EP 990 Blind Tasting Italian Arneis

Gary Vaynerchuk breaks out the brown paper bags. He talks about Arneis, a white varietal from Piedmont, Italy and tastes three examples.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Vietti Roero ArneisArneis
2009 Bruno Giacosa ArneisArneis
2009 Cordero Di Montezemolo ArneisArneis

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luca bercelli


This is what WLTV is all about. I had never even heard of Arneis before but now I know a little bit about it and am dying to try some of their wines.

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  • Anonymous

    I love Anselmi, he’s so old school and I love it. He makes wine the way he was taught how back in the day and does not compromise!

  • BuffaloLou

    Like to hear that there is some nice, crisp, acidic whites from Italy. This varietal interests me. Nice tasting. Thanks for this, GV!!

  • The most amazing white from Italy I’ve had was from Friuli. It had a crazy long name which I had to look up again:

    2003 Conte d’Attimis-Maniago Colli Orientali del Friuli Ronco Broilo Da un Zornal dell’ Archivio di Famiglia

    The wine was thick, and oily, with spectacular flavor.

    Basketball? Who cares. It’s baseball season.

  • A white that I really enjoyed a few times Mastroberardino Fiano di Avellino More Maiorum

    nice show, loved giacosa’s roero in the past

  • John__J

    qotd: Off the top of my head, a pinot grigio that I thought was a Slovenian wine but I found out later the vineyards were located in Italy.
    Arneis! Now that’s an awesome blind tasting! certainly beats a boring cab, pinot, or chard tasting. Great episode and nice to see you guys back after a week off.

  • What an episode of highs and lows…

    Thoughts and Prayers to Harrison and his family…
    Va Tech… WOW!!! No WONDER they beat Duke… Gary V in da HOUSE //
    Will be taking the CWA Survey…

    QOTD1: My upset/long shot… BYU…
    QOTD2: Many standard Pinot Grigios… will DEFINITELY give Arnies a try…

  • Anonymous

    Question of the day…favorite Italian white wine…Trebbiano done by Kiler Grove Winegrowers. Utah, no less. Grapes from Paso Robles, but the D’Abruzzo clone. Knock out wine.

  • John__J

    Liguria Cinque Terre, now THAT’S a wine I’d like to see on here

  • QOTD1:Hmm, March Madness, we’ll see.

    QOTD2: Favorite white from Italy, probably Mandra Rossa Fiano.

    BTW, I pre-ordered the book on amazon last week…

  • Anonymous

    Great show to start the 6th season Gary. QOTD – haven’t had too much white Italian wine. Mostly pinot grigio. After this show I’m definitely going to go out and buy an Arneis. Thanks for expanding my palate!

  • John__J

    And Gary thanks for Addressing the Virginia Tech thing, cuz kudo’s to them, and I hope you guys all have an awesome time, but those comments on here were getting a bit out of hand

  • Basketball and Italian wines not my thing….short and sweet

  • Anonymous

    I am kind of bummed the Giacosa Arneis lost because I genuinely LOVE that wine. But definately looking forward to searching out the others.

    Thanks for doing a show on Arneis, GV. These wines are big in Italy. We are lucky to get them for as cheap as we do.

    QOTD: Jermann Vinnae Ribolla Gialla, though the Jermann Capo Martino and their Vintage Tunina are also exceptional. Please god people! STOP DRINKING PINOT GRIGIO!!

  • Please come to Virginia Tech! We feed off of your wine knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    AND Feudi di San Gregorio’s special selection Greco di Tufo, Falaghina, and Fiano are all unreal.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I need more education on italian whites like this show.

  • Gary V thanks for the big shout out, very excited to hear your gonna make down to Blacksburg!!!


  • Anonymous

    Pitt, best team in the best conf.
    I have had arneis and it was great.

  • So excited for your visit to Virginia Tech! GO HOKIES!!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD- The one I always come back to is Marchetti Verdicchio. Maybe not the best but the one I always go back to in a pinch.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: As much as it pains me, I have to think that the NCAA Tourny comes down to either Pitt or Kansas, depending on the draw. I haven’t had a lot of Italian whites, but I have had a couple of good Gavi di Gavi’s.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: A Suavia’s Soave Classico Superiore, plus just about anything from Campania that I’ve tried. Inama’s Soaves are great too, but I loved the Suavia and it’s a lot cheaper than the better Inama’s.

    By the way, interested in coming to the Oregon Wine Symposium next year? 🙂 I think you should.

  • QOTD: Elvio Tintero Grangia. Talk about a fizz! So crisp and refreshing and so INexpensive! My daughter is in Florence, Italy, right now, Gary. Keep up the Italian episodes as I’m sending each link to her to watch. She’s going to do a Tuscany trip soon!

