EP 981 Tasting Value Wines From Around the World

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 3 interesting wines from France, South Africa, and yes, Uruguay.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2010 Mooiplaas Langtafel White Chenin/Sauvignon BlancOther South African White Wine
2009 Chais St. Laurent Chinon Chinon
Toscanini TannatUruguay Red Wine

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luca bercelli


Lines of the day – ‘I literally want you to take a bell pepper, turn it into a boxing glove and punch me in the face’ and ‘If this was the 1960’s Mott would be smoking a lot of pot and I still wouldn’t be talking about Merlot.’

Great show, GV absolutely on point and pumped full of energy. This is what WLTV is all about

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  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Going for Android. Apple is good, but iTunes is a pain, and I want my flash so I can see WLTV directly on the phone and access ALL 981 eps…not being restricted to the last 10 on iTunes. I have iPod Touch which I use.

    Tannat! YES BABY! Do a show. You could do a whole show on the King of Tannat, Mr. Alain Brumont of Madiran (Ch. Montus). Tannat needs 10 years in bottle before it’s approachable.

  • Anonymous

    qqotd – Yes, iphone Love it. Hate ATT&T.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: G3 and iPad
    CKC: UC Davis
    I’ve read Crush It! Looking forward to Thank You…

  • Anonymous

    QOTD (rant): I see Apple with i* products as exact opposite of “Thank You Economy” principles. Customer is not first but last. Social engineering fix-ideas of S.Jobs are front and center. No customer feedback. No customer care but dictate. Both in hardware (EU law is needed for USB connector to show up?) and software (anything must go through iron fist review, no software freedom). Hence, in principle no i* Apple products for me (and I am not Apple basher in general, I am writing this on my everyday use Apple computer).

    I have another type of smart phone and am actively looking for customer-first designed tablet, hopefully getting one soon as format fits my life/work habits (I work off desktops and need communication/content interaction device on the move/travel). Intentionally not mentioning brands as any customer-first business should cover all major hardware/software brands with any project (I am guessing GV is contemplating some apps? – if so, I’d be disappointed to see i* app only!).

  • No iPhone or iPad (currently an iWish). Do have an iPod!! Not that far out of touch lol

  • I do not have a IPhone or IPad. I use a Android phone I sure hope if you are coming out with a new app please make sure it is droid compatiable!
    On a another note, have you ever considered a show on Royal Tokaji wine? I tried some the other day what a wonderful after dinner wine!!

    Tim from Michigan

  • #CKC! OK – Need to get the book tour up to Halifax. Will line up a bunch of the CKCs for you lol. Mount Saint Vincent University – give it a shout Gary =)

  • meh.

    QOTD: No

  • Sam_mtl

    I tasted a Montus last week, and it was just crazy powerful… A big big boy, but drinkable even if it was only 5 yo…

  • Disclaimer: Long time watcher and fan (and lurker); first time commenter (not the way I usually roll, but gary, your too epic and I feel the need to feed you)

    Re Super Bowl: I don’t know if I could live in a world where Big Ben has 3 rings, so I’m relieved.
    Re Uruguay: I’m upset about the review; I love the creeper countries.

    QOTD: Yes/No
    #CKC University of Ottawa

  • Anonymous

    no ipad or iphone here. android

  • Crushing it and actually risking his health

  • Anonymous

    thanks coodman. although i wasn’t really reciting wiki… it was CIA’s textbook i was citing from. be really interested in learning Tannat’s root in Bordeaux, do you have the sources where you got that from so i can look into it? really appreciate it!

  • Love the value episodes as I’m part of the CKC!
    CKC: Brandeis University in Boston. Though in France currently. Come to France! I’d travel to see you anywhere!

    QOTD: No

  • ugh…been down with a bug and barely conscious. This looks like it is going to be a good one. Big comment numbers are a sign…

  • Yes

  • Anonymous

    Yep and yes, iPhone iPad combo.

    Shame about the Tannat, I’m a massive fan of chinon too though.


  • Anonymous

    We stock a picpoul de pinet in the wine shop I work at. Nobody buys it, it’s nice, but still, nobody buys it.

  • Anonymous

    QOTP: Nope

  • Nope. I don’t like Apple.

  • QOTD : iPhone 3g

  • QOTD: Not yet…may get one for the business this spring.
    Thinking of developing an app? If so, I’d say do web development that is mobile accessible, rather than tying to the platform…

  • hey, when it comes to wine for mere mortals…85 and up is “Very good: wine with special qualities”…works for most of us who are not ballers, and at this price point, there can be no complaint.

  • hard for us to get the good Tannat here…the Uraguyans drink almost all of the wine they make themselves.

  • nice outtakes at the end…
    I could not believe that Mott screwed up and left blank space at the end of the time line.
    do I sense the beginning of editing on the show? say it aint so!

