EP 929 Laura Catena from Bodega Catena Zapata

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down with Laura Catena, from the famous Bodega Catena Zapata in Argentina. They try a Chardonnay and Malbec from Catena and some tasty treats.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Catena Alta ChardonnayArgentine Chardonnay
2008 Catena MalbecArgentine Malbec

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luca bercelli

Phenomenal guest (one of the best) and phenomenal show. Absolutely loved it.

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  • Allan


  • Allan

    Laudrup har fornuftig kvalitet gennem hele sit sortiment, Acheval Ferrer er ingen undtagelse. Top producent… Ja jeg er dansker, huh.! 😛 Skål.

  • Mcna

    SQOTD: +/- $15.00
    QOTD: I like the package wine tour idea.

    I think Gary would have scored the Chardonnay an 88 point wine with faults for oak and a bad mid-palate (@ $25.00 = pazzz) and the Malbec an 86 point wine with faults for over-the-top-floral, lack of depth and a slight finish (okay mid-week wine). Just my take, but Laura was a sincere guest and was pound for pound as good a charmer as Gary. Gary was just too nice to crush her with his scores.

  • Anonymous

    Gary, Thank you for introducing us to this deliteful woman, Ms. Laura Catena. What a wonderful interview. I can sit and listen to Ms. Catena all evening. This definately brought the thunder.

  • NY Pete

    28-14 … JETS … 🙂

  • Loved the shout-out for wegmans being an upstate NY boy myself…Also I go crazy for chimichurri

    I think of $10 wines when i think of malbec which is why i end up drinking a lot of it because $10 is what im looking to give up normally… Went this weekend to a nice NYC steakhouse and talked my parents into trying a malbec and they loved it, and I saved them about $200 on the wine part of the bill… I would love to go to mendoza but unfortunately it is not an approved expenditure for my student loans 😛

  • John__J

    Laura was great, I really enjoy seeing you have winemaker’s on who are making wine in other countries and hearing their perspectives.

  • got busy at work and had to finish watching this at home…
    if I could ever get a wine job abroad, I get the sense that Laura Catena would be an awesome employer…

  • what an awesome show…brilliant and charming.
    my wife just caught the last few minutes with me, and she was drooling over the alfahores, remembering fresh local ones when she was a kid.
    Don’t sweat the interruptions this time GV…it was all natural, a great conversation.
    QOTD1: four years ago, I would have said $11 for the thunder…these days $18+
    QOTD2: I think that Argentina is actually doing a good job of branding its image to the US consumer, and anyone who reads Wine Spectator has seen Laura in the adverts and been enchanted, I’m sure. Othewise, you don’t have to convince me…the next time we are in Chile visiting the relatives, the plan is to start in La Serena, drive down to Santiago, and spend some time in the alta maipo, then drive over to Mendoza for a several days, north to Salta, and then back over the mountains to La Serena. We’ll definitely plan to visit Catena.

  • Oakmon’s BF

    It played this cool. You didn?t tip your hand that you were planning anything.

  • Old enough to know a trouble maker when I see one. ;P

  • TeeHee 😛

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1:When I think Malbec I think $12 price point. QOTD2:Argentina I think at the moment is like this dark continent. Argentina should illuminate itself more to other countries to show “Hey, we are a lot of fun.”

    Nice show, I really liked the knife fun fact. I know there are some nice well priced Malbecs out there but for the most part I feel like a lot of people pick up Malbec on a whim. I had a friend get a Malbec because it had a dinosaur on the label. Malbec may be hot right now but its more like a “Oh yea, we should do that.” I’d much rather see people get behind it and give the wine a little more reverence.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1: Malbec=10-12 bones

    QOTD2: Give me a college/ckc aged tour. i want hostels, camping on beaches/cabanas, camping in the mountains, eating at cheap local restaurants, going through markets, and then also going to different wineries. if i could do the whole trip for 2 weeks, $1500, i would do it. any other CKC or anyone really, that would want a trip like this?

  • Meligonzo

    Great show Gary! Really enjoyed it! My first time tuning in, and I’m sure I’ll be back! 😉

  • plcb

    side QOTD: $10-14

    QOTD: it’s marketing…if I had lots of time and money, I would go. But I have little vacation time and Argentina does not pop to the top of my wish list. It’s on the wish list but not near the top. Marketing. Marketing. I’ll get there some day.