    Phil Anderson


  • Not a fan of Arneis.. I’ve tried it maybe three times at wine tastings in the past 2 yrs. Love Italian reds but underwhelmed by the whites that I’ve had (including Pinot Grigio).. A few weeks ago however, I tried an Italian white from Piedmonte that I would consider buying: Ferrando Erbaluce di Caluso “La Torrazza”

    PS: I have not received emails for the last three shows.. Was it something I said? Waaah.

  • i think i’ll buy a bottle of Arneis, sounds interesting and i think that i would like it. i don’t honestly remember if i’ve ever had an Italian white wine. why not? not sure, but i’m going to try an Arneis next.

    i’m going with Pitt to win it all.

  • i was wondering the same thing, i have not received emails for the last few shows as well. and i even re-submitted my email address.

  • Globex

    definitely gonna grab some of that Cordero to try, made my mouth water just listening to the deliciousness, thank you for introducing it to us!!

    QOTD1: haven’t crunched the stats yet.
    QOTD2: recently had a 2008 La Tunella Bianco Sesto Colli Orientali del Friuli that I enjoyed.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting stuff! never tried Arneis, I guess that’s about to change.

    QOTD: Haven’t really been able to taste too many great Italian whites but Pieropan’s La Rocca is something special. Yup, gotta to with that.

  • I had a lot of Fiano’s and Greco’s last year. Here are my best three of all Italien whites I had:

    1988 Michele Chiarlo Gavi Fornaci di Tassarolo (94 points)
    2002 Feudi di San Gregorio Greco di Tufo Cutizzi (92 points)
    2008 Feudi di San Gregorio Fiano di Avellino ?Pietracalda? (92 points)

    2002 Bellavista Fanciacorta “Vittorio Moretti” (96 points)

  • Anonymous

    Never had a Arneis that I felt merited a ’90-point score’ – these strike me (in general) as summer quaffing wines not too dissimilar from varietals such as muscat; very aromatic & enticing on the nose, fruity (and yes, tasty) on the palate yet without that much complexity to draw you in – and best drunk young as few will repay keeping … all traits of “quaffing’ wines. Most that I’ve tried over the years display a 90-91 point nose and a 86-88 point palate – but nothing wrong with that! Noticed you gave the highest score to the wine that came across as the most “new world-ish”…interesting. BTW, your observation that Arneis is “cleaner & more complex than Pinot Grigio” may not be the best selling point in some circles; most PG, while light-bodied & crisp, is pretty hard-pressed to hold the tasters interest (at least mine) for more than a glass. “I need more than an ordinary grind!” – Iggy Pop
    QOTD #1: Sorry, not into it – the uninformed do not deserve to comment so I won’t.
    ” ” #2: Antinori’s ‘Cervaro della Sala’ 2006 (Umbria) – 85% Chardonnay, 15% Grechetto aged in small (once-used) oak casks for ONLY 5 months followed by additional bottle age (one year). Stole the show at a recent white tasting (blind) beating white Bordeaux, Hermitage blanc and white Chateauneuf du Pape. Still youthful, with perhaps 2-3 more years in a cold cellar. Consensus score of the dozen in attendence: 94 points (from a cold cellar poured from magnum).
    Honorable mention: ANY sparkling wine from Bellevista – easily the equal of good Champagne and (IMO) the ONLY sparkler that is! Gary, as I suggested before, you deserve to do the brown bag routine with 3 luxury cuvees from the top producers in Champagne (Krug, Pol Roger Sir W.C. & maybe a great grower such as Egly-Ouriet) for the big ‘1000th’ show…it is, after all, your self-professed “desert-island” wine! Just this one time, allow yourself the luxury of putting yourself first! I dare say: every soul on this board would agree…you deserve it! Sorry for the rant!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed… Bellavista is world-class & the 2002 will live (and improve) for at least a decade.

  • Welcome back Gary, 1k is becoming closer and closer

    QOTD: difficult to choose one single italian white wine, let me say Alto Adige and Friuli in my opinion produce the best whites in Italy, pls try one of Jermann’s, pricy but show really well…

  • Anonymous

    This comment, of course, for ‘Nico’ below. Crappy disgus.

  • Anonymous

    A BIT????!!!! ;-}

  • Anonymous

    Hi GV,

    so happy to see Arneis on your table. I love it. I see many others seem not to like it as much as I do. Don´t understand it. Some are very good and have a perfect QPR. BTW I do not feel it´s very similar to Moscato. I like the flower , pear and peach aspect that I get on some.
    Best thing to do – go to the Piedmont and taste them there. My special suggestion go to the enoteca regionale del roero in canale they have tons of Arneis.
    QOTD: I Really love Arneis from a variety of producers. My wife loves the Moscato d´Asti from Ada Nada.
    Take care

  • Nick

    great to have you back Gary! Arneis is a very interesting varietal, so good job in promoting something new!