  • anything for love!

  • BTW: I think JS should have been honored to visit you, not the other way around…
    And definitely not Mott on the camera…felt like I was swinging on a bungee cord the whole time. Glad I had not been drinking beforehand…I might have tossed.

    Good job on the selections, and great twist on the aglianico.
    Best part is, he paid for the open bottles. Ciao!

  • Thank you for the reply and info John!
    Wine in Thailand: the imported one is taxes between 428 and 450% by the government, therefore very expensive and not the best when you want to setup a nice wine list, apart from being a huge investment. However the choice is getting larger and better year by year, which is good.
    Thai wine is also getting better and better… A few producers like Siam Winery or Chateau des Brumes are providing excellent quality. Grapes grown are mostly Shiraz for reds and Colombard, Chenin Blanc for whites. Wine makers are hired from Europe and this proves they are up for a serious investment, with very good results so far!

  • QTOD: yes, iphone 4

  • Mike and Anna

    Yes, iPhone 3G and iPad. Plan to get the 4g version when it comes out.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: iPod, iPod Touch, iPad (gift)

  • Anonymous


    QOTD: I do not own an Ipod, and/or Ipad, and/or Iphone.

  • love the more energy! Can’t wait for my copy of your book to arrive!

    QOTD: iPhone

  • QOTD: HTC Evo
    New to vino and love the levels of flavors.

  • Yeah, Gary, what she said. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nice show. Great energy! no I phone/pad .. I do have an I mac .. Crazy plans for #1000?

  • Anonymous

    A day late & a dollar short, but here you go GV:

    QOTD: I’ve got an iPhone, and am debating between an iPad, MacBook Air and MacBook to replace my ancient PowerBook. I love my new 27″ iMac — all the better to watch WLTV!

    John D.

  • Anonymous

    iPhone – Thanks for the value show GV. It’s nice to get a couple of cellar stuffers after a few shows of 1-2 bottle buys (think Taurasi).

  • great show great energy !!!
    QOTD: iPhone… great for watching the show on the go…

  • Don Simpson

    Feeding the Pacman! TONS of energy today, you’ve definitely been gobbling up the comments. The outtakes at the end were great great too.

    QOTD: Not yet but I’m planning on buying the iPhone for Verizon within the next few weeks. Very excited about it, especially being able to scan/log my wine bottles. Awesome.

  • Don Simpson

    I haven’t had Tannat yet, any recommendations for my first one? (clearly not that one from Uruguay!)

  • Don Simpson

    You should switch over to Verizon! iPhone available for new Verizon users starting Feb 10, I believe. I’m excited to finally get the iPhone because I want to stick with Verizon’s service.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: i confess, i have neither iPad nor iPhone. it’s truly pathetic. have wanted to spend the dough more on wine than tech.

    is that bad?

  • Can we do more outtakes?

    I love to see that. and definitely you are MORE energized (is that even possible?) seems like you’re more like yourself since football is done. Onward to a new game. The Thank You Economy book and 1000th WLTV. What a year 2011 will be for all of us! By the way, I enjoyed the slumber twitter party we all had last Sat night trying to push the book on Amazon, what a ride! Let’s do another scheduled SAT night with all the vayniacs. Orgainzed and ready to go.
    QOTD: I have an iPad and I share you on WLTV with all my friends in restaurants and our Petroleum Club – you’re a hit!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Don’t have an iPhone or iPad but do gots a IPod! I use it to test my Theater Installations. Love the out takes. If I didn’t look down after the Vid, I would not seen it!
    PS-I enjoyed a Pino Noir while watching

  • Anonymous

    Loved the energy. I think part of it is your push to 1000 episodes but I could be wrong. I am part of the ckc crew and have been for the last three years. Interestingly enough what got me into wine is a trip to south america so I am really excited to try almost any wine from any country in south america. Its what my pallete grew up on and I really like their mix between the european earthiness and complexity and the fruit bomb american style. With the commercialized wines popping up there it is more hit or miss now, but I still prefer their general style of wine.
    Btw, I go to UTA which is in arlington, tx but I would be happy with going anywhere in the D/FW area because I’m smack dab in between all of the stuff here. It would be a manageable trip no matter what. So if you there’s anyone here from another school in the area speak up, I want my booked signed lol.
    Qotd: Don’t have an iphone but I’m going to get some sort of smart phone once I get enough money (mostly likely when I finish school and I am not accrueing any more debt lol)

  • Anonymous

    I hear you man. Especially when its something I haven’t really tried before and I’m not paying a fortune for it. Its the best way to get into the wine region on a fairly pain-less level.

  • Anonymous

    My condolences.

  • Anonymous

    Much thanks…I will look for the book.

  • Anonymous

    qotd: no iphone or ipad. CKC! Metropolitan State College of Denver.


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