    Our 19.99 Catena Zapata Malbec is not selling well at my PLCB store. However the $47.99 Catena Zapata Malbec sold in a blink of an eye.

  • Todd_g

    Great show, but I’m afraid she lives in a parallel universe. What’s the point about selling perfection at all costs, when there’s risk of creating disappointment?

  • Anonymous

    GV & Guest – Great show, great discussion…I really liked the early dialogue on Malbec and Argentina and the opposing thoughts! Do more of it!

    QOTD: Use Argentina’s unique features and really push them to the tourists! For Example, the idea that it is much less expensive than Napa and probably a lot more beneficial for the American consumer, or whoever for that matter!

    Side QOTD: I think $10 when I think about Malbec in the US!

  • Pirata Cofresi

    Magnificent show G!! Congratulations to Laura for her brilliance and success. She is kinda cute too! Nice smile! Bailas Tango cariño? Si me enseñas Tango, te enseño Salsa de Puerto Rico!!

    Very instructive for most malbec newbies. Great dialogue and discussion. It would have been interesting to have Santiago from Achaval Ferrer and her in the same show.

    QOTD: It has been in my list of places to visit for years, and should have gone when the financial collapse in 2001, and purchased a little apartment in Buenos Aires or Mendoza. I guess Europe has been at the top of the list for too long, and we have gone there about 7 times, which reminds me Gary, to follow up on the status of your “HOOK UP” of a tour and tasting of Fontodi and Felsina, when I go there Thursday and Friday of next week! Come on bro…Hook it up!!!

    They need to make the airfare more economical and it will be THE spot to go to.

    Other QOTD: I use to think of $10, but think now of $20 for much better, Achaval or Catena entry level Malbec.

  • Anonymous

    Good show GV great Malbec discussion.
    QOTD: I was thinking on the same lines as Gary have a couple festivals throughout the year. Also if the airfair was a little better that would also be a plus.
    Side QOTD: 8 to 15 Bones.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I have heard SO much about how beautiful Buenos Aires is: how it is as beautiful as Paris yet you can eat and stay there for half the price. I also know how beautiful the high altitude vineyards with the views of the Andes in Mendoza are, so if there is a way that you can promote a one week trip itinerary that includes time both in Buenos Aires and a wine country visit in Mendoza with included transportation between the two locations across the country, then I think this would be an unbeatable package deal for any wine lover that also likes to travel.

  • thanks for sharing dear.this show is good for us.so you keep it up dear….

  • EstherW

    oh, Argentina, I love that country. although I’ve never been myself but its no stranger to me, because of all the Telenovelas Argentinas I’ve watched. Very excited to see you guys eating alfajores and dulce de leche. Question: can Gourmet Library carry some of that? Alfajores, Dulce de leche, chorrizos argentino, etc. She didn’t bring Mate which I’m sad about. I think that’s the soul. If you think green tea can help you loose weight, then you should definately try mate, it works 10 times faster.

  • Mila’s dad

    I’ve had wine in Argentina and here over the years-my wife is Argentinian-and I agree w/Gary that there’s alot of sugary plonk exported and trying to cater to ‘American palates’ in the U.S.. When I’ve had better quality Argentine wine I’ve always been impressed that they can be quite subtle, refined, elegant. It’s a marvelous country, truly special: to answer your question, I think the pitch to Americans so they will visit is that Argentina is in many ways similar to the US-its an immigrant land and hx., and its landscape is as varied, and grand, as the States.

  • GV – Another entertaining guest, great job!

    QOTD #1 – $15 or less…
    QOTD #2 – The festivals are definitely a good place to start. I think that the people in the USA need more facts about what hotels are like, personal safety issues, how to get around the country safely, etc. because there I feel that those are unknowns for a lot of Americans, especially when we are at AMBER alert with National Security and constantly being warned about traveling abroad.

  • zolascores

    It’s fascinating how few guests actually know what the QOTD is — even if they claim to watch the show…

    I love Argentina. I’ve been twice. If I was here I wouldn’t worry about trying to recruit tourists. There are plenty of tourists from what I can tell.