    QOTD: whites from Alto Adige

  • MJ



  • Gary is making it hard for me to taste these Italian white ones. Got hold the Greco from a couple of episodes back but this varietal I have to order from the special selection of the monopoly, and they anot cheeap either. I’m streched for money right now so I’ll have to pass.
    QOTD: Basketball????
    QOTD2: favourite? For price Lugana Vigne Alte 2008, for style Serègo Alighieri Possessioni Bianco 2007, for joy Bellavista Curtefranca 2007.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I know older vintages of Giacosa’s Arneis but I haven’t come across these sparkling notes yet- very interesting.
    QOTD: I don’t know nothing about College Basketball, sorry 🙁
    QOTD 2: Fiano di Avellino Romano Clelia 2008, Campagna and Cometa 2008 Planeta, Sicilia, another Fiano. However, I do like different grapes such as Ribolla Gialla from Friaul, Arneis, Vermentino di Gallura from Sardegna, or Inzolia from Sicily.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1: I’ll have to ask my son his NCAA prediction. I have no idea.
    QOTD2: I like the V wines, Verdicchio, Vernaccia, Vermentino…..

    You learn something new everyday and recently I learned that Trebbiano is Ugni Blanc.

    FYI big close-out item sale in PA starting today MARCH 1. Approx 400 items delisted and reduced.

  • Gary!! I’m a pastry chef and pastry cream is basically egg yolks that are mixed with sugar to protect them from curdling after you slowly temper the yolks with almost scalded cream or milk. Once you’ve tempered the sugar, egg mixture you bring it to a boil for about 5 minutes at a boil. Then you put it away to chill to use in your fave eclair! I’ll give you a recipe and instruction if you need.

  • Good show. As a UVA graduate, I am not sure how I feel about all your love for the Hokies. Maybe a shout-out for the Hoos is in order to restore balance in this world! Haha.

    QOTD1: Someone in the Big East is going to win this year. That conference is stacked.

    QOTD2: I haven’t had many Italian whites but after watching your Moscato D’Asti show a few months ago, I bought a few bottles and loved it. The Wife, Ph.D., not so much.

  • Only had one Arneis ever. Might have to revisit it.

    QOTD: Dont have much interest in College hoops.
    QOTD: Definitely a Greco, but i forget the producer. Pizza night it was though.

    Thanks for such a good show. Highs and lows yes. But such is life.
    And thank you for spreading some love toward Harrison. Yer a good man GV!


  • QOTD: As a Heels fan it kills me to say it but I’m afraid Duke is going to be cutting down the nets again this year.

    QOTD: I have had several whites from Italy but nothing really stands out for me. Most have been in the $8-$14 range. Mostly solid but nothing is really memorable.

  • I’m drinking quite a bit of Grecco and Lugana.. I think a Lugana episode is overdue myself – it’s been 3 years Gary!!

  • Greetings from Koh Samui!

    Another great show !!! Love Arneis wines especially here where weather is hot and humid. Had the 2006 Bruno Giacosa not too long ago and loved it. Maybe the 2009 is’t as good?

    QOTD 1: n/a
    QOTD 2: this is a difficult one. I must the battle is among:
    Venica & Venica, Ronco delle Mele, Sauvignon Blanc, Collio, Friuli (best nose I ever had on a white wine… would be curious to see you sniffy sniff this one and watch your reaction)
    Capichera, Vermentino, from Arzachena, Sardegna (super wine)
    Cervaro della Sala, Antinori, Umbria (big classic, wonderful wine)
    Mastroberardino, Falanghina, Campania (just love it)
    Alois Lageder, Pinot Bianco, Trentino Alto Adige
    Ca’ del Bosco, Chardonnay, Franciacorta (super)
    Cormons, Ribolla Gialla, Collio, Friuli

    Maybe too many but all very different !!!

  • Anonymous

    Kiler Grove is a great story. Not being able to get their winery going in San Luis Obispo County because of the tough regulations they shifted gears and moved it to Utah and are doing well in SLC and Park City. Their vineyards are in CA and the winery is in Utah, Crazy! 😉

  • The Antinori’s Cervaro della Sala..2006 sounds like something I would like. Always wanted to try a chard from Italy. Thx.. And, yes, excellent idea for 1000th show.

  • Anonymous

    You are the man audiofan, Waxing Poetic! 😉

  • My friend by accident brought an Arneis from Langhe when we were tasting Nebbiolo from Piedmont so we tried it first and I absolutely loved it. This video was a great reminder and I look to try more of this varietal


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