest of the year!

  • NY Pete

    ok … where’s that monday night football prediction … 🙂

  • Allan

    I’m with you on the sweet ones…. How about Klein Constantia Vin de Constance…..
    Three different vintages, say 1991, 1997 and 2002 just to see how they’re holding up. It’s a magic wine if you ask me.

    Cheers. 😛

  • Allan



  • Allan

    “I’m so goddamn horny
    the crack of dawn better be careful around me boy….”


  • caliente!

  • mmmmm…I’m listening but just looking at the Dulce de Leche….

  • carne asado too? aya!…just ate lunch and now I am hungry again.

  • Kfrost29

    I think Wine Library (Gary) should put together a trip there see..uns there will never be another Thunder Cruise.

  • Anonymous

    At first I thought: crap, over 40 minutes, I’ll never finish that. But guess, I did and with pleasure.
    What a nice show and lovely guest.

    SQOTD. Cheap
    QOTD. Bring in more guests like Laura Catena. The rest will follow.

  • Anonymous

    At first I thought: crap, over 40 minutes, I’ll never finish that. But guess, I did and with pleasure.
    What a nice show and lovely guest.

    SQOTD. Cheap
    QOTD. Bring in more guests like Laura Catena. The rest will follow.

  • Allan

    GV the elegant, gentleman, who woulda thunk dat??? 😛

    i only kid u

  • NY Pete

    where’s SS Chris?

  • Allan

    This show made me think of the Neil Young song; Cinnamon Girl…. remember that? ? ?

    I dunno why, the mind works in mysterious ways sometimes…. !

  • Anonymous

    Wow, didn’t know Bordeaux was 50% Malbec in 1855! How did I go all these years missing that fact?

    Have got no good answers for the questions, sorry. Would love to go to Argentina.
    I actually haven’t had a great Malbec experience yet. I’ve had Paul Hobb’s Cobos Bramare and one of the high end Catena’s and both were very good, but didn’t move me. They were both too violenty floral as GV also mentioned. I will have to try some more to see what all the fuss is about.

  • Allan

    Acheval Ferrer, try some of his wines, please.

  • Allan

    “Everyone’s gone to the movies…….”

  • Anonymous

    will do, they are a bit pricy at Laudrup I see! Better be damn good! 🙂

  • rwino

    What a lovely guest GV, I’m in lust… Love Cohors that are not straight malbec, when they are as is also often the case with Argentina, I find them one dimensional and while ok, not very interesting. I have tried many different Argentina producers with products from $8 to $54. None of them made me say,” I have to buy more of this”. Not like the Craggy Range 06 Pinot I’m drinking right now for $14.25. I think Malbec is a passing fad on the low end, only the best will be around over the long haul.

  • Zuercher

    18 degrees celsius (64.7 F) would still be o.k. for red wine. And 15 degrees celsius (59 F) for the white wine. But above? Horrible, in my opinion. I reject red wines at “room” temperature (68 F or even warmer). I adore your show, Gary, but I totally disagree on your “room”-temperature theory. Please reflect on that. Great guest! QOTD: promote an argentinian wine route.

  • “and the sheep are nervous”


  • New York Bartholomew Peter! Not how I raised you!

  • NY Pete

    ha ha ha … no way that you are that OLD …

  • Allan

    He was always a rowdy kid…… : )


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