    Wine Lib — I have a question for you. How do you all drink tons of red wine without your teeth turning red??? I’ve gotten to the point where I can barely enjoy red wine because my teeth look like a cartoon after a few glasses. Just asking?

    Keep up the great work.


    Wow, maybe the most charming guest EVER on WLTV.

    QOTD #1 – $15
    QOTD #2 – Make Laura the official Ambassador for the country.

    Oh…and please…please…fight the fight. American”izing” wines is the kiss of death for true wine geeks!

  • Anonymous

    Great show, terrific guest.

    QOTD1 – I think of $10-15
    QOTD2 – Lots of marketing, special events, buzz, word-of-mouth

  • Great guest!!!! This is why I watch and subscribe to http://tv.wineLibrary.com, cause Gary, YOU ROCK!!! and always have the most interesting wine guests on the internet!

    QOTD: Hello Laura,

    Offering a package deal of a Buenos Aries hotel stay, along with a “two day winery tour pass” in your region, will make me save my cash for a killer 4 day vacation!

  • Dharlow4

    I finally got to view this episode, and it was easily my favorite! I have been a BIG Malbec drinker since 2003, when I went to Buenas Aires on business. Fell in love with the Argentine culture and their wines….specifically Malbec, Bonarda and Torrontes. Took my wife and parents to Mendoza in October 2008 and really loved it….would love to come back.
    QOTD1: I agree – $12-18 Malbec (for the “weeknight drinker”)
    QOTD2: The best way to get people to come to Argentina, is to put together packages to show people how affordable it is. Leave the International airfare out, and price some packages for Mendoza and BA. Add a longer package that includes Iguazu Falls. When people see that they can spend a week in Argentina for $xx, they will want to try it.

  • Jeffrytee

    Great episode. Informative and comfortable. Ended too soon. Thanks!

  • I note that the guest compared Argentina to Australia… She mentioned that Argentina was the 8th largest consumer of wine… yet Australia is 12th! I believe Malbac will reduce in value like New Zealand Sauv Blanc and Aussie Shiraz… Being an Aussie winemaker I can say that her attitude is everything I have seen with the big produces of wines in Australia… I hope im wrong…

    QOTD1: $15-25

  • Fatherthechair

    I thought, wow, I feel bad for whatever guest has to follow the last double episode. But then this ep brought the thunder! Really fascinating stuff, in fact to QOTD this episode totally makes me want to take a trip to Argentina. More educational/information exposure and appearances like Laura’s would be my answer. To question #1, fifteen bones.

  • Anonymous

    qtod: Distance scares me sooo far away, tho I would love to go. Make faster Planes

  • Hey Guys

    Great show. This is why I love WLTV – quaility discussion with knwoeldge and good wines. It was also a long episode and took about three hours to watch as my computer couldn’t load it all at once. And thumbs up for the mention fo the Huntyer Valley.

    QOTD: I’d love to visit, but it’s not couple of hours flight for a $1000 from Hong Kong or Australia.


  • Diabetic Chef

    Awesome show!!! Love Melbec WLTV at it’s best!
    QOTD: Keep the current style-
    OOTD: Offer a wine tour! Like Gary Said!!

  • sargieAZ

    What a lovely and engaging guest, but her shameless and slightly awkward plugs were endearing and so delicately defused by Gary. I think he may have even been speechless under Laura?s push, (if you look closely you can seem him smile at one point) perhaps an unusual experience for him. Obviously eager to market her brand, which seems to include Argentina in general, she may have taken a more reserved approach given the recognition of Argentinean wines and the Catena brand in the US market. Her poise and the expression of her passion combined with her education and experiences, especially her close connections with the US, almost make it OK. She?s obviously a world player, but she knows it, and makes sure you know it too. Winter rocks?

  • Anonymous

    Laura, you are a total sweetheart!

    Keep making high quality Malbecs at a good price point.
    I already want to come to Mendoza and this episode makes me want to come even more. Keep marketing your book, I think that will really pique people’s interests.

