EP 944 What Wines Pair with a Hot Dog? Episode #944

Gary Vaynerchuk tackles one of the most pressing questions affecting wine drinkers…what pairs well with hot dogs?

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Beringer Private Reserve ChardonnayNapa Chardonnay
2007 Luigi Bosca Reserva MalbecArgentine Malbec
2006 Mas Jullien Coteaux Du Languedoc Mas JullienLanguedoc

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Deirdre Devitt

My husband and I bonded over our love of hot dogs with mayo. Twenty+ years later…….

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  • pgh

    kosciuszko mustard is the best brown mustard around — and the hot dog must be grilled.
    7 -11????? – come on

  • Don Simpson

    Wine pairing with hot dog, TREMENDOUS!!!

    QOTD: Ketchup, mustard, relish, and onions. Gotta love chili cheese dogs too…

  • Don Simpson

    Has anyone ever had a hot dog with peanut butter on it? Sounds weird but that is the only way one of my friend’s will eat his dogs.

  • Edward Salonia

    Agree on all counts. A friend turned me on to kosciusko mustard and it is the best.

  • RieslingRich

    Toasted bun, mustard/onion/pickle or relish
    Remember GERMAN Rieslings go with almost anything…

  • Anonymous

    Good episode and certainly one that I can relate to.

    QOTD – If I make it myself, mustard (yellow or brown) as the first layer on the bun, add onions (grilled is nice), add the dog, relish (hot dog or sweet), chili (NO BEANS), ketchup, then melted cheese. A couple of jalapeno peppers and you have a little heaven in your hand.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Don’t eat a whole lot of hot dogs but when I do I just got ketchup and mustard. Simple.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Damn, it’s been a while since I’ve had a hot dog!

  • NJStickist

    QOTD: I like my hotdog any number of ways, from simple (hotdog, bun, and mustard) to loaded up (hotdog, bun, mustard, ketchup, relish, onions, etc.). I’ve been known to enjoy a chili-dog from time to time as well. It’s all good.

  • Davidjust4fun

    I like my hotdog with ketchup, mayo, musturd and onions 🙂 Great show thanks !


    Languedoc is not in Provence, they are 2 different regions.

  • Anonymous

    I liked this show. Yes, Malbec definitely goes well with a hot dog. You can also try a Pinot Noir.

  • QOTD: I typically go onions, ket, mustard. Happy to mix it up on occasion with chili, sauerkraut, relish, etc.

  • Unclemeate

    AotD: Mustard (occassionally with chopped onions)

  • Jasonbcarey

    That Mas Julien used to be much less expensive 5 years ago.. at 22 bucks.. amazing.. Mas Cal Demoura is less expensive and similar..

  • Bobpsi

    QOTD Cheese and kraut or just mustard, but the bun has to be buttered and toasted in a skillett

  • Anonymous

    Onions, cheese (keepin it kosher), sometimes mayo

  • Ketchup/Mustard. On on side, a single line of ketchup, the others side a line of mustard (and then turn the hotdog to mix it all up).
    However, as i’m living in Chile right now i have to tell you that the most popular means down here, which is absolutely disgusting … they eat it with chopped up tomatoes, avocado, ketchup, and mayonnaise. I just can’t even look at it with all that mayonnaise on it (which has a sort of light yellow tint)…. yuk.

  • Purple Grillz

    Perfect Show. Hot Dog must have beans, sauerkraut, mustard.

  • Tflangan

    Hot dogs and $39 bottles of wine don’t mix well. And you should know that.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: In baked beans (*smart @$$ answer*) Actually Catchup & mustard, plain & simple. If I’m at a ballpark & there’s onions there I’ll throw some on, but I’d never go out of the way for it.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I like the Chicago style dog. Give me ketchup, onion, fresh dill pickle (not relish), melted cheese. Recently, I have started to appreciate mustard a bit more, so go ahead and throw some of that on too!

    If you are ever in Chicago, go to Hot Doug’s – without a doubt the best hot dog you will ever have. I know it may be an oxymoron, but they truly serve “gourmet” hot dogs.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I load the hot dog with 3 toppings, mustard, Heinz ketchup and relish. I also use the three condiments on a burger but heavier on the ketchup if it’s a burger.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: EASY ANSWER!! Spicy brown mustard aaaaall the way. Solo. Delicious. Reminds me of a baseball park hot dog from childhood every time, and although Gulden’s is the benchmark, I’ve found that Trader Joe’s spicy brown mustard is a great alternative for less than half the price.

  • Tripp

    All beef frank, lightly grilled with sauerkraut, mustard, freshly cracked black pepper on a whole wheat bun.

  • Anonymous

    How can you pair junk food with fine wine?

    QOTD. I do not eat hot dogs because of not interesting. I prefer to pair fine wine to elegant food.

  • Gio

    Cheetoes with a nice, light bodied, dry red is a magical combination. Not all food that is considered elegant today started out that way. In fact, some of the most expensive, elegant food available has humble roots in peasant hands!

  • Gio

    Grilled, not boiled or steamed, with yellow mustard, green relish, raw onions, green pepper, a long pickle spear, and a bun with seeds. Aboslute perfection.

  • Flemmingp

    Hi Garry, watched your “shows” for a period now and really like them and your style… for HotDogs i like them Danish style,which offcourse to mee is the right way, steamed with mustard-ketchup-remolade ( dont now if you know what that is ) rosted onions-raw onions and cucombers that have been sliced very thin and then put into vinegar with pepper and some sugar. And to that there is probaly only a bear that fits in drinking. The kinf off so called hotdog you did has nothing to do with the real thing 🙂
    Flemming, from Denmark

  • Marc, i totally agree on your point… i dont see how one can pair fine wine with something like hotdog, even though both taste good,just not in combination with each other.

