EP 835 Tasting Interesting Italian White Grapes in California

Gary tries 3 unusual white wine grapes that are planted in California and are of Italian origin.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Eyrie Pinot GrisWillamette Pinot Gris
2008 Palmina ArneisSanta Barbara Other White
2008 Seghesio FianoSonoma Italian Varieties

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘ I’m pretty much crushing it’

GV almost chased Brandon out of the office to get him on camera – I wish he had

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  • Jeff Moore

    Oh ya, my treat.

  • zrm

    Fire Brandon!

  • zrm

    QOD: italian white? uhh no clue dont drink it enough

  • Gary – Great to see you (even if it was for 2.3 seconds) at SXSW. Thanks for the bottle of Vigna Roreto Barbara during the Speakeasy party!

    QOTD: Haven't had any in the past year, so I need to change that.

  • theDude

    Ya, it is quite a fashion statement…lol

  • murso

    QotD – Among the rotating cast, are Arneis, Pinot Bianco, Falanghina, Inzolia/ Grillo…

  • dream_team_sf

    cool show. that was a lot of fun. i love the palmina wines. i like their malvasia and dolcetto. QOTD–I have recently been enjoying Ribolla Gialla, Verdicchio, Arneis, and Trebbiano. Love the white made by Coenobium.

  • jimford

    QOTD: Verdicchio!

  • dcrob


  • BradVinNH

    What's with the dissing the shirt thing??? So it doesn't have a logo; isn't it about the wine?

    QOTD: Scacco Matto – it's an Italian dessert wine that is as unctuous and delicious as a great sauternes and has a fantastic nose and length. Expensive, but worth the search to find.

  • Lvine

    Italian whites are hard to find here in Chile. It'd be interesting to see how they'd do here.

  • Allan

    Now this will be exciting to see; Will Gary use the same shirt this week (did he tape this weeks shows, last week?) otherwise he will get pretty hammered on this friday's show, again (nice spotted B Murray) ; )

    If he does, we will have to rename this show; “Gary Vaynerchuk's Booze-Cruise”. ; )

  • peaceloveandpinstripes

    I don't have a lot of experience with italian whites i do enjoy gavi's

  • EricD

    My favorite Italian white wines in general are Gewurztraminers of the Alto Adige, but I also tend to enjoy anything by Anselmi.

  • Steve D

    Gary. Your question of the day was what was your favorite Italian white wine? Probably Asti Spumante. I have a question, you cover Italian wines pretty well but the Valle d Aoste region gets very little coverage. Someday could you do a show on Fumin (red) and petite arvine(white.) I am dying to find out what your opinion of these wines are before I go out and buy them… Cal Seal

  • Mike in C-town

    Got to meet Jason Lett last September. Great guy. His take of the vineyard gives you the best product, after that you can only make it worse was classic.
    And I agree that PG and Oregon will become synomous, but overtake PN? Uh, not sure of that.
    QOTD: Just started teying Italian whites in the last year. No fav yet, but thanks to good tips from WL I've snagged some Pecorino, Verdiso and Falanghina. Picked up a grechetto that was solid too (from Goretti, you've reviewed their Sagrantino di Montefalco).

  • This may be the first episode that I actually laughed out loud about…”this show has taken a very shocking turn for the worse”…hahahahaah oh wow.

    Bam! Calling out the oyster/acidic white wine pair up! Classic awesomeness! You were so motivated about that wine and the Kumomatos that I am now salivating and have to head to the local oyster bar right now. Smoky and acidic? Damn, that sounds like money. And then the key lime lemon pie on the Palmina? This sounds like a whole dinner/white wine pairing. Too bad about the Fiano, but really, what could you expect after the first two wines?

    Honestly, you were totally in the zone for this show. And the previous episode. It like watching performance art at its best.

    QOTD: ORVIETO, ORVIETO, ORVIETO! Rock out on the small town in central Italy!

  • Allan

    Look at his eyes! Plain to see isn't it. He was under the influence..

    Haven't you read the previous comments???

    Bill Murray has it right!

  • Allan

    The next ep should be all about tracking down that Brandon guy!!

  • mattgmann

    no comment section is showing up in the new episode

  • TommyB

    QOTD: This is my favourite WLTV QOTD ever – why? I'm writing a thesis on Italian white wines next year. I love them more than life itself.. this question is too difficult – I'll come back to you on this one. I haven't found my favourite yet – thats my answer.

  • Wana

    QOTD: Vernachia di San Gimignano

  • leeinsb

    I love the Palmina Tocai Friulano

  • Nice show on some odd whites.