  • Anonymous

    Very good show. I must admit, I read some of the other comments before I watched this episode and I thought perhaps the guest wasn’t very good – but she was fabulous. What a lovely person and while she was soft-spoken, she managed to hold her own with Gary and his infernal interruptions. I very much respect Catena Zapata and their wines. They have a well-deserved reputation. I must admit I was quite surprised that they sell 70% of their wine domestically. I would LOVE to visit Argentina some day and especially the wine regions and wineries.

    QOTD1: I agree with the off-stage voice – $12

    QOTD2: I think Gary had a great idea. Mendoza needs to get an organized wine tourism industry going that would reach out to people and would help them and entice them to come visit Argentina and Mendoza. I certainly am not aware of the Argentina wine regions as a tourism spot very much myself.

  • Anonymous

    $12 but there are PLENTY of very expensive malbecs–they are not all inexpensive or all good value.

    laura is a great guest, but she didn’t have a prepared question!

  • Mateo

    Gary should understand that venerating Latino vineyard owners on the show is a dangerous political move. Vineyard owners in Argentina today are commensurate to plantation owners in 18th century USA. I assume Gary did this out of cultural ignorance (hey, he’s a from Jersey – cut’em some slack), but he could have offended millions of individuals if they actually cared about his show – I’m referring to poor Latino immigrants. I would recommend Gary to never get Rich Latinos on his show, lest he be seen as an elitist to all of those critical masses who will never watch his show anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to be so late. Good episode and good guest. She knows her product and reprsents it well.

    QOTD – It is all about money, make it a value and folks will come.

  • Mombmw1

    I know no one is going to read this since I am posting soooo late. I just saw this episode on TIVO and had to say that I loved it. Guest was great but Gary STOP INTERRUPTING! I went on a three week wine tour through Argentina and Chili two years ago. THE BEST! Great food great wine great people. GO GO GO you will love it. Ladies also Argentina has the best looking men in the world (except for my husband of course. I will say that they did not have an established tourist industry and they need to work on that. Love the show keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    I was very enthusiastic to see that the guest in point was Laura Catena; then I ended up not liking her too much, and her almost arrogant, borderline uneducated points of view, herein expressed. I will comment more specifically and in-depth later. She’s wrong.

  • Anonymous

    To say that Catena should have gone in “the way of Chile and produce a lot of inexpensive wine”, is a very daring statement. Then to say that Australia, Chile and New Zealand don’t have a huge domestic market is another dubious statement, although it is true that argentinians are forced and channelized to drink their national produced wine, by having literally no access to wines from other countries in their market. Australia produces a ton of wine and then have no place to sell it?? It was funny when she corrected Gary in his pronunciation of Macon, although it almost seemed as though she was making fun of him when she said that she thought that he meant Vietnam. Bottom line is that she made way too many comparisons between Argentina and other wine-making parts of the world (with emphasis in Chile), as though in reality they carried a “chip in their shoulder”. When guests from other wine-producing countries come to the show, they don’t start comparing themselves with say.. Argentina or South Africa, for example.

  • Robin

    I agree with Gary’s opinion drinking wines at room temperature, esp. Chardonnay. Too often wines are served chilled and that masks a lot of complex bouquet and flavors. Malbec is one of my favorite varietals. Luckily, it grows really well in the Mountain West. Snake River Valley AVA winery Indian Creek in Kuna, Idaho has been producing superb Malbecs for over 10 years and it ages beautifully. Great guest and interview – ? of the day- include a Tango lesson/party in the marketing of the wines and region. Or a Gaucho horseback ride in the Pampas beef country. Robin Young ? GV

  • Mattmusi64l

    Do you know how influential you are, Gary Vee? You have inspired Ms. Catena to wear a Jets-green beret as seen on this website(the lower right hand photo):


    I must try her wines as I am already a fan of Argentinian wines (organic).

  • What do you think of starting a small vineyard in the NW Shenandoah Valley, own the land and farm equipment. What would you plant? Whites seem to rule but I’ve tried the Boxwood Topiary and liked it, similar growing area.

  • This is a silly statement. Privilege is not synonymous with corruption or complicity in exploitation. The relative wealth, success, or opportunity of individuals should not be conflated with the inequities of systemic or demographic socioeconomic conditions.

  • Hypersomnia

    Side QOTD: $12


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