  • Anonymous

    Remoulade is very popular in France, Denmark, Germany and in the USA, especially in Louisiana Creole cuisine (source: Wikipedia).
    Bear = an animal (e.g. polar bear). Beer = an alcoholic drink made from grain. I think if I were very hungry I could eat the Danish version of hot dog (smørrebrød). 🙂

  • Straight with mustard. I prefer roasted over boiled.

  • Hill11025

    A Jersey boy/Jets fan claims that 7/11 sells real hot dogs? Gary V, dude, you live near NYC. Does Nathan’s ring a bell? Please give us a serious wine/serious hot dog review. If it’s a 7/11
    dog, then pair it with its equivalent, Boone’s Farm.

  • rhonedrinker

    Mustard and Onions…. You should review the 7-11 wine. I did go to Griff Dog in Manhattan and got a hot dog wrapped in bacon with a fried egg on it and chilli to top it.. Heart attack time. I paired it with a can of PBR. Great hot dog. Ketsup shouldn’t touch a hot dog. It’s just an illegal gastronomy call.

  • Anonymous


    Saying “hi” from Syria, I hope you are well. Hard to find here, but here’s how I like my hot dog:

    sour kraut + mustard (lots!) + cracked black pepper

  • Alright the episode gave me a hankering for hot dogs so I picked some up (perhaps slightly better quality) and had my own tasting with 2009 Daniel Bouland Chiroubles. Gary’s push for Cru Beaujolais needed addressing. Anyway, the pairing is quite good even with the sauerkraut :). There is a wonderful mix of fruit and minerality on the nose and the palate. This is a very interesting wine for widening the palate. Thanks Gary!

  • Sweet Reverend

    QOTD: With sauerkraut and spicy mustard. Now how about what wines pair well with nachos?

  • QOTD – grilled half-smokes with spicy deli mustard and dill pickle slices, with chili and raw onions, or with ‘kraut and yellow mustard. Skinny little hot dogs don’t do it for me.

  • RonDarling

    QOTD: Spicy mustard and good relish. If there is no food relish around just spicy mustard. If I can pick my hot dog, it would be Pearl’s brand and if I can go anywhere in the world for a hot dog it is Blackie’s in Cheshire CT

  • QOTD: Onions and Mayo. I only know of only one other person that has it this way, but it’s delicious!

  • I live 5 minutes away from Hot Doug’s and have yet to try them. The line is always around the corner. I guess I’m impatient, but I’ll definitely give them a try!

  • QOTD: I am pretty boring for hot dogs. I like em plain, but with a good bun, and grilled. Just me I guess. I reallyl like not covering it up with mustard to hide a great grilled taste.

    Last wine I had with dogs, was a Ridge Zin. Had it with burgers as well. THe zin was better with the burger then the dog.


  • WineLou

    Wines with hot dogs: Riesling and, if it must be red, Lambrusco. (?are either a better choice than a good beer?)
    Toppings with hot dogs: Always mustard. I prefer a creamy sole slaw to sauerkraut, but will also go with kraut or relish at times.
    GV — can’t you go for more glassware? Rinsing out glasses with wine — twice each on this show — seems a waste and is not all that efficient anyway.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD – Off the grill with Ketchup

  • Anonymous

    Agreeable assessments, in gen. Esp. on the jumpy-sharky Malbecs. Next tier up, folks, is where it’s at, for something that’s more than ‘a glass of (nondescript) wine.
    Hot dogs have soooo much sodium -and I’m a salty/savory (not a sweetooth) guy. I could as easily do without them. brats, or other sausages, but I’d never even spend a dollar on ’em – just not what I want.
    Schildknecht rules! The wines he picks aren’t musclebound, goopy, or the the ‘globalized/Mondovinoized’ style, rather, they’re not only ‘from a place’, but practically always ‘made in the vineyard’. I’ll bet that Mas Jullien is all kinds of wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    I prefer my hotdog with mustard and ketchup. Other things are OK, but simple is better, if the dog is good.

  • Anonymous

    qotd: I love my Costco Hot Dogs. 2bucks and a pop!
    with MAYO, Onions, Relish, Ketchup, Mustard, Banana Peppers

  • QOTD: Depends on the hotdog. If I’m in chicago, no ketchup.
    If not, chili and onions.

  • NJ Big Chris

    QOTD – This is serious stuff here. There’s a lot of variables. I need challah bread. Or potato bread for those of you who live outside NJ. And i need a full flavor natural casing. Relish, Spicy Brown mustard. Little bit of ketchup. Occasionally cheese. Of course nothing beats a Rutt’s hutt dog or a Dickie Dee’s dog (for those of you in NJ)

    But since my Fiance is weight watchers its a ballpark smoked white turkey frank on shop right light hot dogs rolls. sucks….

  • BrianP

    QOTD: Hebrew Nat’s or Nathans, charcoal grilled, with mustard (pref. Brown) and sauerkraut. Chili (no beans) on occasion. Potato bread bun, lightly toasted.

  • QOTD: Always with spicy “deli” mustard. On the rare occasion I could add kraut. Also been trying the Oscar Mayer turkey dogs on the grill. Pretty good. oh and you have to try your next dog on a Hawaiian Roll. Wow!


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