    QOTD: Pinot Gris

  • Great show, been loving Italian whites for quite awhile. Had an '08 Ischia Bianco from Pietratorcia at the delicious flour + water in SF tonight that was excellent — and was a new varietal for me. Also tried a Coda di Volpe for the first time during this past weekend and was impressed. Of course I always love the Falanghinas, Fianos & Grecos and the minerality in all the Campanian varietals. In fact, I have rarely been disappointed when I order any Campanian white!

  • winemonologues

    QOTD: Falanghina, by far for me! Great show. . . lots of energy. Hope your weekend was good!

  • Great show. Nice that you are changing things up a bit

    QOTD Verdicchio


  • Anonymous

    Rec’d. I would love to see a Sicily show.

  • Illegal_Formation

    QOTD: I've only had a few Vernaccias, but I've loved them every time.

    Gary, you talk a lot about non-PG Italian whites, but looking through the archives, it doesn't seem like you've tasted a whole lot other than Greco and Falanghina. I cannot believe you have never done an Est! Est!! Est!!! With 6 exclamation points, the DOC name alone definitely brings the thunder.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Dude. If Brandon has an office, totally walk the show in there and do an ad-hoc episode with him sometime. The win will go to the patient one.

    QOTD: I had a Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio the other day with chicken and asparagus and it totally pwned the asparagus.

  • DCaragher

    GV – Exciting to see some “nerdy” whites on the show, especially one that showed well!

    QOTD: I am a big fan of Soave.

  • BOLTViper

    Argh! The day you talk about Italian white wines I miss it! I know this is a late post because I watch my WLTV on iTunes… but vermentino di gallura from Sardinia is hands down my favorite Italian white wine… Love it way more than Vernaccia and Soave. Gary, I know you've tried it… any from America? How about a tribute to Sardinia some day with some Vermentino and some Cannonau?

  • BOLTViper

    Argh! The day you talk about Italian white wines I miss it! I know this is a late post because I watch my WLTV on iTunes… but vermentino di gallura from Sardinia is hands down my favorite Italian white wine… Love it way more than Vernaccia and Soave. Gary, I know you've tried it… any from America? How about a tribute to Sardinia some day with some Vermentino and some Cannonau?

  • david schwimmer

    Raffaldini?s 2008 Vermentino

  • MJ

    Good show. Grazie mille. Interesting to get into some of these less known wines & 2 good ones @ good prices is good 🙂


  • davebedini

    Argh! Visit Mom in Fl, miss your show. That's life. Favorite Italian white? Prosecco! Dry prosecco is food friendly, yet great as an apertif or just a sit and sip wine.

  • Great show. Really interested in that Arneis.

    QOTD: I just havent kept up with the few itallian white wines I have had to name a favorite. Soon though. Soon.


  • Weston3220

    qotd: Verrichio however you spell it, well then there is Prosecco…

  • DrewM

    Mott…no more A/C!!

    QOTD…I love me some Soave….

  • wesleymcallister

    Ok this is probably on of the best episodes ever. Gary I think you should just put up Brandon's email so we can all hammer him with emails.

    QOTD: Ok I have a question for the question if you have only had 3 Italian whites can you claim a favorite?

  • RiesligRich

    Boy if you like Palmina whites, youll really enjoy their REDS!
    From So Cal and drink their Italian Reds, Very Good and Value.

  • JayZee13

    Interesting topic for this episode. I am intrigued by some of these “lesser known” varietals turning up in California.

    QOTD: Italian whites? I like Arneis quite a bit, although I must say that I have only had 3 or 4 different producers. I certainly haven't had any from the U.S.

  • Don Simpson

    Hi John – Just got back from a Kauai and I’m pleased to report I found a pretty decent wine shop in Puhi (south side of Kauai) called the Wine Garden. I talked to the owner for a while and she was very nice and had a good selection of wines. I picked up a Cheverny, a Sancerre, an Alsatian blend (Sylanver, Muscat, Axerrois, Chasselas). I was disappointed in the Sancerre (84pts) but the Cheverny was great (91+pts) and the Alsatian was good (88pts)


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the info Don. I appreciate it.

  • aaawww you had me so excited about the last wine…oh well.

  • QOTD – Never had an Italian white. I'll make it happen within the week.

  • Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino

  • Argiolas Costalomino Vermentino

  • PSPatrick

    QOTD: Generally speaking, I am very attracted to Vermentino. Funnily, I agree with Stan – from a QPR point of view I particularly like the Argiolas Costalomino Vermentino.

  • Cheryl S.

    Living in Utah, I usually can't get the wines you review, but I did find the Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Gris. We found it delightful! I'll definitely be buying more.


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